God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Wu Guang’s Heartfelt Words.

Listening to Xu Zhigang’s interrogation. The other soldiers captured by Yue Zhong all lowered their heads in shame.

Wu Guang’s face changed, eyes flashing a blood-red light. He raised his head without showing the slightest bit of weakness and looked at Xu Zhigang: “Platoon Leader Xu, I deeply respect your character and ability. Originally there were some things I wouldn’t think to say. But since you have said these words, I must say what is on my mind.”

“You say I betray the party and the nation! Does that bastard Lei Cheng represent the party and the nation? Just because he is an upper level army commander, we must sell our lives to him?”

“We put our lives on the line when fighting zombies, and where is that bastard? He is busy getting his hands on all the beautiful women, living a life of debauchery, and hiding away in the base. It was Leader Zhang Yizhang who commanded the front lines. After the battle, where did Zhang Yizhang go?”

“After taking Qingyuan County, we were given all of the most dangerous assignments. Where is Lei Cheng? He is in the base playing with women! His son even publicly seized several women and took them to the barracks. Everyone knows these things. Do these type of men deserve to represent the nation?”

“Where do you live! In the special region!! You get to play with the special region women! And us? We live in a shabby building! His direct subordinates eat and drink whatever they want. We can only eat corn bread every day! The only reason is because we aren’t his direct subordinates!”

“For the country, I’ll fight foreign nations, if I’m needed than this life means nothing. But to sell my life for a person like Lei Cheng! I spit! He is undeserving!”

Wu Guang clenched his fists, his body shaking in fury. He became more agitated the more he spoke. The captured soldiers who joined Yue Zhong to save their lives all raised their heads. Wu Guang’s words spoke their inner thoughts. They didn’t want to sell their lives to a person like Lei Cheng.

As soon as Xu Zhigang heard Wu Guang’s words, his face burst green and white. Everything Wu Guang said was true. It’s just the job of a soldier is to obey commands, and Xu Zhigang is a pure soldier. Although he loathed Lei Cheng’s character, but he could only resolutely complete the commands of Lei Cheng, because Lei Cheng is his legal superior.

Wu Guang gave Xu Zhigang one final salute. He said without any doubt: “Xu Zhigang, I respect your character and ability. Go back by yourself today! We will follow Yue Zhong from today on. The next time we meet on the battlefield, I won’t hesitate to pull the trigger and drop you. Goodbye!”

Xu Zhigang looked at the dozen soldiers standing at Wu Guang’s side. He returned a salute to Wu Guang, thinking to leave: “Goodbye!”

“Wait a moment! Platoon leader Xu! I have a few words I want you to take to Long Hai City survivor base.” Yue Zhong called out to Xu Zhigang.

Xu Zhigang turned his head and looked at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong slowly said to Xu Zhigang: “I am Yue Zhong. The reason I brought people and fled Long Hai City survivor base today, it is entirely because the Ice King Association framed us. We don’t have any opposition to Long Hai City survivor base. I wish for us to have a dialog and resolve this problem.”

Although Yue Zhong attained a warehouse full of weapons, the majority of those weapons are all outdated, and the difference between modern military equipment is huge.

Long Hai City’s armed forces were still far superior to Yue Zhong’s. When it comes to dealing with people of unequal power, it is best to use a dialog to settle problems. Yue Zhong wasn’t opposed to opening a dialog with Long Hai City survivor base.

Xu Zhigang indifferently nodded, and turned his body leaving alone towards Long Hai City survivor base: “Understood!”

Seeing Xu Zhigang leave, Yue Zhong turned to Wu Guang and asked: “What mission were you guys carrying out?”

Lon Hai City unexpectedly sent out two IFVs to conduct a mission. Obviously this mission is extremely important.

Wu Guang already decided to be loyal to Yue Zhong. He frankly told Yue Zhong the mission he was carrying out: “Nearby to the north of Qingyuan county is Shanglin county. In the outskirts of Shanglin county is a large granary. This time our mission was to explore the specific situation of the area.”

“This time we dispatched three IFVs. If the mission didn’t have any major obstacles, then we were to capture the granary. If there was danger, we were to leave and report the intel to Long Hai City, then the higher ups would make a decision.”

“We encountered a flood of mutant rats after arriving at the granary. Each one of those mutant rats was the size of a cat. Their claws were able to penetrate the weak places of the IFV’s armor. Although we did our best to resist, attempting to withdraw, an IFV was still trapped in the rat swarm. All of our comrades inside the IFV died in combat.”

Wu Guangs voiced dropped a little bit at the end of his speech. He still couldn’t release his feelings towards his fallen comrades.

”Granary!” Hearing this word, Yue Zhong’s eyes lit up. If he could capture a granary full of food, the food crisis could be temporarily resolved.

Yue Zhong continued to ask: “How many soldiers are close to Lei Cheng? And what is their combat ability?

Wu Guang thought a moment: “Lei Cheng’s trusted men total to two platoons, approximately 70 men. Those men have all gone through strict military training like us. Apart from those soldiers, Lei Cheng has also recruited over five hundred survivors to serve as subordinates. It is also said he has used beautiful women to recruit several evolvers. I only know this much.”

At that time, white bones, who was hit in the chest and shoulder, jumped out from the side of the highway. Its bones wiggled and extended. The parts hit by the 25mm cannon were restored to their original shape.

Yue Zhong attained the intel he wanted. He pondered a moment, then he lead everyone towards Always Bright Village.

In a villa at Qingyuan County specialty region, a middle age fatty wearing military clothes was scolding Xu Zhigang: “What? An IFV was swallowed by rats! The other two IFVs were captured by a single person? What did you eat? How are you so incompetent?”

The fatty in uniform scolding Xu Zhigang is no other than Qingyuan County’s highest military officer Lei Cheng. Lei Cheng has an irritable temperament, and he is harsh and merciless. Merely because he is the son of a battalion commander, he was able to climb up the ranks to this position. Because he is this type of person, Wu Guang and the rest easily threw in their lot with Yue Zhong.

There was a man with extremely neat combed hair. He was wearing military clothes, and he looked like a refined military person. He said to Lei Cheng: “Regiment commander Lei calm down. Didn’t platoon leader Xu say his opponent was an evolver? Evolvers have fantastic abilities of all kinds. A person who could snatch away two IFVs obviously has amazing abilities.”

This extremely refined looking military person is Lei Cheng’s think-tank member, Fang Wen. He is also one of Lei Cheng’s close comrades. After Lei Cheng enlisted several survivors into his ranks, he immediately made himself the regiment commander. After forming the regiment, Fang Wen adapted to Lei Cheng’s fancy, calling him regiment commander Lei.

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