God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 625

Under the assault of the enhanced bullets, the 6 helicopters in the sky combusted into balls of flames and descended rapidly.

From afar, the faces of A-Mu Xidai and Bo-Er Zi were extremely ugly. Those assault helicopters were part of their trump cards, and it was enough to use 2 to subjugate an entire town. In this single battle, they had actually lost 6, this caused them to feel the pinch.

A-Mu Xidai gritted his teeth and spat, “There’re a bunch of powerful Evolvers in there!! That damned Yue Zhong, how did he get so many experts?”

The Mongol King Hu-E Ran had about 400,000 people under him, and there were not more than 50 Enhancers with the Strengthened Bullet skill. Even more so, there were only about 15 of them that were above Level 30. A-Mu Xidai could not understand how Yue Zhong had gotten so many experts.

Bo-Er Zi spat out in fury as well, “Yue Zhong, that Han, is one of the most fearsome enemies I’ve ever met. We definitely cannot let him grow. Otherwise, our Mongol people will become his slaves!! He has to die today!!”

Yue Zhong had only been active around the Central Plains for a short while, however, the battle prowess he was exhibiting was incredible, and it was enough to cause the 3 major factions to sit up and take notice.

Bo-Er Zi was unwilling to let such a big enemy run rampant.

He immediately gave another order, “All troops, attack!! Grey Wolf Riders!! Charge forwards!!”

With 4 tanks, 15 IFVs, 30 gun-mounted vehicles bringing up the front of the convoy, over 10,000 Grey Wolf Riders surged forth towards Qi Mu Town.

As the Grey Wolf Riders began to attack, the cannon firing did not stop. The heavy fire continued to suppress Yue Zhong and his troops.

The Grey Wolf Riders weren’t a motley bunch, having undergone several battles.

Yue Zhong held his Electromagnetic Gun and fired at an incoming tank.

A bright flash occurred, and the shot from the Electromagnetic Gun pierced through the tank, before another 3 consecutive shots killed the driver, halting its advance.

As the rest of the Evolvers were unable to stop the tanks, their objectives thus fell unto the gun-mounted vehicles. Following a bright flash, a number of the gun-mounted vehicles exploded in flames.

Li Guang roared out loudly, his bow firing at the Grey Wolf Riders, “Kill!! Kill these pigs! They’re all a bunch of animals!! We can just slaughter them as such!!”

“Kill them all!! Our Victorious Troops are undefeated!!”

“Our Victorious Troops are the strongest!! Whatever bullshit Blood Eagle Riders and Grey Wolf Riders, they aren’t our match!!”

“Kill them all!!”

The commanders of the Victorious Troops that had undergone the horrors of the Tian Mu Town battle began to join in the battle cry, firing at the Grey Wolf Riders.

Shouting like this was able to give vent to their fear, at the same time, raise the morale of the other soldiers. If they maintained their silence, some of the newer recruits might not be able to withstand the pressure.

“Kill those Han dogs!!”

“After we breach the walls, we will slaughter them for 3 whole days! Everybody charge!!”

“There are countless women in Qi Mu Town, after we breach through, we can play with them however we like!! Charge!! Kill those Han dogs!!”

The Grey Wolf Riders were truly elites of the Mongol King’s troops. They continued on their charge towards Qi Mu Town, facing the attacks and trudged on. As they retaliated, many soldiers of the Victorious Troops fell as well.

“We can’t go on like this!!”

Yue Zhong watched this and let out a shrill howl towards the skies.

In the sky, Greenie came swooping down, and made a grab towards the ground, pulling a IFV up into the sky with it. It then released it, swinging the unfortunate vehicle towards another, causing both to explode powerfully.

After destroying 2 IFVs, Greenie then soared into the sky, and with its powerful wings, it conjured up tornadoes with its innate ability, blowing up dust storms all around the forces of the Grey Wolf Riders.

As the wind blew, many riders could not open their eyes, whereas Yue Zhong’s forces were not affected, they could continue to pick off the Grey Wolf Riders with ease.

With Greenie dominating the skies, sending gusts of winds at the Grey Wolf Riders, it affected their firepower greatly, diminishing their damage output.

A-Mu Xidai’s face was ugly as he looked at Greenie, “Type 3 Mutant Beast! Damn it, he could actually control one!”

