God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 628

“Damn it! Those white bastards! They should all fucking die!”

“Fuck! Damn white apes! This senior had already given my life to them and they dared to betray us?! Fuck!!! If there’s a next life, this senior will fucking kill them all!!!”


The Judges that had been abandoned were the black and asian people.

In this apocalypse, whoever could provide the milk would be one’s mother. As long as one could live, there were many who chose to rely on their old enemies. Selling themselves out for foreigners wasn’t a big issue. Not everyone was adamant on nationalism anyway.

In the Central Plains, the Kingdom of God had managed to form a few units made up of Chinese. Now that the whole unit was in danger, the Europeans had chosen to abandon their comrades that weren’t of the same race as them.

One of them who obviously had a commanding aura about him hollered out, “Retreat! Back into Ulan Town! We will defend ourselves there! Only then there might be hope!”

Under his lead, the 2,000-strong unit quickly went back into the town.

The colony of Mutant Army Ants seemed to have smelled the scent of humans and began to swarm towards Ulan Town.

The Judges started firing wildly as they found positions.

Amidst the dense firing, many of the Mutant Army Ants were quickly killed but their speed was simply too fast. After paying the price of numbers, they managed to pounce onto a particular Judge and their sharp mandibles quickly tore into him.

“ARGH!!! IT HURTS!!! IT HURTS!!!” The soldier screamed out as a huge chunk of flesh were torn by the Mutant Army Ants. With a slap, he managed to flatten one.

“AH!!! AH!!!” However, when the ant was smashed, the innards splashed out like acid, corroding his right hand, causing him even more agony.

“NO!!! NO!!!” Right after that, a dozen other ants had pounced on him and were already tearing into him, as he screamed out and struggled futilely.

More ants swarmed his body, covering every inch as they bit him and the unfortunate soldier soon stopped moving.

By the time the Mutant Army Ants moved on, there was only a bunch of bones left, without a single shred of flesh.

Under the pressurizing march of the Mutant Army Ants, many of the elites of the Kingdom of God were quickly reduced to bones, their screams ringing out throughout Ulan Town.

“Should I save them?” Yue Zhong eyed the abandoned elites of the Kingdom of God, feeling conflicted. He then charged over towards the colony.

Seeing Yue Zhong approach them, a number of the Mutant Army Ants began to crawl towards him. However, Yue Zhong had already swapped out his Hurricane Necklace and activated the ability, sending gusts of tornadoes out in all directions, blowing the ants away.

The number of ants might be crazy, but their strength wasn’t too high. Thus, it was easy for them to be blown away.

By now, the gunshots in Ulan Town was practically deafening. There was no stop to them and all the Judges within were putting their lives on the line. They didn’t care about the expenditure of the bullets and their guns continued to fire without stop. Hand grenades were utilized freely, blasting patches of the ants to oblivion.

These soldiers were truly the elites of the Kingdom of God, if an ordinary person were to fight this seemingly unending swarm of ants, they might have lost all hope. However, these Judges were still fighting on with a resolute will and it was truly something to admire.

Yue Zhong blew a large number of ants away and this scene attracted the attention of the Judges in Ulan Town.

Yue Zhong barked out loud, “I’m Yue Zhong! I know you guys are the Judges from the Kingdom of God. I have an enmity with the Kingdom of God and thought they have abandoned you, I’m here to rescue you! Let me ask you this, if I were to save you guys, are you all willing to work for me?!”

Yue Zhong did not want to expend his strength for no reason so he opened with this negotiation.

“I’m willing! As long as you save this senior, this senior will definitely give my life to you!”

“Great! Yue Zhong, just based on your actions of charging here to save us, as long as you can cover this ass of mine, this senior will serve you for life!”


A number of the Judges began to shout back. After all, they had sold themselves to the Kingdom of God purely to lead better lives. There was no true loyalty in that sense. Thus, they had no qualms switching sides to serve Yue Zhong.

This was the problem with a lack of unity or bond. Such a situation would not have happened in the Mongolian Empire, Manchurian Empire or even the Turkic Empire. They were all of one race and one mind. The nationalistic view of their respective groups serve to bond the people together. Even if they were to be defeated, they wouldn’t serve Yue Zhong so easily.

Yue Zhong had captured many of the Mongolian elites, but almost none were willing to serve him. This was part of the advantages of being in a nationalistic group.

The middle-aged man who had first led the troops shouted loudly, “I am Chen Hong Yi, Deputy Commander of the Kingdom of God’s Mongolian Branch 2nd Battalion. Yue Zhong, as long as you save all of us, the entire unit here will serve you!”

“Good!” Yue Zhong waved his hands and sent out his Devil Flame, as a flaming tornado took form in his hands. He then slapped out at the hands and the powerful fire swept towards the colony and started to consume them.

To these Mutant Army Ants, the fire was their strongest bane. With a single sweep of Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame tornado, huge patches of the colony started to burn. The crackling of the ants in the fire resounded throughout. Just this attack alone easily caused over 3,000 of the Mutant Ants to be cooked.

After Yue Zhong had enhanced his Devil Flame to its Second Order stage, it was truly much more fearsome. He could conjure up a Devil Flame tornado without expending much Spirit. Because of this trump card, he dared to step forward to save the elites of the Kingdom of God.


“We’re saved!”


Witnessing this, the Judges quickly broke out in cheers. There were only 4 of them who had flame-based skills and even then, there was no way to compare against Yue Zhong. They knew that even if the Mutant Ants feared fire, they could not rely on their own flame attacks to defeat the ants.

“Gather towards me! All of you!” Yue Zhong looked everywhere and saw a patch of grass that had been cleared and quickly ordered.

Chen Hong Yi roared out loud, as he swiftly made his way towards Yue Zhong, “Everyone, blitz towards Leader Yue Zhong’s position!!! Everyone, on me!!!”

Gunshots, explosions and all sorts of abilities were launched as the remaining 1,800 or so swiftly broke through and charged towards the field.

Yue Zhong’s hands lit up as a long Devil Flame defensive barrier was conjured around the field.

The Mutant Army Ants swarmed over and surrounded the place. After waiting a while, they lost their patience and launched an assault.

The moment they went through the fire, their bodies started to burn as crackling sounds rang out, their bodies turning into ash.

The remaining soldiers continued to watch from their positions in fear, uncertain if they could hold out.

Should the Mutant Army Ants breach the flames, they would become food for them.

Although the Devil Flames did not seem to burn high, they burned strong, incinerating the tens of thousands of ants, without any sign of extinguishing.

As the ants continued to launch themselves into the fire, the flames continued to consume them. After burning for 20 minutes, half the colony had been wiped out and the remaining ants turned around, swarming towards another location.

Seeing this, the soldiers all heaved a sigh of relief. Many slumped to the ground, gasping for breath. Their backs were drenched in their cold sweat.

The retreat of the Army Ants left behind a huge amount of Survivor Coins, 20 White Boxes and a few blue crystals.

Yue Zhong, whose countenance was slightly pale as well, went to collect all the drops and walked towards the field.

Yue Zhong looked at them and declared solemnly, “I have already made good on my word! Are you guys willing to fight for me?”

One bearded and burly man laughed savagely, “Hahaha! Yue Zhong, you’re really stupid! You actually believed what we said? What a fool! I know you! You’re the highly sought after enemy of the Kingdom of God! As long as we kill you, we will be received into the European quarters and lead a good life! You have just used up so much of your strength, as long as we all attack you, we can become revered! Everyone! Attack! We’ll live like kings and enjoy ourselves!”

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