God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 636

Bi Lǜ wrapped her hands gingerly around the green heart core, and her hands emitted a light green radiance. The tendrils around the heart core began to retract, and the heart core fell into her hands.

She then brought it in front of Yue Zhong with a little reluctance, “This is the heart core! By placing it in the ground, and using a huge amount of biomatter as nourishment, it will quickly grow again. Zombies, humans and Mutant Beasts are all suitable nutrients.”

Yue Zhong had maintained his caution and did not receive it, instead, looking at it contemplatively.

He then asked Bi Lǜ curiously, “How did you come about?”

It had been slightly over a year since the change of the world, and a miraculous being like Bi Lǜ could only appear after the apocalypse. In such a short time, she actually possessed such a frame, it was truly unbelievable.

She did not hide anything as she pointed to the large tree and replied, “I came out from here?”

He continued to ask, “Do you have any partner then, or others like you?”

Bi Lǜ was a rare intelligent biological life form, and she could control a small army of treants. If it wasn’t for her naive heart and pure mind, unlike the crafty and wily humans, it would have been hard for Yue Zhong to subdue her.

Bi Lǜ’s eyes flashed with a little hesitation, “There should be! Although I haven’t seen them, I can faintly sense their presence.”

When Yue Zhong heard this, his heart sank. The fact that even plants could produce such life forms was not good news for humanity.

The countless evolved zombies were already a huge threat to the human race. Adding to the emergence of the intelligent Sea Clan, as well as the intellectually advanced zombies, if the Mutant Plants were to give rise to another intelligent life forms, the Earth was definitely going to be more chaotic and treacherous.

Furthermore, the system had already given the notification, the 2nd stage would happen in 2 years time. Although Yue Zhong did not know what it entailed, it was definitely not good news for the human race.

He then continued asking, “How long can the treants last? What do they eat?”

The thousand low level Treants and the 6 high level Treants were a decent sized force, he did not want to waste them, and sought to look after them.

Bi Lǜ pondered before replying, “The low level Treants just need water and sunlight on normal soil. They can live for about 20 years or so. The same goes for the high level Treants, however, they can live for up to 80 years. The tree spirits like to consume flesh and blood, that way, they can continue to evolve. If the high level Treants want to evolve into the Tree Generals, they would need the help of the mother tree.”

Yue Zhong was elated, in such a short time, he had gained an additional force of over a thousand powerful entities.

“Leader! Are these strange things under your control?” Bai Xiao Sheng had quickly led men to the army barracks, and looked at the treants with a look of shock and bewilderment.

The same went for those soldiers who had followed Bai Xiao Sheng. They could never have imagined for Yue Zhong to actually subdue so many strange and powerful-looking beings.

Yue Zhong replied, “En!” before ordering, “Go search the camp properly!”

“Yes! Leader! Brothers, come with me!!” Bai Xiao Sheng saluted Yue Zhong, before leading the soldiers towards the camp. To the soldiers, military equipment was always a source of excitement.

“An IFV!! The Type 92 version!!”

“Tanks!! Oh my goodness!! The 96 and 99!! THIS IS A FREAKING 99!!”

“Are my eyes playing tricks on me?! Is that…a CAIC Z-10?! I’ve only ever seen one online! Awesome!!”


Very soon, cheers could be heard from within the camp. As the army barracks were filled with various powerful equipment, to Yue Zhong’s forces, it was incredibly valuable.

After all, there weren’t many places of cover out here in the Central Plains. 8 Thunder Fighters could easily kill off a force of 10,000 soldiers solely because they lacked anti-air defence as well as cover. If they could add in 20 tanks to the force, they could easily flatten an enemy with 3,000 riders.

While possessing enough military equipment did not mean invincibility, without them, it was definitely much tougher and a higher price would have to be paid.

The transportation of the military equipment out from the camp soon began, with the Treants acting as manual labour. Especially the larger Treants, it was easy for them to lift up a tank each, without spending much energy.

