God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 605

Li Guang pledged allegiance to Yue Zhong, before coming up to him and asked: “Leader! Where are you headed?”

Yue Zhong replied: “Qi Mu County!”

Li Guang’s heart turned cold when he heard it: “Leader! Qi Mu County is currently overrun with many zombies, will our strength be a little too weak?”

Mongolia was vast, and its population was extremely spread out. It could not compare to those inner cities. Qi Mu County used to have 50,000 people in the past, after the apocalypse, there were approximately 40,000. Li Guang knew Yue Zhong and his men were strong, but a group of a thousand intending to wipe out close to 40,000 zombies was basically impossible to him.

Ordinary zombies were extremely weak, and easy to kill, but even a Level 60 Evolver would be exhausted from dealing with 10,000 zombies.

Yue Zhong eyed Li Guang and spoke indifferently: “Our strength is more than enough.”

Li Guang immediately became tired, not daring to believe. He had only seen a part of Yue Zhong’s strength, and just that would have been enough to wipe them out earlier. Not to mention that Bai Xiao Sheng and the rest of the soldiers had yet to act. He didn’t dare infuriate Yue Zhong.

Soon, Qi Mu County appeared in the eyes of the entourage. It was a simple and backward city, within the city, there were many rotting bodies with savage expressions shambling about.

Yue Zhong’s group had long since accumulated enough experience dealing with zombies.

Bai Xiao Sheng pulled out a napkin that had been splashed with blood and charged right into the city. The zombies soon chased after him.

Yue Zhong pointed at the group of zombies and gave Li Guang and his men an order: “Let me see what you’re capable of!”


“Brothers! Charge! Let us show Leader our strength!” Li Guang hollered and charged towards the zombies.

The dozens of riders followed behind as they roared and charged at the zombie group.

When Li Guang and his riders reached about 200m away from the zombies, they began to nock their arrows, and a flurry of arrows flew towards the zombies, nailing them to the ground.

Among them, Li Guang’s archery was easily the strongest. His skill was the Heavy Arrow, and each time, he could fire up to 3 arrows, with each arrow possessing a destructive might. Each time he let his arrows fly, 3 zombies would be killed.

The rest of the soldiers had not managed to copy Li Guang’s level of skill, however, each of them could still penetrate the body of the zombies, nailing to the ground. From time to time, some zombies could be seen struggling to stand back up.

At this moment, 7 L2s that were impervious to most guns and knives appeared, and charged at the soldiers. The arrows of these warriors just served to bounce off the L2s’ bodies.

Seeing this, the countenances of the soldiers changed, and they quickly retreated.

Li Guang bellowed in rage, and immediately let loose an arrow empowered by the Explosive Arrow skill. With a flash, a meteor-like arrows shot towards one of the L2, and blasted its head into pieces.

He then proceeded to fire another 3 more of such arrows, dispatching another 3 L2s, before his face turned pale, and he too, quickly retreated.

The L-types were after all not easy to deal with.

“Bai Xiao Sheng! Do it!” Yue Zhong looked at Bai Xiao Sheng who was behind Li Guang and his men and gave the order.

“Yes! Charge with me!” Bai Xiao Sheng chuckled, and led 50 elites forwards.

The 50 elite Evolvers raised their rifles and fired into the zombie horde.

As the multiple gunshots rang out, a large number of zombies were taken out, their heads popping. The 50 elites were all accurate marksman, every bullet aiming for the heads, and easily took care of the 400-over zombies.

These 50 elites had all changed jobs to become soldiers with the Firearms Manipulation skill, adding on to their status as Evolvers, and their levels reaching 40 and above, each of them already possessed the Level 4 Skill: Soldier’s Heart, enhancing their Firearms Manipulation skill further. Each of them were now accurate marksman. With their rifles, they could easily take out ordinary zombies from a distance of 200m.

