God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 607

Li Guang immediately asked Chen Feng Hua: “Elder Chen, that little bastard Huang Qi Shan just mentioned an alliance? What’s going on? Also, how dare he come here?”

“Li Guang, you should also be clear. Within the Central Plains, us Chinese are not the ones in power. The Huangjin Clan, the Golden Wolf Triad, the Manchu Empire, these bastards are going everywhere attacking the Chinese establishments. Our fellow Han-people would then be treated as slaves.”

“In order to change this, to give our Han-people a better life, our Chief Ximen had decided to step up and throw away his past notions, and established an alliance led by our own Han-people. He hopes to unite the factions of the Han-people, and resist the rest of the powers. With you here, it’ll be perfect. Tomorrow is the day that the alliance will start. Our chief is heroic and magnanimous, and many other valiant heroes have arrived to take part. It would be a good time for you to join our Radiant Sun Triad. Once our Chief Ximen has united the country, then you’re one of the founding fathers.”

When Yue Zhong heard this, he thought to himself: “Alliance? They finally thought of that? Seems like this Ximen Lie is something else, to be able to gather the rest of the powers.”

Uniting the Hans in an alliance, it was truly a decent idea. If they could rally all the Hans in the Central Plains, it would be a power not necessarily weaker than the Huangjin Clan or the other powers.

However, Yue Zhong did not look on it too favorably. After all, everyone had their private ambitions and thoughts, who would be willing to hand over their weapons and equipment to others?

Chen Feng Hua brought Li Guang and the rest to a villa, settling them in before leaving.

Li Guang then asked Yue Zhong: “Leader, Chen Feng Hua will bring us to see Ximen Lie later. Do we act then?”

Yue Zhong replied: “No! Let’s change it to tomorrow. You go and put on a show of bargaining with Ximen Lie first, then join him. I’ll go take a look around, and observe the situation.”

Since Ximen Lie wanted to organize this alliance congregation, Yue Zhong wanted to make use of the chance to put on a big show.

Li Guang replied: “Yes!”

Tenpyo Saka was too beautiful, and in order not to cause any problems, Yue Zhong got her to stay within her room. He himself left and walked about.

On the streets, he began to walk while looking at what Tian Mu Town had to offer. It was similar to the many post-apocalyptic towns that he had already come across on his journeys, with many emaciated survivors in tattered clothes with downcast expressions.

Other than the soldiers, there were few shops, only some simple trading posts were set up. The whole atmosphere was dead, and not a sign of vitality was present.

“Ximen Lie lacks the talent to govern, he’s not a good leader.” Yue Zhong gave Ximen Lie an evaluation silently as he observed the town.

Like many leaders of the different factions, Ximen Lie was obviously troubled by the food issue. At the same time, he only gave rations to those in his army and his supporters. Ordinary survivors were ignored, or treated like slaves. Such a method was good in the sense that it ensured that the food expenditure was kept to a minimal, but the entire town would suffer as a result. All resources were dependent on what was left prior to the apocalypse, and there was no alternative or replenishment of resources. Once they ran out, the faction would crumble.

“Master! Come!! Half a bun, I’ll make you feel good for just half a bun!”

“One packet of instant noodles, I’ll accompany you for an entire night. You can play with me however you like, whatever you want to do..”

At every corner, on every street, a number of women who was reeking of odor, and had not bathed for goodness knows how long, began to surround Yue Zhong as they tried to flaunt themselves.

Yue Zhong walked past them with a deadpan expression. He was sympathetic, but he had no means to rescue them all right now.

All of a sudden, a bunch of kids began to swarm in a certain direction like bees.

Yue Zhong looked towards the direction, only to see a beautiful lady with long black hair and fair skin, as though she had just stepped out of a painting. She seemed about 15 or 16, and wore a saintly smile as she handed out buns to those kids.

A young man of about 15 or 16 stood beside her, dressed in black Mutant Beast leather, a huge blade hanging by his waist. He had a decent stature, and his looks pleasant, but he was complaining at the moment: “Leilei, this is food we went through trouble to get from a neighbouring town, how can you just give them out to these little rascals? Did you forget what we had to do? Ah Xin almost lost his life at the hands of that L3! Now that the Huangjin Clan, Manchu Empire and the Golden Wolf bastards are all expanding, it’s getting harder to find food!”

