God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 624

After taking in all the survivors of the different triads and factions of the Han Alliance, Yue Zhong had a sizeable number of survivors. What he lacked now was time, the time for these people to become decent fighters.

It was at this crucial period that Hu-E Ran had suddenly launched his attack. If Yue Zhong chose to run, then a few tens of thousands of Han people would land in his hands. Yue Zhong had not yet established his position in the Central Plains, and he had no choice but to engage Hu-E Ran’s forces.

Atop the city wall around Qi Mu Town that was built not long ago, many commanders and their subordinates had caught sight of the approaching Mongol troops. Their faces were all unsightly.

“It’s the Blood Eagle Rider!! That’s the Blood Eagle Rider!! A-Mu Xidai!!” One commander, whose eyesight was decent, caught sight of the Blood Eagle banner and his face fell.

Upon hearing this name, the soldiers who had just joined Yue Zhong all had pale faces.

The Blood Eagle Rider A-Mu Xidai was a powerful expert on par with Dong-Er Molei of the Gold Wolf Riders. The Blood Eagle Riders under him were the strongest force under Hu-E Ran, used frequently in his battles to expand.

A-Mu Xidai had followed Hu-E Ran on his many conquests, and in each territory, as long as there was a male over 1.2m, he would kill them. The number of people that had been slaughtered at their hands were over 20,000. He was one of the most renowned generals in the Central Plains, and had defeated Dong-Er Molei in countless clashes before.

“Grey Wolf Rider Bo-Er Zi! He’s here too!!”

“Tyrant Bear Bo Lei! He’s here as well!!”

“And Grey Panther Wu Liang Shu!”

“Red Wolf Shi Yi Xin!”

“Venomous Dog Shu A-Tai!”

Looking at the various flags, the commanders all became extremely agitated. The Mongol King had over 40,000 troops, and this time, he had actually deployed half of them, especially the appearance of Blood Eagle Rider A-Mu Xidai and Grey Wolf Rider Bo-Er Zi. Other than these 2 leaders, the appearance of the other infamous generals sent shivers down the spine of the soldiers present.

Within Qi Mu Town, the Victorious Troops had not even trained for more than 10 days, and they were still lacking in skills and firepower. The Mongol King Hu-E Ran had decided to use the butcher knife to slaughter the chicken, and deployed 20,000 elites to assault Qi Mu Town. A dark shadow was cast over the entire town.

Yue Zhong looked out at the approaching troops and laughed, “The number of animals that had arrived is truly high! As long as we take them out, we will become the largest faction out here in the Central Plains! Everyone, rest assured, this time, since they dare to come, they will not get to go back. They will become the fertilizer for the grounds of Qi Mu Town!”

Li Guang gazed at the 20,000 Mongolian troops, and spoke confidently, “That’s true! At that time, when the Golden Wolf Riders and Manchurian Empire had wanted to attack our Victorious Troops, we still managed to beat them away! These are just 20,000 pigs. It would just take a longer time to kill them!”

An elite troop needed self confidence. After becoming the commander of the Victorious Troops, Li Guang had also gained some pride. As long as Yue Zhong was around to maintain the morale, he was certain Yue Zhong could lead them to victory. There was almost a blind reverence from Yue Zhong’s abilities already.

“Yes! Those are just 20,000 pigs! We can simply take them out!!”

“The Mongol King had barked up the wrong tree!! In front of us, they’re just ants!”

Seeing the confidence of Li Guang and Yue Zhong, the officers who had been riled up because of the appearance of those Mongolian experts began to calm down, and started to point at the enemy. Their confidence came from Yue Zhong himself, as long as he was around, they would not lose.

Situ Jin eyed those commanders and was secretly in admiration of their bravery. Even he himself was perspiring when he heard the names of Blood Eagle Rider A-Mu Xidai and Grey Wolf Rider Bo-Er Zi. These were the top generals of Hu-E Ran, and they were basically seasoned murderers, many experts having fallen at their hands.

One rider came from the Mongol Troop and shouted out in an arrogant tone, “Those inside Qi Mu Town, listen up! General A-Mu Xidai is ordering you to put down your weapons and surrender unconditionally! Otherwise, we will breach the defences, and not spare any living or moving things!!”


The moment his words left his mouth, his head was blasted apart like a watermelon.

Yue Zhong placed the sniper rifle down, eyeing the corpse of the rider with a cold smirk. This was his response.

Killing the envoy of the other party, this was the most blatant challenge.

Usually in a war, the envoys were never mistreated. Yue Zhong had outright disregarded that rule, and killed the envoy, expressing his desire to fight.