After killing those 400 ordinary zombies, there were about 30 Type 2 evolved zombies left. Zhuo Ya Tong held a 3m-long mace that had been enhanced till Level 5 and charged into the midst of the zombies. Every strike of hers caused the zombies to be blasted on the spot. As for Bai Xiao Sheng, he was like a specter that easily sliced the evolved zombies into two with each flash of his blade.

Within 5 minutes, all the zombies that had been lured out were easily done in.

As Li Guang and his men watched, their hearts were filled with shock: “Holy shit! Too strong! Where did this bunch of people come out from? How come they’re so strong?”

“Fortunately I surrendered early, otherwise, we would have been a pile of corpses.” Li Guang watched Bai Xiao Sheng leading his men to clear the zombies, and he felt a chill down his spine, celebrating his decision.

With such a method, Bai Xiao Sheng easily lured out another 1,000 zombies, and the group proceeded to clear them easily.

All of a sudden, the zombies that had been attracted to the blood stopped following Bai Xiao Sheng, instead, they began to gather together.

Looking at these zombies that had seemingly become smarter, Yue Zhong muttered softly: “Has the Z-type arrived? Who would have thought that such a small county would produce a Z-Type.”

Li Guang felt curious, and asked: “Z-Type? Leader, what’s that?”

There were many people who were still oblivious to the existence of the intelligent Z-Types, and it was likely that only the major factions would have come across them. As a small group, it was natural that Li Guang and his brothers had not yet come across it.

Yue Zhong replied: “It’s a type of zombie that can command others. It is able to gather an entire horde together, to launch a large-scale attack.”

Li Guang turned pale: “What?! It can actually command zombies to gather together?! That’s crazy!”

The zombies were fearsome, and some humans could barely scrape by with their lives because the zombies had little intelligence. The moment they did possess intelligence, it would truly be a nightmare for humankind. Zombies that were not under any command were prey for the humans, but the moment there was an intelligent being behind them, humans would then become the prey.

Yue Zhong gave an order: “Set up the fortifications and begin construction here! I think it would not wait to charge at us soon.”

When he gave his order, the survivors that Yue Zhong had rescued began to work under the guidance of an Evolver.

A number of buses were driven over, forming a simple wall of steel, surrounding the survivors. Should this wall be breached, the survivors would fall prey to the zombies. The survivors were extremely fearful, but under Yue Zhong’s orders, they could not shirk away.

Soon after, 30,000 zombies began to surge out like a huge sea from the center of the city.

With such a number, it truly seemed as though the horde was endless. The survivors turned pale, their bodies trembling.

Many of the survivors began to wail and cry, some kneeling and sobbing as they cursed their fates.

“Do it!” Yue Zhong watched the sea of zombies flow out, and readied his assault rifle, directly killing 10 zombies.

Bai Xiao Sheng and the rest of the elites also raised their weapons, and picked off the zombies calmly.

As the hail of bullets rained down on the zombies, many of their heads were blasted apart like watermelons. It was like there was an invisible wall that impeded their advance, with the zombies in front falling like wheat.

Yue Zhong, together with Bai Xiao Sheng and his 100 elite soldiers who were Level 40 Evolvers, were much more efficient than a 1,000 ordinary soldiers. Their aim was true.

It was especially so for Yue Zhong, who could easily fire 8 shots in a second, taking down 8 zombies each time. It was an easy feat for him, as long as he used all his strength, he could even fire out 12 consecutive bullets, each of them headshots. The rest of the soldiers were not as tyrannical as Yue Zhong, but even so, they could still take down 2 or 3 per second.

The zombie horde seemed to be stepping up to serve their heads on a platter, allowing Yue Zhong and his men to cull them like crazy. Of course, their slow walking speed was one of the main reasons aiding the quick slaughter.

Li Guang and his men stared wide-eyed and agape as they watched Yue Zhong’s men take down the zombies casually, muttering: “This is insane! Their strength is too obscene!! Where are they from? How did they get so powerful?”

