God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 611

“Haha! What a fool!! What era are we already in, still using such tactics to breach the town!!”

“Scram back and go suck a tit!! Fools!!”

“Hahaha, those fools actually dare charge in a city on horseback, it’s the first time I’ve seen such idiocy!!”

“So, it turns out that the infamous Gold Wolf Riders are only soso!”

When the various warriors on the platform looked at how the Gold Wolf Riders were throwing themselves at the city while being punched full of holes, their fear in their eyes dissipated, instead, they began roaring with laughter.

Ximen Lie stared at those riders and his eyes were filled with contempt: “Their prestige truly surpasses them!! Who would have known that the famed Gold Wolf Riders had actually been turned into livestock for slaughter in front of my Tian Mu Town!”

Huang Xue Yi of the Red Triad was the one that spoke fairly: “Theses Gold Wolf Riders are well-known for their drawn out battles, while breaching a city isn’t really their strength. The current leader of this troop must have been too arrogant, and thought they could charge in and end this quickly.”

It was as per Huang Xue Yi’s words. If it were out in the wild, the 4,000 elite soldiers of the Gold Wolf Riders could definitely crush the forces of Tian Mu Town. However, under the circumstances where they lacked the heavy firepower, it was pure stupidity to use the riders themselves to try and charge down the city walls.

“The leader of the Gold Wolf Riders wouldn’t be this dumb right?” Yue Zhong continued to take down the Gold Wolf Riders one by one, but he continued to observe them carefully. He had a feeling that these warriors weren’t so simple, otherwise, how could so many Han factions fall at their hands?

At this distance, Yue Zhong’s accuracy was terrifying. Each and every shot of his would be a headshot.

Dong-Er Molei looked his troops falling one by one, his eyes bloodshot as he screamed out: “Saint Wolf Riders!! Charge!! Kill these Han dogs! The entire Central Plains belong to our great Turkic Empire!! Long Live the Great Turkic Empire!!”

“Long live the Great Turkic Empire!!”

“Long live the Great Turkic Empire!!”

The Gold Wolf Riders began to roar out with passion and fervor. They had been totally brainwashed by Dong-Er Molei, and had become ardent supporters of the rise of the Turkic Empire. To them, dying on the battlefield for the cause of the Turkic Empire was an honor.

In this apocalypse, with the crumbling of society, and corruption of morals and principles, everyone did not know what the future holds. Amidst that fear, many seek some form of hope. That was why triads and sects appeared. These warriors of the Gold Wolf Triad had all been ordinary Turkic Uyghur youths, however, under the brainwashing of Dong-Er Moleo, they had become passionate extremists for their empire.

In truth, Yue Zhong had such forces within his subordinates as well. Those Youth Guards that he created usually consisted of his ardent supporters. They were willing to fight to the death for him. The younger they were, the more hot-blooded. In the recent history of China, it was due to many passionate and hot-blooded youths that sacrificed their blood and sweat to help form China.

Suddenly, a warrior charged out from the midst of the 4,000 Gold Wolf Riders, his entire body decked in yellow, with a wolf possessing a single horn sewn on his chest. These warriors with the single-horn wolves on their chest were the Saint Wolf Riders amongst the Gold Wolf Riders, the elites of the elites.

A bullet slammed into the body of one Saint Wolf Rider, causing him to fall on the ground. However, he stood up after a while, and continued onward, making his way for Tian Mu Town like a zombie.

The 200 Saint Wolf Riders braved the rain of bullets and charged right at the gates of Tian Mu Town. They raised their fingers and pointed to the walls, and the numerous Ground Spike Rings on their fingers lit up, as countless earth spikes shot from the ground, piercing the soldiers within the defense bunkers.

Within the bunkers, the wretched screams sounded out, and the firepower of Tian Mu Town decreased substantially.

Seeing this, the expressions of the people within the walls turned ugly. If the defensive bunkers were taken out, then everyone within the town would definitely face death.

