God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 644

Out here in the vast Central Plains, beside a lush lake, there was a grand and awe-inspiring golden tent. Within the tent, there were a dozen men in traditional Mongolian attire standing respectfully in two rows. On the central seat of the emperor, a young man of about 27 or 28 sat there, his stature was commanding, with an eagle-like gaze and a hook nose. He had handsome looks, and he was the publicly recognized Mongolian King, Hu-Er Ran.

Bo-Er Zi was currently venting his grievances with bloodshot eyes, “My King! Our Grey Wolf Riders were wiped out by those crazy Han dogs! Our flocks have also been burnt! Over 1,800 of our fellow Mongolians have died at the hands of those sick bastards! We seek your help in eradicating those damnable Han dogs!!”

Lie Ming Yi had seemingly transformed into a bloodthirsty demon, going on a massacre everywhere he went. For each faction he struck, he would release the Han slaves, and slaughter all the Mongolians, Turks and Manchurians.

The 200 soldiers that Lie Ming Yi led were all Evolvers, and many of them wanted vengeance against either the Mongol Empire, the Turkic Empire or Manchurian Empire. They were all similar in their viciousness, and never left anyone alive. It was as though a disaster had struck the Central Plains, and the various subordinates of the 3 factions bore the brunt of their fury. Lie Ming Yi’s forces had truly attracted the irk of all three factions.

Hu-Er Ran glared at Bo-Er Zi sternly. The Mongolian Empire had been a work of his nationalistic propaganda.

When he wanted to expand it further, he realized that it was hard to change this way thinking. He had realized that integration was vital in conquering the whole China, otherwise, when their forces try to win over other factions, they would definitely face opposition.

However, in the course of the development, the Mongolian Empire was already something beyond the control of Hu-Er Ran. Every single Mongolian member had a number of slaves from the other races. Even his own subordinates had over hundreds and thousands of Han slaves. If he were to command them to release their slaves, his position as the Mongol King would definitely topple.

Using a nationalistic and racist approach, it was easy to gather people of like minds. However, changing it would truly be tough. This was because most of the passionate ones were crazy people. The moment their leader had no way of meeting their needs, they would do all they can to change the leader.

When Hu-Er Ran heard about the deeds of Lie Ming Yi, he was filled with rage as well as fear. This was the revenge and backlash that he knew would happen. It was the same method that his forces had been using on the ordinary people of the Central Plains, but he had known that the Hans would not resort to such methods. It was obvious that the leader Yue Zhong and the previous Han leaders he had met were vastly different. He was a vicious and powerful wolf, just like them, and his tyrannical actions were no different from past dictators, in fact, he was even more terrifying.

Amu Xidai’s eyes flashed with a savage glint, “King, the Blood Eagle Riders are willing to be the vanguard, this time, we can definitely eradicate Yue Zhong’s forces.”

Amu Xidai’s son had been at one of the factions playing with women, when the place was struck by Lie Ming Yi’s forces, and he had been decapitated. This caused Amu Xidai to be filled with hatred towards Yue Zhong.

Hu-Er Ran spoke solemnly, “Then have any of you discovered a way to deal with those 8 assault helicopters in Yue Zhong’s hands?”

Hearing those words, all the generals immediately shut up.

Yue Zhong had 8 Thunder Fighters, and those were rare resources that were not readily available in this apocalyptic world. It was practically impossible for anyone to withstand those mighty weapons.

It was because of those Thunder Fighters and other advanced weaponry that the Kingdom of God could expand so fast in this world. Each time, they just had to deploy 12 Thunder Fighters together with 200 elite soldiers and could easily demolish a 10,000-strong faction.

Even if there was a 20,000-strong troop, without any aerial defense, the forces of Central Plains were defenseless against those Thunder Fighters.

In modern warfare, powerful equipment did not mean invincibility, however, without them, it was definitely a huge disadvantage. Saddam’s million-strong army being defeated by the American forces was proof of that.

Yue Zhong’s 8 Thunder Fighters were like huge rocks pressurizing the 3 large factions, making it hard for them to breathe.

Although Hu-Er Ran and the rest had opened up numerous army barracks, there weren’t much aerial defenses to be found. Many of them were just 14.5mm high-caliber bullets.

