God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 617

Yue Zhong had spent all of his efforts to aim for another Howitzer and a bright flash shot out from his Falcon II Sniper, blasting the Howitzer.

The Manchu Empire’s Howitzers began to retreat.

At this time, Ming Shu Wu and Wu Tian Dao had arrived to provide reinforcements. Each of them possessing the skill Earth Manipulation. They conjured earthen walls, managing to block Yue Zhong’s trajectory. The remaining 5 Howitzers stopped their firing and began to move for another location.

“Time to retreat!” Yue Zhong kept his Falcon Sniper, eyeing the approaching Manchurian troops and quickly turned around to make his way back towards Tian Mu Town. No matter how strong he was, it was impossible to deal with the entire elite force.

Yue Zhong’s speed had already reached 30 times that of a person which even a Type 3 Mutant Beast would find hard to beat. The White Armor troops on their Black Stallions could only watch helplessly when Yue Zhong destroyed 5 of their Howitzers before returning to Tian Mu Town casually.

Ao Dou looked at Yue Zhong’s back, his gaze turning dark, “Within Tian Mu Town, there’s actually such an expert amongst the Hans. It truly is a calamity for our Great Manchurian Empire.”

After the world changed, many top Evolvers already had the abilities to influence the total might of an entire faction. A single high-level Evolver could potentially wipe out a team of elite soldiers. There were some who could even take on an entire battalion.

Ao Dou reported the outcome to Xuan Zhen, prompting Xuan Zhen to make a decision, “We need to crush their resistance entirely!!”

The Howitzers thus began another volley of blasts, intending to blitz through the defences of Tian Mu Town.

30 IFVs, 8 tanks, 40 gun-mounted vehicles as well as a thousand motorbicycles formed a fearsome armored fleet, charging forwards with the 1,000 soldiers of the 8 Banners Army.

Such formation was already rare and extremely domineering in this apocalyptic world. Few factions could stand up to it. It was through such a method that the Manchu Empire had managed to raze 2 huge factions with over 10,000 survivors to the ground, exemplifying the idiom ‘using a butcher knife for the chicken.’

Xuan Zhen was placing more importance on Tian Mu Town purely because they had been able to repel the 3,000-strong force of the Gold Wolf Riders. Such a combat strength was enough for him to want to strike them down.

Seeing the entire armored fleet approaching, many of the experts of the alliance were dismayed.

Even the countenance of Pi Jian Yi was unsightly. His sword beams were truly overpowering but he had no confidence that he could slice through those tanks and armored vehicles. Furthermore, a single blast from them could kill him on the spot.

Moreover, there were 30 IFV’s following behind the tanks, and those IFV’s had powerful cannons and heavy machine guns themselves. They were enough to wreck a powerful Evolver’s body.

As the armored forces began to charge through Tian Mu Town, the 8 tanks took the vanguard position, blocking all the bullets firing at them. They adjusted their cannons and began to blast the bunkers.

The tanks were the strongest attack force of the Manchu Empire. Many factions would quiver in their shoes when they saw them.

“What do we have to fear?! I’ll deal with the tanks. Watch how I destroy them!”

Yue Zhong pulled out his Electromagnetic Gun and fired at one of the tanks. With a bright flash of light, the shot instantly pierced the tank, leaving a hole.

Yue Zhong continued to fire 5 more shots at that tank. 5 lights blasted through it, causing it to explode soon after.


“That’s great!!!”

“Long live Alliance Chief!!!”

Seeing the fate of that tank at the hands of Yue Zhong, many of the warriors instantly roared out excitedly as their morale rose sharply.

To these Han warriors, the tanks were the cause of their headaches. With the terrifying defence and offensive potential, they were usually helpless. However, Yue Zhong had destroyed one easily. Suddenly, these tanks no longer seemed invincible.

Yue Zhong clapped his hands and Lo Guang led men bringing out 40 anti-tank rocket launchers as well as 60 rocket launchers. “These are weapons I’ve prepared for everybody. Use them to take down the invaders!”

A number of agility-based Enhancers and those with Marksmanship or Firearms abilities stepped up to help themselves to the weapons. They then stepped back to the battlefield with renewed resolution.

Inside Tian Mu Town, the Radiant Sun Triad were fighting a desperate battle as well. Using their rifles and machine guns to attack the tanks and armored vehicles in vain. The tanks could easily destroy the fortifications they had painstakingly built, instantly killing the soldiers within.

As the tanks paved the way, a number of IFV’s and gun-mounted vehicles charged in with troops of Manchu soldiers.

Tian Mu Town now had the weapons to counter the tanks and this caused Xuan Zhen to be infuriated. He wanted to hurry and subjugate the troops, hoping to make use of his advantage in firepower to overwhelm them. Every single tank was a precious resource to a faction. The destruction of any one them caused Xuan Zhen to weep in his heart.

As the Manchu forces began to march through the town, there was a sudden loud explosion beneath one of the soldiers, blasting his legs apart. The shockwave sent him soaring through the air as he screamed.

Upon seeing this, the rest of the Manchu soldiers felt a chill in their hearts, taking more careful steps.

Another 8 were taking careful strides in Tian Mu Town, when large holes appeared beneath their feet and they plunged into the 4m deep holes. Their bodies were then pierced by the steel spikes implanted within. 4 of them were instantly killed, while the remaining 4 screamed in agony.

A small squad were proceeding through the blasted zone, intending to search for survivors.



Suddenly, gunshots rang out. With 3 soldiers having their heads blasted apart instantly, the rest of them were shocked and tried to duck for cover.

