God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 640

When Yue Zhong heard that, his heart sank, “Over 800 people controlled by parasites?!”

Every single one of those freaks possessed a dangerous strength, and it was hard to deal with them. To eradicate them entirely, it was truly going to be an uphill task.

Yue Zhong continued to ask, “Where did you see Zhao Kuang?”

Han Sha Sha’s eyes flashed with a dark look, “In the animal testing lab. It’s rumored that there was the place where biological weapons were produced and tested. Zhao Kuang had holed himself up there since the apocalypse. We also saw him there. However, other than me, the rest of my friends had already died, or were brought to be infected.”

“Open up!! Please open up!!”

“Open up!! Let us out!!”


There were the sounds of rapid banging from the entrance of the tunnel, while the panicked sounds of the survivors traveled from behind. They were banging the door while screaming and shouting to be let out.

Bai Xiao Sheng looked at Yue Zhong and asked, “What do we do, Leader?”

Inside the tight space, if the whole crowd of them were to squeeze through, they would jam the tunnel. The moment they filled up the tunnel, those parasitic worms would definitely be able to spread through them.

At close range, only Bai Xiao Sheng who was a peak level Agility-based Evolver could possibly deal with those parasites. The rest of the Evolvers would likely be infected.

Yue Zhong pondered awhile before ordering, “Other than Bai Xiao Sheng, Tenpyo Saka, Cheng Mu and Qian He, the rest are to evacuate. Zhang Xing, Niu Jin, Wang Li, Zhu He, the 4 of you will watch over this girl. If she goes through any strange changes, immediately kill her. Take note of your safety! If any of your comrades are infected, immediately kill them. The moment they are controlled, they’re no longer our comrades!”

Han Sha Sha could not help but squeal, “Why are you guarding me?! I’m not infected! I’m really sure I’m not infected!”

Yue Zhong stared at Han Sha Sha and barked, “Shut up! If you’re ok after tests and checks, I will call it off. The main problem with these parasites is that they can live in the human brain. If I’m not wrong, they can control all thoughts, and access the memories of its hosts. Whether or not you’re infected, remains to be seen.”

Han Sha Sha’s body trembled slightly when she was stared at by Yue Zhong and did not dare say anything.

Yue Zhong ordered, “All of you, keep guard here! Don’t let anyone out!”

Bai Xiao Sheng nodded and replied, “Yes!”

Yue Zhong came to Bi Lǜ and said, “Get your low-level Treants and come with me!”

Bi Lǜ nodded and a spirit wave spread out, soon after, many treants quickly gathered.

In the underground basement, the treants were all squeezed inside.

Yue Zhong then barked solemnly, “Open the door!”

The moment the door opened, a huge number of survivors swarmed out, intending to rush out.

“Save me!!”

“Let me out!!”

“Quick, scram!!”


The survivors fought to get out, some stepping over one another, trying their best to flee.

Yue Zhong watched them and ordered coldly, “Kill them all!! Destroy their heads!”

Bi Lǜ nodded and sent out a spirit wave, and the low-level Treants immediately pounced on the survivors.

The survivors that managed to get out were instantly decapitated by 2 low-level Treants, and a swipe of their sharp claws, the brain was slashed open, revealing white brain juice.

The fat and white parasitic worm swimming within the brain immediately leaped for the low-level Treant.

The Treant opened its mouth and shot out some tendrils. The tendrils wrapped around the fat worm and sucked it into its mouth, as it bit down and swallowed it.

In a flash, more survivors were killed, and their heads were all inhabited by the fat white worms.

“As expected!!” Yue Zhong watched them die, as the worms flew out, only to be consumed by the treants, his eyes flashing.

When Yue Zhong and his forces had fled the underground city, the survivors had been following right behind, at a steady pace as well. This was not normal. After all, Yue Zhong and the rest were all power Evolvers, their speed far surpassed ordinary humans. The fact that these survivors had caught up so fast, meant only one possibility, that they were all controlled by the parasites already.

