God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Exploring Stone Horse Village

Chi Yang looked at Yue Zhong. Shaking his head he said: “I only saw that place from far away.”

Chi Yang hadn’t seen Stone Horse Village with his own eyes, and he refused to speak casually about it.

Yue Zhong looked at Guo Yu, and he said in a deep voice: “Guo Yu, go find someone who has been to Stone Horse Village. Tonight we will go to Stone Horse Village to check it out. If the terrain is as you say, then we will move our base there. You will also be promoted to an official member.”

“Yes! Captain Yue!” Guo Yu gave Yue Zhong a beautiful smile without equal. Becoming an official team member is something she attained by using her own strength and receiving Yue Zhong’s recognition. By becoming an official team member, she finally felt like she had entered the inner circle of Yue Zhong’s powerful group.

Yue Zhong sat in the Hummer, and Guo Yu was in the driver’s seat, concentrating on driving.

Driving a vehicle isn’t a hard thing. Only studying the traffic laws is a little troublesome. Guo Yu continuously works hard, and in her spare time she learned to drive.

“It is truly cute!” Sitting shotgun, Yue Zhong attentively looked upon Guo Yu in the driver’s seat.

Guo Yu had long black hair like a waterfall. She had soft and creamy skin like cow’s milk, making one feel as if a light pinch would make water come out. Her face was like carved from jade, her delicate beyond compare features carrying a trace of a young and tender aura. Accompanying her well developed fiery figure formed a charm that could cause a person to commit a crime.

Guo Yu driving added on an additional three times charm points.

Although Guo Yu was always at Yue Zhong’s side, but Lu Wen always glared like a tiger watching it’s prey. Therefore Yue Zhong never tasted this sweet Lolita. He has only held onto her and embraced her. As for Yue Zhong, that alone was an enormous joy.

Actually, before Z-Age, Guo Yu lived the life of a princess. Not only did she grow up with beautiful sex-appeal, but her father was also the mayor. She could have anything she wanted. If it were before Z-Age, an ordinary person like Yue Zhong wouldn’t even be placed in her eye. If it was a different world, Yue Zhong and Guo Yu would be two parallel lines that never intersected.

The more Yue Zhong looked at Guo Yu, the cuter he thought she was. He carefully looked at Guo Yu for a moment, then he turned and looked outside. If he continued to look at her, he wouldn’t be able to help but take advantage. She was just too cute.

One the road everything is quiet and still in the night of Z-Age. Yue Zhong’s Dark Night, night vision skill lets him see far away.

Guo Yu stopped the vehicle at an intersection, turning her head to Yue Zhong she asked: “Stone Horse Village is 2 km from here. Do you want to drive in?”

Yue Zhong looked at the black painted intersection, and he said in a deep voice: “Stop the vehicle!”

The sound of vehicles can easily attract zombies and mutant beasts. They would be easily attacked if they continued driving their vehicles into the village. It would be hard for Yue Zhong to bring out his full power inside the vehicle.

Guo Yu nodded and stopped the vehicle near the intersection to Stone Horse Village.

Yue Zhong, Guo Yu, and Zhang Nan who was a refugee survivor from Stone Horse Village headed out.

In the dark of night, a black figure shot forth from the underbrush towards Yue Zhong like lightning.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed a cold light. Using his Imitation Tang Sword, he split the figure in two halves, spraying blood everywhere.

Yue Zhong took a look, that extremely fast figure was a rat the size of a cat.

At that time, an extremely fast black figure rushed towards the mutated rat on the ground.

Yue Zhong’s brows wrinkled, and he kicked the black figure.

The black image was knocked back several paces with one kick.

Yue Zhong took a look, the owner of that black image had short black hair. It’s body was short and small, and its face had exaggerated features, it’s eyes were flashing hatred. It was a child holding a dagger.

The small child kicked up off the floor, and rushed towards Yue Zhong like a whirlwind holding the dagger.

“What fast speed!” Looking at the small child’s speed, Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with confusion. The small child’s speed was astonishing. The child’s speed could match an agility type S1 zombie.

Yue Zhong’s Agility has gone through continuous upgrades, and he already exceeded an S1. Looking at the dark-haired small child, Yue Zhong’s body slightly shifted, avoiding the small child’s attack. Yue Zhong grabbed the small child by the back.

The enormous evolver power of Yue Zhong bubbled out, and pressed the small child who was like an a civit cat to the ground.

The black haired child was constantly pressured to the ground by Yue Zhong. He ruthlessly stabbed his dagger towards Yue Zhong’s thigh.

Seeing the small child be so ruthless, Yue Zhong’s brows wrinkled. He sat on the small child, and he grabbed both of the child’s hands. Holding on them, he completely suppressed the dark-haired child.

Guo Yu grabbed a piece of rope and tied up the small child extremely tightly.

The dark-haired child struggled for his life, but didn’t say a single word.

Yue Zhong looked at the child whose eyes were written with anger. His brows wrinkled: “Mute?”

Yue Zhong looked far away, and he saw eight people rushing towards him like fire.

Seeing how exceptional the small child was, Yue Zhong’s heart started pumping. He hid Guo Yu and Zhang nan in the dense underbrush to the side.

The eight people came over from the side.

Yue Zhong looked through the gaps in the underbrush. He saw the eight people were all men. They all looked malnourished, and their clothes were in tatters. But all of their eyes held a mysterious light.

A large-sized malnourished looking man’s eyes flashed with madness: “This time, we will grab several easy marks and have a nice meal!”

A small and frail man licked his dry cracked lips and said: “What will we do if we run into that dark-haired little sheep again?”

A ruthless looking man said in a deep voice: “Kill him! He stopped us again this time. We will kill him together. If he doesn’t die, we will die.”

Another survivor lewdly continued: “This time if we to get several sheep, I want to have some fun! The last little sheep we ate, I got to play with her pretty rough. I heard in in the past she was an art student with a lot of ability.”

Yue Zhong was hiding in the brush. Hearing the absolutely horrifying words of the eight men, Yue Zhong’s mind flashed with murderous thoughts.

Yue Zhong had seen several types of cruelty after Z-Age, but eating people. This type of thing greatly exceeded his psychological bottom line.

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