God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 610

“Everyone, quieten down!” Ximen Lie’s sonorous voice rang out, and the noise soon died down. He then wore a smile and said: “Alright. Let’s do this. We shall all vote, the person who garners the most vote will become the leader, it’s the fairest. What does everyone think?”

“Good!! Let’s do that!!”

“Alright! That is democratic!!”

Many people sounded their approval, and the suggestions of those solo warriors like Pi Jian Yi were suppressed.

Hearing the cheers, Ximen Lie’s face blossomed in a strange smile. Most of the powers here had been pulled over by him, as long as they went with this method, he would be sure to become the alliance chief.

Right at this moment, a soldier suddenly hastened up the podium and reported: “Chief!! Not good! The Gold Wolf Riders are rushing over now!! There’re over thousands of them!!”

“What?! The Gold Wolf Riders are here?!” Ximen Lie’s face changed when he heard that.

The Radiant Sun Sect had 7,000 people, of which, most of them were survivors. The true warriors and fighters were only about 800 people. And out of these 800, only 200 had guns, and about 20 machine guns.

Gold Wolf Riders were the elites of the Turkic Empire, and they had guns. Goodness knows how many establishments had been raided by them. They were ferocious and violent, and when Ximen Lie heard their name, his expression turned ugly.

“Gold Wolf Riders!!”

“Are they here?!”

“How did it become like this?! I wouldn’t have come if I knew!!”

“It’s over!! We’re over!!”

When they heard that the Gold Wolf Riders were on their way, the various small-time leaders and solo wanderers became frightened. The infamous Gold Wolf Riders were associated with death and massacre.

Many notable Han experts had fallen at their hands. After all, no matter how strong a person was, he couldn’t stand up against an army. Furthermore, in most of the clashes, the Gold Wolf Riders had their fair share of experts.

Huang Xue Yi, the chief of Red Triad, suddenly shouted: “I recommend Chief Ximen to be the leader of the alliance!!”

Mu Tang of the Golden Wolf Triad also exclaimed: “Right! Chief Ximen is truly a hero, he should be able to lead us to defeat the enemy!”

The leaders of the 10 largest triads who had been keeping quiet, began to vote for Ximen Lie to become the Alliance Leader.

If the Gold Wolf Riders were to really breach Tian Mu Town, then the Alliance Leader would surely die. The alluring role of the Alliance Leader was now a sacrificial position, avoided by all of them.

“A bunch of fools!! If they were to breach, you think you can live on?” Ximen Lie was not an idiot, and he knew what they were after. His face, however, maintained a peaceful expression as he replied: “The matter of the alliance chief is too important, we will need to reconsider this. I feel that we should get someone with abundant experience to lead us. Chief Huang, you’re the perfect person for this, only you can take on this role.”

Huang Xue Yi immediately rejected: “No! No!! This time, you organized this gathering, you’re the one most suitable to be the leader. Don’t reject the appointment, otherwise, you’re truly letting down all of the heroes here!!”

As the various leaders pushed and pulled, Yue Zhong stepped out and barked out: “Since you all aren’t willing, I’ll take it on!”

Ximen Lie’s eyes brightened up, as he spoke to Yue Zhong amicably: “This little brother, how should we address you?”

Yue Zhong replied indifferently: “Yue Zhong!”

“Courageous!!” Ximen Lie praised, and exchanged glances with the rest of the leaders: “This young hero Yue Zhong has courage beyond his peers, and famed, I recommend him to be the first Alliance Leader, what does everyone think?”

“Good!! Good!! I agree!!”

“I agree!!”

The rest of them expressed their consent, looking at Yue Zhong as though pitying him as a dead fool.

Without any hesitation, Yue Zhong immediately called on the 12 people he had taken note of: “Good! I’m now the Alliance Chief. Pi Jian Yi, Qin Zhen, Zhou Yi, Jiang Yi, Gu Tao, Pan Sheng, Luo Ding, He Yi, Jiang Fang, Pan Ling, Pan Da Shi, Zhou Mu. The 12 of you will form the Guards, joining my troops and strength. Come with me to the frontlines to kill the enemies. Your direct supervisor will be this lady, Tenpyo Saka.”

Yue Zhong swept his gaze across the 12 of them, before saying: “Those who’re willing to join me in killing those bastards, come over, those who don’t, you better scram far!”

He then spoke to the leaders of the factions with a tone of finality: “As for you guys! All the triads will now be as they are, the rest of the warriors here are to form the Dragon Fang Battalion. The Dragon Fang Battalion will be under the charge of Li Guang. Li Guang, stay behind and organize them. Ximen Lie, the rest of you, come to the frontlines with me.”