At the Mongolian side, a burly man decked in a black cape, and an armor made out of a Type 3 Mutant Beast hide, riding a rare Type 2 Black Stallion, its head possessing a single horn, its body covered in scales, roared out in anger, “That Han dog dares kill my envoy! When I capture him, I will chop his head off to be my toilet seat!”

This burly man atop the Type 2 Black Stallion was precisely the Blood Eagle Rider, A-Mu Xidai, one of the peak-level Evolvers in the Central Plains.

A man in blood-red robes, a helmet as well as curved blades by his waist got down on a single knee and spoke to A-Mu Xidai, “General! I’m willing to lead the men to go and get Yue Zhong’s head for you!!”

A-Mu Xidai had a face of appreciation, “Good!! Bo Lei!! You shall lead the troops to get Yue Zhong’s head for me!”

Bo Lei was one of the strongest generals under A-Mu Xidai, and had obtained much merits on behalf of his general. His conquests were second only to A-Mu Xidai.

“Yes!! General!” Bo Lei replied respectfully, immediately deploying his troops.

A thousand riders all in blood-red robes suddenly broke out from the enemy troops, and headed for Qi Mu Town under the charge of Bo Lei.

“Fool!! Riders are not meant to be used like that!” Yue Zhong eyed them and a gloating look flashed in his eyes, “Bai Xiao Sheng! Wipe them out!”

“Yes! Leader!” Bai Xiao Sheng laughed coldly and ordered, “Fire at will!”

The elites that had followed Yue Zhong all the way began to fire their weapons.

Peng! Peng! Peng!!

Following the clear and loud gunshots, Bo Lei’s riders began to fall from their horses.

Bo Lei’s countenance turned unsightly and roared out, “Not good!! Retreat!! Retreat!! All retreat!!”

Although there were a hundred Evolvers firing, Bo Lei felt that they were more frightening than a 1,000 normal soldiers. Every second, more than dozens of his men were shot down. He was afraid that by the time they reached the entrance, their numbers would have been reduced to nothing.

The Blood Eagle Riders quickly turned around and galloped back, leaving 500 corpses, their figures pathetic.

Bo Lei, who had been confident and proud earlier, was now ashen-faced as he knelt in front of A-Mu Xidai, “General! Your subordinate is useless, and cost the lives of 500 brothers. Please punish me!”

A-Mu Xidai glared at Bo Lei coldly, “Get up! This is not your fault! I didn’t expect for them to have so many shooters as well. I’ve seen it, they have at least a hundred marksmen. Your defeat was not unreasonable.”

A-Mu Xidai had partially allowed the 1,000 riders to go first to test the strength of Yue Zhong’s troops. With this, he was clearer on what Yue Zhong was capable of.

He then turned to another man who was decked in traditional Mongolian wear, his figure slightly rounder and said, “Bo-Er Zi, this Yue Zhong is truly not to be underestimated, let’s have the artillery team rain fire upon them.”

Bo-Er Zi nodded and replied, “Fine!”

He then turned to give the order to his cannon troops.

Hong! Hong! Hong!!

Round after round of heavy firepower rained down on Qi Mu Town, causing multiple explosions and the destruction of some buildings. The survivors in the town could only tremble in fear and pray for their lives.

Yue Zhong had already gotten men to evacuate the survivors, and many of them had been sent into various disaster shelters. However, there were still survivors and soldiers of Yue Zhong who were blasted to death by the artillery fire.

6 assault helicopters then suddenly flew out from the Mongol camp, and begun to fire at Qi Mu Town’s fall as well.

Under the continuous firing, a hole was blasted into Qi Mu Town’s wall.

The 6 assault helicopters then flew over the air space above Qi Mu Town.

As long as those 6 assault helicopters could enter Qi Mu Town, they would rain hell on the entire place.

“Do it!!” Yue Zhong watched them appear about 800m from Qi Mu Town, and he immediately ordered, while firing his own Electromagnetic Gun at one of the assault helicopters.

A single blade slash sliced through one, causing it to be heavily damaged. However, the slice missed the pilot and the fuel tank, weapons dock, and it was somewhat possible for the assault helicopter to still fly.

A number of shots strengthened by Enhance Bullets were fired as well, aiming for the helicopters.

Since controlling the Evolving Temple, Yue Zhong could easily support a number of Evolvers to purchase the Strengthen Bullet ability, and push it to their Level 3 stage. Although they might not be comparable to peak-level gun experts, they were still more than enough to destroy ordinary assault helicopters.

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