They continued to watch, their emotions in turmoil and their backs drenched in cold sweat. Any soldier from this fearsome army could easily dispatch the whole lot of them, and to think they had actually intended to rob them. They had truly been at the gates of hell without knowing.

The rifle bullets could only take down the ordinary zombies. There were 5 L3s and a hundred L2s that formed a front formation and charged towards Yue Zhong and his men.

As the 100 L2s that were about 3m tall charged towards them, they seem like mini tanks, and the 5 L3s who took the vanguard positions were even more massive, towering at 4m.

Yue Zhong eyed them nonchalantly, and pointed, his Devil Flame activating as 5 huge fireballs shot towards the heads of the L3s and exploded.

The heads of the 5 L3s exploded in a cloud of blood and flesh, their massive frames slumping to the ground.

With Yue Zhong insta-killing those L3s, White Bones charged towards the L2s like a gust of wind, its bone spikes extending out as it started to whirl extremely fast, slicing through the heads of the L2s.

As for the other major group that comprised of the S3s and S2s, their heads were targeted by Yue Zhong’s rifle. With his current strength, aiming for them was easier compared to the past. It would take an S4 to give him some trouble within a distance of 200m.

Under the relentless assault of Yue Zhong’s forces, the 30,000 zombies were slowly being exterminated. The price they had to pay was the expenditure of over 80,000 rounds.

Such an incredible feat was hard to accomplish prior to the change of class for the elite soldiers. After the job change, their firearms manipulation and accuracy had undergone a tremendous change. Adding on to their enhanced physique, it was barely a form of intense training for them to deal with 30,000 zombies.

This was why Evolvers that had changed their jobs were this fearsome. At that time, when the Kingdom of God had been ambushed by the Takama-ga-hara forces in Japan, they could still make use of their superior abilities to hold off the enemy 10 times their numbers. This was purely the advantage of a job change.

“Advance!” Having dealt with the 30,000 zombies, Yue Zhong proceeded forwards.

Bai Xiao Sheng thus led 50 elites and charged in to clear the remaining zombies.

Xiao Li led the rest of the survivors and set fire to the 30,000 corpses according to Yue Zhong’s orders.

If the decomposing bodies were to be left alone, there would be unknown viruses and diseases that could transmit. Of course, they were the best fertilizers for the Mutant Plants, however, Yue Zhong did not have any base that were currently growing any Mutant Plants, hence, he had no use for these corpses.

Upon entering the city, the remaining zombies had already been brought away by the Z-Type to escape, leaving behind only a scarce number.

Qi Mu County was a place that was rich in coal, and there were a few large coal mining companies here. With such a large amount of resources falling into Yue Zhong’s hands, he had no need to worry about energy for the time being.

At the same time, there were plenty of cotton clothes here, and Yue Zhong gave them out to the survivors, helping them to keep warm.

As the survivors received the cotton clothes, many of them teared up in gratitude.

After all, most factions treated cotton clothes as precious resources, a pretty woman would have to accompany a man for an entire month just to get a piece of cotton clothing. Now, Yue Zhong was giving them out without qualms, and these survivors were all touched. At the same time, they were filled with respect and faith in the strength of the troops.

When Yue Zhong announced to recruit soldiers, many signed up, hoping to gain strength and glory.

Among the survivors that Yue Zhong rescued, there were more women than men. He could not help it, and thus had to organize a largely-female troop as well. He then handed them to Zhuo Ya Tong to lead.

After arranging for matters to be settled, Yue Zhong then summoned Li Guang, asking: “Tell me all you know about the various factions out here in the plains.”

The plains and the cities were different, as population was sparse out in the plains. When the world changed, those humans out there stood a better chance in surviving. Thus, the number of survivors was much higher.

Also, since the plains were vast, traffic was not congested, it was easy for communications between factions. As a wandering bandit, Li Guang had seen his fair share of things, and naturally knew more about the plains as compared to Xiao Li.

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