At this time, one person with a weird temper and disposition stepped out from the hundreds of warriors: “Who the fuck are you? How dare you command us?”

Yue Zhong whisked out his Stinger and pulled the trigger without batting an eyelid.


Following the loud gunshot, the man’s brain was splattered all over the ground, his headless corpse crumpling.

He then swept his gaze past everybody with a strong killing intent billowing: “I’m now the Alliance Chief of the Great Han Alliance. I have taken on the responsibility to lead everyone to destroy the 3 other factions, and have the authority to mobilize everyone here. Those who disobey, will be considered as traitors, and disloyal dogs. Death to those people, and their families will be branded as slaves. Anyone else has any opinions?”

Seeing how Yue Zhong had disposed of the one guy that had just questioned him, everyone’s heart was chilled to the very core. They had seen how fast his actions were, and not many could actually make out his movements.

“Damn it! Did I just invite a wolf into the den?” Ximen Lie watched Yue Zhong, his heart filled with a growing chill. He turned to eye Li Guang, and had a bad feeling about this.

The rest of the 9 leaders saw how decisive and clean Yue Zhong had dealt with opposition, and their hearts were also shocked. However, with the imminent attack by the Gold Wolf Riders, and the fact that Yue Zhong’s strength seemed to be beyond their imagination, they maintained their cool.

As for the 12 experts pointed out especially by Yue Zhong, they were filled with different emotions. Initially, they had viewed him with contempt and disregard, but the moment he displayed his strength and charisma, their attitudes towards him changed.

“If no one has any other views, then let’s move! Come with me!” Yue Zhong barked out coldly, and left the hall.

Ximen Lie and the rest of the leaders followed after.

Out of the 12 that Yue Zhong had called for, 10 hesitated a while, before following him as well, leaving behind Pi Jian Yi who had a strange expression, and a young monk.

The monk looked towards Pi Jian Yi, before placing his palms together and said: “Amitabha! This small monk here would have to engage in killing after all! Brother Pi, this small monk will make a move first.” He then marched out right after Yue Zhong.

Pi Jian Yi’s countenance flickered before he gritted his teeth and chased after as well: “Ah forget it!! This time, it’s to go kill those bastard! It’s definitely not because I’m obeying his orders!!”

Tian Mu Town’s fortification was pretty decent, and since Ximen Lie knew the dangers of being in the Central Plains, he had no way of obtaining decent firepower, hence he focused on the fortifications.

Yue Zhong led the people towards a high vantage point. His eyesight had been enhanced, and could clearly see the approaching Gold Wolf Riders in the distance.

On the platform, when the rest of the leaders caught sight of the approaching enemies, their faces were extremely ugly. This was the infamous Gold Wolf Riders army!

Yue Zhong’s face remained impassive, as he waved his hands, and pulled out a Barrett Sniper rifle. He took a quick aim and fired.


Following that gunshot, one rider was immediately pierced through the chest and fell from his horse.

It was a difficult feat even for Yue Zhong to get a headshot on riders at such a distance away. However, aiming for the body was definitely easier. He didn’t need to specially kill them after all, as surviving casualties were more of a problem than dead comrades.

Yue Zhong killed 3 more riders and ordered coldly: “Convey my orders, all snipers are to attack!”

Zhou Yi, one of the 12, stepped out silently with his Falcon Sniper, and began sniping.



Under his deadly aim, the Gold Wolf Riders began to fall one by one. His speed of sniping was even faster than Yue Zhong by 3 times.

“Snipers!! Snipers, attack!!” Ximen Lie also hollered out.

Within the Radiant Sun Triad there were 5 snipers , at the same time, another 13 snipers from the rest of the 9 great triads stepped forwards and began firing.

Under the rain of bullets, a number of strong killers of the Gold Wolf Riders fell in pools of their own blood.

The devastation caused by 20 elite snipers was truly scary, within a while, over 80 Gold Wolf Riders had fallen.

Seeing this, Dong-Er Molei’s eyes turned bloodshot and he barked: “Charge!! Everyone charge!! As long as we charge, it will be our world at our fingertips! After conquering Tian Mu Town, you guys will be able to do whatever y’all want for 3 days. The first to enter the town and kill them would be awarded 10 bulls, 2 beautiful virgins, and a promotion of 3 ranks!!”

Under that passionate riling and the attraction of the rewards, the Gold Wolf Riders let out a resounding cheer and began to charge towards Tian Mu Town like a gust of wind.

Right as they were about to breach the town and unleash a massacre, half circles appeared all around the wooden fence surrounding Tian Mu Town, revealing numerous gunmen, the firepower intended to support the defense.

From the fortification, a hail of bullets rained out, blanketing the approaching Gold Wolf Riders.

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