God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 613

Tenpyo Saka lead the peak experts who had just joined Yue Zhong to chase after the escaping Saint Wolf Riders, killing another 15 of them. The rest managed to escape albeit with great difficulty.

The moment the Saint Wolf Riders dispersed, Yue Zhong brought out a heavy-machine gun and begun to spray at the Gold Wolf Riders.

Those Gold Wolf Riders who had just charged into Tian Mu Town had no way out without the Saint Wolf Riders, and they continued to stay within the bunkers, before being wiped out by Yue Zhong’s subordinates and the 10 great triads.



Gugani saw the situation turning bad, and quickly gave the order to retreat.

The moment the Gold Wolf Riders heard that order, they abandoned the other corpses and quickly fled Tian Mu Town.

Yue Zhong then quickly ordered Ximen Lie to organize a team to pick up all that was left by the Gold Wolf Riders, and to organize another team of the Tian Mu Town survivors to begin repairs.

The Gold Wolf Riders had retreated from Tian Mu Town, but they only retreated beyond a few kilometers, and did not actually leave.

Gugani came and saw Dong-Er Molei missing his right arm, and spoke with an unfriendly tone: “Dong-Er Molei, what the fuck happened?”

By retreating, whatever the Gold Wolf Riders had sacrificed was for naught. They had left over 700 corpses of their comrades back there. Every time he thought to the pointless deaths of their 700 elites, Gugani’s mind was filled with fear.

Those elites were the core strength of the Great Turkic Empire. By losing 700 Gold Wolf Riders, this was a huge blow to them. What was more scary was that even after such a heavy price, they did not manage to conquer Tian Mu Town. They were sure to be punished heavily upon their return.

Dong-Er Molei stared back at Gugani and hollered: “Shut up!! You fucking useless half-blood trash that rely on women to get to your position!! In Tian Mu Town, there’s an expert with all sorts of technologically advanced weapons. Our troops are not meant to breach cities, what the fuck did you expect?”

Dong-Er Molei was shifting all the responsibility to Gugani, in actual fact, he was the first to charge at Tian Mu Town, and he was the one who rallied his troops to charge at Tian Mu Town. If it wasn’t for Yue Zhong bringing the Han experts under his banner, Tian Mu Town might truly have fallen at his hands. Now that he had failed, he vented his anger and frustration of his failure to Gugani.

Gugani’s countenance flashed with anger, before he lowered his head silently. He was indeed a mixed blood from Han and Uyghur descent. Before the apocalypse, it wouldn’t mean much.

However, the current Great Turkic Empire was very anal about blood purity. Because of his mixed-blood status, Gugani was often ostracized. If it wasn’t for his quick wit, and his offerings of a few beauties to Wu-Er Tuotuo, in addition to his skills, he wouldn’t have been able to climb to his position.

Even then, the rest of the Uyghur people still looked down on him, and would call him bastard. It was only in front of Wu-Er Tuotuo that they minded their words.

A savage and fierce glint flashed in Dong-Er Molei’s eyes as he spat: “Tian Mu Town cannot be conquered for now!! We shall retreat for the time-being, and go launch a sneak attack on Aga Town.”

Gugani gasped in shock: “Aga Town! That’s the Manchurian territory, if we attack them, they will definitely not sit back and do nothing!!”

Dong-Er Molei stared at Gugani and roared: “The Manchurians are also a bunch of trash that lost to the Hans before! How can they stand up to our Great Turkic Empire. They’re trash, the very epitome of worms! I’m the General, Gugani, are you trying to disobey my orders?”

Dong-Er Molei had been injured badly Yue Zhong and his mood was foul. He wanted to vent his fury by massacring some enemies, at the same time to raise the morale of the Gold Wolf Riders. While a massacre would be a disaster for the victims, to the slaughterers, it was a quick way to bolster morale. In war, many generals would allow their men to pillage or rape or even murder. Even the American troops had sunk to certain levels during the Vietnam war.

One intelligence officer hurried in, his face pale with fright: “General!! Things are bad!! We discovered an armored troop rushing over here with great speed.”

“What?” Both Dong-Er Molei and Gugani were taken back.

Currently, the Gold Wolf Rider had just suffered a defeat, and lost over 700 elites, their morale was at a low. With this sudden appearance of an armored troop making its way towards them, it was obvious that there was no good intent.

Gugani asked: “Who are they?”

The officer replied: “They’re the 8 Banners Army of the Manchurian Empire!!”

About 10km away from the Gold Wolf Riders camp, there were 30 IFVs, 8 tanks, 40 machine gun-mounted vehicles, 10 122 Howitzers and a 1000 motorcycles making their way towards the Gold Wolf Riders.

