God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 616

The first ones to act were the 122 Howitzers of the Manchu Empire, as they launched multiple rockets at Tian Mu Town.

Hong! Hong!!

With the loud explosions ringing and the rain of projectiles from the skies, many places were blasted apart.

Yue Zhong had organized for the survivors in Tian Mu Town to retreat earlier, however, under that blanket of firepower, there were numerous survivors and warriors that were either heavily injured, or killed.

As they were bombarded, the soldiers of Tian Mu Town had low morale. If it wasn’t for knowing the fact that everyone will be killed once the Manchu forces invaded, these soldiers would have long fled for their lives.

Li Guang came up to Yue Zhong and muttered, “This cannot go on! Leader! We need to handle their artillery!!”

Li Guang had a resolute look as he said, “Leader, let me take some men to go deal with their artillery! Even if this old one dies, I will go down making sure those Manchu dogs go down with me!”

Li Guang wasn’t a man who did not fear death. Initially, he had surrendered to Yue Zhong out of fear for his and his subordinates’ lives as well. However, under the relentless attack of the Manchu Empire, he knew that it would be a suicide mission to go and deal with them. Yet, he was willing, purely because he had a strong sense of patriotism.

Pi Jian Yi stood up, “I’ll go with you!”

Pi Jian Yi was proud, arrogant, and slightly ambitious. However, he also had the hot-bloodedness that most youths had. Seeing how Li Guang was proposing to lead the most dangerous mission, his passion was ignited as well.

“I’m willing to go!”

“I’ll follow you!”

A number of other Han heroes also stood up as their eyes shined with a clear light. They were already prepared for death.

There were no lack of eager and passionate heroes. There was only a lack of a decent leader.

Yue Zhong had led the forces himself and his actions had spurred their bravado. At such a critical moment, they were ready to spill blood.

Yue Zhong eyed Li Guang and the rest of the men that had rose to the occasion, his eyes flashing with appreciation, “No need! Li Guang, you stay here and take over temporarily. I’ll go destroy the artillery. My command for you is that before I’m back, you guys will have to defend Tian Mu Town with all you’ve got. No one is allowed to fall into the hands of Xuan Zhen. Understood?”

Li Guang was shocked: “Leader! No! That mission is too dangerous. If anything were to happen to you, what would we do?”

Pi Jian Yi and the rest of the Han experts were also staring at Yue Zhong in shock. In most normal cases, the general would stand behind his troops, commanding them from a safe location. Ximen Lie and the rest had always done things this way.

When Yue Zhong had gained the seat as the Alliance Chief and obtained everyone’s cooperation for a short time, he could easily deploy the troops how he liked while staying at a safe place to give orders. Even Pi Jian Yi and the rest had fought at the frontlines and saw what Yue Zhong did. Hence, they had no thoughts to disobey him.

Even so, Yue Zhong was still suggesting to undertake the suicide mission himself. This caused Pi Jian Yi and the rest to be extremely shocked and touched causing their morale to increase even more.

Of course, some of the soldiers also saw the other side of the equation. Should Yue Zhong die, then Tian Mu Town was sure to fall. Just like what happened to Tong Jia Guo.

Yue Zhong stared at Li Guang and said solemnly, “No need for more words. I’ve made my decision. Convey my orders! Tian Mu Town is henceforth under your temporary control. Before I’m back, make sure you stay here even if you die!”

Li Guang responded loudly, “Yes! Leader!”

Yue Zhong then spoke to a corner, “Tenpyo Saka, you lead Pi Jian Yi and the rest to support Li Guang in protecting Tian Mu Town.”

From the shadows in the corner, a slight distortion appeared as Tenpyo Saka walked out and nodded.

After assigning them duties, Yue Zhong flashed and disappeared out of Tian Mu Town.

He had just taken a few steps out when he immediately felt over 20 crosshairs aimed on him. Therefore, he quickly left from his original position.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

20 sniper rounds rained down onto where he was a moment ago.


Yue Zhong swiftly activated his Bone Encompassing Armor and his body was encased in a thick layer of bone carapace. At the same time, he activated his Shadow Steps and his speed exceeded 30 times that of a normal person, shuttling for the Manchurian Empire like a specter.