“Zhang Ying, how many times have I said it, don’t call me Leilei. Call me by my full name, Zhang Jing Lei.” The beautiful girl frowned, before lightly sighing: “I know it’s getting harder, but if we don’t give these kids, they will starve to death. Furthermore, this is from my own portion, what does it have to do with you?”

When Zhang Ying heard those words, he bit his lips, clenching his fist, while staring at her. He had liked her for a long time already, but she did not reciprocate nor care about it, and this caused him to feel upset.

Another cute girl with a ponytail and some pimples on her face, with fair skin and big eyes stepped up to say: “Leilei, don’t blame Zhang Ying, he’s also concerned about you.”

There were 9 other young men and women who tried to mediate.

“What the hell are you looking at? Be careful or I’ll gouge out your eyeballs!” Zhang Ying suddenly saw Yue Zhong looking over, and his fury, with nowhere to go, were projected on him. He roared out like an enraged lion.

His crush had rejected him and ignored him, and the pent up anger was now being directed at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong glanced at Zhang Ying and shook his head, turning around to leave.

Truthfully, Yue Zhong did not agree with Zhao Jing Lei’s actions. In this world, ration was extremely scarce and precious, one had to be mindful of it. When the team needed food, what would she do then? However, the matter had nothing to do with him, and he had no interest in meddling with a bunch of kids.

“Damn it!! You’re looking for a beating!!” Zhang Ying saw Yue Zhong shaking his head, and he became even more angry, shooting forwards with a speed 11 times that of a person, intending to beat Yue Zhong.

Zhao Jing Lei did not expect Zhang Ying to act against Yue Zhong, and her face fell, shouting: “Stop!! Zhang Ying!!”

Yue Zhong immediately swiveled around, his hands grabbing Zhang Ying’s forehead, his eyes flashing coldly, before flinging Zhang Ying’s entire body towards a wall viciously. “Really! Now, all you little fuckers think you can do anything. Why don’t I send you on your way to Hell, and let you join your family earlier? At the same time, they can discipline you properly.”

Zhang Ying smashed into a wall like a cannon, and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His face turned pale, as he continued to cough out blood.

“What are you doing? You dare to harm our classmate! You’re seeking death!!” 2 of the group shot out, 1 tall the other short, both wielding some strange bone blades as they roared out in fury. They activated their abilities, Wind Twist, and both became like hurricanes, shooting towards Yue Zhong.

Both of these rascals were Evolvers, their Wind Twist skill having been enhanced thrice. When both of them worked together, they could even take down Level 50 Evolvers easily.

“Scram!” Right as they got close to Yue Zhong, he kicked out twice swiftly, his terrifying Strength exploding out, and they both spat out blood as they crumpled to the ground.

Yue Zhong possessed speed that was 25 times that of a normal person, and far surpassed most Agility Evolvers. His combat experience was rich as well, and didn’t need any fancy tactics or skills to deal with those 2 rascals.

“Zhang Ying!” The girl with the ponytail saw Zhang Ying’s ugly expression and he shot out, turning into a shadow. At the next instant, she appeared next to Zhang Ying. Her skill was the rare Level 3 Flash Steps. She had already enhanced the skill 3 times, and could easily appear at a location within 20m.

The girl lifted the injured Zhang Ying up.

“Quick, take him away!! I’ll block him!” Zhao Jing Lei saw how fearsome Yue Zhong was, and how his expression was frightening now, and she pulled out 2 silver blades, and disappeared like a shadow. Instantly, she appeared in front of Yue Zhong, the blades in her hands slashing towards Yue Zhong at a sharp angle.

“Fast! She’s an Agility Evolver!” Facing Zhao Jing Lei’s strike that was extremely fast, Yue Zhong was finally forced to whisk out his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade to block her attack,

As the 3 blades clashed, a strange force spread from the curved blades of Zhao Jing Lei, as though threatening to spin Yue Zhong’s blade away.

After that clash, Zhao Jing Lei’s curved blades turned into silver hurricanes and enveloped Yue Zhong.

“Strong! This little girl, her strength is in close combat, and is comparable to the Demons of the Takama-ga-hara!”

Yue Zhong’s speed had been enhanced multiple times, and was stronger than Zhao Jing Lei. His experience was also more abundant, and in most cases, he could easily dispatch an Evolver with a single move. However, when exchanging blows with this Zhao Jing Lei, he was actually being suppressed, unable to display his blade skills. The strange force was being exerted on his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade as well, making it hard for him.

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