God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 627

Lie Ming Yi was definitely an expert with a charm. He had brought his own 50 Evolvers as well as recruited over a hundred Hans who had recovered from their mistreatment and were vengeful against the 3 great factions. After that, he prepared enough equipment and led the men to set off.

Out here in the Central Plains, the usage of the Black Stallions was more widespread than cars. They didn’t need fuel and could eat anything. They would even eat corpses. On the other side, Yue Zhong led Bai Xiao Sheng and 50 Evolvers towards the Ulan Mountain Range.

Ji Qing Wu was an extremely capable woman with intelligence. After Yue Zhong left, she intensified the training of the Victorious Troops and according to Yue Zhong’s instructions, she quickly organized the Central Plains 1st Battalion made up of the old warriors.

Other than the reorganization of the army, Ji Qing Wu had managed to pull out 10,000 men to form a secondary troop and made them go through training. In the event that there was a situation, they could directly be drafted into the troops.

The secondary troops were mostly made up of civilian militia. In Hunan and Guang Xi, Yue Zhong had 20,000 elite troops but the secondary troops numbered over 100,000.

In this apocalyptic world, not only did the humans need to fend off against the Mutant Beasts and zombies. They needed to protect against other humans as well. Military might could not be compromised. The matter of the Blood Eagle Riders and Grey Wolf Riders being defeated by Yue Zhong soon spread all over the Central Plains.

Every single faction in the Central Plains began to take notice of the Great Han Alliance situated in Qi Mu Town and everyone recognized it as the 4th largest faction.

Every day, there would be wandering lone warriors seeking to join the Han Alliance. There were even a few smaller factions with dozens of people who quickly joined them, begging for protection.

Many still felt that it might not necessarily be better but since the other 3 factions were well known to be horrendous, the moment those factions attack, other than the women and kids, all the males would be killed. If not, they would be branded as slaves and treated as such.

Other than the Hans, the other lesser races also swarmed over to join the Han Alliance established by Yue Zhong.

The main difference Yue Zhong’s Han Alliance had with the Turks, the Mongolian Empire and the Manchurian Empire was the equal treatment of all races. Many of the sub-races and clans of the Central Plains had married and merged bloodlines and family lines so everyone was somehow already related to one another. It was hard to draw a clear distinction. Hence, many chose to rely on the Han Alliance.

Deep in the Central Plains, within a mansion, the Manchuria Emperor, Xuan Zhen, glared at his subordinate who was kneeling on the ground, “What? Yue Zhong had managed to defeat the Blood Eagle Riders and Grey Wolf Riders?! Is your news reliable?!”

The slave quickly kowtowed profusely, “I swear upon my life, my Liege!! This news is definitely correct. Your slave had managed to find this out after much efforts!”

“Damn bastard!!” Xuan Zhen gritted his teeth and smashed down on a table beside him, causing the table to shatter into dust.

One particular slave came up and said, “Your Highness! An envoy from the Mongolian Empire had arrived and requested an audience!”

Xuan Zhen’s face regained his ‘kingly’ aura and declared coldly, “So he’s finally here? Let him in!”

Out in the Central Plains, there was a vehicle convoy on the move, consisting of a large fuel truck, 2 gun-mounted vehicles and 10 Hummers. This was Yue Zhong’s expeditionary fleet.

Situ Jin pointed to a particular direction, “It would be Ulan Town right up ahead! After we cross it, we’ll reach Ulan Mountain Range!”

Yue Zhong sat in one of the Hummers and looked out the glass window, only to see multiple mountains in the distance formed and closely linked to one another, thus, its name.

The Ulan Mountain Range was one of the greatest protected natural locations of China. There were plenty of biological life forms within. It was a treasure trove of research for biologists and yet now, it had transformed to a hell for humans. The mutant plants within were the scariest.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Yue Zhong and the rest headed in and immediately heard dense gunshots. The intense gunshots rang out through the Central Plains, travelling far.

“Enemies!” Yue Zhong’s face turned and he quickly leaped out his Hummer.

Yin Shuang, who was in Yue Zhong’s arms, also stuck with him as he dashed out.

With Yue Zhong’s current strength, he could easily burst out with an acceleration faster than a Hummer. In fact, sitting in the Hummer was more dangerous for him.

