God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 622

A number of the Han heroes also began to wake up from their coma, each of them having evolved to an Evolver. They had learnt new abilities, and their strength had undergone an earthshaking change.

This situation caused the entire Tian Mu Town to go crazy.

Those who had been eligible, but not did not take the Evolving Liquid due to their misgivings the day before, approached Yue Zhong and pleaded profusely, “Alliance Chief!! On account that I’ve given my all to protect Tian Mu Town, please grant me an Evolving Liquid!!”

Yue zhong eyed them coolly and rejected, “No way! I gave you guys the choice yesterday, and you guys did not treasure it. Let me give you this opportunity then. You have all become commanders of the Victorious Troops, I hope that you will use your strength to obtain merit in order to exchange for the Evolving Liquid. As long as your achievements are sufficient, I will grant you the Evolving Liquid, and help y’all become Evolvers In my hands, there are even better versions! As long as you accumulate merits! Spread the mighty name of the Victorious Troops and let our enemies fear us! Only then, I will gift you these precious gifts.”

After they were rejected, those warriors began to join the Victorious Troops to undergo strict military training.

When they saw the astonishing effects of the liquid, many survivors were also tempted, and wanted to join the Victorious Troops to gain strength and make a name for themselves. The signup rate for the unit suddenly increased explosively.

Yue Zhong chose a good 2,000 seedlings to join.

After establishing the Victorious Troops unit, Yue Zhong then led the rest of the survivors back towards Qi Mu County.

Arriving there, Yue Zhong got Bai Xiao Sheng to train those 2,000 survivors, while assigning others to go collect the survivors of the other 10 Han factions.

After the battle in Tian Mu Town, the matter of Yue Zhong’s leading of the Han Alliance to repel the Gold Wolf Riders and Manchu Empire soon spread throughout the Central Plains like wildfire.

Of the 10 Han factions, the Radiant Sun Triad had already become part of Yue Zhong’s faction, while the chiefs of the Green Bamboo Triad, and Heavenly Demon Sect began to lead their 4,000 survivors to join Tian Mu Town. The Blue Triad, Red Triad, Golden Wolf Triad and even the Pink Triad also submitted to Yue Zhong, bringing their own survivors, instantly growing the faction to a mighty size of 30,000 people.

The attention of all the powers in the Central Plains soon fell onto these huge Han Alliance, and everyday, there would be solo warriors who arrived to join them.

Out in the Central Plains, besides the 3 large empires, the Han Alliance had suddenly become the 4th faction.

“Alliance Chief! Someone requests an audience!”

On a particular field, Ximen Lie came running, noting Yue Zhong training his body by carrying a large boulder. At the same time, he was under the pressure of 4-times gravity while activating his Dark Dou Qi.

Every day, after settling his affairs, Yue Zhong would use this method to train his Dark Dou Qi, in order to get a better sense of it. Sometimes, employing an additional skill that was familiar would mean an additional trump card on the field.

Yue Zhong threw the huge boulder to the ground, and took a deep breath, his eyes turning to fix on Ximen Lie, “Who’s looking for me?”

Ximen Lie replied: “It’s from the People’s Army! The Mongol King Hu-E Ran’s subordinate Guo Ming had led a troop of a thousand soldiers to attack them. The envoy is here to seek assistance. Chief, are you going to grant him an audience?”

Yue Zhong frowned as he pondered, before saying, “Let him in!”

A man in tattered clothes that looked dusty and pitiful, yet his stature straight and his gaze resolute came before Yue Zhong. He spoke, “Lieutenant Ying Kong of the Border Guards greets Chief Yue. I came seeking your assistance in deploying your troops to rescue our Huyan Town.”

Yue Zhong looked at this man with appreciation and said, “Can! I can deploy my troops to your town. However, I want the survivors to all come under my faction, including your troops!”

Ying Kong stared right back at Yue Zhong without any fear, “I would like to ask Chief Yue a few questions!”

“Please ask!”

Ying Kong immediately shot, “First, If you were to lead the Han Alliance to defeat the Mongol King, the Manchu Empire, the Turk Empire, how would you deal with the survivors from these 3 factions?”

Yue Zhong did not hesitate and immediately replied, “Those whose hands had been stained by Han blood would be executed. Their families would become slaves. As for those ordinary citizens, as long as they did not partake in any activities in harming the Hans, and surrender, I can treat them as ordinary citizens as well. However, there will not be any privileges. In my Han Alliance faction, all citizens are equal, I would not mistreat any particular race just because. Likewise, there would not be any pardon any offences. Even any Hans within the 3 main factions, as long as their hands are dyed with their fellow Hans’ blood, they would not be spared!”

