God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 645

Seeing the video, all the Mongolian generals sucked in a breath of cold air. A single assault helicopter was a powerful killing machine already. If a single faction could control just one, it could easily dominate its peers. Few factions could actually withstand the assault from a single assault helicopter.

The Manchurian Empire had a few as well, but they treated them as treasures, and would definitely not possess 24 of them.

After all, before the apocalypse, Mongolia was a country as well, and based on their public records, they did not have more than a 100 of them.

In the apocalyptic world where resources were scarce, it was shocking to see the Manchurian Empire in possession of 24 of them.

Hu-er Ran turned to fix his glare on Fan Tian Ming, with a changed expression and unconcealed shock, “How did you get these?!”

Fan Tian Ming laughed lightly in response, “Great King, this is a national secret. It’s not convenient to say. However, you can be rest assured that after we have jointly eradicated Yue Zhong, my country is willing to give you 4 of them.”

Hu-er Ran ignored his standing and immediately walked down, pointing to one of the Thunder Fighters, “Alright! However, i want 4 of those!”

He had understood the might and threat of the Thunder Fighters from the mouths of Amu Xidai and Bo-er Zi, and hoped to possess such an advanced equipment as well.

Fan Tian Ming took a look and immediately had an apologetic expression, “Great King, I’m sorry, if it’s that, we can only give you one!!”

The Thunder Fighters were made possible after the apocalypse, and had 3 times the might of ordinary assault helicopters. Under the same circumstances, a single Thunder Fighter could even take out 3 Eurocopters. Of course, 4 Eurocopters were enough to destroy a single Thunder Fighter.

Hu-er Ran had a resolute gaze, as his tone became solemn, “2!! After eradicating Yue Zhong, I want 2 of those! This time, I will even head out myself, and gather all of my forces to wipe Yue Zhong out!”

A look of delight flashed in Fan Tian Ming’s eyes, “Great! That settles it then!”

After the Manchurian Empire had been defeated a few times, their elites had been reduced by a lot. Although they had decided to join the Kingdom of God, the forces that were deployed to the Central Plains weren’t many, and could only provide the aerial support.

The only faction that had the largest land troops would be Hu-er Ran, as long as he was willing to provide elite soldiers, then the alliance between the both of them could well be enough to steamroll over every other faction.

Hu-er Ran’s eyes flashed with a cruel look, “Good! But before then, we must first wipe out the Turks, otherwise, if we were to allow someone else to be the fisherman, it would be a joke.”

Fan Tian Ming nodded in agreement, “That’s true, then let us both first join hands to take out the Turks!”

Thus, the Mongolian Empire and Manchurian Empire ceased all fighting and joined hands to form a huge force.

As the 2 armies began to move out, they made their way towards the grounds of the Turk Empire.

One servant rushed into the golden tent of the Turk Empire, his face pale, “My liege!! My liege!! It’s bad!! The Mongols and Manchurians have come attacking!!”

Wu-er Tuotuo was currently naked, pressing himself against 2 beauties, furiously having pounding them. 20 other women of different body shapes and sizes with stunning looks were all naked as well, touching themselves and moaning enticingly.

The entire tent was filled with an atmosphere of lust and sex. After the Gold Wolf Riders had been defeated numerous times, their strength had been reduced by 60%, and even Wu-Er Tuo Tuo’s most loyal aide Abudidama had died pitifully in the Ulan Mountain Range. It had a devastating effect on Wu-er Tuo Tuo, and since then, he hadn’t been himself. Everyday, he had just indulged in his carnal desires in his tent, and led a life of wine and pleasure.

“You fool! You dare to disrupt my pleasure! Go to hell!!” It was right when Wu-er Tuo Tuo was feeling at a climax, and he was interrupted by such news. With a wave of his hands, a sharp disc soared out and sliced through the head of the servant.

The servant slumped to the ground, dead, with a look of shock and unwillingness in his eyes.

After killing that servant, he pulled out a small medicinal pill from a bottle and swallowed it, before shooting some agent into himself, as a look of ecstasy overcame him. He became even more drunk in his pleasure and bit down violent on a beauty’s shoulders, tearing a huge chunk of meat from her.

