God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 609

There were many snakes and dragons mixed into the crowd, and Yue Zhong discovered 12 experts. His senses told him that they were different from the rest.

“Who’s that?” Yue Zhong pointed to one young man of about 21 who was dressed in white, a long sword on his back, his brows thick and powerful, his features unique. There was a proud aura about him, causing Yue Zhong to ask Li Guang.

There were few people who used swords, Yue Zhong mostly came across blade users, as the God and Devil system usually generated the Tang Replica Sword. Of course, there were other sort of weapons that dropped once in awhile. However, in Guang Xi and Hunan, most of the low-level warlords prefered the Tang Replica Swords.

(Translator Note: There are different words for swords and blades in Chinese. The author was referring to this when he talked about blades 刀, even if he referred to them as Tang Replica Swords. The word 剑 refers to this, widely seen in wuxia)

Li Guang looked at the youth and muttered: “That’s the Sword Master, Pi Jian Yi. It’s rumored that he had killed an L3 with a single sword slash. He’s unparalleled in close combat, his sword skills are truly top-notch. No one can win him in a close-combat fight. Any enemy of his had been killed. Of course, he might be arrogant but not stupid. He had never antagonize any major power. I didn’t expect him to come.”

“What about that person?” Yue Zhong looked another burly-looking man, who had a 3m hammer beside him. He was wearing a sleeveless warrior’s clothing, revealing a large amount of chest hair. His entire body was covered in scars, and he was gorging on the meat.

“That’s Big Bear Qin Zhen! He has fearsome strength, and it’s rumored that the hammer beside him weighs over 500kg. He could easily flatten an L2, and is someone not easy to deal with as well.”

As Li Guang continued to introduce the characters that Yue Zhong took notice of, 10 Enhancers came to the stage and sat down.

The seats on the stage were set up specifically for the various leaders of the major Han factions. Only those who had over a thousand people under them had the qualifications to sit on those seats.

This time, Ximen Lie had invited the leaders of the 10 largest tribes, namely the Heaven’s Wheel Sect, the Scarlet Sun Sect, the Universal Sect, the Heavenly Demon Sect, the Red Triad, the Blue Triad, the Golden Wolf Triad, the Pink Triad, the Green Bamboo Triad, and himself of the Radiant Sun Triad.

Of the 10 leaders, 8 were male, while the leaders of the Pink Triad and Green Bamboo Triad were female. Yue Zhong cast a slightly longer gaze at these 2.

The chief of the Pink Triad was an ordinary woman with an ordinary physique, however, her eyes radiated with intelligence. The leader of the Green Bamboo Triad was a tall woman of 1.9m, her entire body rippling with muscles, her waist thicker than a vat, and her expression grim. It seemed that not all women leaders were as ravishing as Ding Mei or Shangguan Bing Xue.

One middle-aged man who was dressed in a suit and had shiny black hair, with a restrained aura spoke up with a slight smile: “Welcome to the Alliance gathering today, I’m your host, Chief Ximen Lie from the Radiant Sun Triad. I’m honored to meet you heroes.”

The moment he appeared, a strange atmosphere overcame the entire venue, as everyone piped down subconsciously, as all arguments came to a halt.

Yue Zhong could feel the Spiritual pulse from Ximen Lie’s words: “Spirit Fluctuations. This is a Spirit-based ability. Seems like Ximen Lie has some moves.”

When he finished, the rest of the leaders began to introduce themselves, allowing the rest of the audience to get to know them.

“Everybody! Heed my words! Out here in the Central Plains, the Turkic Empire’s Gold Wolf Riders, the Mongol King’s Huangjin Clan, and the Manchu Empire 8 Flag’s Army have been treating us Han people like sheep. Every day, our fellow Hans people are being assaulted by them. Each time, the men would be killed, the women and children would be whisked away to become slaves, and tortured at their hands. If this goes on, the entire Central Plains will become their hunting grounds, and we Han-people will be the lowest of the low!”

“Our Han-people are hardworking, kind and brave! We’re not necessarily worse off than the Turks or Mongols or even the Manchurians! We have hot-blooded warriors, and powerful heroes. As to why we have ended up today’s state, is because we have allowed minor squabbles to tear us apart! As long as we work together, we can definitely become the largest power here in the Central Plains, and step over all of the rest!”

