God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 634

The 6 Treants all had monstrous strength, formidable defense, as well as perverse recovery. They were even more fearsome than L4s. The experts of the White Armor Army and Que Xie Troops could only flee and evade.

Right now, the entire military base was crawling with those low level Treants, and the warriors of the allied forces had to deal with the random assaults from them. Every step they took was fraught with danger. They were surrounded on all sides, and would be slapped to minced paste the moment they got caught by the high level Treants.

Yue Zhong wielded his Electromagnetic Gun and continued to fire at the tree trunk without stop. Each blast caused more holes, with sap oozing out without stop.

Yue Zhong’s marksmanship was extremely accurate, and he continued to fire up the tree trunk in a single line, causing a huge tear in the Mutant Plant. If he continued this way, he would definitely be able to cause the tree to be split.

Currently, he had activated Shadow Steps and Bone Encompassing Armor. The layer of bone carapace covering him would constantly sliced out with 10 sharp bone blades, twisting and slashing the vines and low level Treants trying to surround him.

Since Yue Zhong and White Bones were linked mentally when he activated Bone Encompassing Armor, he could also hand the control of the armor to White Bones, allow it to battle automatically. It was truly overpowered. It was precisely due to this skill and utilization of it that allowed him to fully focus on damaging the Mutant Plant while under the attacks of the Treants and vines.

Outside the camp, there could be loud and rapid gunshots heard, it was obvious that the allied forces outside were facing off against the treants.

It seemed that there were a large number of humans being torn apart by the Treants and vines every second, as both battlefields became even more intense.

Feeling the threat of Yue Zhong, 2 of the high level Treants came charging towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong felt a chill in his heart when he saw them coming towards him, and he disappeared from his location. He started to weave in and out of the swarm of low level Treants, all the while firing at the gigantic Mutant Plant.

He activated his Shadow Steps, pushing his speed to 30 times that of a normal person, and as the Treants were only 18 times as fast as a person, while they might be terrifying to most ordinary soldiers, they could not compare with Yue Zhong.

Those low level Treants that tried to surround him were instantly sliced apart by the bone blades emerging from him. Even if they were fortunate enough to hit Yue Zhong, they could only cause small white scars on the bone carapace.

A number of blood-filled corpses were sent flying through the skies, while Yue Zhong weaved in and out of those.

“Strong!” Ao Dou looked at how easily Yue Zhong was handling himself, and his face fell.

Ao Dou was also a peak level Evolver, but against the multitude of attacks from these low level Treants, he had to exert all his might. Even then, he felt at a disadvantage. His body was ridden with wounds and scars, and if it weren’t for the protective Type 3 Mutant Beast covering, he would have been split apart countless times.


The Electromagnetic Gun fired out over a hundred beams, and finally, the extremely valuable Type 3 Nuclei within it shattered after dimming, turning into dust.

Yue Zhong swiftly switched out another Type 3 Nuclei. Each of these were extremely precious, but under the current circumstances, he could not afford to care.

He swiftly resumed his firing and soon expended the 2nd Type 3 Nuclei. By now, the huge Mutant Plant had lost most of its vitality. Many of the vines had crumpled to the ground, and the numerous Mutant man-eating flowers had wilted and dropped to the ground.

The green-haired Tree Spirit who was atop the tree had a huge change in expression as she caressed the tree, her eyes full of tears as she seemed to speak to the Mutant Tree in some strange language.

“It’s time!” Yue Zhong looked as the countless vines drooped, his eyes flashing, and he charged towards the trunk.

A number of the low level Treants roared out and tried to block in front of him, but were quickly sliced apart due to his strength.

It was as though the 4 high level Treants could detect Yue Zhong’s intentions, as they quickly let go off their current targets, and made their way towards him swiftly.

Yue Zhong appeared right in front of the tree trunk in the blink of an eye, the bone spike beneath his feet shooting out. It supported his climbing up the trunk, as he made for the green-haired Tree Spirit.

He already had the young Mermaid Queen Hai Lan, and the young zombie girl Yin Shuang, he knew that these strange biological entities of the apocalyptic world were powerful and had high intelligence. If he could control them, he could utilize them well in future battles.