Other than the fully motorized troop, there were 4,000 additional warriors riding on common horses and the Black Stallions, and a 3,000 foot-soldiers making their way to surround Gold Wolf Riders.

The retreat of the Gold Wolf Riders had been totally cut off by this army of over 10,000 people. There was Tian Mu Town in front, and the Manchurian 8 Banners Army behind.

In the command centre of the approaching troops, stood a burly middle-aged man decked in emperor clothes and a crown on his head. There was a tinkling glint in his eyes as he said: “Those Hans are sure capable, to actually force that animal Dong-Er Molei back!”

Another middle-aged man with straight features and an uncommon aura stood beside the emperor and said respectfully: “My liege, other than his strength, Dong-Er Molei is just a brute. He only knows how to use force, and had actually tried to use his troops to breach the city walls. It was simply fighting with their weakness in their haste. However, for them to be defeated so fast, it has truly exceeded this subject’s calculations.”

The man in the emperor’s clothes was precisely the emperor of Manchuria, Aisin Gioro – Xuan Zhen. The prim and proper man beside him was the most trusted aide of his, General Shang Ming De.

Xuan Zhen’s eyes were filled with excitement and fervor: “This time, as long as we eradicate the Gold Wolf Riders, we would become the 2nd largest faction out here in the Central Plains. Once we’ve swallowed the Turkic power, we would then become the largest! With the Central Plains as our base, conquering the entire country would not just be a dream! Haha!”

The population in the Central Plains were quite spaced out, and the remaining survivors were thus more than other places. If they could really unite all the survivors, the entire strength would be a force to reckon with.

“My King is wise!! My King is far-sighted, and this subject is simply inferior.” Shang Ming De sucked up to him, before throwing in a few words of advice: ‘My Liege! Kill a thousand enemies and suffer 800 casualties. To swallow the Turkic Empire, our losses will not be small, and there might be a chance that the Mongol King would try and jump on us then.”

Xuan Zhen’s eye flashed with a cold but arrogant light: “The Mongol King? Hmph! This Emperor naturally has a way to deal with him. Ming De!”

Shang Ming De quickly got on his knees and portrayed the very posture of a loyal subject: “Your subject hears!”

Xuan Zhen looked at him and spoke strictly: “When we are done eradicating Dong-Er Molei, go to Tian Mu Town and extend an invitation for the Hans to join us. As long as they’re willing to join our Manchuria, this Emperor will confer upon them the status of Manchurians, and allow them to join our forces.”

Xuan Zhen had been an ordinary Manchurian, and was actually not of Aisin Gioro’s descent. In fact, he was an ordinary farmer. However, he loved to watch dramas, and had idolized Puyi, the 12th emperor of the Qing Dynasty, who had been dramatized.

After the apocalypse, Xuan Zhen had awakened as an Evolver, and changed his name to Aisin Gioro Xuan Zhen, intending to create a new Manchuria. He made use of the chaos then, to gather like-minded people. However, Xuan Zhen had always felt the Manchurians to be the noblest of blood, and he would try and recruit powerful people of talent and confer upon them the status of a Manchurian.

In order to pull more experts in, he had employed such tactics, and as such, a huge number of experts had gathered under him. When he saw that the Hans in Tian Mu Town had been able to repel Dong-Er Molei, he began to entertain the idea of recruiting them.

Shang Ming De kowtowed: “Yes! Your subject obeys!”

With the passing of time, the 8 Banners Army of the Manchu Empire got closer to the Gold Wolf Riders.

Gugani saw the approaching Manchurians, and his heart was filled with anxiety: “What do we do?”

A wild and savage glint flashed in Dong-Er Molei’s eyes, as he roared: “Breakthrough!! Everyone listen up!! Charge and kill with me!! We will break past their lines!!




The Gold Wolf Riders began to shout and holler with killing intent under the rallying cry of Dong-Er Molei.

“Charge with me!!” Dong-Er Molei rode his Black Stallion and charged right for the 8 Banners Army.

The 3,000 Gold Wolf RIders immediately followed behind his lead, charging for their enemies with billowing killing intent.

Although Dong-Er Molei was violent and wild, he wasn’t an idiot He didn’t charge for the armored battalion, instead, aiming for the flesh and blood soldiers.

The 30 IFVs, 8 tanks, 40 gun-mounted vehicles, 10 122 Howitzer began blasting the Gold Wolf RIders Under the hail of firepower, many of the Gold Wolf Riders fell, their bodies blasted apart.

The cavalry and foot soldiers of the 8 Banners Army also fired their own guns at the incoming Gold Wolf Riders.

However, the Gold Wolf Riders were mainly riding powerful Black Stallions, and their maximum speed was faster than ordinary mounts In a few breaths of time, they had to pay the price of a few hundred people Dong-Er Molei had already charged right into the troops of foot soldiers.

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