God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 614

Although Dong-Er Molei had lost an arm, he was still as valiant and wild. He wielded his huge hammer and charged right at the enemy, smashing them into minced meat.

These foot soldiers were all common vagrants and had not yet undergone any proper training. They were mostly using wooden spears and the moment they were charged at by the Gold Wolf Riders, they quickly broke ranks and abandoned their armor and weapons to flee.

Hong! Hong!

The 10 122 howitzers began to fire non-stop. Rounds after rounds blasted the Gold Wolf Riders, tearing their bodies apart. The fearsome projectiles rained down and caused some of the foot soldiers of the Manchurian Army to be caught in the area of effect as well.

As Dong-Er Molei was engaging the foot soldiers, the 1,000-strong motorcycle troop revved and charged at the Gold Wolf Riders using their own firearms to kill those Gold Wolf Riders as well as their own comrades who were clashing against them.

Those 3,000 foot soldiers were after all, slaves and were made up of Hans and other races. Xuan Zhen had deliberately made use of them to attract the attention of the Gold Wolf Riders, sending them to be slaughtered, while wearing down their stamina and horsepower.

Dong-Er Molei led the Gold Wolf Riders and caused the 3,000-strong troop to scatter upon losing many of their people but the Gold Wolf Riders were similarly being bombarded by the 8 Banners Army from the other side.

The 4,000 riders of the 8 Banners Army prepared to launch a devastating attack. Many of these riders made use of sabres. Their objective was to prevent the Gold Wolf Riders from running and to control their movements. If need be, they would launch a mighty assault on them.

The ones who were truly out to kill the Gold Wolf Riders were the motorcycle troops and the armored vehicles.

Under the assault of the 1,000-strong motorcycle riders, many of the Gold Wolf Riders were shot from their mounts, as they screamed and wailed.

“Charge!!!” Dong-Er Molei roared out with bloodshot eyes, his fury reaching a peak. He led 80 Saint Wolf Riders and did not focus on the foot soldiers any longer, aiming to break out instead.

“Kill!” The 4,000-strong 8 Banners riders bellowed in response as they surged forward with their sabres pointing out, making their way for the remaining 1,800 Gold Wolf Riders.

The 2 top forces of the Central Plains clashed in this epic battle and engaged in a cruel and merciless slaughter that resulted a great deal of blood and body parts flying everywhere. In terms of actual power, the Gold Wolf Riders were truly much stronger than the Manchurian 8 Banners Army. However, because they had just been repelled by Yue Zhong’s army, they had been left defeated, their morale low, and their energy sapped. With the sudden pincer attack by the Manchurian 8 Banners Army, it served only to wear down their numbers even further. As the 4,000-strong riders of the 8 Banners Army surged forwards, even more Gold Wolf Riders fell.

Within the Gold Wolf Riders forcers, Dong-Er Molei was like a meat grinder himself, his huge hammer swinging around like a tornado, smashing each and every warrior from the 8 Banners Army that got too close. No one could withstand a blow of his. With his 80 Saint Wolf Riders, they slaughtered their way through the 4,000-strong riders of the 8 Banners Army, causing them countless casualties.

“Dong-Er Molei!! Go to hell!” Right as Dong-Er Molei was in the midst of his killing spree, a man wielding a crescent blade roared in anger as he charged over.

This man was called Tong Jia Guo, and he was a Strength-based Evolver leading the 8 Banners Army. He was renowned as a general who possessed great contributions to the empire.

“Which fucktard has appeared?! Go and die!” As he charged in front of Dong-Er Molei, he was greeted with a savage laugh. Dong-Er Molei activated his Giant’s Blow, and the hammer came swinging down like a mountain at Tong Jia Guo’s head.

Tong Jia Guo brought up his crescent blade to block the attack.


Following the loud ring, Tong Jia Guo and his Black Stallion were instantly pulverized.

“General Tong is dead!!!”

“General Tong is dead! What do we do? What do we do now?”

The moment they saw their general Tong Jia Guo killed in an instant, the morale of the 8 Banners troops plummeted.

As for the Gold Wolf Riders, they were still feeling high on their bloodlust and under Dong-Er Molei’s lead, they continued their massacre of the fleeing soldiers.

After he had caused enough mayhem which resulted in the 8 Banners troops to be plunged in chaos, he did not continue his assault for too long. Instead, he led the remaining 800 Gold Wolf Riders to flee.

