God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 639

Those normal humans who were infected by the parasites were not exceptionally strong, and could not compare to the elites under Yue Zhong. However, amongst them, Lei Ming and Liu Cheng were powerful, to begin with. After the infection and mind control, they burst forth with exponential strength.

Liu Cheng’s eyes were red like a beast, as he charged at Yue Zhong with 17 times speed.

Yue Zhong frowned and his Black Tooth Blade slashed out at Liu Cheng like a venomous dragon, and Liu Cheng was instantly sliced into 6 or 7 parts, and his head split open as well.

The moment Liu Cheng’s head was split open, a white worm sprang out like lightning at Yue Zhong.

“Hmph! Go to hell! Freak!” Yue Zhong’s countenance was cold, as he dealt with the white parasite easily.

20 parasite-controlled humans then lunged for Yue Zhong.

In response, Yue Zhong twirled his Black Tooth Blade around and sliced up the 20 humans easily.

However, as a result, 10 of the parasites shot out of their hosts and made for Yue Zhong.

Fortunately, Yue Zhong’s reaction and speed was at a high enough level to deal with them and turned them into sliced up parts within a breath as well.

Lei Ming’s terrifying figure shot out from behind the group of controlled humans and sent a fist that caused a sonic boom right at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed as he activated his Shadow Steps, and pushed his speed to a new high. He twisted and dodged that blow, while the Black Tooth Blade slashed out at Lei Ming.


Following the sounds of metal clashing, Lei Ming’s body was sliced by Yue Zhong, although it was not all the way through.

However, to his shock, the muscles just trembled, and the wound that was caused by Yue Zhong swiftly regenerated in front of his eyes, leaving no remnants of the previous injury.

A chill flashed in Yue Zhong’s eyes, “What a tough body. These parasite-controlled bodies are truly able to push themselves to the limit. The stronger the body when taken over, the stronger the potential.”

Lei Ming had no reservations as he continued to send powerful fists after fists at Yue Zhong.

A few of the other transformed humans soon came over, 6 of them with spider-like eyes opened their mouths, as they fired long spider silks at Yue Zhong.

3 others who had their legs transformed into powerful kangaroo thighs arched their bodies, and burst out towards Yue Zhong with a 19 times speed.

2 others sprouted tiger claws and pounced at Yue Zhong.

The rest all launched their own attacks with their own innate abilities.

“You can all burn!!” Facing such a large-scale assault, Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed violently, and he waved his right hand, as the terrifying Devil Flame tornado raged and swept towards the incoming opponents.

The transformed humans began to scream and wail the moment they came in contact with the Devil Flame, and it lasted all the way until they were burnt to ashes.

Lei Ming’s eyes were blood red, his body was bulging with veins, and he was covered with a layer of green aura that blocked the burning of the Devil Flame. However, he was still struggling in pain.

Lei Ming suddenly turned to face Yue Zhong as he pleaded loudly, “Leader! It’s me! Lei Ming! On account of how I’ve done so much for you, don’t kill me!! Please!!”

Yue Zhong stared fixedly at him, before speaking slowly, “You are not Lei Ming. Freak, you’ve killed my subordinate and now, you want to make use of my subordinate to lie to me. I will kill every single one of you and leave nothing alive!”

‘Lei Ming’ roared out in anger, “Yue Zhong you heartless bastard! I’ve done so much for you, and now you want to kill me! I will tell of your evil deeds to the others, and reveal your true nature! One fine day, you will be left all alone and die alone!!”

“Burn!!” Yue Zhong’s eyes gleamed coldly, and he pushed his Spirit, increasing the intensity of the Devil Flame around Lei Ming’s body.

The green aura collapsed, and soon, the fleshly body was burnt into cinders by the Devil Flame.

Yue Zhong eyed the entrance of the lab once more, before turning to leave,

He knew there were definitely plenty of valuable research data and equipment within, if he were to set fire and burn it all, it would be a huge loss.

Right now, within this underground city, it was a scene right out of hell, with huge numbers of transformed humans pouring out. The survivors within saw this terrifying scene and began to flee.

One spider-like transformed human spat out long spider webs around a few emaciated survivors, and dragged them to a dark corner.

