God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 641

Kuang Lang!!

Following the sounds of glass shattering, a number of transformed humans with red eyes appeared, howling out as they charged towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong frowned, and his Black Tooth Blade slashed out with multiple blade beams, turning the transformed humans into minced meat.

Soon, the bunch of transformed humans that had gathered at the entrance was killed easily by Yue Zhong.

He ensured that their bodies were properly mashed up and the parasites that popped out were not spared. Not a single transformed human could withstand his blows.

There were traces of fighting throughout the entire research lab, with different gun shots on the walls, as well as a few walls that seemed to have been blasted with explosives.

Yue Zhong followed the path all the way to the center of the research lab.

At the center of the lab, there were 10 rows of huge glass tubes, each row containing 20 each. There was a total of 200. Of those, 20 of them had been shattered, with glass pieces everywhere.

Yue Zhong took a careful look and realized that in some of the glass tubes, there were still some traces of white nourishment or liquid nutrients, yet outside, there was not a trace to be seen.

He took in the details and came to a conclusion, “The things inside these tubes must have escaped.”

“This must be where the scientists were conducting biological experiments in the past.” He looked at the shattered glass, as well as all the equipment present in this lab while thinking to himself.

Yue Zhong did not have much of a reaction towards experimentation. As long as there weren’t any innocent human lives affected, even the end result of biological warfare was of no concern to him.

He continued walking about in the research lab when his eyes brightened up as he kneeled down on the floor. Sticking out his finger to touch a patch of red liquid on the ground, he realized, “This is blood!! Human blood!! It hasn’t dried yet, they must be in this direction.”

Yue Zhong lifted his head and followed the trail of blood towards a large door.

Suddenly, a strong sense of danger arose in his heart, and he quickly activated his Shadow Steps and rolled to one side.

A powerful mantis limb came slashing down with a speed breaking the sound barrier towards Yue Zhong’s left shoulder. The blow managed to strike a corner of his shoulder, leaving a faint scar on the powerful Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake hide that he was wearing.

Yue Zhong quickly got to his feet and looked towards the direction of the attacker, only to see 2 huge praying mantis of about 2m each, standing behind the large glass. If they had facial expressions, one might guess they were looking savagely at Yue Zhong.

Their attacks had come at a terrifying speed, which even Yue Zhong could not fully dodge with his overpowered Agility. If it had been any other persons, even if they were Evolvers and had gone through multiple enhancements, they would likely have been sliced in two.

At this moment, there was a bright flash of light, and Zhao Kuang’s image appeared on a large screen.

He looked at Yue Zhong and laughed, “What a surprise! Yue Zhong, you actually made it here. However, this is the furthest that you’ll reach. My 2 babies will tear you apart and you’ll become a part of me!!”

Zhao Kuang’s eyes lit up, “Yue Zhong, it truly is a pity. I had truly wanted to cooperate with you. As long as you agree to be controlled by my children, and become a part of my children, I can easily make you a king of the world! You’ll be standing atop the rest of the life forms. Amongst my children, only you possess that potential. After you become king, you can get anything you want! Even if you wanted 10,000 beauties to kneel and prostrate in front of you, and raise their asses at you, it wouldn’t be a problem. How about it? Do you want to consider?”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, as he retorted, “Fuck off!! Freak! I will tear you apart and set you ablaze!”

If he truly allowed Zhao Kuang to implant him with the parasites, he was sure he would be controlled entirely. Even if he became the king of the world, it would be as a puppet.

After that, Yue Zhong pulled out his Crocodile Toothsaw Blade and pounced on one of the blood-red mantis.

The bloodshot eyes of the giant blood-red mantis flashed, as it slashed towards Yue Zhong with its own claws, which could even damage the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake hide. As long as it could slash Yue Zhong consecutively, it was likely that within 3 moves, it could pierce through entirely.

Yue Zhong suddenly came to a stop, and leaped back, as the claws of the mantis came slashing down, before retracting quickly.

Yue Zhong opened his hands and activated his Devil Flame, as a powerful Devil Flame Arrow fired out from his hands, shooting towards the body of the giant blood-red mantis, resulting in a huge bleeding wound, as the mantis began to burn.

The moment the blood-red mantis started to burn, its wings began to flap furiously, as it turned into a huge burning ball of flame that slammed around the lab.

The other mantis charged toward Yue Zhong.