Dong-Er Molei might be fierce and violent, but he wasn’t a fool. The experts in Manchuria were plenty and there was still the armored division to deal with. If he continued to kill, his remaining members of the Gold Wolf Riders would definitely die.

Under the protection of his personal guards, Xuan Zhen stared hatefully at the fleeing back of Dong-Er Molei and gritted his teeth as he spat, “Dong-Er Molei! This Emperor will definitely kill you!”

This time, Xuan Zhen had deployed his entire troops to surround and kill Dong-Er Molei. While they had wiped out over 2,000 members of the Gold Wolf Riders, there were even more heavy casualties on their own. The 3,000-strong slave army had scattered and they only managed to recover a thousand.

They had lost a quarter of their 4,000-strong 8 Banners Army and at the same time, just like Tong Jia Guo, their strong experts and Enhancers counted amongst their dead.

To think that a force of 3,000 had actually managed to breakthrough a surrounding force of over 10,000 and at the same time, these had damaged the ranks and proper bearing of the troops. Xuan Zhen suddenly felt that he had severely underestimated the might of Dong-Er Molei. If they had equal forces, the Manuchrian army would definitely have lost.

Xuan Zhen’s voice was thick with killing intent. “Shang Ming De, this Emperor wants you to head to Tian Mu Town and tell them that if they surrender to us, this Emperor will bestow riches and women upon them. Otherwise, our army will march in and would not leave a single one of them alive!”

Shang Ming De felt a chill as he kowtowed, “Your servants understands!”

Shang Ming De thus carried a white flag and entered Tian Mu Town.

The moment he entered, he was brought in front of Yue Zhong as well as the remaining leaders of the triads. From the 10 great triads, they were reduced to 6 due to Dong-Er Molei’s slaughter.

Shang Ming De eyed the people present with arrogance and said, “I’m the envoy sent by the Manchuria Empire, Shang Ming De. Who is the leader of Tian Mu Town?”

After all, Manchuria was considered one of the 3 main factions of the Central Plains. Hence, Tian Mu Town was just a gathering of a rowdy bunch. With the Manchurian Empire as his backing, Shang Ming De was naturally arrogant.

Yue Zhong eyed him nonchalantly and ordered, “Go drag him out and chop off one of his arms! Make sure he learns how to speak!”

Li Guang waved his hands and 2 soldiers stepped forward, grabbing Shang Ming De to drag him out.

Shang Ming De immediately turned pale and began to plead, “No! Sir! Spare my life!!! Spare my life!!! Envoys are usually spared during any negotiations! Please!!!”

Ximen Lie immediately stood out and stared at Yue Zhong, “Hold! Alliance Chief, the envoys are usually immune from such treatment. How about just sparing him this once?”

Yue Zhong’s chilling gaze landed on Ximen Lie’s body.

When Ximen Lie was stared at like this by Yue Zhong, he felt his entire back turn slick with sweat and his body trembled, deeply regretting stepping out.

Yue Zhong had displayed his power out on the field for everyone to see. They had seen how Dong-Er Molei who was widely thought to be invincible, had been beaten back by Yue Zhong. At the same time, the 12 Guards who Yue Zhong had initially called out, after having lost 2, leaving 10, were experts as well, each of them not necessarily weaker than the leaders present.

As a leader of a faction, other than being strong, most of them had been involved with women and

managing affairs, as well as other small things. How could they hunt mutant beasts and become stronger as compared to the lone warriors?

Adding on the the many subordinates of Li Guang, Yue Zhong had been viewed as the true alliance chief. He had the strength and the might of people behind him. His methods were decisive and ruthless when it came to killing and under the stare of such a character, Ximen Lie was afraid that he would be killed in the next instant.

Yue Zhong then turned to Shang Ming De impassively, “Alright! I’ll give brother Ximen some face. Shang Ming De, since you’re the envoy of the Manchuria Empire, you should kneel and speak. If you’re unwilling, I can get someone to help you!”

Yue Zhong had no intentions of killing Shang Ming De in the first place. He just wanted to suppress that attitude of his and make sure this Han that had turned into traitor to serve the Manchurians become obedient.

Having been frightened once, Shang Ming De lost all pretense of his pride and arrogance, immediately kneeling on the ground while his body trembles.

