God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 619

As night fell, under the cover of the darkness, Yue Zhong, his 8 Guards, Tenpyo Saka, Zhao Jing Lei and a few others crept out of Tian Mu Town. This was the remaining elite forces that could be activated. The other experts of the remaining 3 triads were too exhausted and needed to rest. There was only the peak-level experts of the Guards as well as Zhao Jing Lei who could still put up a fight.

“Leader!” In the dark, Bai Xiao Sheng leading 80 elites, appeared in front of Yue Zhong.

“So he still had some reinforcements!” Seeing the appearance of Bai Xiao Sheng and the rest, Pi Jian Yi and the other Guards were all shocked and a sense of excitement welled up in their hearts.

Now that the situation was dire, having extra strength was always better.

Yue Zhong nodded lightly and led his men towards the camp of the Manchu Empire forces.

The campsite had thick steel wires set up around it as well as countless sharp wooden fences around it. Outside of the fence, there were sharp roadblocks as well as deep trenches behind the fences. At every major entrance, there were machine guns and defence points ready to engage in any potential enemy. There were countless sentries all around the camp as well, including a number of large lights sweeping the external areas.

Being one of the largest factions of the Central Plains, it was a given that their defence would be tight unlike those miserable smaller factions that lacked proper fortifications.

Yue Zhong ordered: “The whole lot of you, wait here! Tenpyo Saka, come with me.”

Amongst the Evolvers present, only Yue Zhong and Tenpyo Saka were extremely well-versed in stealth, night combat and assassination. The rest of his elites might be strong enough to deal with all of the guards of the camp but it would definitely alarm the other experts of the Manchu Empire.

Tenpyo Saka nodded expressionlessly and activated her Second Order Stealth, disappearing into the night.

Yue Zhong followed suit and disappeared as well.

“The Alliance Chief truly has many tricks up his sleeves.” Pi Jian Yi thought silently as he watched Yue Zhong fade away.

During the day, Yue Zhong had used his Electromagnetic Gun to take down numerous enemies and his prowess had left deep impressions amongst all those present. Now, during the night, he even had the ability to engage in assassinations. Such an expert was rare to Pi Jian Yi.

Yue Zhong evaded all the searchlights, making use of the darkness to sneak into the camp noiselessly. With the cover of his Second Order Stealth, there was absolutely no way for the sentries to discover his presence.

“That should be the lodgings of an important person. I should kill him.” Yue Zhong wasn’t too sure of the layout of the camp and had to fumble around. Hence, he chose the most eye catching tent and made his way there.

Outside the golden tent, there were 8 guards stationed and they held rifles as they radiated an imposing aura. No one would be able to escape their watchful gaze.

Yue Zhong instantly activated his Art of Fear, as a strong Spiritual blast enveloped the 8 guards, their vision turned black.

Yue Zhong made use of the window to rush into the tent. The moment he entered, he disengaged the Art of Fear and the 8 Guards regained their senses. Due to the short instant, they weren’t affected too badly but they weren’t sure what had happened either.

Inside the lavish tent, there were luxurious Turkish rugs on the ground and beautiful crystal lamps are hanging around. On a small podium, there was a redwood table with a large and imposing emperor seat. 2 bookcases were right beside the seat, filled with countless books.

Yue Zhong had just entered the tent when he heard a number of hurried footsteps. His heart skipping a beat as he dashed behind one of the bookcases and casted his Second Order Stealth again.

Curtains were pushed to the side as Xuan Zhen walked in from another part of the tent. The other 3 were precisely Ao Dou of the White Armor troops, Duo Ma who led the armored battalion, as well as Bao-Er Tai who led the 8 Banners Army.

Ao Dou and the other 3 were the trusted aides of Xuan Zhen and were the main pillars of the Manchu Empire. They were faithfully loyal to Xuan Zhen.

Xuan Zhen sat on the Emperor seat and looked to Duo Ma as he asked, “Duo Ma? How confident are you in taking down Tian Mu Town?”

Tian Mu Town’s current fighting force was enough to alarm Xuan Zhen and he was worried about the outcome of the battle the next day. Should they fail, they would truly become a laughing stock of the Central Plains and worse, they would lose much of their forces. At the same time, it would cause Tian Mu Town’s prestige to rise and if they don’t manage to wipe the Han Alliance out, there would be many more who might join in the future.

Duo Ma answered with confidence, “My Liege, rest assured, Tian Mu Town is at the end of its ropes. Your subordinate dares to guarantee that the current actual force may not even number more than 300. Even if they equip the survivors with weapons, they’re a bunch of ordinary people and aren’t cause for concern. Tomorrow noon, I will make sure to crush their resistance and present Tian Mu Town as a gift for you, my Liege.”

