God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 633

Ao Dou looked at the tendrils and vines stretching out all over the ground within the barracks and frowned, “Those Mutant Plants are truly something else, any suggestions?”

Zheli Mu thought deeply before replying, “Bullets! Weapons are ineffective. Fire, they seem to be afraid of fire! We can get those with fire-based abilities to deal with them.”

Ao Dou countered, “That may be true, but they are too numerous, even if all the flame users were to expend all their energy, it’s impossible to burn the entire thing.”

Zheli Mu laughed out confidently, “No need to worry! I’ve observed for a while. They might look like countless vines, in fact, they’re all from a single source. As long as we can take down the main trunk of the Mutant Plant, all the vines will die out.”

Zhemu Li didn’t only possess strength, he had high intelligence and was always observing the battlefield, quickly discerning the crux of the problem.

Ao Dou spoke solemnly, “To deal with those vines, ordinary soldiers aren’t going to be of help. We need to form a proper task force, and eliminate the vines before slowly making our way in, and destroying the main trunk.”

Zheli Mu nodded slightly, “En!”

If ordinary soldiers were to step up to fight against those vines, they would just die. Zheli Mu didn’t want to squander their lives just like that.

Ao Dou turned to glance at Guxianli coldly, “Guxianli, you’re coming with us!”

Guxianli replied warmly, “Yes!”

Soon, a force of over 200 White Armor soldiers and Que Xie troops were gathered, and led by Ao Dou and Zheli Mu, they entered the barracks.

The moment this troop of over 200 elites entered the barracks, countless vines and tendrils shot towards them.

This time, Ao Dou and the rest were prepared, as they got into a formation that supported and protected one another. With Ao Dou and another 3 powerful blade experts as the vanguard, they slashed through the incoming vines, constantly making their way deeper into the army camp.

The vines were being chopped up by Ao Dou and the rest, as they forcefully carved a bloody path towards the center.

Yue Zhong had activated his Second Order and was following behind Ao Dou.

After cutting through countless vines, Ao Dou finally managed to arrive at the deep parts of the camp. The troops immediately saw a huge tree that stood tall, reaching the clouds, with a trunk so thick that not even 20 people could wrap their arms around it. Numerous vines as thick as water buckets hung from the branches, as a number of Man-eating Mutant Flowers bloomed all over the vines. A strong flowery fragrance was in the air as well.

As they arrived in front of this strange giant tree, all of the people had shock in their eyes when they saw it. Not even Yue Zhong was unaffected.

On top of the tree, there was a strange woman with absolutely stunning looks that wore countless leaves woven together as a top. Her legs were uncovered, and her hair was a thick lush green color. Her eyes were clear, and her figure was extremely sexy and attractive. She looked down at the soldiers quietly.

Seeing such a beauty sitting atop the Mutant Plant that consumed humans, this caused everyone to feel a sense of shock and mystery.

The green-haired woman continued to eye all of them, her eyes sweeping across them, before landing on Yue Zhong who was hiding in a corner while in stealth.

“I was discovered!” Yue Zhong saw that he was found out immediately by the bewitching beauty and felt his hairs stand.

“Female Tree Spirit, a high-intelligence biological entity among the Mutant Plants.”

Yue Zhong looked at the green-haired beauty as a notification resounded in his mind.

As the beauty continued to survey the troops below, the vines on the tree did not attack them.

Ao Dou did not really react much to the beautiful tree spirit, instead ordering loudly, “Guxianli!! Set fire to the tree!! Hurry!!”

“Yes!” Guxianli gritted her teeth, and activated her Flame Manipulation. A powerful fiery tornado conjured out of thin air and shot towards the trunk of the tree.

With Ao Dou in the centre, 7 other Enhancers with Flame Manipulation skills began to fire at the huge tree trunk.

As the flame skills blasted the huge tree, it began to catch fire and burn.

The seemingly immobile vines immediately shot towards the people below. Ao Dou and the rest began to exhibit their skills and abilities, chopping the various tendrils and vines.

The green-haired beauty had a cold look flash past her eyes, and she leaped up, emitting a sharp howl towards the skies.

Immediately after that call, numerous round fruits of about 1.45m dropped down from the tree, landing on the ground.

When they landed, they split apart to reveal strange creatures within with yellow hair, ugly looks, green skin, thick and coarse legs, as well as sharp claws.

“Level 30 Strange Beast, Low Level Treant! Extremely agile, its sharp claws can tear an armored vehicle apart!”

When they appeared, they immediately charged right at Ao Dou and the rest, a number actually routed around them and aimed for the allied forces outside.

With a flash of his silver curved blade, Ao Dou managed to kill another 3 low-level Treants, as he shouted out, “Set fire!! Set fire and burn that damn tree!!!”

Guxianli and the rest of the Enhancers quickly channeled their abilities, and sent as much as flames as they could towards the huge towering tree.

Under the burning, the huge Mutant Tree seemed to be writhing in agony, thrashing about, as countless fruits rained down on the ground.

As the fruits landed, more treants jumped out, and immediately launched an assault on the soldiers.

They were incredibly ferocious, and their combat strength high.As they surrounded the warriors, some of the Evolvers began to suffer serious injuries.

One particular Enhancer managed to kill one of the low level treants, but immediately, 7 pounced on him. Beside him, there were 2 other experts, 1 used his blade to kill a treant, while the other swung his hammer to send another flying. However, the rest of the 5 managed to latch onto the unfortunate warrior, and tore into his head with their sharp claws, twisting and slicing his head off.

