God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 631

Yue Zhong caught sight of countless Mutant Mountain Leeches the size of 3 fingers, falling like rain, landing on the bodies of the Gold Wolf Riders.

They crawled all around the bodies of the Gold Wolf Riders who were screaming out and struggling, helpless as they were sucked dry of their body fluids before crumpling to the ground.

The warriors of the Gold Wolf Riders tried to slap the leeches away to no avail. Each time they slapped out, part of their flesh would be ripped off together with the leeches, their blood flowing profusely. It was a horrific sight.

Another hundred or so of the warriors struggled frantically and were unfortunately sucked dry by these Mutant Leeches.

Just as these Mutant Leeches managed to suck those Gold Wolf Riders dry, they slithered towards the remaining Gold Wolf Riders with insane speed, looking like little snakes.

After their mutation, these Mutant Mountain Leeches had undergone drastic changes, reaching powerful suction speed and movement.

When they saw the emaciated corpses of their comrades, the Gold Wolf Riders were terrified and began to back up as they hacked and slashed at the Mutant Leeches, slicing them in half.

The life force of the Mutant Leeches were stubbornly strong. Even after being sliced in two, they still wouldn’t die. Many had even managed to latch onto more Gold Wolf Riders, their sharp teeth sinking into the bodies and began to suck greedily.

The warriors were getting frightened and many started to fire their weapons.

These Mutant Leeches might be small but their numbers were vast and the whole swarm of them moved towards the warriors, looking like a sea.



From time to time, screams would ring out from the group of Gold Wolf Riders, many of them becoming dried corpses.

Abudidama looked at the densely packed Mutant Mountain Leeches and roared out, “Guxianli! Eradicate these damned worms!”

Abudidama’s main strength was slaughtering on the battlefield. As for the clearing of such creeps, it would be like slapping flies.

One particular beautiful woman stepped out, her nose high and sharp, her skin fair. Her eyes were bewitching and her figure voluptuous. She waved her hands and a terrifying flame was conjured out of thin air, burning the entire patch of worms.

Those Mutant Worms were the most afraid of flames and the moment they were burned, they shriveled up and died, emitting crackling sounds as they were burnt.

In the Turkic Empire where experts were numerous, Guxianli happened to be a top expert fighting with fire. She was a Spirit-based Evolver, a genius amongst genius. However, her combat strength was slightly inferior to both Dong-Er Molei and Abudidama.

After eradicating the swarm of Mutant Leeches, the Gold Wolf Riders continued their advance. However, their morale was low. After all, they had not yet engaged in any true battle or fights, but they had already lost over 400 people with 50 injured. It was about 1% of their strength and they naturally could not muster any fighting spirit.

Abudidama looked at them and opened his mouth to say, “This time, everyone had worked hard. Once we complete this mission, I will ask the Emperor to open the Red Inn and let everyone enjoy themselves for 10 days!”

“What? The Red Inn! For real?!”

“That’s great! This time, I’ll definitely do my best for the mission!”

Hearing the words of Abudidama, all the Gold Wolf Riders became excited.

The Red Inn was a sort of attraction place of the Turkic Empire, where many beauties of different races and descent were placed. They were all beauties in the world before the apocalypse and each of them had the aura of top beauties. This place was only reserved for those who had obtained huge merits for the army and could enjoy the women inside.

When the Gold Wolf Riders heard that they were allowed to head to the Red Inn, everyone suddenly seemed to be excited. It was a sacred place where only generals were allowed. Now they could go and have a taste themselves.

The soldiers of the Gold Wolf Riders became excited and continued through the forests, easily defeating a group of Mutant Monkeys before reaching their destination.

Surrounded by many trees, a huge barracks the size of hundreds of hectares appeared in front of them.

Abudidama’s eyes narrowed and he saw 2 rows of tanks sitting neatly within the camp and his eyes immediately lit up in joy, “Tanks! We’ve struck gold!”

Out here in the Central Plains, a single tank possessed the strength to wipe out a faction of over a thousand people. Abudidama could tell that there were about 8 tanks right outside and there were definitely even more supplies within.

