God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 615

Yue Zhong eyed Geng Da Zhong coldly and said, “Your previous envoy Shang Ming De had been shot dead by me! Do you want to live or die?”

Geng Da Zhong’s back was immediately drenched in cold sweat as he knelt down and kowtowed, “This slave wants to live! This slave wants to live! Please spare my life, Leader!”

Geng Da Zhong wasn’t some person with integrity. Those with backbone would not have ran to become slaves of Xuan Zhen. With a single death threat, Geng Da Zhong had immediately gone weak.

Yue Zhong continued, “I need time. What methods do you have to delay Xuan Zhen’s invasion?”

By now Tian Mu Town’s survivors were all busy with the fortifications and were preparing for a tough battle ahead. Every minute counts, so with every minute of delay, they would be better prepared.

Geng Da Zhong was perspiring profusely while trying his best to think of a way. He knew his answer would decide his fate.

His eyes suddenly lit up as he proposed, “That’s it! Leader, as long as you pretend to be willing to surrender, this slave will head back and tell Xuan Zhen that you’re willing to surrender. However, you need time to organize the belongings and wealth of the survivors and pleaded for another 2 hours of time. He will definitely agree and give you that time. I know his personality and 2 hours will be the maximum he would give. Anymore than that would be pushing it.”

Yue Zhong replied coldly, “Fine! I’ll let you go back. But before that, I will implant some remote bombs in you. The moment Xuan Zhen attacks before the 2 hours, I will set the bombs off. Men, do it!”

2 soldiers stepped forwards to press Geng Da Zhong down as another went to slice his leg open. Then, a small remote-controlled bomb was inserted into his thigh.

An Enhancer stepped forward and pressed the remote-controlled bomb, sending a green light to envelope the bomb.

Witnessing this, the expression of Geng Da Zhong turned pale. Yet, he didn’t dare to say anything. The one sitting on the throne in front of him had just killed Shang Ming De without any warning and was obviously short-tempered and vicious. He didn’t want to die here.

Another Enhancer with the ability to heal stepped forward and pointed at Geng Da Zhong’s legs, patching him up with a bright light. After the wound of the leg healed, the bomb was buried within his flesh.

“I’ll let you see the potential of the bomb in your body!” Yue Zhong then took out a similar bomb and threw it at a fake mountain and he pressed a button.


After a loud explosion, the entire fake mountain exploded in 2.

Geng Da Zhong immediately turned paler, after all, who could still be happy with such a powerful explosive in their body?

Yue Zhong then replied: “That bomb is easy to take out with surgery. However, I’ve ensured that my subordinate had attached a sensory ability to it. The minute you dare to take it out or if there are any strange movements, I would be able to tell here and I will immediately press the remote. If you don’t believe me, you can go ahead and try it.”

Geng Da Zhong immediately promised, “I trust Leader’s words, that you will not trick this servant. This servant will definitely not play around with his life and seeks Leader’s understanding and be rest assured that I will do my duty.”

Yue Zhong replied indifferently: “You’re dismissed! I’ll let you go half an hour later.”

Geng Da Zhong thanked him profusely: “Thank you Leader! Thank you Leader!”

Zhao Jing Lei could not believe her ears and asked Yue Zhong, “Yue Zhong! You’ve gained the sensory trigger bomb skill?”

If the sensory trigger bomb had been invented, then it would truly be a terrifying means to control people. Tenpyo Saka was being controlled by that chain around her neck. As long as it was forcefully removed without the right password, it would blow. Zhao Jing Lei was somewhat skeptical that Yue Zhong had such a skill.

The bomb was so tiny. She found it hard to believe that there was an additional sensory function in it.

Yue Zhong chuckled, “How can it be? It was all to scare him. Of course, the remote controlled bomb is real. However, if he does want to take it out, he could just do a simple surgery.”

Zhao Jing Lei asked incredulously: “Aren’t you afraid that he’ll remove it surgically?”

Yue Zhong answered, “For someone like him who values his own life too much, he would not dare to risk it. Even if he did, so what? All Xuan Zhen could do then is to invade us.”

Zhao Jing Lei pondered for awhile. It was as he said. Even if Geng Da Zhong did figure it out in the end, it wouldn’t matter to Tian Mu Town.

Half an hour later, just as Xuan Zhen was becoming impatient, Geng Da Zhong had returned.

“Congratulations, my Liege!! Tian Mu Town’s leader Yue Zhong is in awe and fear of you and has voluntarily submitted to you. However, he had a few conditions and hope that you will grant them.”