The remaining treants then leapt to the sides, jumping onto the dead warrior’s comrades, and did the same to them, sticking their claws into the necks and decapitating the warriors.

These low level Treants continued to attack Ao Dou and the rest. There were a few that swarmed towards Yue Zhong, together with a few thick vines.

Yue Zhong looked at these low level Treants and a strong killing intent burst out of him. He whisked out his Level 5 Black Tooth Blade, and sent out a few blade beams at the tree vines.

With the sharpness of the Black Tooth Blade, the vines and treants were all chopped in two.

“Yue Zhong!!!” This action immediately shocked Ao Dou, as he turned around to ascertain that the man wielding the Black Tooth Blade was really the greatest enemy of their Manchuria Empire.

Ao Dou looked at Yue Zhong, a chill creeping in his heart, “He had always been following behind us, and we actually did not discover anything! He’s too frightening!”

Ao Dou’s danger perception was extremely acute, and he actually did not discover someone following them from behind. This caused some fear to take root.

Right now, the low-level Treants dropping from the huge Mutant Plant was growing in numbers, reaching over a thousand. At the same time, there were others converging on their location from all directions. It seemed that it was an impossible battle.

Ao Dou was being bogged down by those Treants, and had no way of attacking Yue Zhong.

He immediately changed his way of thinking and his voice rang out, “Leader Yue ZHong! Why don’t we work together to eradicate these evil things? Our enmity can be left to when we leave this place, how about that?”

These low-level Treants were currently the headache for both sides. If Ao Dou and the rest did not take down the tree, they would all die. Upon weighing the pros and cons, he made the decision to forget about their enmity and focus their strength on taking down the huge Mutant Tree.

Yue Zhong also barely paused for a moment and came to a decision, “Alright! I’ll help you guys out!!”

Yue Zhong pulled out his Electromagnetic Gun, and fired at the trunk of the huge tree.

A terrifying burst of light exploded on the tree trunk, directly piercing it, forming a hole the size of an adult fist.

The wound immediately began to ooze with green sap, as though it was injured heavily, just like a person.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, as he waved his blade to chop the vines away, instantly killing many of the low level Treants. His right hand continued to fire, as many burst shots from the Electromagnetic Gun continued to fire holes into the tree trunk.

As more holes appeared in the tree, the tree trunk begun to bleed more furiously, trembling uncontrollably. More Treants continued to drop from the tree.

As the beautiful Female Tree Spirit looked on, its face flashed with anxiety, and it suddenly emitted a loud shriek towards the skies.


Suddenly, from the roof of the tree, 6 huge round fruits about 8m each dropped down.

These fruits split apart, revealing 6 powerful looking treants, of about 8m and bark covering everywhere.

“Level 80 Strange Beast: High Level Treant, possessing incredible defense and combat strength.”,

The 6 Treants immediately charged forth at Ao Dou and the rest like tanks.

Although these 8m-tall Treants were huge, their movement was incredibly agile, and they burst forth with 18 times speed of a normal person. They charged right through the troops and immediately began to massacre the soldiers.

The various abilities of air, wind, ice and flames all continued to blast at these high level Treants, causing their bark to chip and fly away. However, a single fist of these Treants could instantly flatten the soldiers into meat paste.

“Go to hell!!” 4 Enhancers with large blades immediately charged forth at one of the high level Treants without fear, slashing at its legs. They were all Strength-based Enhancers, and after activating their ability, they had dozen times Strength. With each slash, they could easily slash apart an armored vehicle.

The 4 large blades only managed to slice into 1cm of the bark of the Treant, and could not penetrate further. The high level Treant coldly slapped down with its hands, and instantly pulverized the 4 Enhancers into meat paste.

The attacks of these Enhancers had no way of breaking past the defence of the Treants. As long as they charged forwards to attack, they would almost instantly be slapped dead.

The 6 powerful treants managed to breach the formation of Ao Dou’s troops, and many of them were forced to flee in different directions, before being surrounded and ripped apart by the low level Treants.

The flame users were the targets of those 6 high level Treants, and the moment they charged through the troops, they made a beeline for the flame users!

“No!!” Despair was written all over Guxianli’s face, but before she could do anything, a huge palm came down from the sky and flattened her into a meat paste.

The rest of the flame users were also quickly killed by these high level Treants/

“Damn it!!! Damn it!! Damn beasts!!” By now, Ao Dou’s eyes were bloodshot and he had charged in front of a high level Treant like an enraged bull, slashing out furiously. His silver curved blade unleashed a few more blade beams onto the thick legs of the Treant.

The silver blade beam managed to leave a deep 1m scar on the legs of the Treant, but it didn’t seem to affect the Treant, which shot out a palm to slap towards Ao Dou.

A bright shield suddenly appeared in front of Ao Dou, defending him.

The huge palm slapped onto the bright shield, which trembled a little, before it crumbled and disintegrated under the absolute strength.

Ao Dou then borrowed that moment of reprieve to retreat backwards rapidly.

Right at this time, 10 low level Treants pounced towards Ao Dou. As long as he was subdued by them, the high level Treant could easily flatten him into meat paste.

“Mad Bull Charge!!”

At this critical moment, Ao Dou roared out in rage and activated his skill, his entire person seemingly charging towards the distance in fury.

2 low level Treants were instantly sent flying from his charge, however, they managed to tear apart his clothes with their claws, revealing the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide within his clothes.

Ao Dou charged out for 30m, before he pulled out his silver curved blade and fired a few more blade beams to escape out.

The high level Treant that had been slashed by Ao Dou quickly grew a new layer of bark over its wounds, and within 20 seconds, it had recovered fully.

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