Just as they got behind their covers, to the shock of 3 soldiers, homing arrows appeared beside them and pierced their bodies, as they screamed out.

At another part of town, 10 soldiers led a few IFV’s as they proceeded through.

“Manchu dogs! Die!” A single young man suddenly appeared and fired a rocket at the IFV.

With a bright flash of light, the IFV combusted in a ball of explosion. If it were a tank, it might have been able to withstand a few rockets. However, the slightly weaker IFV’s could not withstand the blasts.

Peng! Peng!

There were some experts within the 10 of them and they hurried to fire at the youth, turning him into a sieve.

One IFV began to fire wildly with its machine gun chugging loudly, as a rain of bullets strucked one Han Enhancer, leaving him deader than dead.

Another Manchu Enhancer waved out his huge blade, decapitating his Han opponent, his head soaring through the air, and blood splattering onto the ground.

The entire Tian Mu Town had now turned into a meat grinder, with numerous soldiers on both sides losing their lives. It was simply a slaughter of both sides. One side, the Manchurians intent on massacring the Hans. The other, the Hans intent on fighting for their lives and honor. With the threat of death, even the most cowardly of men would become fierce beasts.

Yue Zhong had led 10 of his Guards to rush to the frontlines. He was wielding the Electromagnetic Gun, searching for the tanks, blasting them one by one.

Although Yue Zhong had the ability to use his Art of Fear to scare the numerous soldiers to death, the current state of the battle was that the Hans were at a disadvantage, and there weren’t any likely candidates to pilot the tanks. Hence, he chose to destroy the tanks.

Yue Zhong charged about on the battlefield, killing numerous enemies with White Bones by his side unleashing its inhuman abilities as well.

White Bones made use of its sharp bone spikes to help it run along certain structures, defying gravity, while its bone blades would slash through the necks of unsuspecting enemies. It was truly like a demon. Its methods of killing was cruel and merciless. From time to time, it could even manipulate 10 sharp bone spikes to shoot out. Its speed was three times faster than Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong and White Bones continued to shine brightly on the battlefield, attracting the rest of the Manchurian experts to target them.

With the majority of the attacks concentrated on Yue Zhong and his team, Tenpyo Saka was free to exhibit her prowess as an unparalleled assassin. From time to time, she would appear behind a White Armor soldier silently, plunging her blades through their necks before disappearing again for another chance.

By the time Yue Zhong destroyed the 5th tank, the elite soldiers of the Manchu troops had already joined in the fray. Sheng Quan, Ji Wen, and Duo Xi led 240 White Armor troops to charge into the fray, making their way of Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong, White Bones as well as the Guards were considered the top Evolvers of Tian Mu Town, and with their insane combat strength, they continued to fight at the frontlines, killing over 200 Manchu elites.

Sheng Quan, Ji Wen and Duo Xi had deployed all their strength entirely to annihilate this group of Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong and his team had already long since become the core and hope of those in Tian Mu Town. If it wasn’t for them, Tian Mu Town would have long since collapsed.

If the Manchurian troops could cause Yue Zhong and his group to disappear, then the defence of Tian Mu Town would likely crumble.

“Have you finally arrived? Let me give you a present!” Yue Zhong eyed the approaching 240 elite White Armor troops and pulled out his Electromagnetic Gun, firing at them.

A bright light flashed, penetrating Sheng Quan’s body, making him fall from his mount, leaving a huge gaping hole in his chest. This terrifying Evolver hadn’t had the chance to demonstrate his prowess and was instantly killed by Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong then fired at the other 2 who were riding similar mounts as 2 shots that could pierce tanks blasted towards Ji Wen and Duo Xi.

Ji Wen’s danger perception was higher and the moment he felt the danger, he quickly got down from his horse. A powerful bright light shot past his body, barely brushing past him.

As for Duo Xi, he wasn’t as fortunate as Ji Wen, as his chest was also pierced by that shot, his corpse fell from the back of the horse before being trampled by the other mounts of the White Armor forces.

Of the 3 generals that led the White Armor forces to attack Yue Zhong, 2 had lost their lives to him. One was forced down from his mount, and this greatly affected the morale of the troops.

Yue Zhong continued to fire his Electromagnetic Gun without stop. Each stop blasting apart the bodies of the White Armor elites. Not even the Mutant Beast hides on their bodies could help them.

Ji Wen tore off the eye-catching yellow robe on him and hid behind a troop of his soldiers, pointing at Yue Zhong and shouting loudly, “Charge! Charge for me!!! He’s only a single person! As long as we can charge, it would be our victory!!”

As a vanguard, Ji Wen was supposed to charge forth, yet now he was hiding behind his troops and didn’t dare to lead.

Under Ji Wen’s orders, the somewhat chaotic White Armor troops began to attack Yue Zhong once again. These were after all, the bravest elites of the Manchurian Empire. They ate the best and slept with the prettiest of women. Even if it were a devil in front of then, they would dare fight.

“Retreat!!!” Yue Zhong had fired off 50 shots of the Electromagnetic Gun, killing his enemies before retreating explosively.

The speed of the Black Stallions were twice as fast as ordinary humans, and if they exerted strength, they would be able to cross a distance of 300m in no time. These 190 White Armored soldiers thus got on their horses and made their way towards the inner parts of Tian Mu Town.

The moment they entered Tian Mu Town, those White Armored Soldiers quickly got down and surveyed the positions, checking the places Yue Zhong and his party had gone through safely and quietly.

5 White Armor soldiers made their way through the street that had been ravaged by the bombs and cannons of their side, when suddenly, a White Bones appeared through a very old-fashioned brick wall, piercing the heads of the soldiers.

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