Yue Zhong eyed the experts of the 10 great factions and ordered: “Ximen Lie, Fei Tu, Zhao Li, Gu Li Xian, Huang Xue Yi, Mu Tang, Hua Yi, Dong Feng, Zhang Yuan Yuan, Ma Bu Lie, bring your men and come with me. Kill all Gold Wolf Riders that breach the city. Li Guang, prepare the reinforcements, without my order, do not move them! Charge with me, those who don’t will die!”

After that, Yue Zhong led the 12 Guards towards the battlefield.

Hearing Yue Zhong’s orders, the eyes of the 10 leaders flashed with displeasure, but seeing Yue Zhong charge into the frontlines himself, they had nothing to say, and could only grit their teeth to follow.

“Go die!! Han dog!!”

The moment Yue Zhong appeared on the battlefield, 4 Saint Wolf Riders bellowed and raised their curved blades, shooting towards Yue Zhong and swinging down like meteors.

Yue Zhong pulled out his Black Tooth Blade that had been enhanced till Level 5, and easily met their blows, his blade slashing across their bodies.

At the next instant, all 4 were sliced in 2, their blood and organs splattering all over the ground. It was a gory sight.

After disposing of those 4 in a second, he walked towards the rest of the Saint Wolf Riders, and his blade continued to flash about, as the Saint Wolf Rider experts began to fall apart in halves!

“Sick!! This man dared to take the lead, he truly does possess the qualities to lead as an Alliance Chief!”

The 12 Guards that were following behind Yue Zhong saw how easily he was slaughtering the Saint Wolf Riders and were shocked.

However, they were peak experts out here in the Central Plains as well, being powerful Evolvers, each of their levels exceeding 56. They were naturally proud and arrogant. Watching Yue Zhong slaughter the soldiers, each of them suddenly felt the competitive to try and outdo one another, and they all charged at the Saint Wolf Riders.

One Saint Wolf Rider raised his huge hammer and charged at Pi Jian Yi with a wind-like speed, his hammer swinging fast.

“Seeking death!” Pi Jian Yi’s eyes flashed with an icy light, and he shot forwards, his sword at his waist slashing out like a poisonous snake. It speed was faster than a shooting star, and the unfortunate rider and his mount seemed to be placed through a meat grinder, as they were chopped up within seconds.

After explosively killing that Saint Wolf Rider, Pi Jian Yi was still untouched, without a single speck of dust nor dirt. It was truly an awesome and carefree sight.

On the other side, Big Bear Qin Zhen was swinging his own 3m hammer, like a human-sized tank as the 500kg hammer was basically dancing around like a needle, but the unfortunate Saint Wolf Riders were pulverized beneath that weight.

Pan Ling, an ordinary looking middle-aged woman who was dressed in black armor, wielded a Bronze Bow and fired continually at the Saint Wolf Riders, knocking them down.

“Amitabha! Forgive my sins! Forgive my sins! Please die!” The monk Pan Sheng continued to strike out with his fists empowered by some art, blasting the Saint Wolf Riders off the mounts, while their insides imploded from the terrifying strength.

The leaders of the 10 factions had also led their own men into the fray. By relying on the pressure of the bunkers, the majority of the Gold Wolf Riders were unable to charge into the town yet, otherwise, they would all be buried.

Yue Zhong and his team had easily killed over 200 of the Gold Wolf Riders elite warriors. Such a loss was extremely devastating to the Gold Wolf Riders. Should they breach the city, they would surely unleash their wrath and pent up frustrations. There would only be one outcome, that was a massacre!

The leaders of the 10 factions have heard about the exploits of the 3 empires, and they dreaded to think of their own fates.

The Red Triad’s chief Huang Xue Yi had also charged into the battle, his ability was the Firearms Manipulation. He wielded dual guns, and continued to fire without stopping, causing numerous Saint Wolf Riders to lose their heads. These Saint Wolf Riders had thick armor over their bodies, but their faces had no protection.

The 20 Red Triad experts beside Huang Xue Yi had formed a small circle to protect him, and supported him with all sorts of other abilities. They managed to wipe out dozens of the Saint Wolf Riders, and only lost 3 of their members to the enemy. They were not overly frenzied in their charge, instead, they proceeded with caution, and focused their attacks, bringing the Saint Wolf Riders down one by one.