Another with tiger claws immediately grabbed onto an ordinary survivor, and with all its strength, it ripped his head from his body.

“Ah! Help!!”



As for the rest of the survivors, they were either killed on the spot or dragged off by the rest of the transformed humans.

Over a hundred transformed humans were converging on Yue Zhong’s soldiers from all directions.

Yue Zhong had brought elite soldiers with him, and they were currently firing at the transformed humans. With each headshot, the white worms would shoot out and be fired upon.

However, while they might be strong and possess capabilities beyond normal humans, their numbers were still at a disadvantage, and they were being slowly surrounded by the transformed humans.

Many of the white worms that were shot out from the heads of the transformed humans quickly fled towards the dark alleys, before burrowing into the captured survivors, and launching another wave of attacks through their new hosts.

There were constant streams of transformed humans from all corners.

Bai Xiao Sheng was like a hurricane, the Dark Magic Blade in his hands slashing out with multiple blade beams, killing many of the transformed humans, together with the parasitic worms in them. However, since there was a constant stream of them, he could not pause to take a breath, and his Stamina depleted quickly.

Many of the other elite soldiers were also forced to utilize their skills constantly and were harassed by those transformed humans. Their Stamina and Spirit were also dwindling like crazy.

If it weren’t for their experience and their willpower, they would have long since been overwhelmed.


As they were struggling, a powerful flaming tornado descended and burned the transformed humans, enveloping the whole area. With a bright flash, they all turned to ash.

When the flames disappeared, the tunnel leading to the exit was clear.

Bai Xiao Sheng and his men quickly rushed for the exit.

Yue Zhong hugged the girl close to him while waving his Black Tooth Blade about, slashing more of the transformed humans as he followed the tunnel out, covering the back.

When everyone managed to return to the surface, they gasped for breath, their faces flashing with a tinge of fear.

Those fat white parasitic worms were too dangerous. Their speed of infection was too fast, and their numbers were insane. Not only were they tough to kill, if one was not careful, they would be infected as well.

This time, he had paid the painful price of losing 5 of his men to this underground hell. If he had brought ordinary soldiers, at best, a 1,000 might be lost to those freaks below.

He let the girl down from his embrace and asked her solemnly, “What’s your name?”

The pretty girl was slightly lost, as she replied, “I’m Han Sha Sha! I’m the daughter of one of the research scientists here, Dr. Han Min Bo.”

His face was dark as he continued, “I want to know, what the fuck went on down there? What are those things?”

Those fat white worms possessed the ability to possess a person’s body, and even with his Eye of Perception, there was no notification about them, which caused him to feel extremely worried and a strong sense of foreboding.

“Alright! Before the world changed, I had always come here to play. When the apocalypse happened, many of the uncles here turned to zombies. A lot were bitten to death. The soldiers up here then managed to retreat below. They brought men to eradicate the zombies, and everyone decided to stay put.”

“In the mess, many of the officials below died, leaving behind Zhao Kuang as the highest ranking person. He swiftly reorganized the power structure below, and at the beginning, there was nothing wrong, but after half a year, he began to change, becoming extremely explosive and violent. He would treat the survivors as his slaves, and many of the soldiers became wooden and numb, and listened only to him.”

“From then on, many people began to disappear from. Whenever they reappeared, they had become strange.”

“A few of my friends and I had sneaked into the lab to take a look and discovered a huge secret. Zhao Kuang was no longer human, instead, he became a huge worm, and was injecting small white parasites into other living bodies. After discovering this secret, we all hid, however, today, they discovered us.”

When Han Sha Sha thought back to the scene of the mutated Zhao Kuang injecting parasites into live human beings, she felt nauseated and her body trembled uncontrollably.

Yue Zhong asked solemnly, “How many survivors were there previously?”

She thought for awhile, before giving her conjecture, “According to the size when it was built, it could accommodate 50,000 people. Before the world changed, there were already 10,000 people living there. After that, with the deaths and the increasing casualty toll due to hunger and other murders and suicide, the total population went down. I think there should still be a 1,500 or so below. Of those, 800 of them should be parasite-controlled.”

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