The green-haired Tree Spirit looked at Yue Zhong, a strange rune shooting out from between her brows with bright green radiance, and Yue Zhong raised his right hand to deflect it.

“So you still have some moves left!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed, and he activated his Gravity Manipulation.

A two-fold gravity suddenly enveloped the Tree Spirit, her body trembling slightly and the green radiance dimmed.

Yue Zhong then sent out a fist with a speed that broke the sound barrier, together with his Dark Dou Qi, and his might caused the green radiance to be shattered. He then grabbed the woman’s neck, and a strange and smooth sensation travelled up his fingertips.

Yue Zhong eyed the Tree Spirit, his voice icy cold, “Do you understand my words?”

There was a look of fear on her face, her lips did not move, but a mental message appeared in Yue Zhong’s mind, “Of course I understand! Human, don’t kill me!! I don’t want to die!!”

Yue Zhong looked at her, his heart full of joy, but he maintained his mask of indifference and threatened, “I won’t kill you! But from today onwards, you must listen to my every command!!”

She immediately replied, “Alright!”

Yue Zhong pointed to the countless treants below, “Can you control them?”

She replied, “Yes! As long as they’re from the mother tree, all treants, tree spirits are under my command.”

“This time, I’ve gained a treasure!!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with excitement.

The number of treants below was staggering, reaching over thousands, and were all strange beasts of over Level 30. The 6 high level Treants were even more terrifying, and the White Armor Army and Que Xie Troops could not do anything to them. This was a mighty force, and the moment it came under Yue Zhong’s control, his military might gained another boost.

The green-haired Tree Spirit eyed Yue Zhong and asked, “Do you want me to order them to stop?”

Yue Zhong looked at the elites of the White Armor Army and Que Xie Troop struggling, and ordered coldly, “There’s no need! Order your subordinates to wipe them out!”

These White Armor and Que Xie warriors were all irritating Enhancers to deal with. If he allowed them to live, in the future, there will be countless warriors that might fall at their hands. Since there was a chance now, Yue Zhong would rather eradicate them.

The Tree Spirit eyed Yue Zhong with a look of understanding, saying, “Yes!”

Yue Zhong eyed the dying troops below, and spoke, “You mentioned the mother tree, is it this Mutant Plant?”

The Tree Spirit’s eyes dimmed as she looked at it, before looking at Yue Zhong, tears flowing down her cheek, “Yes! It had already been killed by you!”

Hearing her cry, Yue Zhong felt ashamed. When he had treated it as an enemy initially, he had not held back and was focused on destroying it. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had destroyed its life essence, it would not have been easy for him to capture this beautiful Tree Spirit in front of him.

With the death of the mother tree, the vines had withered, that was how Yue Zhong could get close to the mother tree and the Tree Spirit. If it wasn’t dead, with the protection of the countless vines, Yue Zhong would never have been able to take a step close.

Yue Zhong was slightly embarrassed and asked, “Can the mother tree recover?”

The beautiful Tree Spirit hesitated before replying, “It can! As long as its core is undamaged, it can grow again! However, it requires a large amount of nourishment in blood to swiftly grow. It also requires flesh and blood to produce those treants.”

Yue Zhong pointed at those 6 high level Treants and asked, “What are the conditions in producing those Treants?”

The might of the 6 Treants was terrifying, and they were like 6 humanoid tanks. If a 100 of them could be produced, then against zombies, humans, or any Mutant Beasts, it would be an overpowered trump card.

The beautiful Tree Spirit said, “The production of those high level Treants is extremely difficult. The mother tree would require to swallow a large amount of blood essence as well as special materials and infected bodies. It would be even tougher to produce anything larger or more powerful. It would require at least a month’s time as well as enough blood essence, special materials and nuclei. My mother tree had never produced a Treant General before, otherwise, you guys wouldn’t be able to defeat me..”

“Strong!! This time, I truly obtained a treasure!” When Yue Zhong heard it, he looked at this beautiful Tree Spirit, and smiled, “From now on, you’re my subordinate. Do you have a name?”


Yue Zhong chuckled, “Then, you’re called Bi Lǜ from now on.”

Bi Lu nodded slightly, “En! I’m called Bi Lǜ.”

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