“It’s precisely due to this, that I’ve announced this gathering, to form an alliance, gather the various heroes from all over the Central Plains, and work together to deal with the Turks, Mongols or the Manchurians! Thank you!” Ximen Lie’s passionate speech resounded all over the venue.

After Ximen Lie finished speaking, the venue broke out in resounding applause.

The other factions were well-known for capturing people of other races as slaves, allowing their own people to lead better lives. Such a strategy would strengthen their own people, while suppressing the other races. Thus, the unity between their own people would strengthen.

However, it was at the cost of the other races. No one was willing to be a slave. Especially since the world had modernized and received education. The current slaves were all forced against their will due to strength.

When many of those who had smaller factions out in the Central Plains thought about the possibility of their own bases being destroyed, and becoming slaves to the other 3 great factions, they couldn’t help but shudder. This was why they all responded to this call to form an alliance.

Zhao Jing Lei heard Ximen Lie’s nationalistic words and frowned as she sighed slightly: “Why do we have to eliminate the Turks, Mongols and Manchurians? Aren’t we all Chinese? Why must we kill amongst ourselves?”

Yue Zhong eyed the naive girl and responded coolly: “Simple! Everyone just wants to live better lives, no one wants to become anyone’s slaves. To those who cannot be reasoned with, only strength can force them to listen. If you don’t kill them, they will kill you.”

“Only by becoming an existence more powerful than them, will you be able to talk about peace. Since the 3 other factions want to kill us, we should just kill them. Simple as that. Don’t make it too complicated.”

Yue Zhong did not like the internal strife, however, if there was somebody who chose to block his path, he would not show them any mercy. As long as it was an enemy, he would stop at nothing to eradicate them, regardless of who they were or where they came from. Even if some Han people wanted to bar his path, he would kill.

Since nobody really disagreed or objected, the motion to form an alliance was pushed through, and every faction present agreed to join.

In truth, everyone had already known about this beforehand, and those who had participated were of a mind to join. After all, strength in numbers. Those who weren’t interested would not have sent anybody over.

One particular hero called out: “Chief Ximen is a hero of our times, wise and valiant. He had brought the Radiant Sun Triad to constantly fend off the 3 factions, and possesses abundant experience. I vote for him to be our alliance leader, and lead us to defeat the other 3 factions! To unite the Central Plains, to conquer the country and build a new China!!”

“Ximen Lie is wise and valiant, I vote for him to be our leader too!!”

“No way!! I vote for my Red Triad’s Chief Huang Xue Yi to be the leader. He’s a man of intelligence and had been an official in the government before the apocalypse. He has strong governance skill and experience. With him as the chief, wouldn’t the alliance soar quickly?”

“Pei! Huang Xue Yi is an old lecher that lusts after women, he spends his time all over his women, how would he be in charge of the alliance? I reckon the chief of the Golden Wolf Triad Mu Tang to be the Alliance Leader. Chief Mu is young and promising, his energy strong and full of vitality, and his combat prowess truly unrivalled amongst his peers. As long as he is the Chief, the alliance would definitely become powerful!”

One by one, the various members of the audience began to argue for their own nominations, with many of the secret accomplices that the leaders had sent out beforehand to try and rally for their own backing.

The leaders watched the commotion without any sign of stopping them.

Sword Master Pi Jian Yi stepped out and his voice rang: “Everybody, silence!”

His voice carried a strange force that immediately overpowered the entire venue.

Everyone’s gaze fell onto Pi Jian Yi.

He spoke arrogantly: “Out here, the strong prey on the weak. I feel, that the Alliance Leader should be the strongest person! Let me suggest a competition of martial arts, to compete for the strongest position, and the winner will be the leader!”

“I agree! A competition is great!”

“Me too!”

Those rowdy men who had been hollering over one another immediately burst out in appreciative laughter.

One hero stood up to shake his head: “I object, what era are we in? Martial Arts competition? A person strength could not single-handedly fight an entire army. I recommend that Chief Ximen with the most number of survivors under him to be the leader!”

The entire venue again fell into chaos. Many argue fervently. These were all leaders of their own factions with survivors depending on them, who would be willing to give their position of authority up?

Yue Zhong observed coldly, and he knew that the solo wander Pi Jian Yi would definitely not be able to become the leader. It was likely that it would be one of those in the larger factions.

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