God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 626

Zhao Tian Gang came out from one of the thunder Fighters, hurrying to Yue Zhong as he saluted, “Zhao Tian Gang greets Leader!!”

Yue Zhong patted Zhao Tian Gang’s shoulders and laughed, “Good timing! This time, if it wasn’t for you guys, we would have been in danger.”

If Zhao Tian Gang had not brought the 8 Thunder Fighters to provide reinforcements, Yue Zhong would definitely be in for a tough battle. He might have to sacrifice numerous soldiers to protect Qi Mu Town.

Another charismatic commander came forward with 100 elites as they all saluted to him, “Lie Ming Yi greets Leader!”

Lie Ming Yi was the powerful expert that Yue Zhong had recruited from Port Fang Cheng. He had already risen to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Amongst Yue Zhong’s forces, rising in rank relied on merits and contributions.

Guang Xi and Hunan were expanding quickly. Within a short span of time, there’s no means of moving their troops.

Lie Ming Yi was extremely clear that Yue Zhong intended to expand into the Central Plains. That was why he had brought his troops to support Yue Zhong. Each of his soldiers were powerful Enhancers of above Level 30.

Yue Zhong looked at Lie Ming Yi and his troops, smiling slightly, “Very good! Your timing was impeccable! I’m currently lacking manpower, your arrival is just too timely!”

With this 100 Evolvers, Yue Zhong had a force of over 300 Evolvers and it was a force to be reckon with. If they were to clash against the Blood Eagle Riders, Yue Zhong would not be worried.

Zhao Tian Gang chuckled and turned his body slightly, “Leader, look who’s here! Hehe!”

From behind, 2 beauties stepped out. One older and the other one, younger. The older lady possesses a head full of lush black hair, her features exquisite and perfect, with a hint of valiant aura about her. The younger one was likewise pretty, with intelligent eyes and her skin as fair as snow. She was truly a sight to behold.

“Qing Wu, you’ve recovered!!!” Yue Zhong saw them and a jolt of happiness hit him, and he could not help but walk over.

When Ji Qing Wu was gravely injured by the Type 4 Flame Bird previously, Yue Zhong had placed her inside the Biological Armor to be treated. When he headed back to Long Hai City, he had left her in Yao Yao’s care under the heavy protection of the camp’s defences.

Ji Qing Wu looked at Yue Zhong with a complicated look as she replied mildly, “En! I’m alright now! Thank you!”

Ji Qing Wu knew Yue Zhong had been forced to Japan because of her and had given her the precious Level 7 Biological Armor. She was full of gratitude. However, her character was cold. So even though she was touched, her expression was still cold.

Yao Yao hugged one of Ji Qing Wu’s hands and stared at Yue Zhong hatefully. She had treated Ji Qing Wu as her most special person, yet Ji Qing Wu had specially travelled from Hunan to meet Yue Zhong. This caused her to be slightly jealous.

Li Guang and the rest of the subordinates of the Central Plains watched the 8 Thunder Fighters in excitement. The moment these metal behemoths appeared, it had allowed Yue Zhong to defeat the Blood Eagle Riders and Grey Wolf Riders. They were extremely curious about these machines as it was obvious that these were not made in China.

Defeating the Grey Wolf Riders and the Blood Eagle Riders was a huge matter. Yue Zhong had thus thrown a celebratory feast, inviting all the officials to participate.

Yue Zhong had then introduced his subordinates from Hunan to Li Guang and Situ Jin, before pointing to Ji Qing Wu, “This is Ji Qing Wu! If I’m not around, she can represent me. If I’m not around and there are things you guys need clearance, you can run it by her. In this short period, I will be heading to Ulan Mountain Range. She will take over my duties here.”

Hearing Yue Zhong’s orders, the subordinates from Hunan had no issues. They knew fully well that Ji Qing Wu had been part of the first few members of Yue Zhong’s conquests and is a reliable partner of his. Many of them were in fact under her once and they knew her strength. Hence, there were no opposition to this order.

