God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 643

Yue Zhong then kept 2 huge tanks of the white slime, as well as the 30 cocoons into his spatial ring, before slicing open the corpse of the queen worm Zhao Kuang.

The bodies of high-level Mutant Beasts usually had some treasures, and Yue Zhong wanted to see if this mutated life form of Zhao Kuang was similar.

All around his body, there were still many parasites squirming about in the disgusting red discharge. Yue Zhong did not mind the dirt or smell, as he continued to dig about until he discovered a red pearl near Zhao Kuang’s heart.

He placed the pearl into his ring, before thoroughly slicing up Zhao Kuang’s corpse to confirm that there were no more treasures. He then searched the entire room, making sure that there were no more residual cocoons, before heading out to get his men to clean up.

Inside this underground city, there were no more living people anymore. Other than those that had been sent out earlier as cannon fodder that was already controlled, the rest had been turned into food for that mutated Zhao Kuang.

However, Yue Zhong still managed to find 10,000 tons of rations, as well as a large amount of research equipment and data. There were also 300 rifles, 25 grenade launchers, and a 100 ton of fuel.

The haul from this underground city was fruitful, but because Zhao Kuang had become that strange progenitor of parasites, he had been unwilling to strengthen the humans that were meant to be his food. Thus, he did not allocate many resources out, barely touching the reserves of the city.

Other than resources, the majority of the research equipment were all fine without any damage, as long as they were maintained and those that had been damaged, looked at, they could all be put to use.

This research lab had been the forefront of biological research before the apocalypse in China and possessed the top-of-the-range equipment. With such a lab, its resources, and equipment, as long as Yue Zhong assigned some capable scientists to it, he could quickly initiate development in that area.

Yue Zhong also allocated 29 of the cocoons to some of the treants under Bi Lǜ to eat, instantly resulting in 29 more Type 3 Treants.

The combat ability of these Type 3 treats could not compare to a Type 3 Lightning, but 10 of them could easily force Lightning to a corner. At the very least, they could tear Lightning apart if they worked together.

With such a huge haul, Yue Zhong and his troops made back for Qi Mu County.

When he reached Qi Mu Town, Yue Zhong did not engage in any major activities, instead, focusing on training the Victorious Troops. At the same time, he put the troops he won over from the Kingdom of God to training.

At the same time, the regiment’s worth of equipment inside the Ulan Mountain Range army barracks had all been brought out and allocated to his troops, pushing their combat strength to the next tier.

In the vast Central Plains, there were many small factions, and the Mongolian ones had all thrown their weight in with the Mongol King Hu-Er Ran.

Zhang Xiao, one skinny Chinese girl of about 15 or 16 was wearing simple clothes as she minded her sheep in a small Mongolian faction.

At this time, most of the plains were still covered in snow, but a few patches had already started to sprout with grass, and the shepherds were able to allow their herd to graze again.

After the apocalypse, many animals had already mutated into Mutant Beasts. However, there were some that did not change, instead, living on obstinately. As long as they were not caught by zombies, they would not become zombified beasts as well.

Hu-Er Ran was also considered a capable warlord with charisma, nor was he lacking in intelligence. He knew that just relying on the legacies and resources left behind by the world before the apocalypse would be a bad choice, as it would run out one day. After proclaiming himself as king, he had deployed men to search for unmutated beasts to bring back to be looked after by his people.

Hu-Er Ran’s actions were all for unifying a large number of Mongol shepherds. Many thus viewed him as the world’s savior. At the same time, since the royal blood ran in his veins, many others sought to protect him with their lives.

Zhang Xiao’s eyes were green, while her hands were full of whip bruises. Not only did she have to mind the sheep in the day, she would have to deal with the lust of 3 men at night. She had thought of running and tried once before. The result was that she was forced to starve for 3 days, and had been whipped till she almost died. She had since lost faith and became numb.

At this time, a few Mongol riders came rushing up, one of them eyeing Zhang Xiao, as a cruel look appeared on his face. He sent a vicious whip towards her and said, “Bitch! Master Hagg wants to fuck you! Take off your clothes, and raise your ass, let Master Hagg enjoy himself!!”

When the whip landed on her body, it immediately split apart her clothes and left a deep, bloody gash on her frail body.

Zhang Xiao immediately fell to the ground and curled up in pain, her tears and mucus flowing freely. She struggled for a while, before tearing off her clothes and got on the ground to raise her butt.