Yue Zhong watched the flow of work and felt satisfied. He had enough manpower, and this regiment’s worth of equipment would definitely be put to good use.

Bai Xiao Sheng came up to Yue Zhong in excitement, “Leader! We discovered an entrance to an underground area.”

“Oh! Take me there!!”

Yue Zhong followed Bai Xiao Sheng and his men as they came to an underground lab beneath a building. There was a huge electronic door, with an electronic lock that required a passcode, thumbprint, and an iris scan. It was incredibly advanced and secure.

Bai Xiao Sheng ordered a skinny and gangly Evolver, “Ah Tu, you’re up!!”

Ah Tu chuckled and raised his hand to press the door, as a bright light flashed, and the electronic door immediately opened up.

There were many different abilities, and Ah Tu’s happened to be the manipulation of electromagnetic force, allowing him to control such doors.

The moment the door was opened, a huge tunnel was revealed.

“Wait a moment!! Split up!” Yue Zhong barked, stopping Bai Xiao Sheng who was about to rush in. He then threw a wooden bench in.


Immediately, countless panels slide open in the tunnel, revealing automatic machine guns that began to fire wildly.

A dense rain of bullets buffeted the area, leaving behind countless marks on the walls.

After firing for about 10 seconds, the guns immediately retracted back into their panels, leaving behind smoke and empty bullet shells.

Bai Xiao Sheng looked at the wall, his back full of cold sweat, “That was close!! Lucky for you, Leader, otherwise, I would most likely be dead! Those bastards truly set in some irritating mechanisms!”

If Bai Xiao Sheng had just rushed in, by now, he would have been turned into a sieve. While the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide might be able to block the bullets, the moment his head was hit by one, he would also die. In that narrow tunnel, there was no space to hide, even if he was fast, it would be useless.

Another soldier asked, “What do we do? Leader? Do we try and waste their bullets?”

There was definitely a limit to the ammunition, once they are spent, the automatic rifles would become useless.

Yue Zhong ordered, “No need. White Bones, go destroy the mechanism!”

White Bones’ eyes flashed and it charged right through the tunnel.

The automatic rifles appeared once more, trained on White Bones as they began firing.

White Bones continued to charge ahead, not fearing the bullets in the slightest, destroying every single gun.

“Let’s go!” After the gunshots came to a stop, Yue Zhong walked through the tunnel.

The rest of the soldiers also followed him.

Along the way, they saw the various traps and automatic rifles in various states of damage, every single mechanism had been easily destroyed by White Bones.

Although it was dark in the tunnel, it was not entirely claustrophobic. A line of lights hung overhead, lighting up the tunnel.

Bai Xiao Sheng and his men might be Evolvers, but not all of them had the ability to see in the dark. Only Tenpyo Saka and Yue Zhong had the ability.

Yue Zhong continued forwards, until he came to a huge underground city that spread out wide and far in front of him. There were bars, shops, supermarkets and lodgings.

“Halt!! Who are you people?” 4 soldiers suddenly rushed up, their guns pointed at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong glanced at them, and spoke warmly, “I’m Yue Zhong! I do not have any malicious intent, may I ask, what is this place?”

The 4 soldiers were incredibly cautious and barked loudly, “Put down your weapons! Hug your heads and get down, otherwise, we’re going to fire!”

After all, Yue Zhong and his men all had assault rifles, with the system equipment covering them. They looked incredibly valiant and powerful, and thus, it was natural for the 4 men to be wary.

Yue Zhong frowned, and he looked out, only to see a number of sallow and emaciated survivors looking numbly over here. Some of them even had strange glints of greed in their eyes.

He then turned back to the soldiers and barked coldly, “Take them down!”

4 Evolvers shot out from behind Yue Zhong like specters and immediately grabbed hold of them. With a twist, they were forced to kneel in front of him.

One of them had a savage look as he roared, “You dare touch us? Are you sick of living?”

“Tie them up!” Yue Zhong pointed towards the 20 survivors in tattered clothes.

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