All of a sudden, Dong-Er Molei, whose entire body was covered in the fresh blood of his enemies, stared at Huang Xue Yi and his group with a ferocious stare like a demon as he growled: “Just based on you trash? Han dogs, you dare to kill me subordinates, today you will all be buried here!!”

“Kill him!” Huang Xue Yi stared at Dong-Er Molei, his heart overcome with a thick, icy intent. He hollered once, and fired continuously with his guns.

Dong-Er Molei’s huge mace swung out and deflected the bullets. By the time the mace was back on the ground, there was a bronze ghost mask on his face.

There were 7 experts well-versed in shooting beside Huang Xue Yi as well, and they all began to fire non-stop.

Rounds after rounds rained on the body of Dong-Er Molei, serving only to bounce of his body, as though there was no effect.

“Go to hell!” Dong-Er Molei laughed savagely, and activated his Charge ability, instantly making for Huang Xue Yi, his momentum building up. At first, it was 6 times the speed of a normal person. In just 4 breaths of time, it had risen to about 23 times that of a person.

One of the high-level Enhancers beside Huang Xue Yi activated his ability, Rock Wall, causing a earthen wall to materialize in front of Huang Xue Yi.

“Peng!” Dong-Er Molei’s mace slammed into the wall, causing it to disintegrate entirely, and he appeared in front of Huang Xue Yi, laughing savagely, and swung the huge mace downwards viciously.

A look of despair flashed past Huang Xue Yi’s eyes, when suddenly a bright shield of light appeared in front of him, protecting him.

The huge mace of Dong-Er Molei slammed into the shield of light, shattering it, before continuing in its trajectory, and pulverized Huang Xue Yi into minced meat.

After smashing Huang Xue Yi dead, he quickly swung it all around him, and killed 6 other Enhancers. When the forces of the Red Triad saw that things were turning bad, they quickly scattered.

At this time, 50 Saint Wolf Riders charged out from behind Dong-Er Molei and chased the Red Triad members down.

Dong-Er Molei’s eyes lit up in bloodlust as he roared: “Kill!! Kill!! Kill!! Kill!! Kill all the Han dogs!!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The 50 Saint Wolf Riders roared out after him.

With an enraged bellow, Dong-Er Molei led his forces towards the Blue Triad.

“No!!!” The chief of the Blue Triad Zhang Yuan Yuan also had a look of despair, before the huge mace came swinging down on his head, smashing him dead.

Blood splattered all over Dong-Er Molei’s body, giving him a terrifying appearance.

“Haha!! Han dogs are weak!! Haha!!” Dong-Er Molei roared out with mad laughter in the midst of corpses, looking like a demon.

Dong-Er Molei was after all the most prominent Evolver amongst the Gold Wolf Riders, being a Strength and Endurance dual-attribute Evolver. At the same time, he possessed many strength-based skills abd abilities. Many experts had fallen at his hands. He led the Saint Wolf Riders as they rampaged all over the battlefield, killing the leaders of the Scarlet Sun Sect and Universal Sect. Many of the Gold Wolf Riders following him charged through Tian Mu Town.

At this time, the battle had reached a powerful climax, every second, there would be Gold Wolf Riders being killed, at the same time, the various heroes and experts of the triads and sects were also dying.

Under Dong-Er Mo Lei’s heavy assault, the remaining 6 triads were being beaten back, and their morale was decreasing.

Waving his mace, Dong-Er Molei charged through the ranks of the remaining 6 triads, smashing a warrior into pulp. He suddenly felt a huge sense of crisis, and twisted his body, as a shield of light appeared in front of his body.


A Stinger bullet round smashed into the shield of light, causing it to shudder.

Dong-Er Molei turned and saw Yue Zhong eyeing him coldly with the Stinger in his hands.

“It’s you!! Damn Han dog, you dare to try assassinate me!! Watch how I tear you into pieces!!” Dong-Er Molei laughed savagely, and activated his Charge ability again, making his way for Yue Zhong like a human tank.

The 50 Saint Wolf Riders beside Dong-Er Molei was made up on men and women, and were top Enhancers and Evolvers of the Turkic Empire. They followed after Dong-Er Molei, charging for Yue Zhong and his 12 experts.

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