God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 632

Ao Dou laughed cruelly, “Hmph! This time next year will be your death anniversary! Abudidama, when you’re dead, I’ll help you ‘take care’ of Guxianli, I will get ALL my subordinates to help take good care of her!!”

Under that barrage of bullets, a large number of Gold Wolf Riders were riddled with bullets, and the remaining survivors quickly retreated back toward the barracks.

A number of snake-like vines wormed their way towards the soldiers, and the Mutant Man-eating Flowers bloomed and devoured the retreating soldiers.

“No!! No!!” One particular vine snaked around the legs of an unfortunate soldier and dragged him towards the flower to be consumed.

The Gold Wolf Rider turned to fire at them flowers and vines, firing madly. He managed to blast the petals and mouth of the flower, when suddenly, a huge sharp tendril shot out from within, piercing his throat.

After killing that Gold Wolf Rider, other tendrils shot out and pierced his body, as they started to absorb his bodily fluids.

“Go to hell! Go to hell!!” Another soldier that had rushed into the camp began to fire wildly at the Mutant Flowers, to no avail.

A Mutant Flower suddenly dropped down from the skies, enveloping the head of one Gold Wolf Rider, and with a ‘kacha’ sound, his head was instantly bitten off.

As the screams rang out, many of the Gold Wolf Riders were being killed off, their bodies devoured entirely.

“Die!! Die!!” One blade-wielding Saint Wolf Rider finally snapped, and he began to lash out, slicing out madly. Under his enraged attacks,nothing could not be destroyed.

After slicing through about 10 thick vines, over a hundred vines suddenly burst forth like cannons from all directions and pierced towards him.

The moment the vines attacked, they turned the Saint Wolf Rider into a sieve. Although he could easily slash through some of the vines, with an assault like this, it was impossible for him to evade.

Another Saint Wolf Rider utilized his Ice Manipulation skills and blasted out with his fists. A strong freezing energy enveloped one of the vines. At the next instant, with a loud ‘kacha’, the ice broke apart and the Mutant Man-eating Flower opened its huge mouth to swallow the head of the Saint Wolf Rider.

The entire barracks was like a scene out of hell, with numerous Man-eating Flowers gobbling up Gold Wolf Riders everywhere, and even the Saint Wolf Riders could not hold out any longer under the countless tendrils and vines.

Abudidama carried Guxianli and retreated all the way into the midst of the barracks, and felt his Stamina dropping like crazy. He could only roar out, “Charge out!! Charge out and have it out with them!! There’s only hope if we do that!! Saint Wolf Riders, on me!!”

The Gold Wolf Riders in the barracks all had bloodshot eyes, their expressions like cornered beasts, and with a resounding, unified roar, they all charged out.

They had been pushed to desperation, and remaining in the barracks would just spell death.

As they charged out, bullets met them.

The remaining 120 Saint Wolf Riders braved the rain of bullet, charging forth towards the Manchu and Mongol allied forces. Since they were already desperate, there was nothing to do except charge headlong.

These Saint Wolf Riders were all wearing Type 2 Mutant Beast hide and some other armor made out of high-level Mutant Beast hide. They could withstand ordinary bullets.

The dense barrage of bullets only managed to kill 20 of the Saint Wolf Riders, their bodies slumping to the ground.

The remaining Saint Wolf Riders managed to reach the allied forces and began to unleash a massacre on them. These were all enhanced above Level 20, and easily slaughtered 30 soldiers of the allied forces.

“Kill!” Ao Dou waved his hands and ordered coldly.

The White Armor Army’s leader, Ming Shu Wu, who wielded a large curved blade of over 2m led a hundred members of the White Armor Army and charged right for the Saint Wolf Riders.

Ming Shu Wu was an Agility-based Evolver and had over 18 times speed of a normal person. Each time he slashed out at his maximum speed, his strikes would exceed the sound barrier. As he met the Saint Wolf Riders, many of them were instantly sliced in half.

He was like a gust of wind, and each time he flashed past, there would be a spray of blood and a body that was split in half. It seemed that no one could withstand a single hit from him.

On the Mongol side, there was also a peak-level expert by the name of Hahn, who led his own forces to attack the Saint Wolf Riders.

The man called Hahn was a 2m-tall warrior who wielded a huge hammer of over 600 kg. In his hands, it was like a needle, and he waved it about easily, smashing his enemies into pulp.

Ao Dou and the general of the Mongol Army, Zheli Mu, just eyed Abudidama coldly. As long as he moved, they would join hands to attack him.

As a peak level Evolver, Abudidama was a threat and his strength was higher than most of the fighters on the field. The moment he escaped, the Manchuria and Mongol Empires would have another strong enemy to deal with. Ao Dou and Zheli Mu would definitely not let him get away.

Although they didn’t yet move, their fixed gaze was like a strong pressure on Abudidama. He was extremely clear that these 2 were just waiting for a good opportunity, to make him stay, once and for all.

Zheli Mu eyed Abudidama and called out, “Abudidama! I actually do admire you and your talents. If you surrender to me right now and swear loyalty to our Mongol Empire, I can let you and Guxianli off. Otherwise, today will be the day you die. You guys are still young, it would be such a waste to die here!! There’re countless things in this world still meant to be enjoyed!”