As she bled, the girl gritted her teeth through the pain, while tears flowed down her cheeks, but she didn’t dare to scream out.

“My Liege!!” The other pillar of the Turk Empire Dong-er Molei came striding in, and saw Wu-Er Tuo Tuo surrounded by those women, as well as the soldier who had lost his life, and shouted out, “My Liege!! The Mongolians and the Manchurians are attacking us right now, and the empire needs you! How could you be playing with women now?! They can be put aside for later, as long as you lead us in defeating the Mongols and Manchurians, their women are there for you to play as well!! My Liege!! It’s a critical situation for us, please get it together!!”

Wu-Er Tuo Tuo continued to jack himself with drugs, immersing in a high. In his pleasure and muddled state, he roared out, “Scram!! This senior have not gotten a kick yet, Dong-er Molei, you damn bear, get lost!!”

Dong-er Molei kneeled down, aggrieved and begun to cry out, “My Liege!! Please get it together!! Please!! It is the moment of life and death for our empire, please come to your senses!! My Liege!!”

Dong-er Molei was of one mind to build a strong and independent Turk Empire. He knew that he was only capable of killing and nothing else. The rise of the Turk Empire would require Wu-er Tuo Tuo.

In truth, the whole empire had been built by Wu-er Tuo Tuo himself, Dong-er Molei had only been concerned with killing his enemies, and did not know anything else.

“Get lost!! Scram!! Scram!!” Wu-er Tuo Tuo was currently going insane and sent out numerous discs flying towards Dong-er Molei.

Dong-er Molei had been kneeling on the ground and hadn’t been on guard against the person he respected the most. The discs shot past his neck, and his head flew through the air, rolling to one side in a shower of blood. Just like this, the strongest Evolver that had crossed swords with Yue Zhong died at the hands of his own leader.

With his death, the rest of the Turks felt their world crumble, as the generals all rose up and led their own forces away in different directions.

The Mongolians and Manchurians were long since prepared, and took the opportunity to chase down all of the forces of the Turk Empire, wiping them out. At the same time, they gobbled up the resources and people, expanding their forces.

The Turk king Wu-er Tuo Tuo was also killed with a single hit by Ao Dou, and the Turk Empire was wiped off the face of the earth, just like that.

The allied forces of Manchuria and Mongolia were extremely relaxed, it was as though it was just an expedition for them, with lack of resistance from the enemy.

It was easy for them because Wu-er Tuo Tuo had already fallen. He had lost his will, lost his fighting spirit, and the entire Turk Empire that he painstakingly raised up was shattered.

After the powerful allied forces wiped out the Turk Empire, they rested for two days before turning around and made their way towards Qi Mu Town.

Cloud Town was a small town near Qi Mu Town, and it was an important location for Qi Mu Town. As long as it was defended well, it could repel many enemies from the front of Qi Mu Town.

As the first line of defense for Qi Mu Town, Yue Zhong had thus deployed an entire battalion to this town. At the same time, 2,000 survivors were working on the fortifications of the structures as well as traps, to prepare for the impending attack.

Suddenly, there was a cloud of dust in the distance, and the sentry that had been keeping guard up in a tree had a huge change in expression. He shouted into the walkie-talkie, “Enemy attack!! Enemy attack!!”

Without the help of satellites, Yue Zhong could only employ the traditional way of leaving talented sentries in different areas.

After obtaining that intel, the entire Cloud Town hurried in their actions, as soldiers got into position and readied their weapons, keeping the gazes on the horizon.

Li Guang stood on a high vantage point and saw the allied forces in the distance. He muttered out with a billowing killing intent, “So you’re finally here, Allied Forces? This time, I’ll let you taste the might of the Victorious Troops!”

The soldiers stationed at Cloud Town were all soldiers of the Victorious Troops, and had undergone tough military training. Every single one of them was filled with battle intent, and the assault of the allied forces happen to be according to his wishes,

The Manchurian and Mongolian Empires were afraid that Yue Zhong would set his sights far ahead. And since Yue Zhong wanted to eradicate them himself, but couldn’t afford to dispatch people to find their central bases, he couldn’t ask for more. It might be pressurizing to deal with their forces, but likewise, it was an opportunity to deal with them once and for all.

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