God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 637

The Evolvers behind Yue Zhong immediately charged forth towards the survivors.

The survivors were all taken aback, and quickly dispersed, intending to flee. However, these were all weak and emaciated people, and could not possibly outrun the strong and vigorous experts. They were easily captured, and were soon brought in front of Yue Zhong,

Yue Zhong eyed the anxious survivors and took out a piece of dried biscuit, saying, “I would like to know what this place is. Whoever can tell me, this piece of biscuit is his.”

Food was the strongest currency in this apocalypse, even more effective than gold from before the change.

The 20 survivors looked at the dried biscuit, their eyes flashing with greed, however, they seemed to be hesitant, as though unwilling to say anything.

One of the survivors finally could not take it anymore and shouted, “I’ll speak!! I’ll speak! This is the number XXX Biological Research Lab from before the apocalypse. We specialize in researching biological weapons. After the world changed, this place has become the personal kingdom of the head researcher Zhao Kuang. The majority of the personnel here are basically researchers and government officials. These are the dogs of Zhao Kuang.”

Yue Zhong chuckled and threw the biscuit to the survivor, “This is yours!”

The survivor received it and quickly offered his thanks, “Thank you! Thank you!”

One of the soldiers held down by Bai Xiao Sheng suddenly screamed out, “Attack! Attack!!”

The soldier had the Sound Amplification ability, and his voice traveled throughout the city.

“Count yourself lucky!” Bai Xiao Sheng was furious, and glanced at Yue Zhong, only to see him shake his head. He then sent a punch behind the head of the soldiers, causing them to faint.

Hearing the alarms, a large number of soldiers began to hurry over, their weapons ready.

Bai Xiao Sheng also quickly deployed his subordinates to get in position, taking cover as they eyed the opposite side.

All of a sudden, a display lit up on one of the buildings, as an old man who was in clean, white clothes, looking about 50 and slightly less than desirable looks appeared. “How do you do! I’m the lord of this underground city, Zhao Kuang, I’m pleased to meet you. Welcome to my kingdom, I hope to speak to your leader.”

Yue Zhong walked out from his cover and spoke without any arrogance nor subservience, “How do you do! I’m Yue Zhong!”

Zhao Kuang eyed him, and sighed, his face full of sincerity, “Yue Zhong, is it? You truly are a hero of your generation, to be able to lead men past the monstrosities above. Due to the presence of the man-eating things up there, our people had never been able to leave here. Since you’re here today, it must mean that we have the chance to leave. This favour, we will never forget it.”

Zhao Kuang then invited, “I would like to invite you to my castle to have a chat, is that alright? I will give you a proper welcome.”

Yue Zhong pondered, and his eyes glinted, “Sure!”

Zhao Kuang had an amiable smile, “Ma Jing! Bring Yue Zhong and his men to my castle.”

A burly soldier with coarse facial hair came up to Yue Zhong and said, “Please come with me!”

The rest of the soldiers also lowered their weapons, not showing any aggression anymore.

“Lead the way!”

Yue Zhong immediately followed Ma Jing without fear, walking towards a huge research center.

Yue Zhong came to a stop in front of the entrance, and he gave a command to Bai Xiao Sheng, “Get some men to stand guard!”

They did not know what was lying in wait for them in the research center, and although Yue Zhong was strong, he was always guarded, and did not want to give Zhao Kuang an opportunity to strike at him.

Bai Xiao Sheng nodded slightly and brought 30 Evolvers to stand guard at the entrance, “Ok! Leader, take care!”

Ma Jing had no expression as he looked at Bai Xiao Sheng and the rest, instead, he continued to lead Yue Zhong into the building.

The moment they entered the building, music began to play as they came to a large hall. Large chandeliers were twinkling, while 30 young men and women were dancing in a pool.

On a long table, there were many desserts and drinks, with food and vegetables displayed out.

With resources and food becoming scarce, such a lavish display was enough to drive many survivors crazy.

“How do you do! Leader Yue Zhong, I’m Liu Cheng!” The moment Yue Zhong stepped in, a middle-aged man in a suit and flat-top came up, greeting Yue Zhong with a smile.

