God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 606

“Yes!! Boss! From what I know, the current largest and strongest faction is naturally the Huangjin Clan led by the Mongol King Hu-er Ran. It’s rumored that he has 120,000 survivors under his rule, and there are over 30,000 slaves of other races under him as well. The 2nd well-known faction would be The Great Turkic Empire of Wu-Er Tuo Tuo. He has a total of 10,000 elite Golden Wolf soldiers, each of them fierce and powerful. Other than that army, they also have 150,000 slaves from other races. The 3rd largest faction would be the forces of the Manchurian Empire under the King Hiowan Yei. The total Manchu and Han soldiers number about 8,000, and they have about 160,000 slaves. Other than these 3 main powers, there’s the Gray Wolf Army, Red Triad, Blue Triad, Gold Wolf Triad, Radiant Sun Triad, People’s Army, Heaven’s Wheel Sect, Universal Sect, Heavenly Demon Sect, etc. However, compared to the 3 main powers, they’re nothing, and are just a ragtag bunch.” Li Guang narrated the information he knew about the factions in the Central Plains.

“All sorts of bullshit characters have appeared!” Yue Zhong frowned when he heard it, before continuing: “Out of all these factions, are there no decent ones established by the Chinese?”

Li Guang sighed gently and spoke with some pity: “No, the Chinese factions are usually too fractured, and cannot compare to the cohesiveness of the Mongols. Each time there was any outstanding character that was rising, he or she would be quickly terminated. The Gray Wolf Army, Red Triad, Blue Triad, Gold Wolf Triad, Radiant Sun Triad, People’s Army, Heaven’s Wheel Sect, all of these are all small-time factions established by the Chinese, but they’re always fighting among themselves, and lack the strength to stand up to the Mongol King.”

Yue Zhong pondered for a while, before asking: “After the world change, there should have been some border guards that remained, which faction do they belong to?”

The might of military people were the strongest among the ordinary folk, and their survivability was the highest. Since the human population was more spread out in the plains, there should have been many that survived. After gaining the Evolving Temple, Yue Zhong could swiftly produce a number of strong soldiers. However, he had hoped to obtain more troops that belonged to the military in the past. After all, fighting skills could be upgraded through the temple, but experience, tactics and strategies could not be enhanced. He needed the people of talent.

Li Guang thought for a moment: “The border guards? They have been split into a number of factions. A part of them had established themselves as kings, and formed a faction. Another had been absorbed into Manchuria, and the remaining had formed the People’s Army, and are current protecting some 800 survivors over at Hu Yan Town. The scattered few have been absorbed into the other factions.”

Men from the military were still human after all, and had their own thinking and hopes. After the apocalypse, some insisted on their principles and way of life, while others began to degenerate, becoming hitmen for others.

“Which is the closest and largest Chinese faction around here?” Yue Zhong asked.

Li Guang replied quickly: “The Radiant Sun Triad. They have over 7,000 people, and they’re mostly Chinese. Their base is in a small town called Tian Mu Town, situated about 40 li north of Qi Mu County.”

Li Guang was truly a snakehead that mixed with the dragons, knowing helpful information on each and every faction.

Yue Zhong’s eye flashed coldly: “Very good! Our next target will be the Radiant Sun Triad!”

Yue Zhong wanted to establish a sizeable faction out here in the Central Plains, and needed many people. The Radiant Sun Triad might not have any enmity with Yue Zhong, but they had the numbers, and thus had become Yue Zhong’s target.

In this apocalyptic world where human lives were treated like ants, the strong could easily trample on the weak. However, the irony was that human lives were extremely valuable. Without manpower, factories would not function, ammunition would not be produced, clothes could not be manufactured, and research and development would come to a stop.

After resting for an entire day, Yue Zhong left Zhuo Ya Tong and 20 elites in Qi Mu County, leaving instructions to train up the new recruits, while Yue Zhong led Bai Xiao Sheng, Tenpyo Saka and the rest of the subordinates towards the direction of Tian Mu Town.

Tian Mu Town was a small town surrounded only by a small wooden fence, and there were various steel structures that served as fortifications, with multiple barrels pointing out, defending every entrance. Around the perimeter, there were some watch towers with soldiers within keeping a lookout. The defense was tight, and covered all areas, those who wanted to enter would have to consider using heavy firepower.

Yue Zhong observed the town from afar and frowned. He might have 80 elite Evolvers with him, but it would still be a challenge to breach this town.

With his Steel Body skill, Yue Zhong was not afraid of bullets, however, his soldiers did not have that skill. They were at risk of dying if they were shot at. These were soldiers that had followed him through Japan and Country A, and he did not want to lose them meaninglessly here.

Li Guang hesitated a while, before speaking up: “Leader!! I can be considered to have some prior friendship with the Radiant Sun Triad’s leader Ximen Lie He had always been interested in recruiting me to work for him. We can make use of this to enter, however, their control, if we want to mix with the crowd, we can’t have more than 10 people. Weapons would also be confiscated.”

