God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 635

Yue Zhong eyed Ao Dou below and pointed at him while giving Bi Lǜ a command, “Get 4 of the high level Treants to surround that one and kill him!”

Ao Dou was truly a peak Evolver, having survived countless attacks even when surrounded by those low level Treants. He was still slashing out at them, while dodging the attacks of the single high level Treant. The silver curved blade in his hands slashed out with multiple blade beams, slicing up the little treants. It was a spectacular sight.

The allied forces had another peak level expert outside, Zheli Mu, who had been beaten badly by the 3 large Treants outside. He had then utilized some strange skill to disappear from his location.

Bi Lǜ replied softly, “En!” before pointing at Ao Dou.

At that moment, 4 of the large Treants threw aside their targets and made for Ao Dou in a mad dash.

Ao Dou was not stupid, the moment he saw Bi Lǜ standing with Yue Zhong, he felt a bad premonition arise in his heart, and he shouted, “Leader Yue Zhong, let us leave here alive! As long as you do, from now on, our Manchu Empire will be your Great Han Alliance’s friend!!”

The corners of Yue Zhong’s mouth twitched in a cold smile. This Ao Dou looked like a valiant warrior, but he was in fact pretty crafty.

Ao Dou had lured Abudidama into surrendering, then went back on his word and executed him just because there was no certainty of his loyalty. This had already showcased his viciousness and craftiness. Yue Zhong would definitely not let this tiger back into its mountain.

Yue Zhong looked at the countless warriors being torn apart and replied coldly, “Ao Dou! There’s no need for more bullshit! Today will be the day you die! At least you won’t be alone down in the Yellow Springs! Your subordinates will follow you!”

Ao Dou continued to slash at 8 low level Treants and shouted back, “Yue Zhong! Those who aren’t of our race will be treated as such! You have colluded with these strange beings, you will definitely not have a good ending!!”

Yue Zhong laughed coldly and pulled out his Electromagnetic Gun and aimed, “The one who will not have a good ending is you!”

Ao Dou immediately felt a surge of danger in his heart, he had seen for himself the might of the Electromagnetic Gun. A single shot could cause him to explode.

With his attention on Yue Zhong, he lost concentration for a moment was slashed on the face by a low level Treant, a huge chunk of meat torn from his face.

The 4 high level Treants quickly surrounded him.

“Damn it!! Yue Zhong, I’ll let you witness my true strength! As long as I escape from here, you and I will forever be enemies!! Berserker Transformation!!”

With a loud roar, a powerful blood-coloured Dou Qi surrounded Ao Dou, as his muscles became taut, and his veins threatened to pop. His eyes became bloodshot, and his entire being emitted a violent and oppressive aura. He had activated his strongest skill, Second Order Berserker Transformation.

Ao Dou was, after all a, peak expert, his natural awakened ability was the Second Order Berserker Transformation, furthermore he cultivated in the Battle Blood Dou Qi ability.

The moment he activated his Berserker Transformation together with his Battle Blood Dou Qi, his entire being would go through a scary change. Even a Type 2 Mutant Beast would explode from a single fist of his.

However, while the might of the skill was strong, its backlash was equally terrifying. Ao Dou’s Endurance was not strong enough to withstand the backlash from the simultaneous usage of both skills. After the skills ended, he would always suffer from the pain, and he could not recover from the injuries for at least half a year.

Upon activating both the Berserker Transformation and Battle Blood Dou Qi, he instantly soared to possessing a 27-times speed, and made his way for the exit. The silver curved blade in his arms slashed out constantly, and the low level Treants around him were sliced to pieces before even getting close to him.

The moment he reached his peak combat ability, the low level Treants could not do anything to him. While the 4 high level Treants were terrifying, their speed could not compare to Ao Dou after utilizing his skills, and could only watch helplessly as Ao Dou continued to flee.

Just as he was about to escape successfully, a small odachi appeared out of nowhere, slashing down at Ao Dou’s body.

“Who?!” Ao Dou roared out in anger, pushing the Battle Blood Dou Qi to its maximum, and twisted slightly while still fleeing.

The odachi that had a strange dark light trailing behind it also gently twisted, tearing into the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide on Ao Dou’s body, and slashed out a large wound in his waist, causing him to bleed.