Yue Zhong’s principle had always been an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. He would handle violence with violence, and repaid evil with evil. He had no particular hatred for the rest of the races, after all, when he was in university, he had many friends of different races as well.

However, in this apocalyptic world, there were many nationalistic or racist people. In the west, there was the Nazi Germany, the Japanese right-wing faction, the brutal nature of Country A, as well as the white supremacists of America and Europe as well. They all felt their own race to be the strongest and viewed other races with contempt.

During peace times, they already had a certain degree of power. In this world where trust was lacking, any nationalistic person could quickly gather like-minded individuals like a beacon.

Ying Kong then continued, “Second, half of the survivors in Huyan Town are Mongolians, how do you intend to deal with them?”

Yue Zhong replied indifferently, “If they didn’t do anything wrong, they are still eligible to become my citizens. I’ll treat them fairly just like the rest of the survivors, as long as they’re willing to work, I can guarantee that their quality of life would not be worse off. If they have committed any major offences, then, they will be dealt with. This has nothing to do with their racial background, just themselves and their conduct. Same goes for the Hans in my camp.”

Ying Kong looked at him fearlessly and said, “Good! Chief Yue, in that case, as long as you keep your promise and treat everyone fairly, the People’s Army would join you. I, Ying Kong, am a Mongolian myself.”

Many Mongolians had aspects of their lives that intertwine with the Hans, therefore, marriages between both sides were common. Not every Mongolian wanted to capture a Han to be a slave.

Although Ying Kong was Mongolian, he was a Border Guard with a strong sense of honor. He and his comrades had continued to protect the 800 survivors of Huyan Town through their resolute wills. To them, there were no distinction between Mongols or Hans, it was just Chinese and foreign invaders.

The actions of the self-proclaimed Mongol King of raiding various places to get slaves crossed a line with Ying Kong. He did not approve of it. Somehow, Guo Ming, Hu-E Ran’s subordinate, had set his sights on Huyan Town and the 800 survivors there, intending to subjugate them. Since Ying Kong and the rest of his comrades were at their wits’ end, they could only approach Yue Zhong for help.

Yue Zhong made the decision to assist, and immediately deployed Bai Xiao Sheng, Yin Shuang as well as 50 Special Forces Evolvers towards the base of the People’s Army.

The Victorious Troops were still undergoing training, and under the guidance and instructions of the various elites who had been through battles, they were all slowly but surely getting stronger. Before their training ended, Yue Zhong wasn’t willing to send them on a live exercise.

In his plans, this Victorious Troops will be one of the strongest armies he had to sweep through the Central Plains. He needed to ensure that they were of the highest standards.

Huyan Town was a small town in the Central Plains, with a population of about 2,000 in the past.

With the apocalypse, the Border Guards that had been stationed nearby managed to save 500 from the zombies. Due to their protection, the survivors from the surrounding areas began to come, and boosted the population to 800.

This small town had led a life of little conflict, and now, their peace was about to be disrupted. A thousand-strong unit of riders kicked up a storm of dust as they arrived in front of the town.

Guo Ming, as the leading captain of this unit, pointed to the town and ordered coldly, “Kill! The first person to make his way in will be promoted 3 ranks, and given 5 bulls, 10 beauties. After the town is ours, other than the Mongolians, everyone else is to be our slaves! Kill!!”




The riders charged forth with bloodthirsty looks towards Huyan Town!

Peng! Peng! Peng!

From Huyan Town, there were suddenly loud gunshots that rang out, instantly killing a number of riders.

However, due to the lack of firearms, as well as the absence of heavy firepower, there were only about 60 .81 rifles. Furthermore, having been utilized often, the bullets remaining were very limited.

A soldier came up to a man with a burly frame, a huge moustache and beard, and said, “Captain! I only have about 5 magazines left!”

This bearded soldier was the leader of the the Border Guards, Situ Jin.

Situ Jin replied, “Save the ammunition, let them come closer, then we fire!”

Another soldier had a face of concern, “Captain! The bullets are dwindling! I don’t think we have more than 200, but they have a 1000 people, what do we do?”

Situ Jin looked at all of them, a grin on his face, “What’s there to be worried about? Once the bullets are out, we still have our blades! Without our blades, we still have our teeth and fists! Protecting the people of the country is our duty! There are 800 of our fellow countrymen relying on us! Protecting them is our duty, our responsibility! I know it will be hard for us to live past today, if you want to leave, I won’t blame you! You all have been the best soldiers this country could have gotten, and are my good brothers! Whether you choose to die here with me, or to leave and live on, you will forever be my close friends and brothers!”

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