However, the people from the Central Plains had strange glints in their eyes. If it was Yue Zhong himself, they were definitely ok with him. However, if it were someone else, furthermore, it happened to be a woman, they were unable to accept it.

Li Guang, who had one too many drinks, could not help but blurt out, “Leader! Who is she?”

The moment he said, he regretted it a little.

Li Guang’s words caused everyone’s gaze to fall on Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong eyed Ji Qing Wu and spoke bluntly, “She’s my woman and my future wife!”

When Ji Qing Wu heard that, her face flushed slightly from the joy and embarrassment and did not refute him.

Hearing his words, the rest of the general from Central Plains did not have any more complaints.

Yue Zhong’s might was truly fearsome. Not only did he arrange for a large number of experts to be sent from Hunan, he also brought ammunition. Many of the Central Plains generals were full of respect and awe of him. Since Yue Zhong had made his decision, they could only follow his orders.

After the feast was over, Yue Zhong went back into his room and pulled out a Blood Lotus, hesitating for a while, ‘This time, the expedition might be fraught with dangers. I’d better take one first.’

Yue Zhong had managed to steal the 4 Blood Lotus seeds from the lair of the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger. He handed one to Ou Ming to run some research and one with the Long Hai City Research Center, while he himself was in possession of 2.

As to its effects, Yue Zhong was uncertain and dared not take it recklessly. Now that he had established so much, it would be a joke if he died from consuming something wrong.

In this apocalyptic world, there were many strange treasures that could empower people. At the same time, there were equally potent poisonous plants. Everyday, there would be people dying from mistaking poisonous flora as food. Yue Zhong did not want to be one of them.

The Blood Lotus was something rare and it didn’t seem to be plentiful. After a long time of research, all Ou Ming had been able to discern was that it was definitely not harmful to humans. It was just that the effects of it was uncertain.

Yue Zhong had been safe in Long Hai City then and thus there was no rush to enhance himself so he had kept it with him all this while.

After a short moment of hesitation, he popped it into his mouth.

The moment the Blood Lotus entered his abdomen, it transformed to a warm surge of energy and coursed throughout his body. It was violent, as though it wanted to tear apart his body.

Yue Zhong felt his chest aching badly and spat out a mouthful of blood. He thrashed about in his bed and smashed out with his fist as a powerful dark Dou Qi was sent out, destroying the door.



20 experts immediately charged out and surrounded the place. They only saw White Bones standing quietly near the door while Ji Qing Wu was hugging Yue Zhong who would not stop vomiting blood.

Ji Qing Wu ordered with a stricken expression, “Prepare yourselves! Sound the alarm! Everyone is to be on alert! Get Bai Xiao Sheng to send some men to guard the area!”


Upon her orders, Bai Xiao Sheng immediately led 100 peak Evolvers and stationed them at various places, heightening security.

Lie Ming Yi and Li Guang led their own troops and started patrolling. The entire Qi Mu Town was plunged into a nervous atmosphere.

The terrifying Blood Lotus was truly overbearing, causing blood to seep out his skin. He could not help but struggle in the pain. His entire body is heating up and even his perspiration was dyed with blood.

Ji Qing Wu watched Yue Zhong who was in obvious agony, her heart anxious. She was intelligent though and immediately thought of the Biological Armor, “The Biological Armor, it can save him!!”

She placed him down carefully and hurried to her own room, preparing to bring the Biological Armor over.

“No need! I can withstand it!” Just as she reached her room, she discovered that Yue Zhong had propped himself up and managed to holler hoarsely.

After trying his best for that single sentence, he closed his eyes and quickly channeled his Dark Dou Qi to refine the powerful effects of the Blood Lotus.

The medicinal effects of the Blood Lotus started to be refined by the dark Dou Qi, nourishing it and enhancing it.

Yue Zhong finally understood the usage of the Blood Lotus. It wasn’t meant to strengthen a biological entity but rather, its innate abilities. It might be the dark Dou Qi or some other inner strength, even some miraculous innate talents.

If it was given to someone who didn’t practise Dou Qi or an ordinary person lacking any innate abilities, their body would explode immediately if it’s not strong enough or bleed to death even with a high endurance.

