God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 629

The burly man was pretty insidious. Before he finished speaking, he had already retreated. He was extremely clear about Yue Zhong’s strength and he wanted to incite the rest of the judges in killing Yue Zhong, whereas he didn’t want to engage him personally. After all, no matter how strong Yue Zhong was, against 1,800- experts, it was impossible for him to win.

“If you want to enjoy riches, you must be alive to enjoy!” Yue Zhong activated his Shadow Steps and immediately made to grab the neck of that burly man, before pulling him out from the crowd.

His right hand then slashed down at the arm of the burly man, covered with Dark Dou Qi and combined with his 12-time Strength, he dismembered the burly man’s arm.

“Ah!!! My hand!!!” The burly man screamed out in agony.

Yue Zhong then flung the offender forcefully to the ground like a broken toy, smashing him. The impact caused the insides of the warrior to jolt violently and he began retching blood while twitching on the ground.

Seeing how vicious and decisive Yue Zhong was, the rest of the Judges sucked in cold air and retreated involuntarily.

Yue Zhong swept his gaze across the Judges, “Who else still want to try and take my head?”

One Judge came out and spoke loudly, “I’m willing to work for you! However, you must ensure that I’m fed! As long as I have food, I’m willing to serve you! Those assholes from the Kingdom of God do not treat us like people! If it wasn’t for the fact that I needed to eat, this senior would have long fallen out with them.”

In this apocalypse, many people were willing to go sacrifice or bend their principles just for a meal. Women were willing to sell their bodies for a single bun, while men were willing to bow and serve others just to eat.

The Judges present were mostly Chinese and many had been recruited by the Kingdom of God purely for the sake of survival. Their equipment were very ordinary ones, or those which had been disposed by the Kingdom of God. Most of the heavier and more powerful weapons were in the hands of the Europeans and thus, these Judges were usually treated as cannon fodder.

Under such circumstances, it was natural that these Judges were unhappy. However, because of their fear of the Kingdom of God, they didn’t dare to rebel and could only continue to serve obediently.

Yue Zhong looked at the elite soldier who had pledged his services first and said appreciatively, “Good! What’s your name?”

The Judge replied, “I’m Yu Wen Ying!”

Yue Zhong chuckled, “Alright, from now on, you’re a Battalion Commander of Major rank!”

He had always treated the first one to submit to him well, this would thus ensure the ones behind to be more motivated to do the same.

Yu Wen Ying immediately got down on one knee in joy, “Many thanks Leader! Yu Wen Ying is willing to die for Leader!”

“Zhang Wen is willing to serve Leader!!!”

“Liu He is willing to serve Leader!!!”


With a way out, many of the Judges began to submit to Yue Zhong. Since the Kingdom of God had abandoned them, they had nowhere else to go and could only choose to go with Yue Zhong.

Over 1,300 of them chose to follow Yue Zhong, whereas the remaining 500 stood by in 5 groups and watched coldly.

One burly man with a fierce face, eagle-like eyes and a hooked nose was silent for quite a while before saying, “Brother Yue Zhong! This time, I, Niu Da Li, am grateful to you for saving us I’ll be sure to repay this in the future. I’ll say my goodbyes for now! Brothers, let’s go!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed dangerously, “Wait! Niu Da Li, what did you promise earlier? Are you trying to go back on your word?”

Niu Da Li turned to stare at Yue Zhong, his own eyes flashing coldly, “Yue Zhong! We’ve gathered here amicably, let’s leave here amicably! Don’t force my hand! I know you’re strong. However, I have over a hundred brothers who’re willing to go through hell with me!”

Niu Da Li had over a hundred of elites of the Kingdom of God and he wanted to make use of this chance to start his own faction.

After he finished speaking, the hundred Judges stepped forward with their guns aimed at Yue Zhong and the atmosphere turned extremely heavy.

Of those who had chosen to submit to Yue Zhong, many hesitated. Only Yu Wen Ying and a dozen others raised their guns and pointed back at Niu Da Li.

Yu Wen Ying was of a mind to rely on Yue Zhong, whereas the rest were still unprepared for such a critical situation.

Yue Zhong then pointed to Niu Da Li and spoke coldly, “Since this is the case, you can take your 100 brothers with you to hell! Yin Shuang, wipe them out!”

“Yes! Father!”

Following a bright, clear laughter, Yin Shuang shot towards Niu Da Li like a tornado as a small fist blasted towards his head.

Niu Da Li was also a Level 30 Evolver and his danger perception was pretty high. The moment Yin Shuang moved, he was overwhelmed with hair-raising sense of danger and his hands had just moved slightly. However, Yin Shuang’s snow-white fist had already arrived at his head, blasting it apart.

Killing Niu Da Li with a single attack, Yin Shuang continued to fly about, her fists being weapons of mass destruction. They continued to rain blows on Niu Da Li’s brothers, causing many of their heads to explode in a shower of blood and brain.

“No!” After another 10 soldiers had their heads exploded, the rest of Niu Da Li’s men finally responded and they started to fire wildly in the skies to no avail.

Yin Shuang’s speed had already exceeded the sound barrier and the Judges having gathered together looked just like a bunch of fat sheep. In just 20 seconds, Niu Da Li’s 100 brothers were all wiped out. Not a single one of them could withstand a blow from her.

After she had easily disposed of those soldiers, Yin Shuang ran back to Yue Zhong with a wide and innocent smile, saying, “Father! Father! I’ve killed them all! Did I do well?”

The rest of the Judges watched in horror as this little girl in white with a sweet smile walked away from destruction and their skin crawled, as though they had just seen a demon.