One of the Mongol riders roared with laughter as he pointed, “Bitch!! Look at that!! That’s a Han slut! They’re the most shameless, like dogs, having no shame at all!!”

Another got down from his horse and strode towards her, “Come! Everybody at the same time!!”

The rest of them also came towards Zhang Xiao gleefully.

“This bitch still dares to run! Truly seeking death!”

“Skin her, and use her to fertilize the grass, how about that?”

“Not bad! That idea’s decent!!”


As they approached her, they began to discuss amidst laughter on how to torture and toy with Zhang Xiao.

When she heard their words, her body trembled violently in fear, as two streams of tears fell from her eyes. She was the princess of her household before the apocalypse, yet after that, she had become a slave to the Mongolians, and everything had changed. She had experienced for herself the cruelty of humankind, where dignity was nonexistent. The Mongolians did not let her off and were even discussing ways to torture her, and it caused her to be filled with dread.

One of them laughed savagely and pulled out his curved blade, “I’ve decided! Let’s chop off her feet. See how she runs!!”

Another frowned and said, “Wu Tan, don’t!! If there’s blood everywhere, it isn’t going to be fun. After we’re done, you can go all out!!”

Another came up to Zhang Xiao and dropped his pants, grabbing her head and shoving it towards his crotch, “Me first!! Slut!! Suck it for daddy!!”

Right as Zhang Xiao’s head was forced to his crotch, a powerful arrow pierced through the Mongolian’s head, causing fresh blood to splatter everywhere.

The warrior died with a look of shock and disbelief in his eyes.

The other 3 Mongolian riders immediately turned towards the direction of the arrow, as a few more arrows shot out, piercing them in the chest, nailing them to the ground.

200 soldiers appeared over the horizon, riding on the back of Black Scaled Stallions.

One of the soldiers looked at his leader, Lie Ming Yi, and asked, “Boss. There’s a girl there. What do we do? Kill her?”

Lie Ming Yi assessed her before saying, “She must be a Han slave. Leave her alive!”

Lie Ming Yi then pulled out 2 bottles of mineral water and 5 biscuits, throwing it to her and said coldly, “Little rascal! I’m Lie Ming Yi, the commander of the 1st Cavalry Brigade under the mighty Yue Zhong. If you want to live on, make your way towards Qi Mu Town, only by reaching there, will there be a chance of survival.”

Zhang Xiao immediately got on her knees and cried profusely, “Take me away!! I’m willing to do anything for you!! Please take me away!!”

“Sorry little rascal. There’re no saviors in this world. I still have a mission to accomplish, and I can’t help you. Only you can help yourself. Qi Mu Town is your only hope. If you want to live on, with dignity at that, head over there.” Lie Ming Yi eyed her and shook his head, before passing the order, “Kill all the sheep.”

The 200 soldiers immediately charged through and slaughtered every single sheep. After they were done, they began to slice up the meat and burnt the corpses.

“Charge! Kill those Mongolian bastards!” Lie Ming Yi roared out and led 200 soldiers towards the inner parts of the faction.

The Mongolian faction saw the entire herd of sheep being burnt and hurried sent out warriors, who charged at Lie Ming Yi and his men.

In this apocalypse, the 3 main factions were always warring, and thus, even the shepherds and farmers were called to arms. They were forced by the circumstances, otherwise, they would become slaves to each faction.

“Go die!!” Lie Ming Yi looked at the dozens of warriors running towards him and chuckled grimly, as he pointed with his right hand and a number of sharp blades made of air sliced towards them.

The warriors were instantly sliced at their waists by the unseen air blades.

The rest of the 200 soldiers led by Lie Ming Yi charged in and begun to slaughter the other warriors.

With his killing intent billowing, Lie Ming Yi roared out, “Convey my orders! Other than all Han slaves, everyone else has to die!”

“Yes!” The 200 soldiers behind Lie Ming Yi hollered out with their own roars and charged through.

Soon after, smoke began to rise from different places, as the troops under Lie Ming Yi killed the enemies and led the slaves out of the area.

Lie Ming Yi did not leave any troops to escort those slaves back to Qi Mu Town, instead, he charged right for the next one.

Zhang Xiao watched as the small town went up in smokes, her eyes flashing with deep hatred. She gripped the biscuits and water in her hands tightly and turned to make her way to Qi Mu Town.

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