God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 642

Zhao Kuang’s mouth remained open as it screamed out continuously, while a huge amount of blood-red liquid was secreted out of its body, entering the different cocoons hanging around. They began to tremble, as though something was about to break out.

“This can’t go on!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, as he waved his hands to conjure a Devil Flame Tornado, sending it towards the cocoons.

There were over a hundred cocoons amongst the white liquid, if they were to fully emerge, they would become a terrifying parasite army.

Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame landed on those cocoons, and flames began to rage on, causing the cocoons to sizzle and crackle.

As the Devil Flame burnt, the cocoons began to split open, revealing strange biological life forms. Some of them had humans inside but with 2 heads. There was one had a tiger-head and jaguar claws, while another had a human with a huge turtle shell on his back. The life forms contained within those cocoons were truly strange, it was evident that they had been forced to mutate based on the research conducted before the apocalypse.

Yue Zhong exerted all his strength to spread the Devil Flames throughout the entire room. The huge ape was covered in a blood red radiance, blocking the burning of the Devil Flames. Even Zhao Kuang, as the queen worm, had a layer of red preventing itself from being burned.

The huge ape then sent powerful fists at Yue Zhong constantly, whistling through the air. Yue Zhong had to use his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade to parry the attacks, and with every block, his hands turned number from the impact.

The blows from the huge ape forced Yue Zhong to focus hard, thus the Devil Flames disappeared from the room, leaving only behind a huge number of burnt cocoons and the heavily injured Zhao Kuang.

Zhao Kuang stared hatefully at Yue Zhong, its fat bottom suddenly splitting open, and a huge number of white parasites crawled out, pouncing towards Yue Zhong.

At the same time, one of the cocoons suddenly broke open, as a large claw covered in green scales tore through, as though a terrifying monster was about to be born.

“I must end the battle soon!” Yue Zhong felt the change in the surroundings, and his eyes turned resolute, activating his Gravity Manipulation.

A powerful gravitational force enveloped the huge ape, causing its body to sink. However, to the large ape, the 2-times gravitational force couldn’t affect it much. It roared out savagely and sent another fist towards Yue Zhong.

This time, the fist managed to connect with Yue Zhong’s head, and in the next instant, ‘Yue Zhong’ crumbled apart, turning into many pieces.

“Break!!” Yue Zhong’s real body appeared beside the ape, slashing down with the huge blade made out of the claws of the Type 4 Flaming Bird, accompanied with his Dark Dou Qi that was enhanced twice, cutting the waist of the huge ape.

The sharp blade slashed into the right waist of the huge ape as easily as slicing into tofu, cutting it in two, as a huge amount of blood splattered on the ground.

Yue Zhong waved his hands, sending Devil Flame towards the cocoon that was about to break open. The claw that had reached out started to struggle before the entity inside screamed out, and the entire thing was burnt to cinders.

The mass of white parasites was quickly burnt up as their corpses shriveled before splitting violently.

Yue Zhong then pulled out his Electromagnetic Gun and fired again at Zhao Kuang.

A huge flash of light blasted towards the body of Zhao Kuang, piercing 2 of the parasite-controlled humans who had turned into meat shields. The shot exploded violently on Zhao Kuang, resulting in a large hole.

Zhao Kuang’s face contorted as he spat out with a large amount of saliva, “Ah!! Yue Zhong!! You dare to hurt me!! I want you to die an ugly death! I want you to be ripped apart!! I will control you and kill all those you love!!”

“You are all going to die here! What the fuck are you making so much noise for?” Yue Zhong laughed coldly, before firing multiple times. The shots landed on Zhao Kuang’s body, resulting in more blood and white matter to splatter everywhere, as more parasites crawled out from within.

One final shot hit Zhao Kuang squarely on his head, blasting it apart.

The headless corpse of Zhao Kuang twitched a little, before crumpling to the ground.

Yue Zhong saw the vanquished foe in front of him and finally heaved a sigh of relief. He had finally eradicated this strange monster. If it had escaped to the surface, it would be a nightmare for the human race.

There would be fear and uncertainty whenever anyone came across others, afraid of the possibility of the other party being a parasite. The moment it reached that point, distrust would cause the entire human race to crumble, as everyone would be paranoid, and no one would want to work or live with anyone.

Having killed Zhao Kuang, Yue Zhong turned his gaze to the huge ape. He sent the long sharp blade slashing down at the ape’s neck, decapitating it.

Right at the moment the ape’s head was chopped off, a bright-red parasite that had evolved from the fat, white state into something that resembled a scorpion, flapped its wings and flew towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong waved his blade and slashed the red, fat parasite into two, as the parts dropped to the ground. He then stomped down with his foot, smashing the worm into meat paste.

Right at this time, there was the sound of rustling from outside the room.

Yue Zhong turned around, as he caught sight of 8 low-level treants climbing in.

The moment the treants saw the white liquid and red cocoons, they became excited, and charged forth, swallowing the liquid.

One of them pounced towards one cocoon and began to take huge bites out of it.

Yue Zhong was silently stirred, as he watched their strange actions quietly. He had initially intended to burn the whole place down, but upon seeing their actions, he felt that the things inside the room might have some value.

The low-level treant that consumed the strange things inside the cocoons began to undergo strange changes. The moment it finished eating, its body began to tremble. Soon after, it elongated, reaching 1.8m, its legs becoming thick. At the same time, a new layer of bark grew over the current layer, its claws becoming sharp. Its eyes were still lifeless, as it stood there quietly.

After 10 minutes, the low-level treant regained its spirit, and it shook its body powerfully, as sharp tendrils shot out from it.

“Level 60 Strange Beast: Type 2 Treant! Possesses powerful combat ability. Although it does not possess any innate ability, their strength is terrifying, on par with some weaker Type 3 Mutant Beasts.”

Yue Zhong used his Eye of Perception to look at the treant and immediately got its new information.

“Those red cocoons should be beneficial to the evolution of mutant biological life forms.” Yue Zhong watched the low-level treant finished its evolution and thought silently.

The other low-level treants also quickly pounced on the other red cocoons and began to consume them.

The Type 2 Treant stepped aside and swallowed a huge amount of white slime, before grabbing a few cocoons and gobbled them up.

The Type 2 treant repeated its actions a few times, as the layers of bark continued to shed, as the layers that grew over became even more vibrant and slowly covered its whole body.

“Level 65 Strange Beast: Type 3 Treant!”

When the Treant had its entire body covered by the new vibrant layer of bark, Yue Zhong watched as the Type 2 Treant evolved into a Type 3 one in front of his eyes.

He felt the power and quickly pulled out his walkie-talkie to order, “Bi Lǜ, summon all the treants back to you!”

If he allowed the treants to continue evolving, the moment they evolve to their Type 4 stage, it would be troublesome. Yue Zhong did not know if Bi Lǜ could control that tier of strength.

Most of the treants had already evolved, every one of them reaching their Type 2, and they had powerful combat strength.

Right as they wanted to quickly continue swallowing the rest of the cocoons, their bodies shuddered slightly, as they begun to make their way back.

The Type 3 Treant seemed to struggle a little as it eyed the blood red cocoons and white slime, before turning around and retreating as well.

Yue Zhong watched them go and heaved a sigh of relief, “Truly as expected, the higher the type, the harder to control. If they continued to evolve, it would be a problem.”

Yue Zhong looked at some of the cocoons and the strange white slime, before walking up to one of them and split it open. He then sliced the head of the mutated life form within in two, before moving on to the next one and doing the same.

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