In the center of the Manchu Empire forces, a burly man possessing huge hands and deep eyes in addition to his bristle-covered face, stared at Yue Zhong coming from the distance with a cold look in his eyes. This man was the top Evolver in the Manchu Empire, Ao Dou. He led the most powerful force of the empire, the White Armor Army!

The White Armor Army of the Great Manchu Empire was like the Special Forces under Yue Zhong, the Saint Wolf Riders of the Gold Wolf Riders. They were a bunch of elites.

They consisted mostly of experts above level 30 and their combat prowess was truly something else.

Ao Dou used his whip and pointed at Yue Zhong, calling out in a deep voice, “Tu Sheng! Take your men and fetch me that man’s head!”

Tu Sheng was one of the 6 main captains of the White Armor Army, leading 80 of the White Armor soldiers. Tu Sheng was a Level 63 Evolver himself.

“Yes! Sir!” Tu Sheng responded before leading his men in a charge towards Yue Zhong.

“An expert is here!” When Tu Sheng and his men moved, Yue Zhong felt danger and immediately whisked out his Stinger.

He eyed the galloping Black Stallions with their White Army soldiers on top, and immediately fired 6 consecutive shots.

The 6 bullets blasted apart amidst the White Armor forces, causing 6 of them to be blasted off their mounts, shattering their bones in the process.

The White Armor soldiers were all wearing Type 3 Mutant Beast hide, which the Stinger bullets could not penetrate. However, their own Endurance could not withstand the force of the blows and their body were hence, wrecked.

It could only be Endurance-based Evolvers like Dong-Er Molei that might stand a chance against any heavy firearms. Even if the armor on everyone else could block the actual projectiles, their weak bodies could not withstand the force.

Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed, and another 6 bullets were reloaded quickly before he fired again.

This time, another 6 bullets landed on the bodies of the White Armor soldiers, knocking 6 of them off their mounts, with their bones shattered.

In just 10 seconds, Yue Zhong had dealt with 12 members of the White Armor force, killing them in the process. The rest of the soldiers were shocked and furious. Then, they began activating their skills.

A number of fireballs, ice shards, wind blades, air cannons, bullets, blades, darts, arrows, stones, and all sorts of weapons and abilities bombarded Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong dodged about like a ghost and managed to evade most of the incoming attacks. He only suffered 2 arrows that seemed to be slower than the rest, but was fixed on Yue Zhong.

These 2 arrows were from the Level 3 skill, Homing Arrows. The moment they were fired, they would strike their targets. The only weakness was that although they could chase their targets, their speed and power could not compare to the rest of the abilities.

Yue Zhong pulled out his Black Tooth Blade and casually swept them aside before flashing forward. The Stinger in his right hand fired again, killing another 6 members of the White Armor army.

Watching Yue Zhong kill his men easily, shock and fear filled Tu Sheng’s heart. “Strong!! This fearsome speed and those accurate shots. What a strong weapon. This fellow is truly a freak. No wonder Ao Dou wanted me to bring my forces to suppress him. He’s truly too scary!”

Ao Dou watched as Yue Zhong makes use of his speed and his powerful Stinger to slaughter his White Armor troops. Then his eyes flashed with a solemn look, “Ming Shu Wu, Wu Tian Dao, the 2 of you, lead some men to go defend the artillery. He Sheng Quan, Ji Wen, Duo Xi. You three take your men and follow me to go kill that fellow.”

“Yes! Sir!”

The White Armor 5 captains responded loudly, and began to move out.

Ao Dou himself led 3 of the captains and 360 Enhancers towards Yue Zhong.

He could already feel the threat of Yue Zhong’s might and he wanted to hurry and take out this problem.

As strong as Yue zhong was, it was hard for him to defend against all the elites of the Manchu army. He didn’t continue engaging with Tu Sheng. Instead, he pushed his speed and charged towards the artillery.

The Black Stallions were instantly left behind to eat the dust and the elites all stared dumbfounded at the extent of Yue Zhong’s speed.

Within 2 minutes, Yue Zhong had reached about 3km, near the artillery. He did not continue his advance. Instead, he pulled out his Level 5 Falcon II Sniper.

He loaded it with a 122 round and fired as a bright flash of light radiated from the Falcon II Sniper. It blasted one of the Howitzers, turning it into scrap metal.

Yue Zhong then continued to adjust his aim and trajectory, firing another round, destroying another Howitzer.

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