Ji Qing Wu continued to hug Yue Zhong tenderly even as his pores ooze out dirt and blood, hoping to ease his pain.

After two hours, Yue Zhong slowly opened his eyes as a bright light flashed. An indication of yet another increase in his strength.

“Congratulations. Your dark Dou Qi has gained +2 enhancement!”

Within his mind, the notification rang out.

When Yue Zhong heard it, a smile broke out on his face, “Great! Now I can save on 4 points of skills.”

The dark Dou Qi was a powerful ability. Each time he channeled it, his entire body would be strengthened by many folds in a short time. The amount his body could be strengthened by was dependent on the strength of the dark Dou Qi. The more powerful his body and the Dou Qi, the more exponential the increase in strength.

With this dark Dou Qi skill, Yue Zhong’s strength had increased another level and he had another means of preserving his life.

When Yue Zhong opened his eyes, he immediately noticed Ji Qing Wu whose countenance was full of worry. He was immediately filled with warmth and tenderness. Although he wasn’t some saint, had killed many people and done many bad things, the fact that he still had someone who cared for him, caused him to feel contented.

Ji Qing Wu caught sight of Yue Zhong’s passionate stare. Her face flushed, intending to push him away, but at the same time, she was afraid of aggravating his injuries.

Yue Zhong looked at this incredibly beautiful woman in front of him and felt his heartbeat quicken. Initially, back at the university, Chen Yao and Ji Qing Wu were the top beauties of the school and were the dream girls of every boy. Yue Zhong had seen Ji Qing Wu a few times but he knew that they were of different worlds and that there was no chance of them ever getting together. However, he was now actually propped up on those tender legs of hers and he was incredibly excited at the twist of fate.

Yue Zhong struggled out from her embrace and reached to embrace her back.

Ji Qing Wu fell into his embrace with a whiff of her fragrance. She could detect his eagerness and her face flushed slightly, “No! Yue Zhong, you’re still not alright. I’m not ready as well. Once your injuries are ok and you’re back from the Ulan Mountain Range, I’ll give myself to you then.”

“Deal! You cannot go back on your word!” When he heard it, his heart leapt with joy and he hurriedly planted a kiss on that smooth face of hers before charging into the bathroom to clean himself.

By the time he had washed himself clean and ran out, the beauty was long gone. Yue Zhong stood there, forlorn.

Early the next day, Yue Zhong summoned Lie Ming Yi, “Do you want to be promoted?”

“I’m willing to die for Leader!” Lie Ming Yi was incredibly excited when he heard that and he immediately saluted him and announced.

Lie Ming Yi was an ambitious man who sought fame and fortune. He wanted to climb up and gain a post that was worthy of respect and admiration. Of course, he was enticed by a position that overshadowed most of the other subordinates of Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong fixed his gaze at him, “You know our rules! To promote, you’ll need to gain more merits! I’ll entrust you with some responsibilities If you can complete it, you’ll be the main commander of the Central Plains 1st Cavalry Brigade! If you think the mission is too tough, you’re free to turn it down. I hope that you can start organizing a guerilla troop, focused on destroying the forces of Manchuria, Turks and Mongolia! I want you to strike hard and fast, chipping away at their supplies as much as possible. Whatever means you have to utilize, you’re free to do so. I can give you 50 Evolvers and the necessary equipment and resources. Anything more than that, you’ll have to provide them yourself. If you can cause them so much trouble that it will be impossible for them to recover, I’ll immediately make you the commander of the 1st Cavalry Brigade! You’ll be in command of over 300 people! Next time, when it’s time to consider someone for the Regiment Commander, I’ll definitely keep you in mind!”

When Lie Ming Yi heard this, a strong sense of excitement and unbridled hot-bloodedness arose, “Your subordinate promises to finish this!”

Being ambitious required taking risks. Lie Ming Yi knew the dangers involved. However, he was fairly determined to complete it. After all, he had risked so much just to become a high ranking officer. He wanted to be part of Yue Zhong’s core team as well and be a part of the founding team of a future country.

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