God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 612

The warriors by Dong-Er Molei’s side were all peak experts of the Turkic Empire. Among them, 8 of them possessed a combat strength not weaker than Pi Jian Yi. The remaining 42 might not necessarily be a match for Pi Jian Yi and the rest individually, but as a team, they were more than enough to deal with them.

Both sides immediately went all out in a crazy slaughter, as terrifying sword beams, shadow flickers, summoned beasts, flashing of silhouettes, rising flame pillars and all sorts of abilities were all exhibited.

Dong-Er Molei had become a terrifying human-shaped tank that was constantly using his Charge ability, making a beeline for Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a cold killing intent, as he activated his Art of Fear, and a terrifying pressure assaulted Dong-Er Molei’s mind.

The Art of Fear skill was the bet to deal with Strength and Agility-type Enhancers. If the opponent did not take care of his Spirit, no matter how high their Strength or Agility, they would be instantly killed by Yue Zhong.

That powerful spiritual attack blasted Dong-Er Molei, and in response, a white light radiated, causing the attack to dissipate.

“It’s useless!! All Spirit-based attacks are useless to me! Fool!!” Dong-Er Molei’s speed was enhanced under his Charge attack, and had reached 25 times that of a normal human. He grinned savagely, and his heavy mace swung up, intending to crush Yue Zhong with a Mt. Tai-like strength.

With the support of his ability, and the crazy speed he had reached, the mace swung down at a speed that broke the sound-barrier. So far, not a single person had been able to withstand a single strike of his.

A powerful body, terrifying strength, in addition to the thrice-enhanced Charge ability, this was the reason why Dong-Er Molei was widely feared on the battlefield.

Yue Zhong’s pupils constricted and he activated his Shadow Steps, his body flashing to one side, and the Black Tooth Blade swing out wildly.

‘Dang!’ A huge sound of metals coming in contact rang out.

The heavy hammer of Dong-Er Molei was knocked back by Yue Zhong’s counter, while Yue Zhong himself felt his arms go numb from the 20 times strength of Dong-Er Molei. His Black Tooth Blade almost flew out of his hands.

After dodging that deadly blow, Yue Zhong whisked out his Stinger with insane speed, instantly firing 6 shots at Dong-Er Molei’s head.

A shield of light appeared from Dong-Er Molei’s body, and blocked the 6 Stinger shots before collapsing.

“Interesting! Take this!!” He roared out in mad laughter, activating his ability Giant’s Blow. In an instant, his Strength and Agility was enhanced by 40 points, and he swung down with a force that threatened to tear the fabric of space.

Level 3 Giant’s Blow, it could bolster the user’s next attack by enhancing the Agility and Strength greatly. This was one of the most overpowering skills Dong-Er Molei had in his arsenal.

He was different from a lone warrior, with the status as one of the leaders in the Turkic Empire, he had access to resources and skill books. He naturally chose suitable techniques that complemented his path of combat.

As for most lone warriors, they would usually learn whatever skills they could. Hence, there were cases of warriors with skill that did not complement one another. This was one of the largest obstacle for the majority of lone warriors to become top experts.

Facing that impending blow, Yue Zhong remained expressionless, he leaped back a few meters, and dodged that blow. After that, he cast the Gravity Manipulation skill on him, and a powerful gravitational pull weighed down on Dong-Er Molei, causing his body to sink.

“Two-times gravity? Just this is useless!!” Dong-Er Molei laughed coldly and charged straight for Yue Zhong again.

Yue Zhong continued to retreat while reloading the Stinger, and fired another 6 shots.

Dong-Er Molei swung his huge hammer up over his face to protect himself, continuing his charge. The 6 bullets blasted his body, causing his clothes to be ripped, revealing an inner Type 3 Mutant Beast hide.

The Stinger had already been enhanced to a Level 5 Treasure, but it still couldn’t penetrate the hide of a Type 3 Beast. However, the resulting force of the bullets would not be negated. To think that Dong-Er Molei was seemingly unaffected by it. This showed how fearsome this man was.

“It hurts!! Die, bastard!!” Dong-Er Molei’s face twisted in pain, and roared out in agony. He then activated his Giant’s Blow again, in conjunction with his Charge. This caused his speed to reach 29 times that of a person. The hammer in his hands became a meteor that shot towards Yue Zhong.

At this point, Dong-er Molei’s speed was almost on par with Yue Zhong. This blow was sure to hit Yue Zhong. Yue Zhong had no choice but to raise is Black Tooth Blade to parry, and do his best to meet the force.