“Charge! Everybody charge in!” Abudidama roared out as he waved his curved blade, charging into the camp.

A regiment would not exceed ten thousand people. With Abudidama’s current strength, even if there were ten thousand zombies inside, it wouldn’t be an issue to kill them.

The 2,000-over Gold Wolf Riders immediately charged into the huge barracks.

The moment the forces of Abudidama charged in, they realized there were no zombies anywhere. Within the huge barracks, there were thick vines growing and large, vibrant flowers grew on them.

Abudidama had sensed a strange atmosphere the moment he stepped into the barracks and he was overwhelmed by a strong sense of danger, causing him to shout involuntarily, “Retreat! Retreat!”

Under his orders, the 2,000-over Gold Wolf Riders began to retreat out.

Right at this moment, a long vine covered in fresh and pretty flowers shot out and the huge flower seemed to bloom with life opened, revealing a deep dark hole that had no end and rows of sharp teeth.

This huge flower clamped down on the head of a few Gold Wolf Riders like a specter. With a powerful thug and a ‘kacha’ sound, the heads of those Gold Wolf Riders were torn from their bodies, their corpses slumping to the ground.

The rest of the Gold Wolf Riders began to slash the flowers with vigor. When suddenly, a few vines shot out from the ground, piercing some of the Gold Wolf Riders, absorbing their innards greedily.

In an instant, over 400 Gold Wolf Riders had their heads torn off by those fearsome flowers, turning into fertilizer for the monstrous Mutant Plants.

“Fuck!!!” Abudidama’s blade slashed out in bright flashes, chopping the vines while sounds of metal hitting metal resounded. The Type 4 Treasure that was his weapon had no means of cutting through those vines.

“Guxianli! Burn these fucking plants!” Abdudidama tried to dodge the attacks of the vines, as he roared out.

Guxianli’s eyes flashed coldly, as she retreated and waved her hands about, a strong flame tornado firing out towards the vines.

When the burning hot flames landed on the flowers, the vines instantly burnt and sounds of crackling were heard.

The vines seemed to be able to tell that Guxianli possessed the means to threaten them. Hence, all the vines near the entrance let go off everyone else and made to claw towards Guxianli.

Countless vines shot towards her, intending to slap her to death. Witnessing this, Guxianli immediately felt despair. Her ability was strong, but her personal combat skills were not as strong, the vines would be able to slap her into meat paste.

“Guxianli!” Abudidama roared out and finally revealed his trump card. His face turned pale as 2 sharp fangs revealed themselves in his mouth. With a flash, he disappeared from his location and surpassed the speed of the Mutant Vines, instantly appearing beside Guxianli and grabbed her to disappear from the location.

His trump card was the Second Order Vampire Transformation. Turning into a vampire could push his speed to an insane limit, reaching 34 times that of a normal person. His transformation gave him a speed that was even few times faster than Yue Zhong.

The speed of those vines weren’t slow and Abudidama was forced to evade as much as he could. In the end, he was still struck heavily by 2 of them, causing him to soar in the air for over 20m, spitting blood.

Abudidama didn’t dare to stay a second longer within the area of the vines and quickly appeared outside of the barracks in a few breaths.

The remaining thousand over warriors of the Gold Wolf Riders also ran out pathetically. However, just as they managed to escape, countless bullets rained down upon them, ripping into their bodies.

2,000 Manchurian forces had teamed up with the Mongolians as they established some form of formation, hiding behind cover as they fired bullets wildly at the Gold Wolf Riders.

Ao Dou stood with the Manchurian forces and cold out coldly, “Abudidama, I’m very thankful that you guys have fulfilled your roles as cannon fodder so perfectly. You’ve actually helped us discover the secret of this base! Now that you’re useless, you may die!”

The Turkic Empire had always been vicious and ruthless, killing many Manchurians as well as their elites. That was why Ao Dou was full of hatred for Abudidama as well.

Abudidama saw the numerous Gold Wolf Riders under him in their own pools of blood and roared, “Ao Dou, you fucking animal! You actually are in cahoots with the Mongols! You’ll die a horrible death! Today’s matter, I’ll definitely not forget this! You’d all better remember this!”

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