Xuan Zhen was elated and asked, “What sort of conditions?”

Geng Da Zhong responded: “First, Yue Zhong hopes that you can grant him a position as a commander. Secondly, he hopes that his own troops can remain under him and still be under his command. Lastly, he hopes that the personal safety and properties of his and his subordinates will not be touched.”

Xuan Zhen frowned and asked, “How did you respond?”

Xuan Zhen had always not favored the Hans and other races, never allowing them to handle any big things. He preferred to draft them into his army and be under the control of his own troops.

Geng Da Zhong responded: “Your slave deserves death. I had granted him the 1st and 2nd condition. As for the 2nd, your slave had vehemently declined. After much persuasion from your slave, he had agreed to forgo the 2nd condition. However, he proposed that once they have joined us, he wants to choose a 100 beauties to serve him and his faction. Furthermore, they have to be provided resources from the Manchu Empire. Your slave deserves death, as I have agreed to it.”

Xuan Zhen’s frown lessened slightly as his eyes held a more appreciative light, “Well done! You’ve performed well Geng Da Zhong! You’re truly are a loyal subordinate! Since you’ve worked hard for this Emperor, this Emperor will naturally not mistreat you. After we’ve conquered Tian Mu Town, you will be gifted 5 beauties.”

Geng Da Zhong immediately got on his knees: “Thank you, my Liege!”

Xuan Zheng asked, “When will they come out to surrender?”

“Yue Zhong wanted to bring his men tomorrow!”

The moment Geng Da Zhong’s words came out, Xuan Zhen’s frown became deeper.

Geng Da Zhong’s face was currently calm as he replied quickly, “Your slave naturally refused his request. Your slave told him that if he wanted to surrender tomorrow, it must be because he was thinking of delaying the time. Yue Zhong and the rest were immediately frightened and pleaded for this slave’s understanding. Thus, I gave them some time to handle their affairs. This slave did not want to hurry them too much and allowed them 2 hours to prepare. Yue Zhong and his men would then bring his men out to submit peacefully.”

Xuan Zhen pondered a while before replying, “2 hours, right? Fine. This Emperor shall give them 2 hours.”

Tian Mu Town was after all a force that had repelled the Gold Wolf Riders led by Dong-Er Molei. If Xuan Zhen wanted this faction to submit peacefully without any losses, he knew he couldn’t pressure them too hard.

2 hours wasn’t much to Xuan Zhen. If he could obtain Tian Mu Town without any damage, it would the best. He was even willing to wait a day. At this point, Xuan Zhen frowned and asked: “Where’s Shang Ming De?”

Geng Da Zhong immediately became worked up as he replied, “My Liege! You must definitely punish that little shit! When your subordinate went to Tian Mu Town, he was already drinking and partying with a few beautiful ladies, getting himself drunk and forgetting his mission entirely. What’s worse is that he had actually fought over your loyal subordinate over women and scolded me. Please remember to punish him, my liege!”

When Xuan Zhen heard it, he relaxed. He knew the problems of his subordinate. Shang Ming De was truly a conniving pervert and lusted after women. In his home, he already had a few women and was exceptionally vile to other women.

Xuan Zhen replied mildly: “I got it! When he’s back, this Emperor will definitely punish him! You’re dismissed!”

Xuan Zhen knew that while Shang Ming De might be a lowlife, he was an obedient slave. It wasn’t necessary to say many things as Shang Ming De would automatically help him settle it. That was why he wouldn’t give up on him easily.

Geng Da Zhong replied without batting an eyelid before leaving, “Yes! Your Highness!”

The moment Geng Da Zhong left Xuan Zhen’s side, he quickly went to his camp and packed up all his rations and weapons before using an excuse to leave the camp.

2 hours later, Xuan Zhen could not find any sign of Yue Zhong and a bad premonition arose in his heart, “GENG DA ZHONG!!! FIND THAT BASTARD FOR THIS EMPEROR!!!”

Not long after, a guard came up to Xuan Zhen and reported, “My Liege! Geng Da Zhong had escaped!!”

Xuan Zhen slammed his palm angrily on the table, splitting it into multiple pieces, “Fuck! That damned Geng Da Zhong! Damned Yue Zhong! You guys dare to hoodwink me! Convey my orders! We will immediately invade Tian Mu Town, and will not leave a single thing alive! Capture Geng Da Zhong and Yue Zhong alive! Those who would succeed will be raised to 3 military ranks and get some beautiful women. This Emperor wants them to die!!!”

Under Xuan Zhen’s order, the Manchu Army that had not moved, immediately set off for Tian Mu Town.

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