Yue Zhong grinned and ruffled her hair, before giving her a lollipop, “Well done! My Yin Shuang is the smartest and the best! This is your reward!”

Yin Shuang grabbed the lollipop and leaped into his arms, before pecking him on the cheeks, “Thank you Father! Father is the best!”

As he held her, he turned around to eye the rest of the 400 soldiers still standing on the fence, “What are your plans then? Submit to me or choose to die here?”

The Kingdom of God elite soldier whom the rest had gathered around decided not to hesitate anymore and kneeled in front of Yue Zhong, “Zhang Liu Bo is willing to serve Leader!”

“Zhao Yi is willing to serve Leader!”

“Ma Dong is willing to serve Leader!”

“Liu Xuan is willing to serve Leader!”

The rest of the little ring leaders did not dare to bargain further and immediately submitted. They did not want to become cold corpses.

Yue Zhong asked, “Good! I want to know, why does the Kingdom of God want to attack Ulan Town?”

The Kingdom of God had a motive behind every operation. If it wasn’t for expansion, there must be some technologically advanced blueprint.

“Leader! I do not know! I think the same goes for everybody here.” Zhang Liu Bo hesitated before replying, “The Kingdom of God is cautious against us as we aren’t of the same race as them. We only have to follow their orders and the end goal or motive is never made known to us.”

Yue Zhong’s gaze fell upon Yu Wen Ying.

Feeling his gaze, Yu Wen Ying immediately responded, “Leader! It’s true! All the higher-ups in the Kingdom of God are Europeans. Our Chinese, Japanese, African, Thai and other counterparts are only eligible to become heads of our own units. All the secrets are held in the hands of the western people. They have never told us anything.”

The Kingdom of God viewed all other races with contempt. They would delegate tasks that they didn’t want to these people and would not tolerate their existence within the upper echelons.

Even within the westerners, there were different tiers as well. The highest level was the Aryans, while the lowest was the Jews. However, even then, the Jews were of a higher standing than any other non-white race.

Yue Zhong could not help but frown.

“Leader! I know!” Right at this time, a small voice resounded.

Yu Wen Ying cast a suspicious glance at that soldier as he reprimanded, “Yang Xiong! Are you for real? Don’t make some wild guess and mislead the Leader!”

The handsome Yang Xiong flushed as he said, “Yesterday, I slept with a white chick. She spoke some stuff in her excitement. Within the Ulan Mountain Range behind Ulan Town, there’s a hidden military facility. This time, we were sent here to obtain the equipment inside there!”

Yue Zhong immediately clenched his fist, “Indeed! They had also received the news then?”

The Kingdom of God had already begun large-scale revitalizing works and could manufacture things like the Thunder Fighter. However, they had to face the whole world, thus, they still required some of the legacies left behind from prior to the apocalypse.

They already had a large amount of info with regards to major facilities as well as satellites. This was how they could monitor the entire Earth.

Yue Zhong then asked, “To whom does the territory of Ulan Town belong to?”

Zhang Liu Bo laughed bitterly and shook his head, “Not too sure. Based on my conjecture, I think they should have been some Border Guards as well as some survivors.”

Yue Zhong then surveyed the area and spoke solemnly, “Yu Wen Ying, Zhang Liu Bo, Zhao Yi, Liu Xuan, Ma Dong, go get some men to scout out the town.”

“Yes! Leader!” The 5 of them immediately organized small search teams and set off.

Ulan Town still had a number of survivors hiding earlier but with the march of the tens of thousands of Mutant Army Ants, everything had been consumed, leaving only bones behind.

Seeing the bones, Yu Wen Ying and the rest had horrid expressions. At the same time, they could not help but rejoice for the timely arrival of Yue Zhong. At most, they could have killed over a thousand more but they would definitely have died if not for him.

Going back to Yue Zhong side, Yu Wen Ying had an unsightly expression, “Leader! It’s bad! All the rations have in Ulan Town had been consumed by the Mutant Army Ants. There’s not even a rat left. What do we do?”

Zhang Liu Bo and the rest also looked at Yue Zhong anxiously.

Each time the Kingdom of God sent a large convoy out, there would be food trucks that accompanied each mission. Since those trucks had been driven away by the other elites of the Kingdom of God and the entire ration supply of Ulan Town had been wiped clean, these ex-KoG soldiers were getting worried.

They had brought along dried biscuits and chocolates but it wasn’t much. Without enough nourishment, they would succumb to hunger and be unable to utilize more of their strength.

Yue Zhong pointed to one room, “Don’t worry about food! I’m prepared! The food over there is enough to last for 3 days.”

Zhang Liu Bo and the rest looked at the room suspiciously. They had searched the place once but there was nothing. However, since Yue Zhong said so, they could only send someone to go search.

Yu Wen Ying came out with an excited expression, “Rations! Plenty of them! Leader, you’re truly something else!!”

He had discovered over 3 tonnes of rice, which was enough to last them for 3 days.

The eyes of the soldiers were also filled with a newfound respect. They knew that it had been Yue Zhong’s doing. Being able to conjure up so much, it proved that Yue Zhong’s strength was unfathomable and his ways, mysterious.

One sentry came rushing up to the group, warning, “Not good! Leader! There seems to be a division making their way over here. Their aim seems to be the Ulan Town as well.”

Yue Zhong frowned, and walked over to the border, “What? Come with me! Make sure to maintain your cover. Don’t let the enemy discover we’re here.”

Coming to the side, Yue Zhong noticed a number of riders atop Black Stallions, kicking up clouds of dust as they galloped towards Ulan Town.

“The Gold Wolf Riders! The Turkish forces!” Yue Zhong could see the Gold Wolf emblem on the uniforms and his expression turned unsightly.

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