God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 621

“The Manchu troops have retreated!!! We have fought them off!!!”

“We have defeated the Gold Wolf Riders, and defeated the Manchu forces!! We’re the strongest!!!”

“We’re the strongest!! Our Han people are the strongest!!”

When the Manchu forces left, a resounding cheer erupted all across Tian Mu Town. All the heroes who had joined in the tough battle felt a sense of pride and elation. They had actually managed to fend off 2 strong factions of the Central Plains, and they could not help but feel a surge of pride. Furthermore, adding on to the brutal nature of the battle, they had gained a valuable experience, forging their mental fortitude and bearing as soldiers.

Only through war and the sweet taste of victory, that a unit could become elite. That was the reason why the troops of the past had such glorious histories, because they had forged themselves through countless battles and emerged victorious, become stronger as a whole.

During the Second World War, the German troops had continually emerged victorious over the British troops in Africa, causing the British troops to retreat constantly. It was because the British troops had their confidence shattered. It didn’t matter even a unit was well-trained or well-equipped, if they had no confidence, it would be for naught. After that, the British troops had regained their confidence under the lead of Montgomery, and it was the same troop that defeated the German troops, flipping the results back on them.

Amidst the cheers, Yue Zhong led the 8 Guards and Bai Xiao Sheng towards the people.

“Long live the Alliance Chief!!”

“Long live Chief Yue Zhong!!”

These Han warriors caught sight of Yue Zhong and immediately exploded out with cheers. They wanted to give their excitement and boiling pride a voice.

Yue Zhong had been at the forefront of battle these few days, and it was he who had defeated the Fierce Dong-Er Molei, and destroyed a number of the armored vehicles of the Manchurian forces, as well as leading some soldiers to launch a night raid on the Manchu camp. All his battle records were spread by Pi Jian Yi and the others, causing the various Han warriors to acknowledge him as their alliance chief.

When they had begrudgingly agreed to Yue Zhong as their chief, it was because the situation had called for it. However, now, he had truly won them over.

Yue Zhong looked at all of them with a silent appreciative glance, these 100-over heroes left from the cruel battle were good seedlings for his troops in the future.

Yue Zhong stood among them and his voice boomed out, “I’m Yue Zhong! I’m your Alliance Chief Yue Zhong! You have defeated the Gold Wolf Riders! Defeated the Manchu Empire! You all are the strongest! I’m proud of you!! As a Han, I’m proud to have you all as warriors fighting for us!! You are all heroes!! Without your valiant efforts, the 7,000-survivors here would become the slaves of those animals! It is you all who have protected our comrades!! You guys are heroes! Worthy of pride and our admiration!!”

Many of them began to clap, their eyes brimming with tears. When they had arrived here initially, many of them had their own ambitions and thoughts. At this moment however, they were recognized as heroes, giving them a taste of the honor and glory to come.

“Let me know announce the establishment of the Victorious Troops! You are all part of this unit, and in the future, under your lead, the Manchu Empire, the Turks, the Mongol King will all be beneath our feet, and all our enemies will tremble at our name! We will use our cannons, and weapons to let them taste our might, and pay their blood debts!! We will use our cannons and weapons to protect our precious comrades!! Victorious troops, VICTORY ALL THE WAY!!”




The various Han heroes began to roar out with strong feelings. It was an infectious mood, as everyone, including the gun-totting survivors began to cheer out loudly.

Not long after, all the survivors in Tian Mu Town cheered at the top of their voices, the celebratory mood strong.

Yue Zhong then raised his hands, and the cheers came to a halt. He waved his hands, and a few of subordinates under Bai Xiao Sheng stepped forward carrying 2 large chests to the podium and revealed the contents to everyone.

Yue Zhong pointed to all the Evolving Liquid and announced, “These are Evolving Liquids! As long as you consume one, you can become an Evolver. You guys should be able to recognize the value of these vials. Now, they are yours! You are all heroes! I will grant strength to all of you, and hope that you can make use of this strength to kill our enemies, and protect our comrades!”

Ximen Lie looked at the boxes and his eyes opened wide with fervor and greed, “What?! Evolving Liquid!! There’s actually something like that!?”

There was a vast difference between Evolvers and ordinary Enhancers. Each time they leveled, the distance would be pulled apart. Almost all Enhancers hoped to become Evolvers. However, Evolvers were rare, and even as the leader of the Radiant Sun Triad, Ximen Lie was not an Evolver.