After dozens of the survivors were killed, the rest of the survivors began to transform. Their eyes turned bloodshot, their veins bulging, and they began to howl out like beasts. Soon after that, they clashed with the treants.

The moment those controlled-humans transformed, they had the strength to contend with the treants, and a few unfortunate treants would be squashed by them. At the same time, some of the transformed humans were also being slashed and torn apart by the treants, the parasites in their brains being consumed by the treants.

The 2 groups of monsters continued their slaughter against each other in that narrow tunnel, the corpses piling up and blocking the tunnel further.

“This can’t go on further!” Yue Zhong watched the intense clash and frowned. The treants were after all also part of his military force, and he didn’t want to waste them here.

Yue Zhong’s hand flipped, and his Electromagnetic Gun appeared. He aimed it at the tunnel and fired once.

The single shot from the gun immediately blasted the controlled-humans jamming the tunnel into pieces.

Yue Zhong swiftly fired out another 10 shots, and the terrifying bullets almost blasted all the survivors apart.

The treants quickly swarmed in, and surrounded the injured controlled-humans or transformed humans and tore their brains to pieces.

The battle continued for an exhausting 3 hours, and after the intense fight, Yue Zhong led the army of treants further into the underground city.

At this time, in the underground city, it was a desolate scene. The streets were covered in blood, and there were no signs of any living things.

Yue Zhong surveyed the surroundings and spoke in a low voice, “Bai Xiao Sheng! Take some men and guard this area, other than us, do not let anyone out under any circumstances!!”

The existence of those parasites was too horrifying. Yue Zhong did not know if they could survive out on their own or even replicate themselves. If they did, all it would take is for one controlled-human to flee from this place, and the species could propagate above ground, enslaving other humans.

The parasites were only discoverable through proper tools, other than that, the only way was to tear apart the person’s head to confirm if there were any parasites inside. If such a problematic existence was to escape into the mass of humanity, it would be truly cripple the human race.

Bai Xiao Sheng nodded seriously, “Yes!”

Yue Zhong then gave an order to Bi Lǜ, “Eradicate all other life forms other than us. Destroy their heads and make sure to kill the parasites in their brains!”

Bi Lǜ nodded and sent out a thought, enveloping the treants.

The treants all responded by letting out a bloodthirsty call, and they scattered to the different parts of the city to search for their prey.

Yue Zhong then told Bi Lǜ. “Stay here! Await further orders and news!”

Bi Lǜ was, after all, an organism that Yue Zhong had threatened, and that was why she submitted. Yue Zhong was likewise cautious of her, and not as trusting as Yin Shuang.

Yin Shuang had treated Yue Zhong as her most precious person the moment she was born. As long as he gave an order, she would go all out to complete his wishes.

Bi Lǜ nodded and went over to Bai Xiao Sheng’s side.

Yue Zhong then flashed and disappeared from his position, running towards the biological research lab within the center of the city.

Along the way, he saw many traces of blood, but there was not a single body or corpse to be seen. There were no signs of any humans, and it was eerily quiet and desolate all around.

Initially, when he had just arrived here, he had seen some numb survivors lying on the ground, however, there was not a single one to be seen.

Furthermore, the entire underground city was plunged in darkness, when compared to earlier, there was decent lighting. Without light, the entire underground city felt like a dead one.

In the dark, only the treants, zombies could rely on their other senses to navigate. For humans, it was basically impossible to see beyond 3m.

If it had been any other Evolver, they might have been so fearful and fled already. After all, not many strong Evolvers were equipped to fight in the dark.

However, to Yue Zhong, the dark was his friend, and in the dark, his senses were heightened.

He came to the research lab and kicked the door down violently, smashing it to many pieces.

The moment the door was kicked open, 6 pairs of red eyes shone in the dark, their bodies suddenly pouncing forward for Yue Zhong. They had cockroach feelers on their heads and had smelly saliva dripping from their mouths.

Yue Zhong pulled out his Crocodile Toothsaw Blade and slashed out towards the 6 transformed humans, tearing their bodies into pieces. The moment their brains were ripped open, the 6 worms revealed themselves and were killed instantly.

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