“Too slow!” Yue Zhong looked at the blood-red mantis that charged towards him with 16 times speed, and he laughed coldly, opening his palms. A powerful Devil Flame Arrow shot out and blasted the 2nd mantis, causing it to also burn up.

The close combat abilities of those 2 mantises were truly terrifying, the moment they unleashed their claws, they were lightning fast, even Yue Zhong was hard-pressed to dodge. However, their movement speed was different and was no threat to Yue Zhong.

The 2 mantises struggled futilely for a long while before they were burnt by the Devil Flame into cinders.

Yue Zhong walked carefully towards the huge door.

As he got closer, he could see multiple spider silk that weaved together to form a huge web. He swung his Crocodile Toothsaw Blade at the silk, causing a loud grating sound to ring out. However, the sharpness of the Crocodile Toothsaw Blade still managed to saw through the spider silk.

When the spider web broke, it was as though Yue Zhong triggered some trap, as multiple strings of silk shot out from all directions at Yue Zhong.

He frowned and pointed out, as a flaming tornado burst forth and burnt the web, turning them to ash.

After he had cleared the spider web, he entered the room gingerly.

2 large spiders that seemed to be covered in steel fur were lying in wait for Yue Zhong up on the roof, each of them at least 2m in width. The moment they saw him, they opened their jaws to fire out their silk at him.

2 flaming tornadoes appeared as Yue Zhong waved his hands, turning all the spider web into ash, and as they billowed, they consumed the 2 large spiders as well.

The 2 burnt spiders dropped from the ceiling and thrashed about for a while, before finally curling up in death.

Having dealt with those spiders, Yue Zhong surveyed his surroundings.

He saw that the middle of the room was covered entirely in webs, and there were even 2 cocoons made out of spider silks hanging, as 2 trails of blood led to them.

Yue Zhong thus conjured up another 2 fireballs and sent them towards the cocoons, causing them to burn up.

After eradicating all the enemies in the room, Yue Zhong proceeded further in.

He padded down a long corridor and came to a huge and vast living room.

At this moment, in front of him, the entire living room was covered in a strange white secretion, with many red cocoons hanging everywhere.

Zhao Kuang had turned into a strange half-man, half-worm being, his lower part being a 20m-long parasite, as fat and white as a worm could possibly be.

The worm part was currently submerged in some white liquid, as a number of tubes were connected from the worm part to the numerous red cocoons hanging everywhere.

All around Zhao Kuang, there was blood, the blood of humans, as well as the inner organs and limbs that were splattered all around. 8 parasite-controlled humans of about 2 meters each continued to mash up the bloody contents around Zhao Kuang and scooped them up on plates for Zhao Kuang to feast on,

Zhao Kuang lifted his head, his face full of blood as he laughed and tried to attract Yue Zhong, “You’ve come! Yue Zhong!! You truly are incredible. You have my admirations! Become my child! As long as you do so, I can grant you unlimited strength, and allow you to become the perfect organism! You’ve seen for yourself, those who become my children can immediately gain powers. Furthermore, I have the ability to push your evolution all the way to become the king of humans!”

“This is my answer!” Yue Zhong laughed coldly and pulled out his Electromagnetic Gun to fire once at Zhao Kuang.

A bright burst of energy shot violently towards Zhao Kuang.

Zhao Kuang’s face fell as he let out a sharp scream.

Immediately, the 8 parasite-controlled humans grew out body parts that merged together to become a huge turtle shell, protecting him.

When the powerful electromagnetic beam slammed into the human turtle shell, it pierced through 6 of the layers, before losing its power.

As Zhao Kuang screamed, a bright red thing traveled from his lower worm body into one of the blood-red cocoons.

The cocoon was about 3m-large and it split open, as a huge ape which had bright red eyes, and bone spikes growing out of its arms and legs, stepped out. It was about 2m-tall, with claws of at least 60cm.

The huge ape immediately opened its eyes, as a dangerous glint flashed past. As it legs tensed, it disappeared from its spot, and immediately appeared in front of Yue Zhong, viciously clawing at his head.

“Fast!! That monster’s speed is fast!! Its agility is even higher than the current Lightning!!” Yue Zhong was shocked and raised the Crocodile Toothsaw Blade to deflect that attack. With a loud ‘dang’, a dangerous strength traveled from the claw up through the blade, causing Yue Zhong’s entire right arm to tremble and become numb.

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