God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 630

“What should I do?” Yue Zhong pondered while clenching his fists tightly.

There were over 1,700 soldiers that were above Level 20. Their strength was formidable. However, in the earlier clash against the Mutant Army Ant, many have spent their bullets and abilities. Without their bullets, they were just ordinary Level 20 Enhancers.

Other than the lack of ammunition, many of the soldiers had taken part in the battle in Ulan Town. After that, the clash with the Mutant Army Ants had exhausted them. Furthermore, the most important thing was that, they had just swore fealty to Yue Zhong and he had no confidence of fully controlling these men. He was worried that the moment the battle turned for the worse, they might lose their will and order will collapse.

Yue Zhong then ordered, “Convey my order! Everyone is to hide and not to reveal your traces. Wait for further instructions!”

“Yes! Leader!” Yu Wen Ying and the rest quickly hid themselves in Ulan Town.

The Enhancement level of these soldiers weren’t high but they had undergone special training while under the Kingdom of God. Covering their traces while hiding was one of the basic skills.

Soon, Ulan Town became a dead town without any movements.

“This is Ulan Town!” Within the Gold Wolf Riders, one particular male who looked about 27 or 28, with a huge beard and a towering frame, muttered as he looked coldly at Ulan Town.

Another Turkic general spoke with a feverish look, “General Abudidama! This is Ulan Town. Once we have crossed it, we will have reached the Ulan Mountain Range. As long as we can gain that facilities’ supplies, our Gold Wolf Riders would become the strongest faction out here in the Central Plains!”

Abudidama was one of the strongest Evolvers in the Turk Empire. He and Dong-er Molei were 2 powerhouses under Wu-er Tuotuo. He had followed Wu-Er Tuotuo throughout all his battles and conquests and had torn countless experts apart.

For the mission to obtain the regiment’s worth of equipment, Abudidama had brought along 2,000 elites of the Gold Wolf Riders.

The possibilities on possessing an advanced battalion with sufficient supplies and firepower was endless. Yue Zhong had demonstrated this by making use of the Thunder Fighters he procured from Qi Mu Town. In that battle, because of the 8 Thunder Fighters, they had managed to destroy the Blood Eagle Riders and Grey Wolf Riders. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been that easy for Yue Zhong to repel those forces.

Abudidama’s cold voice rang out, “En! This time, the Mongol Empire and Manchurian Empire had also obtained the same news. We need to be the fastest, the first ones to obtain those supplies. Convey my order. No one is to remain in Ulan Town for more than a second necessary. We have to make haste for Ulan Town!”

One Turk general had an expression of concern, “General! Isn’t this too dangerous? What if there are people lying in wait for us in Ulan Town?”

Abudidama calmly replied, “Impossible! Those Mutant Army Ants had just gone through this town. Those fearsome creatures would have already cleaned the entire area of living things. Even if there were people here, they would be a pile of bones by now.”

The Mutant Army Ant colony was one of the most feared entities out here near the Ulan Mountain Range. Abudidama had come across them once and other than himself and a few other Agility-based Evolvers, everyone else had been consumed entirely. Remembering the terror that those creatures posed, he couldn’t help but feel a chill.

The Turk general immediately chose to kiss ass, “General is wise!”

Under Abudidama’s lead, the 3,000 Gold Wolf Riders immediately kicked up a cloud of dust and charged through Ulan Town, following the road towards the Mountain Range.

When they had left, Yue Zhong came emerged from a building. He had decided not to ambush them, because Abudidama would fulfil the role of being cannon fodder, testing the depths of Ulan Mountain Range.

Yue Zhong then gave an order to Yu Wen Ying, “Convey my orders! Everyone is to begin fortification works on Ulan Town! As for food and other resources, I will arrange for supplies to be transported here!”

There were all sorts of Mutant Beasts and Plants within the Ulan Mountain Range, and it was a good training ground. If those Evolvers of above Level 40 and above wanted to improve themselves, they could only head over to the mountain range to train.

Upon controlling Ulan Town, in the future, Yue Zhong could use it to produce Level 40 Evolvers.