After successfully landing this hit, Tenpyo Saka, who was the assassin in the dark leaped gracefully, and disappeared into the darkness again.

“Fucking die!!” Ao Dou’s eyes were bloodshot as he bore the pain and sent out a few blade beams in her direction.

Ao Dou was one of the top experts of the Manchu Empire, and after he gained the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide, no one could hurt him. However, he actually suffered a blow from Tenpyo Saka, even if he made it alive, with his current injuries, he would not recover properly within a year. This enraged him to no end.

Ao Dou’s slashes carried with them terrifying force, empowered by the tyrannical Battle Blood Dou Qi, and they could even slash through Type 3 Mutant Beast hide. They were not something Tenpyo Saka could possibly withstand. He wanted to kill her instantly with this strike.

Suddenly, he felt an intense sensation of danger, and had to twist his body once more, as a bright light flashed and his right hand was blasted into pieces.

“Yue Zhong!! I’ll remember this!!” Ao Dou roared out in pain, and didn’t dare to chase after Tenpyo Saka, instead, turning around to flee, in a few seconds, he disappeared.

Yue Zhong saw how Ao Dou flee without carrying for the troop, and could not help but frown at his decisiveness, “This fellow is truly ruthless!! He could abandon all his subordinates!”

Outside the army camp, there were still a thousand soldiers of the allied forces. Ao Dou could actually bear to abandon them and flee on his own, it showed his callousness.

Bi Lǜ asked Yue Zhong, “What do we do with the people outside?”

Just like Hai Lan and Yin Shuang, Bi Lǜ had no particular attachment to human lives. As long as Yue Zhong gave the order, she would not hesitate to pass the order to eradicate the allied forces.

Yue Zhong pondered for a moment, before hugging Bi Lǜ close to him and leaped down the tree, “Follow me!”

Bi Lǜ settled in his embrace without a look of shyness on her. She was incredibly calm.

The moment Yue Zhong landed, all the low level Treants parted, forming a path for him.

The 6 high level Treants also stood by one side obediently.

Yue Zhong carried Bi Lǜ out the camp, only to come across the allied forces being forced back by the low level Treants. Many had been sliced apart by the treants, while many others were desperately fighting back.

Yue Zhong eyed the troops and ordered coldly, “I’m Yue Zhong! I’m now ordering you to throw down your weapons, and surrender unconditionally. Otherwise, you will all die here today!”

One of the commanders, Cheng Ye Shu, hollered, “Don’t listen to his bullshit! Kill him! Everybody attack! As long as we kill him and that bitch, we can leave this godforsaken place!”

The remaining soldiers began to fire wildly at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong conjured up his Light Shield, blocking all the bullets, his face becoming dark, “Imbeciles! Don’t leave a single one alive!”

“En!” Bi Lǜ nodded and pointed at the thousand soldiers.

Immediately, the 6 large Treants charged out from the camp, and headed for the thousand soldiers.


“There can be such strange monsters?”

“We’re doomed!!”


When the thousand allied forces saw the powerful-looking Treants coming at them, their eyes flashed with despair.

Cheng Ye Shu’s face was pale as he screamed out, “Attack! Shoot down those fuckers!! Hit their heads! That must be where the weak points are at!! Use the explosive rounds!!”

Under his orders, bullets began to rain upon the 6 high level Treants, although they only served to bounce off the bark. The explosive rounds managed to blast some of the bark away as well.

The 6 high level Treants were like invincible tanks that charged through and slapped everything around them. Causing the soldiers to die like flies.

The leader Cheng Ye Shu was slapped by one of the Treants, and he died instantly, without a chance to defend.

The 6 high level Treants soon demolished the defense line of the allied forces, and the low level Treants joined in the fray and chased after them, tearing their bodies apart.


“Don’t kill me!!”

“I surrender!! Ah!!!”


The soldiers quickly dispersed in all directions, it was just that their speed could not match those little Treants, and were quickly devoured.

Yue Zhong watched the soldiers being slaughtered and could not be bothered to stay on as he told Bi Lǜ, “Take me to the mother tree’s heart!”

“En!” Bi Lǜ immediately led Yue Zhong to the core of the tree.

She came to the tree and reached out to touch it. With a bright flash of green light, the bark split open.

There were numerous tendrils wrapped around a strange and beautiful jade-like object, which was radiating green light. It was truly an amazing sight.

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