They also possessed about 20 surface-to-air missiles, however, Hu-Er Ran did not have even one personnel who knew how to operate them.

After all, in the battles out here in the Central Plains, almost no faction used any aerial forces. This wasn’t a huge problem in the past, but now, they truly felt their helplessness.

Before coming across Yue Zhong, as long as the Mongolian troops appeared with their tanks and cannons, any resistance from the smaller factions would quickly crumble. There was no use for those anti-air defenses.

Even if they came across a rare Evolver that could soar in the skies, the powerful guns of the Mongolian troops could fire at them until they were full of holes. They had no knowledge on dealing with aerial forces at the moment.

The leader of the Demon Wolf Riders, Tuo Shu, piped, “Night battle!! We can launch a night raid on them. In the dark, there’s a limit to how much the Thunder Fighters can be utilized.”

“That’s right! Their combat strength would definitely be impaired in the night!”

“Truly Tuo Shu!”


The sound of cheers and excitement resounded from the huge tent.

In the night, many advanced equipment would lose their advantage as the users weren’t well equipped to fight in the night.

Night raids were also usually a tactic weaker forces employed against stronger ones, however, most of them still didn’t possess much confidence in obtaining victory against Yue Zhong. This was because they had received news on Yue Zhong obtaining the regiment’s worth of equipment in Ulan Mountain Range.

Out of the 40,000 warriors of Hu-Er Ran, only 20,000 were equipped with firearms. The rest mostly wielded melee weapons. Even then, the firearms consisted mostly of old weapons, handguns, as well as some other antiques.

While it was easy for them to deal with most of the factions, it was a different story for Yue Zhong.

One soldier came reporting in, “My King! The envoy from the Manchurian Empire has come to seek an audience!!”

Hu-Er Ran’s eyes brightened up, “Let him in!”

A young man strode in, wearing a suit, and looked smart, as he kneeled on one knee, bowing deeply, “Fan Tian Ming from the Manchurian Empire greets the king! I pray for you to live long! Long live long live!”

Hu-Er Ran eyed the young man and spoke mildly, “You may rise!”

Fan Tian Ming stood up and looked at Hu-Er Ran, “Thank you, King! This time, the great Emperor Xuan Zhen had sent me here in hopes to ally with you, and eradicate Yue Zhong together.”

His voice continued to ring out, “Yue Zhong is oppressive, violent and cruel. The moment he appeared, many of our people suffered under him. Many innocents have died at his hands. Together with Lie Ming Yi that butcher, their actions have been unbridled and cruel. If he’s allowed to continue on his killing spree, the entire Central Plains will surely fall. Our great Emperor Xuan Zhen does not want this to happen, and hopes our forces can work together, forget our past enmity, and eradicate that demon!”

Most people would only see the bad side of others, yet ignore their own flaws. The Mongol Empire and Manchurian Empire had previously gone on similar violent sprees all around the Central Plains, bolstering their own forces, and enslaving the Hans. They had not felt any remorse for their actions, after all, it was what their ancestors did. The law of the jungle was that the strong preyed on the weak.

Yet now, when Yue Zhong did the same to them, they felt that he was evil and cruel.

Hu-Er Ran’s face was expressionless, not allowing anyone to see through his thoughts, “Yue Zhong has 8 powerful assault helicopters in his hands. If they’re not destroyed, it’s hard for us to deal with them.”

Fan Tian Ming laughed out confidently, “Great King, let us deal with his 8 helicopters. Please believe in our strength, we are definitely able to deal with them. The aerial side will be handled by us, while we’ll leave the ground forces to you. It’s only possible for the invincible warriors of the Mongolian Empire to possibly wipe out Yue Zhong that beast!

Hu-Er Ran replied dryly, “Oh! I want to know how you will deal with those helicopters. Without certainty of victory, I will not send my troops out.”

Fan Tian Ming seemed to hesitate for a while, before gritting his teeth and pulling out a tablet and opening it up, “Great King, this is what we will use to defeat Yue Zhong’s helicopters.”

Everybody’s gaze fell unto the tablet inside the tent.

Only to discover, 12 Thunder Fighters sitting quietly on a large field. Behind the 12 Thunder Fighters, there were 12 other Eurocopters. A number of Manchurian troops were currently busying themselves together with some Europeans beside the powerful mechanical beasts.

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