Yue Zhong swept his gaze across the people, “Line up to collect it! There’s only a limited amount on my hands, therefore I can only grant it to those who participated in the defence against the Gold Wolf Riders as well as the Manchurian forces. As for the rest, there will be chances to earn them. As long as you join the Victorious Troops, and obtain enough merits, I, Yue Zhong, hereby promise you that you definitely will become a strong Evolver. It’s easy to use it, just have to inject in. After injection, you will have a fever for a day, and after resting for a day, you will become an Evolver. As to whether you want to accept it, it’s up to you. I won’t force those who aren’t confident to try it.”

The various Han heroes began to line up neatly to accept their Evolving Liquid. Many immediately injected themselves, as they trusted this leader who fought alongside them. However, there were likewise many who doubted. There were 50 of them who stood to one side, not willing to try it, just standing there eyeing coolly.

Since the onset of the apocalypse, and the crumble of society, human nature had truly changed. Although many of these heroes had fought alongside Yue Zhong, they still harbored a slight wariness. It was not easy to just trust someone and inject a substance that had unknown origins after all.

It could be poison, or worse, some form of control agent, then they would become puppets at the mercy of Yue Zhong’s control, turning into a bunch of zombies.

After accepting the liquid, some of the Han heroes felt their bodies shuddering, and they slumped to the ground, panting loudly.

Witnessing this, many of them felt shocked, and turned to look at Yue Zhong, their gazes filled with slight suspicions. If he couldn’t explain properly, they would immediately fall out with him.

“Alliance Chief, what is the meaning of this?”

“Alliance Chief, please explain!!”

Facing the scrutiny of the people present, Yue Zhong maintained his calm and said, “I’ve already mentioned this, in order to transform into an Evolver, after taking the liquid, you will burn with a fever, after a day, you will naturally recover and become an Evolver. All of you can wait a day, and see if my words are true or not!”

Seeing how firm he was, while many of the heroes were still uncertain, they didn’t dare ask further.

After all, they have seen how casually he had slaughtered his enemies, and was likewise cruel and vicious in his handling of any resentment at the start. Before anything was certain, they didn’t dare to have a falling out with him.

Yue Zhong summoned Ximen Lie, “Go get some nurses to take good care of these heroes!”

Ximen Lie replied courteously, “Yes! Alliance Chief!”

Currently, many of the Radiant Sun Triad’s elites had perished in the battles, and there were only some ordinary warriors left. None of them were a match for Yue Zhong nor his Guards. Hence, Ximen Lie had long since abandoned all thoughts of vying for the Alliance Chief seat, instead, choosing to become Yue Zhong’s subordinate.

80 women were selected by him to become temporary caretakers, in charge of all the fainted Han warriors. Some of them were worried that Yue Zhong might do something else, thus they offered to protect the their comrades and friends Yue Zhong naturally allowed them.

Early the next day, one burly Han warrior opened his eyes and immediately exclaimed, “Oh! Where’s this?”

“Li Da Nu, you’re awake!! How do you feel? Have you become an Evolver?”

“Li Da Nu, you’re alright! How’s your body?”

A few Han warriors saw that Li Da Nu had woken up, and immediately crowded around to ask.

Li Da Nu rubbed his eyes and stared blankly for awhile, before a hint of excitement flashed in his eyes, “En? Oh yes!!! HAHAHAHA!! This Father, I, have become an Evolver!!! This father has become an Evolver!! I even learnt the Werewolf Transformation ability!! This father is invincible!! Hahahaha!!!”

“Werewolf Transformation?! Transform for all of us to see!!”

“Come on, do it! Let’s see if you’re just boasting!!”

The crowd immediately hooted and egged him on, they knew while he had always been a Strength-based Enhancer, he definitely did not know the Werewolf Transformation before.

“Fine!! Let me show you guys!!” He roared out in mock fury, and immediately his muscles became ripped, fur grew everywhere on his body, and his frame lengthened itself. Within seconds, he had transformed into a powerful werewolf over 2m tall.

“He really became an Evolver!!”

“Holy, Alliance Chief’s words were not false!!”

“Damn it!! I should have gone to get one!!”

Seeing Li Da Nu transformed into an Evolver, and even comprehending the powerful Werewolf Transformation skill, instantly leaping beyond their levels in strength, many of them who did not collect their Evolving Liquid felt regret and envious.

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