Yue Zhong’s eyes lit up as he smiled: “Great!! Take me in! Li Guang, if you do succeed, you will have gained some merit!”

With Yue Zhong’s strength, the moment he could infiltrate Tian Mu Town, then it would be like Sun Wukong entering the belly of a demon. He could do whatever he wanted. His strength was overpowered, and under the possible situations of an ambush, he could even take out an peak-level Evolver like the Gun Demon of the Takama-ga-hara. Even if the Radiant Sun Triad had many powerful experts, Yue Zhong had confidence he could slaughter his way out.

After Li Guang selected a few soldiers, he brought Yue Zhong and Tenpyo Saka towards the direction of Tian Mu Town.

At the entrance, 6 gun-wielding soldiers stopped Li Guang’s group and barked; “Halt! Who are you guys?”

When they stopped them, their eyes landed on Tenpyo Saka and her body. With her exquisite looks and that smoking hot body, it was truly a rare sight out here in the plains.

Li Guang replied in a confident voice: “I’m Divine Arrow Li Guang, a friend of your chief Ximen Lie! I’ve come specially to visit Chief Ximen. Please notify him!”

“Wait a while!” One of them replied, and swiftly retreated towards the inner parts of the town.

The rest of the soldiers blatantly stared at Tenpyo Saka, their gazes filled with lust and hope. However, they were restrained and did not do anything.

In this world, some experts were brazen and unbridled, just a single sentence could earn a person a death sentence. If the expert were to get away scot-free, then the deaths of these guards would have been for naught.

A man in suit soon came to the gate, his eyes slightly swollen, while wearing a smile. His gaze landed on Li Guang, and naturally swivelled to Tenpyo Saka, before saying: “Brother Li Guang!! Which wind had brought you here? Who might this be?”

As for Yue Zhong, he didn’t even bother sparing him a glance.

Li Guang chuckled and said: “Elder Chen, this is Tenpyo Saka, she’s a new subordinate I’ve gotten under my wing. Tenpyo Saka, hurry and greet Elder Chen Feng Hua.”

Tenpyo Saka had a cold expression as she replied: “How do you do.”

Chen Feng Hua’s eyes flashed with a lustful gaze as he exclaimed: “Good!! Good!!”

He had only ever seen 2 or 3 women more beautiful than this Tenpyo Saka, but their figures were nowhere as sexy as this lady. Especially her large chest that threatened to split out her clothes, causing him to drool.

Chen Feng Hua’s gaze did not move from Tenpyo Saka as he asked Li Guang in an off-hand manner: “Li Guang, did you come to join us this time?”

Tenpyo Saka had to suffer the indecent looks of this middle-aged man and her expression wrinkled in disgust, she really hated the way he was looking at her.

Li Guang’s eyes flashed as he replied: “I’ve come to discuss with Chief Ximen, if the conditions are right, I might be willing to join.”

Right at this time, a dozen men walked over.

The leader was a good-looking man with sword-shaped brows, his demeanor extraordinary. He looked to be about 27 or 28, and when he saw Li Guang, he immediately spoke in a curt but jeering manner: “Isn’t this Li Guang? This boorish thug could also gain the qualifications to join the alliance? Did Ximen Lie become senile?’

Li Guang laughed coldly and retorted: “I’m a thug? If I’m a thug, at least I’m the head of my thugs. What are you considered, Huang Qi Shan? If you didn’t have your father Chief Huang Xue Yi of the Red Tribe, you would have long since been dragged away to be sold. Your dad isn’t going to be around for long though. When he passes on, I’ll see how to enjoy that little butt of yours.”

Li Guang was after all from the market, and his words were extremely uncouth. It served to infuriate Huang Qi Shan immediately.

His eyes were bloodshot as he barked loudly: “The lot of you, go and beat him to death!! I’ll take responsibility!”

Immediately, the dozens or so thugs behind stepped out, albeit with slow and stupid movements, preparing to act.

At this time, Li Guang retreated one step and revealed a savage smile at Chen Feng Hua: “Elder Chen, these guys want to act on your territory, if you don’t want to put a stop to this, this Senior I would not show them mercy.”

Chen Feng Hua knew exactly what Li Guang was capable of, and knew that if Huang Qi Shan was dead, there would be endless troubles. He immediately called for them to stop: “Enough!!”

Seeing Chen Feng Hua step out, Huang Qi Shan was forced to calm down. He shot Li Guang a venomous glare: “Li Guang, you’ve got guts. Let’s see how you live the next time we meet. Let’s go!”

After that, Huang Qi Shan brought his men and left the area. This was after all Ximen Lai’s territory, and if they were to really fight, the ones at a disadvantage would be Huang Qi Shan themselves.

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