“The noble Aisin Gioro, Xuan Zhen, Emperor of the Manchu Empire had ordered for your surrender. As long as you are willing to surrender, everyone would be able to join the 8 Banners Army, and become noble Manchurians. From today on, there would be riches and women waiting for you. If you choose to reject and disobey, the Emperor would order the 10,000-strong troop of his to charge into Tian Mu Town and will not leave a single living thing behind.

Hearing those words, many expressions changed. The Manchu Empire had actually deployed their 10,000 strong forces. The total strength of the army was more than the survivors inside the town and there were even tanks and cannons in addition to other various heavyweights. Due to the low possibility of victory, the 6 leaders actually had a slight inclination to submit.

The whole point of the alliance was to ensure that they stuck together and prevent themselves from becoming slaves. Now that the Manchu Empire was willing to recruit them and confer titles upon them, they were naturally moved and wanted to submit.

Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed and he raised his Stinger and instantly fired a shot.


Shang Ming De’s head immediately became a watermelon that burst, his headless corpse crumpled to the floor. He had never imagined that Yue Zhong would kill him without a word.

“Alliance Chief!”

“Alliance Chief, what’re you doing?!”

When the leaders witnessed it, their faces turned ugly. Things had happened too fast and they hadn’t had the time to react and could only voice out.

Yue Zhong spoke coldly, “I’ve killed the envoy of the Manchu Empire. You guys must be hating me to death. However, I’ve already killed him. According to the style of the Manchu Empire, even if you guys

surrender now, you would only face death. The Manchu Empire will definitely launch an assault on Tian Mu Town. After breaching here, they will not spare anyone. If you want to live, you guys had better muster all your strength to fight and retaliate. Only then, will there be room for survival. Ximen Lie, go tell the survivors in town that I have already killed the envoy of the Manchu Empire. Later on, when the Manchu Empire attacks, everyone would die. Gather them and get started on fortification works. The rest of you, rest well and await further orders! I believe that there will be a tough battle ahead of us soon!”

Ximen Lie could only swallow his bitterness and replied, “Yes! Alliance Chief!”

With a single move, Yue Zhong had tied the fates of everyone in Tian Mu Town together. They would win or lose as a whole. If the town was really breached, then everyone would die. Thus, all the leaders and lone warriors had to think of ways to defend against the Manchu forces.

The survivors were all shocked to the core when they heard Ximen Lie’s words and quickly gathered under him to begin working on the defences and obstacles in Tian Mu Town.

All sorts of vehicles, beds, sandbags, boulders, and broken down television sets were brought to the front to act as obstruction.

As everyone got busy, the chief of the Pink Triad, Zhao Li, came to find Yue Zhong. “Alliance Chief, our Pink Triad is good at setting traps. I have a pair of sisters who had the abilities to set traps easily. We hope you can assign us some manpower to help us set them.”

At this critical point in time, Zhao Li could only gather her forces to help defend as well. If Tian Mu Town really fell, the whole bunch of female warriors under the Pink Triad would only suffer a fate worse than death.

Yue Zhong gave an order to Ximen Lie, “Good! Ximen Lie, go deploy a 1,000 men to Zhao Li and assist them with their traps!”

Ximen Lie nodded and swiftly gathered a thousand men for her.

The Heavenly Demon Sect’s leader Fei Tu also came up to Yue Zhong, “Alliance Chief, our Heavenly Demon Sect knows how to construct simple landmines. Please grant us 200 men to help lay them.”

“Ximen Lie, assign 300 men to Fei Tu!”

Under Yue Zhong’s orders, Ximen Lie assigned another 300 men to Fei Tu, who led his men to plant landmines at the entrance of Tian Mu Town.

Everyone within were offering their skills and abilities to help strengthen the defences, in the hopes of raising their chances of survival.

“What’s going on? Where’s that dog Shang Ming De?” After an entire hour, Xuan Zhen frowned, as a premonition creeped up in his heart, “Could it be those fellows have captured him or he had been bought over by them and is already indulging in women?!”

After hesitating for a while, Xuan Zhen summoned another Han over, “Geng Da Zhong! Go to Tian Mu Town and get them to surrender. At the same time, find out what happened to that stupid dog Shang Ming De!”

“Your slave obeys!” Geng Da Zhong kneeled down to kowtow before swiftly proceeding to Tian Mu Town.

There, Tian Mu Town’s soldiers soon brought Geng Da Zhong in front of Yue Zhong.

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