The threat of a Type 3 Mutant Beast was pretty clear to all the factions. However, humans likewise possessed numerous experts and had intelligence. The Mongol King Hu-E Ran had organized a hunt of a Type 3 Mutant Beast before, and under the joint attacks of the experts, they had managed to hunt one. That was why A-Mu Xidai knew how terrifying a Type 3 Mutant Beast could be.

His own Type 2 Black Stallion was tamed under a chance encounter. He did not know how to let it evolve into its Type 3 Stage, and he had no confidence he could control it even.

“Monster! How are they able to receive the help of such a monster?!”

“It’s too scary!! I’ve only heard of such beasts in the myths, how could one appear here?”

The Grey Wolf Riders hid behind covers in the surroundings, and watched Greenie flapping its wings of over 80m, their eyes filled with fear. Such a beast had surpassed their knowledge and imagination, and what was worse, this beast was helping the enemy. Their morale plunged.

Bo-Er Zi looked at Greenie in the sky and roared out furiously, “Fuck!!! Kill that beast!!”

A thousand warriors of the Grey Wolf Riders began to fire into the sky, blanketing the area Greenie was in.

Greenie’s speed was naturally fast, having reached the sound barrier, and none of them could even graze it. The main threat about aerial Mutant Beasts were because they were hard to hit. Their only weakness was their low defences, unable to compare to the land-based Mutant Beasts.

Greenie continued to soar around the skies, blowing up huge tornadoes, landing from time to time to grab a few of the Grey Wolf Riders.

The Mongolian warriors were basically helpless against Greenie, and could only fire into the sky, though their efforts were in vain.

Yue Zhong was relying on Greenie to distract the Grey Wolf Riders, while he raised the Electromagnetic gun to blast the tanks and armored vehicles into oblivion.

Greenie continued to harass the 9,000-strong Grey Wolf Riders for half an hour before flapping its wings and disappearing into the distance.

The tornadoes also came to a halt. After all, continually releasing its innate ability would take a toll on Greenie’s Stamina and power, it could not last forever.

However, the moment the dust storms disappeared, the armored division that was supposed to spearhead the assault had been completely destroyed. The Grey Wolf Riders could only rely on themselves to charge in.

Having lost the protection of the armored vehicles, the Grey Wolf Riders became ashened, their advance fraught with more dangers. Every step required them to pay a huge price.

From time to time, Greenie would suddenly appear and grab a warrior and soar into the sky, before releasing the warrior, causing the morale to plunge even further.

However, the Grey Wolf Warriors were truly the elite force of the Central Plains, even under such duress, they continued on resolutely towards Qi Mu Town.

The Red Wolf Shi Yi Xin roared out loudly, “Everybody charge!! Victory is right in sight!! Charge!!!”

At this time, loud motor sounds roared out from the distance, as 8 Thunder Fighters shot towards them from the distance.

The 8 Thunder Fighters swiftly flew over the Grey Wolf Riders and dropped cluster bombs into their midst.

Hong!! Hong!! Hong!

Following loud explosions, the Grey Wolf Riders were instantly plunged into a scene right out of hell.

AFter one round of cluster bombs, the 8 Thunder Fighters shot towards the heavy cannons team of the Grey Wolf Riders. After all, those artillery weapons were a bigger threat compared to ordinary soldiers.

The 8 Thunder Fighters quickly locked onto the artillery team of the Grey Wolf Riders, and fired a massive amount of rockets at them, causing the entire land to be obliterated.

“Retreat!! Everybody!! Retreat!!” Seeing this, Bo-Er Zi’s face was pale as a sheet, and he hurried to scream!!

A-Mu Xidai saw the terrors of the 8 Thunder Fighters as well and he ordered the same, “Retreat!! Everybody retreat!!”

The Mongol King’s forces were helpless against aerial enemies. If A-Mu Xidai insisted on battling on, their forces would definitely be annihilated.

Hearing the orders, the Grey Wolf Riders and Blood Eagle Riders quickly retreated pathetically.

Having destroyed the artillery camp, the 8 Thunder Fighters continued to give chase, killing the warriors of the Mongolian forces. Yue Zhong also made use of the chance to lead the elites of the Victorious Troops to pursue them, killing over a thousand warriors of the Grey Wolf Riders and Blood Eagle Riders, capturing 200 of them, resulting in a heavy defeat for the Mongolian troops.

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