At the same time, other than the 2 gun-mounted vehicles, soldiers quickly jumped out from all the Hummers while their eyes were fixed in front.

Without Yue Zhong giving the order, Bai Xiao Sheng had already led 5 soldiers with him as they charged towards the direction of the sound.

Not long after, a soldier came up to Yue Zhong and said, “Leader! It’s the soldiers from the Kingdom of God fighting against an unknown faction.”

“I got it! I’ll go take a look, you all wait here for further orders!”

With that, Yue Zhong brought Yin Shuang and quickly made his way forward.

His speed enabled him to quickly make his way up a hill, where Bai Xiao Sheng and the other 4 soldiers laid prone on the ground.

Yue Zhong also crawled and looked below, only to discover 2,000 Judges currently launching an attack on Ulan Town.

In the skies, 12 Tiger Assault Helicopters fired rockets without stop, blasting the structures of Ulan Town.

On the ground, a number of Howitzers and rocket launchers began to blast the town.

The entire Ulan Town was covered in a sea of flames and within the flames, there were some armed militants seen struggling. They were putting up a brave fight but under the intense assault of the Kingdom of God, they had no choice but to retreat slowly. When Yue Zhong saw this, they were already beginning to collapse, with a majority of their numbers lost and 2,000 Judges still making their way in.

Yue Zhong looked down and sighed, “We were too late!”

If they had been here a day earlier, they might have been able to cooperate with the militants in Ulan Town to fight against the Kingdom of God.

However, now, the Kingdom of God had already obtained victory and if Yue Zhong were to charge in right now, it was likely that both sides would suffer greatly.

It was a force made up of Judges after all. Each of them having undergone a job change and had combat strength vastly superior to an ordinary soldier. Furthermore, they were well-equipped with countless threatening and fearsome weapons and explosives. Even someone as strong as Yue Zhong might die if not careful.

Right at this time, something strange happened. A huge sea of something brown began to charge at Ulan Town from the distance.

“Level 8 Strange Beast: Mutant Army Ant! They devour everything in their path!”

Yue Zhong fixed his gaze on them, noting that each of them were only about the size of a human’s fist, and the swarm was frighteningly large. There was a strange sense of his hair standing, as he could tell that with the size of the swarm, it was like there were over a billion ants within. Such a swarm was even more terrifying than a horde of zombies

The 12 helicopters in the skies began firing down at the Mutant Ants, blasting them with explosives and fire, consuming the Mutant Ants.

Under that powerful assault, most of the Mutant Ants turned into ashes. However, all of a sudden, a particular Mutant Army Ant flew out of its swarm with wings! It flapped its wings before soaring towards one of the assault helicopters. These flying Army Ants began to fire corrosive acid to burn through the covers of the tanks, before using their sharp jaw to tear the armor open.

Not long later, the helicopters began to lose their outer hulls, as the Mutant Army Ants tore into the metal and ripped the pilots into shreds.

Following the miserable screams, the helicopters that lost their pilots began to wobble and crashed towards the ground in powerful explosions.

If the 12 helicopters had been utilized properly, they could easily turn the tides of any battle. However, such powerful equipment were actually torn like paper by the small Mutant Army Ants, causing Yue Zhong to feel a chill in his heart.

Yue Zhong looked at the 12 helicopters being destroyed and hurried gave an order, “Quick, retreat! Retreat!!! Bai Xiao Sheng!!! Lead the men away!!! Towards the North!!! Wait for further orders!”

Bai Xiao Sheng waved his hands and led the elites away from the place hastily. Yue Zhong’s body had evolved to a terrifying degree. It would be hard for him to protect his soldiers but if he was alone, he had confidence that he could break away if things get rough.

The Judges of the Kingdom of God within the Ulan Town had quickly received the news of the Mutant Army Ants colony and they hurried to escape from the town as well.

However, what caused them to be despondent was that all the tanks, IFVs and motorcycles had already long left the place, abandoning their own comrades.

The speed of the Mutant Army Ants was fast. Although their defence was weak and could be slapped to death by an ordinary person, their speed was fast, reaching 80km/hour and thus, the armored troops didn’t dare stay behind to wait for their friends.

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