Following the loud sound of contact, the Black Tooth Blade was sent flying from Yue Zhong’s hands due to the recoil, and he himself was sent knocked back.

“Haha!” Having gained the upper hand, Dong-Er Molei roared out in mad laughter, and continued to use his Charge, rushing for Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong was in mid-air, and his arms were still smarting from the earlier clash. If it wasn’t for his Endurance, his hands might have been destroyed by that earlier blow.

As Yue Zhong was pressurized by Dong-Er Molei, the rest of the battlefield had also reached a crucial point.

Pi Jian Yi was being suppressed by a expert with yellow hair. His sword beams were shooting everywhere, being matched by his opponent’s blade beams. Both parties were equal, neither gaining an advantage over the other.

Pan Sheng was being dogged by a melee expert as well, both fists meeting each other, their legs clashing every once in awhile. The sounds of their clashes were explosive, and being peak close-combat experts, it was unclear to whom victory would belong to in a short time.

Big Bear Qin Zhen was being tied down by a voluptuous beauty who was decked in leather, her hair tied up in a ponytail, and her hands wielding dual blades. Her speed reached 18 times that of a person, and her movement speed was like the wind, constantly sending out cautionary blows to test Qin Zhen’s strength.

Qin Zhen roared out constantly in frustration, but he could not do anything. He had no way of chasing the woman, and if he was not careful, she would breach his defence and forced him to a pathetic state.

Tenpyo Saka used her Second Order Stealth and her capabilities to assassinate 2 Saint Wolf Riders, before she was held at bay by the rest of them.

These Saint Wolf Riders were all experts with abundant experience. 3 Agility-based Evolvers, 1 Spirit-based Evolver, and 2 Strength-based Evolver formed a small group that surrounded her as they unleashed torrential attacks, forcing her to be at a disadvantage. Of the 6, she could definitely deal with them individually, but when they joined forces, it was truly hard for her to exhibit her strengths.

The rest of the experts were also forced at a standstill by the various peak experts of the Saint Wolf Riders.

By now, the experts of the 10 great triads had already retreated from the center of the battlefield, choosing to go after the ordinary Gold Wolf Riders.

Although they had been forced to enter the battlefield, they weren’t willing to sacrifice their own lives for Yue Zhong. As long as those soldiers of the Gold Wolf Riders weren’t allowed to rally, they were of no threat to the experts. Hence, they acted out, killing many of the Gold Wolf Riders.

In truth, many of the Gold Wolf Riders had already begun to penetrate the town from the bunkers.

By acting against them, those experts were able to keep these Gold Wolf Riders at bay.

“I need to end this quickly!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly while in mid-air, and pulled out his Electromagnetic Gun, and fired once at the charging Dong-Er Molei.

The moment the gun appeared in Yue Zhong’s hands, Dong-er Molei immediately felt a sense of dread. He ignored the backlash of cancelling his skill, and forced it to stop, spitting out a mouthful of blood, as he dodged to the side.

A bright flash of light appeared, and the next instant, Dong-er Molei’s right shoulder was blasted apart, his entire right arm falling to the ground.

“What is that weapon? How is it so destructive?!” Dong-Er Molei’s eyes were wide with shock, as he was able to even withstand the force of cannons, yet he was now injured by this strange weapon, even losing his right arm. He could feel the impending threat of death.

Since he lost his arm to this fearsome weapon, he was truly feeling the possibility of death.

Yue Zhong regained his balance after that strike and aimed once more.

At the moment, Dong-Er Molei instantly activated his strongest skill, the Second Order Werewolf Transformation, and he instantly transformed into a werewolf towering at over 2m, his entire body rippling with powerful muscles.

After transforming into the werewolf, his muscles tensed, and he quickly leaped into the air, escaping towards the distance with his 26 times speed. He only left a single word as he fled: “Retreat!!”

As strong as Yue Zhong was, he could not lock onto a werewolf with 26 times speed hellbent on escaping. He quickly adjusted his Electromagnetic Gun to fire at another Strength-based Evolver wielding a huge hammer.

With a bright flash, the Saint Wolf Rider’s body was instantly blasted apart, his limbs flailing.

Witnessing this, the hearts of the rest of the Saint Wolf Riders turned cold, and they lost their will to fight on, turning around to retreat.

Yue Zhong’s took out his Stinger in his left hand, while he fired 6 shots to kill off 6 Saint Wolf Riders. His eyes then narrowed, and he activated his Art of Fear, sending a powerful Spirit attack towards the beautiful woman engaging Big Bear Qin Zhen.

A terrifying illusion enveloped the beautiful Evolver, causing her to faint instantly.

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