Yu Wen Ying and the rest immediately got to work the moment Yue Zhong passed his orders and began work in Ulan Town. They had undergone basic structural works and practice under the Kingdom of God as well and many had tools on them. Adding on to the fact that they were Enhancers, their Strength being higher than ordinary people by more than 3 times, the works went easy.

At the same time, Yao Yao began to lead an expedition to transport resources and supplies from Qi Mu Town to Ulan Town.

Bai Xiao Sheng quickly brought 50 elites towards Ulan Town and Yue Zhong handed the defence of the town to him, before he chased after the Gold Wolf Riders by himself.

Yue Zhong was not confident in leaving the town to Yu Wen Ying and the rest. Hence, he got Bai Xiao Sheng and Yin Shuang to stay behind.

With Yin Shuang, that fearsome girl-demon staying put in Ulan Town, even if any of the soldiers from the KoG had any strange thoughts, they could only harbor it in their hearts. Bai Xiao Sheng and the 50 elites were thus also part of the control Yue Zhong had designated.

These 1,700 ex-KoG soldiers were all trained and changed classes to soldiers. With enough ammunition and supplies, they were fearsome soldiers.

They were not some motley bunch and although there were only 1,700 of them, with enough logistics and supplies, they could take down over 5,000 elite Japanese soldiers of the Takama-ga-Hara. Not even 10,000 ordinary soldiers were a match for them. The moment they came under him, Yue Zhong finally possessed enough manpower to go against the other factions in the Central Plains.

Since he wanted to power these 1,700 soldiers and didn’t want to abandon the regiment’s worth of supplies in the Ulan Mountain Range, he could only go after Abudidama by himself.

Currently, Yue Zhong had already enhanced himself to be equivalent to an elite battalion. It can be said he was a one-man army himself. He had the might to contend against small factions.

He did not have any Black Stallions but with his Swift Shadow Bike, he soon managed to catch up to the forces of Abudidama.

The 3,000 Gold Wolf Riders had been diligent and rushed all the way, choosing only to rest for the night at the foot of the mountain range. Abudidama had then brought them in after they were well-rested.

3,000 people proceeded slowly in the forest with all of them on high alert. They had followed the road that was already carved out, not daring to step out of line.

In this apocalyptic world, the forests and jungles were dangerous places. It is qual to city areas with dense populations. In the wilderness, there were all sorts of terrifying Mutant Beasts. If one wasn’t careful, even a peak-level Evolver could possibly die at the hands of a Mutant Beast.

The scent of these 3,000 people had obviously attracted some of the powerful hunters within the forest and following some rustling sounds and movements, multiple pair of eyes with ferocious glints stared out at Abudidama and his men.

Abudidama could sense the danger as a high-level expert and he instantly felt a bad feeling, “Not good! We have been targeted!”

“AHH!!!” At this time, from behind the troops, a scream resounded as a Mutant Wolf leapt out from the tall grass, pouncing onto one of the Gold Wolf Riders, tearing into his throat. The scream was the last sound he made.

At almost the same time, over a hundred wolves that had been hiding in the grass leaped out, and they begun to attack the various warriors of the Gold Wolf Riders, ripping their throats.

Over 200 members of the Gold Wolf Riders were taken out within that instant and some were even injured from the swipes and slashes.

“Damn it!” Abudidama was furious and he shot through the Mutant Wolves with his speed of 26 times, waving his gold-coloured curved blade as a number of sword beams slashed out at the Mutant Wolves. Many of them were easily slashed in two by him, their blood dying the ground red.

Yue Zhong, who had activated his Second Order Stealth and was hiding in one corner watching, felt a chill in his heart, “Agility-based Evolver! He must be a peak-level one!”

Yue Zhong’s own speed was 25 times that of a person, having exceeded a Type 2 Lightning and few Evolvers could match up to him. The fact that Abudidama’s speed could rival his and be even faster was proof that he definitely was an Agility-based Evolver that focused on the development of speed.

Abudidama entered the fray and together with a few other experts, they managed to quickly clear the Mutant Wolves pack. However, they paid the price of over 300 people.

“AH!!! Help! HELP!”

“Save me! Save me!”

Suddenly, screams of help erupted from the Gold Wolf Riders.

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