Liu Cheng clapped his hands twice, and 12 extremely beautiful women came up from the pool.

He then revealed a strange smile, “Leader Yue Zhong, feel free to take your pick. If you like, you can even get all 12 to wait on you. They’re the best amongst our beauties, and their nicknames are 12 Gold Hairpins.”

The 12 beauties looked towards Yue Zhong seductively, each revealing their attractiveness and charm. If they could gain his favour, even if it was on orders of Zhao Kuang, there would definitely be benefits. If they could not, they would definitely be forced to starve for 2 or 3 days. They didn’t want that to happen.

Yue Zhong swept them a look, before his gaze turned frosty, “Where’s Zhao Kuang? Is this how he comes to talk to me?”

The 12 beauties were just average in Yue Zhong’s eyes. He had killed women even more beautiful than these in front of him, and would naturally not fall for their obvious charms and tricks.

Liu Cheng smiled, “Leader Yue Zhong, our Emperor Zhao Kuang has given me the authority to talk with you beforehand. You may let me know what is on your mind, it’s the same as talking with him.”

He then chuckled, “Our Emperor Zhao Kuang is extremely grateful to you for taking care of those Mutant Plants above, allowing us to leave here. We’re willing to present 30 beauties to you, and hope that we can become allies, taking over the world together!”

Yue Zhong chuckled coldly, “Rule the world together?! What a tone! I have over 3,000 elite troops, with a regiment’s worth of equipment. What are your qualifications to talk about an alliance with me?”

An alliance would only occur between two factions with similar strength. If a faction could wipe out the other, who would form an alliance?

With Yue Zhong’s current strength, it was natural that he would not hold these cowards in regard.

Liu Cheng summoned two soldiers, “Fine! Let us show you our strength! Zhang Yun, Wang Fan, come and exhibit your strength for Leader Yue Zhong to see!”

“Kong!!” A numb-looking Zhang Yun came up, and with a loud roar, his leg muscles became taut, and his veins bulged out. In a while, his legs doubled in size, and his veins on his face also became prominent. His entire demeanor became incredibly savage, as there was a single horn growing out of his head.

After Zhang Yun’s legs became twice their size, he took a great leap, immediately jumping over a dozen meters, his speed terrifying.

Yue Zhong watched his speed, his eyes flashing with shock, “11 times Speed! Fast!!”

While it might not be much to Yue Zhong, it was a speed that already exceeded an S2, and most ordinary Enhancers of Level 30 might not even reach such a speed.

The people of this underground city were obviously trapped here, and there were not much opportunities for them to enhance, and yet, they had produced a number of Enhancers. It was obvious there was something else at play.

“Kong!” Wang Fan came forward, his expression wooden. His entire body became ripped, and the clothes he wore were torn apart. Soon, he became a burly and terrifying warrior covered with black fur all over.

Wang Fan slammed his fists down on the ground, and a crater was formed, with cracks and debris all over. It revealed the power behind his fists.

Liu Cheng smiled smugly, “We have over 300 of such super soldiers. How is it? Are we qualified to form an alliance?”

With the abilities of Zhang Yun and Wang Fan, over 300 of them were enough to wipe out a 3,000-strong force without any firepower. It was truly a strong force.

It was precisely because of this strength, that Zhao Kuang was so confident that Yue Zhong would form an alliance with him.

Yue Zhong’s eyes brightened up, “I want the research materials on how to produce such super soldiers. As long as you provide it, I will consider an alliance with you.”

“No way!!’ Liu Cheng’s face fell, and he laughed bitterly, “Leader Yue Zhong, this is highly classified information, it definitely cannot happen.”

“When we come to rule the world, we can share some of the information with you.”

Yue Zhong pondered and replied, “Let me consider it then.”

Liu Cheng laughed and said, “Great! Please consider it!”

Yue Zhong stood up quietly and turned to walk out.

Just as he left the hall, he saw 2 soldiers outside chasing a young girl of about 15 or 16 with long black hair, fair skin, and bright, beautiful eyes.

“Save me!! Save me! Save me!!” The girl looked to Yue Zhong and screamed out in fear.

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