Beside Ao Dou, a crafty-looking man by the name of Niu Dong laughed out lewdly, “That’s right! Abudidama, even if you don’t care about yourself, you should think of Guxianli in your arms right? If you were to die here, and she lands up in our hands, all our brothers here will really ‘take care’ of her, you know? I wonder how long she will be able to last?”

Niu Dong was a lustful and low man, his mouth extremely sharp and poisonous. He was also utilized by Ao Dou to either convince enemies, or to curse at them.

Abudidama could not help but tremble slightly. If it was just him alone, he would definitely not think of surrendering. With his agility and power, even if he couldn’t fight them, he could definitely outrun them. However, with Guxianli in his arms, it was harder.

Ao Dou and Zheli Mu were both experts on par with Abudidama. Other than them, there was the White Armor Army, and the Qie Xue Army to consider. If he was surrounded, it would be impossible for him to break out.

Guxianli raised her head to look at Abudidama, and pleaded, “Dama!! I don’t want to die!! Let’s live on together.”

Some people would choose to end their lives themselves at the face of death, yet more would want to live. Even if it was at the cost of their pride and dignity, they would still want to live.

Guxianli’s words broke Abudidama’s final line of his psychological barrier. He really loved this woman, whose figure, behaviour and sultriness in bed thoroughly mesmerized him.

He gritted his teeth and made the decision, “Fine!! Ao Dou, Zheli Mu! I can take my men to surrender. However, you have to promise the safety of my troops and immediately cease all attacks!”

“Stop all attacks!”

With a single command, the allied forces stopped attacking the Gold Wolf Riders.

The remaining 300 Gold Wolf Riders panted, looking at their fellow comrades who laid dead all around them. Many of them weren’t willing to die.

One Saint Wolf Rider charged at Abudidama with a savage look, “Abudidama!! How could you betray us?! You fucking traitor!! I’ll kill you!!”

“We’ll kill you!!”

“Kill this traitor dog!!”


There were many loyal Turks amongst the Gold Wolf Riders, and they were of one mind for the revival of the Turk Empire. Witnessing Abudidama’s betrayal, they could not help but launch their attacks.

“Seeking death!” Abudidama carried Guxianli and his eyes flashed coldly. In a flash, he charged into the midst of the Saint Wolf Riders, slashing at the loyal Saint Wolf Riders and killing them.

After killing dozens of experts instantly, Abudidama kneeled in front of Zheli Mu on a single knee and proclaimed, “Abudidama is willing to serve the Mongol Empire!”

The enmity between the Gold Wolf Riders and Manchuria was extremely deep, furthermore, since the largest faction was the Mongol Empire out here in the Central Plains, it was natural that Abudidama chose to serve the Mongol Empire compared to Manchuria.

“Good! Good!! Good!!” Zheli Mu’s face had a smile, before it suddenly twisted into a savage grin, and he activated his own killing move, Second Order Explosive Fist. His right fist suddenly swung towards Abudidama’s head with a terrifying speed, as well as raging flames.

Since Abudidama was a peak Evolver, the moment Zheli Mu moved, he had already felt a premonition, and he twisted to evade the blow.

Unfortunately, Abudidama had kneeled on one knee, and although his speed was almost unparalleled, it was still slightly slow. The blow from Zheli Mu managed to strike his right shoulder. An explosive strength burst out, blasting the Abudidama’s shoulder together with the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide into pieces.

The flames burned his face, resulting in an ugly charred look. He could not open his eyes as well.

He gritted his teeth and bore with the pain, retreating backwards like a squid. He knew it was a critical moment and he might die if he wasn’t careful.

Abudidama retreated with his eyes squinted, and a sharp blade whistled through the air, threatening to split him at the waist.

Facing that impending blow, Abudidama was somehow still able to twist his body and dodge that powerful killing move.

“You can die without regrets!” Following an icy tone, Ao Dou immediately stabbed down with a silver curved blade, piercing Abudidama’s heart. With another bright flash, his large blade then split his body in two.

“Kill them all!!” After taking care of Abudidama, Ao Dou ordered coldly.

The allied forces then raised their guns immediately and fired wildly at the Gold Wolf Riders, who were caught off guard and died.

In an instant, the powerful Que Xie Troops and White Armor Army charged at the Gold Wolf Riders, targeting the stronger Saint Wolf Riders.

Ao Dou’s gaze was cold as he walked towards Guxianli.

Guxianli kneeled on the ground, her face full of fear as she pleaded, “Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!! I’m willing to do anything for you! You can get me to do anything. Please, don’t kill me!”

Ao Dou looked at her with contempt, “For such a woman, Abudidama actually died, what a fool.”

Zheli Mu laughed, “He’s truly stupid. With his standing, he could get any women he wanted, he actually lost his life for this bitch. What a waste. If it wasn’t for his stupidity, it would have been harder to kill him. Although she’s a stupid bitch, she actually did managed to help us with this, even though it was unintentional. Let’s spare her. She still has some use!”

Ao Dou looked at her and said, “Fine! Guxianli! We won’t kill you. Get up!”

Guxianli stood up, twisting her snake-like waist as she smiled seductively at Ao Dou, “Yes! Sir Ao Dou!!”

She had relied on her attractive charms to thoroughly capture Abudidama’s heart, keeping him deep in her pockets.

The allied forces thus wiped out the rest of the Gold Wolf Riders with ease, and there were corpses everywhere, with blood and organs splattered all around. A number of vines shot out from the barracks, piercing the corpses, sucking them dry.

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