Duo Ma was confident of his words based on the intel he had obtained from his subordinates and made a judgement on the current state of Tian Mu Town.

Duo Ma looked at Dou Ao, his gaze unfriendly, “The only variable I’m concerned about is Yue Zhong. His strength is unfathomable. If he brought experts to defend, we might pay a heavy price. Today, if the White Armor Army had taken down Yue Zhong, we could have already conquered Tian Mu Town. As the captain of the White Armor troops, Ao Dou, is there anything you want to say?”

Duo Ma and Ao Dou were both subjects of Xuan Zhen but they had friction between the both of them. Every time there was a chance, they would not hesitate to poke at each other.

Ao Dou glared coldly at Duo Ma, “Tomorrow, I’ll bring all my soldiers to deal with Yue Zhong. Even if we can’t kill him, we will draw him away from Tian Mu Town.”

Ao Dou had seen the insane speed Yue Zhong was capable of. As compared to most other Evolvers, he knew there was no way they could hold him down. However, with the strength of the White Armor forces, it shouldn’t be too much to force Yue Zhong away from Tian Mu Town.

As Ao Dou and Duo Ma were starting to argue, Yue Zhong, who had been hiding behind the bookshelf, activated his Shadow Steps. He burst out with a speed 30 times that of a normal person and in addition to the Accelerate skill, with his Type 5 Treasure Windspeed Boots, his entire person was like a shooting star that shoots at Xuan Zhen. As long as he could take him down, the entire Manchu Empire was sure to collapse.

Yue Zhong suddenly burst out and no one in the tent was even prepared for something like this. Furthermore, his speed was simply too fast and in that instant, Yue Zhong’s blade had already sliced down at Xuan Zhen’s neck.

Xuan Zhen’s eyes flashed with shock but he didn’t even have the chance to react.

Just as Yue Zhong’s blade was sure to decapitate Xuan Zhen’s head, a bright bronze light radiated around Xuan Zhen’s neck, turning into a shield that protects him.

Yue Zhong’s Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade landed on the bronze shield, his 12-times Strength bursting out. However, all it did was to cause a loud ‘Dang’, and the bronze shield did not budge.

“Truly the head of an empire, with such a life-saving treasure. Killing him is not going to be simple.” Yue Zhong thought to himself.

“Stop!” Ao Dou was extremely alarmed and furious. He hurriedly shot forward and activated his Gravity Manipulation ability. Yue Zhong immediately felt a 4-times gravitational force weighing down on him. It felt like he was suddenly carrying a large boulder on his back, making it hard for him to maintain his speed. If it wasn’t for his 12-times Strength, he might have already been forced to the ground from that gravity.

“Assassin! Protect the King! Protect the King!” Duo Ma pulled out his handgun and fired a few shots at Yue Zhong as he screamed out loud.

“Go to hell!!” Bao-er Tai roared out in fury, his body suddenly turning large. His clothes ripped apart, and he became a were-bear, his height over 3m and his body covered in powerful furs. His ability was to transform into a were-bear, and with a speed of 12-times that of a person, he pounced towards Yue Zhong.

“You can leave your head behind for this Emperor!” Xuan Zhen had also recovered, and he shot forwards like an arrow, his right hand carrying a powerful bronze-coloured Dou Qi, his fist whistling with a terrifying speed.

“Dou Qi!! This fellow is indeed tough!!” Yue Zhong was taken aback and immediately pushed the Dark Dou Qi within him. Instantly, the gloomy aura covered his entire body, relieving the effects of the gravitational force on him by over two times. He also swung out with a fist at mach speed to meet Xuan Zhen’s fist.

The 2 heads of their respective factions could be considered the peak experts of the current apocalyptic world, and their fists were about to clash!

Following a loud, terrifying sonic boom, Yue Zhong was sent soaring through the air, crashing into the crystal lamps hanging from the roof. The lamps shattered, and he flew out of the tent.

Yue Zhong felt his organs jolted, his breath caught in his chest, as he spat out a mouthful of blood. He had not yet enhanced his Dark Dou Qi, and could not compared to the thrice-enhanced Bronze Dou Qi of Xuan Zhen. If it wasn’t for his high Endurance, he would have been pulverized.

Yue Zhong immediately sent out 2 powerful flaming tornadoes right at the tent, engulfing the people inside.

When he set fire to the gold tent, he activated his Shadow Steps and rushed about in the camp, setting fire everywhere while shouting at the top of his lungs: “Emperor Xuan Zhen is dead!! Emperor Xuan Zhen is dead!! Everyone, hurry flee!! Emperor Xuan Zhen is dead!!”

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