God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 647

After 2 rounds of bombardment, the allied forces deployed 2 companies of their respective soldiers and charged towards the hills.

Under the constant heavy artillery fire, the hills were almost completely obliterated. They naturally assumed that the enemies would not be able to hold their defense position any longer.


Just when the 2 companies were approaching the hills, soldiers from the Victorious Troops emerged from the tunnels, armed with rifles and started firing downwards at them with mad abandon. With this sudden assault, many soldiers of the alliance were caught unawares and killed.

“Get down!! Get down!!” The Mongol general that led the troops in shouted.


A loud gunshot rang out, and the general fell down dead with a bullet in his head.

Snipers started wriggling out from the tunnels and began searching for strategic targets and aimed for headshots. The 4 companies of the alliance took cover and dispersed while the Ever Victorious troops continued with their relentless firing.

News of the failed attack soon reached Hu-er Ran. “tunnels! tunnels indeed! Yue Zhong is a terrifying character “,he said, as his expression darkened.

Tunnels had proven to be highly effective against cannons. During the Korean War, the Volunteer Army of North Korea made use of tunnels to defend themselves against the United States Army’s ferocious bombings.

Hu-er Ran knew deep down in his heart that this would be his toughest battle since he started his military career, after hearing that both the hilltops were covered with tunnels.

“General! The firepower of the enemy is too strong, our squads cannot hold on for long! Please send for reinforcements!!”

“General!! The enemy is too fierce! 2 of my squads have already been wiped out, please send help!!”


The allied forces had not attacked the 2 hills for long, before they began to request for help.

The soldiers defending the hilltops were the elite Judges that Yue Zhong had absorbed from the Kingdom of God. They had all undergone job change to be soldiers above Level 20. Not only was their personal combat strength higher than ordinary humans, every one of them were strong with weapons. If any of them were placed in a special force before the apocalypse, they would be definitely the best of the best. While the allied forces also consist of powerful elites, against the stronger elites of Yue Zhong, they were suppressed until they could not even stick their heads out.

Zheli Mu looked at the hilltop coldly, and ordered, “Retreat!”

The 2 companies quickly retreated from the hilltop like floodwater.

Yu Wen Ying looked at the allied forces withdrawing and his eyes flashed brightly, ordering, “Retreat to the tunnels!”

The soldiers then scurried back into the tunnels.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Just after they entered the tunnels, the powerful artillery fire bombarded the hill again, intent on obliterating everything.

Under that powerful fire, a few tunnels collapsed, killing 3 of the elite soldiers.

After a volley of heavy fire, Zheli Mu then deployed another 2 battalions of infantry soldiers towards the hills, for a second wave of attack.

He knew that the soldiers situated on the hilltop weren’t many, hence he made the vicious decision to send 2 battalions to flush out the entire place.

The 2 battalions numbered almost 800, once they stormed in, the entire hill seemed to be crawling with ants.

“Seeking artillery fire!! Seeking artillery fire!! Coordinates xx, xxx.” Yu Wen Ying laid prone at the entrance of a tunnel and observed the Mongolian troops, barking into a walkie-talkie.

Hong! Hong!

From afar, the artillery forces of the Victorious Troops began launching their heavy fire, as round after round bombarded the area and blasted everything on the surface.

The terrifying artillery fire caused many of the Mongolian soldiers to be blasted apart, there was even a single 155mm round that landed, causing half a platoon of soldiers to be obliterated.

Under that relentless assault, the 2 battalions of soldiers suffered greatly, many dead and many more injured. Their morale plunged as they quickly sought to retreat from the hill.

“Damn beasts!!” Having sent 2 battalions of over 800 Mongolian soldiers, but losing over half of them to the artillery, with barely 300 of them making it back, Zheli Mu was beyond infuriated.

These Mongol soldiers were the elite of the elites, and possessed strong fighting wills among the Mongolian forces. Each battle they emerged victorious from added to their achievements and they were treasured greatly. Losing 500 of them at one go was a huge blow to the Mongol Empire. It wasn’t easy training up a new batch of soldiers, then forging them through battles to reach the same level as these veterans.

Helpless, Zheli Mu had to hesitate and rethink his strategy. In the end, he sent out 2 platoons to launch a careful attack on the hilltop.

After the apocalypse, many factories were abandoned, and the amount of ammunition from each faction was limited. Each round was precious. Zheli Mu was helpless, and could only make use of as little soldiers as he could to attack the hill. He was betting that the Victorious Troops would not spam their artillery rounds so haphazardly.

It was as Zheli Mu expected, the 2 companies did not meet any artillery. However, the moment they charged up the hill, they were faced with the Judged led by Yu Wen Ying as both sides engaged in a merciless gunfight.

One by one, the Mongolian squads would try to storm up the hill, but they were quickly forced to retreat. Most of them were the elites of the Mongolian Empire, but compared to Yu Wen Ying and the ex-KoG forces, they were still far off. Furthermore, Yu Wen Ying and his troops possessed the advantage of high ground, thus, it was practically suicide for the Mongolian troops.

Hu-er Ran’s face was extremely dark as he stood in the camp. The assault had been going on for the entire morning, without any progress, and the death toll of the allied forces had already reached a thousand people. It was enough to turn his expression ugly. “This Yue Zhong actually managed to make use of these 2 hills to give us so much trouble, he truly is a terrifying person. We can’t let him expand his power any longer, otherwise we’ll all die!”

His line of thinking was correct, after all, Yue Zhong had gained the Evolving Temple and was constantly churning out elite soldiers. As long as he had enough time, he could even make use of the forces from Guang Xi and Hunan to come to the Central Plains in the Sky Fortress.

It was precisely due to this, that Yue Zhong was quietly training his troops, and only sent Lie Ming Yi out on his rampage, destroying the minor camps of the Mongolian and Manchurian Empire. He needed time to expand.

However, Hu-er Ran and Xuan Zhen were not just simple warlords, and were even willing to let go of their past enmity to join hands and deal with Yue Zhong.

Hu-er Ran looked at the 2 hills and shouted viciously, “Convey my orders! I want Zheli Mu to take down that hill by today! He has over 10,000 of my brave warriors, and he can’t even take down a simple hill? What the fuck is this? If he doesn’t accomplish this, he can scram out of my sight!”

When Zheli Mu heard it, his eyes turned bloodshot, and quickly summoned over a 100 Enhancers of the Qie Xue troops, as well as other Enhancers of over Level 20, “Our Mongolian Empire is the strongest country in the world, for the sake of our country, charge!!! Take down this location, everyone will be promoted by 3 ranks, with 10 beauties as gifts and a 100 sheep and cows!!”

“Kill!! Kill!! Kill!!”

The Mongolians began to roar out in excitement.

Zheli Mu roared out and brought the 300 of them as they charged up the hill.

Yu Wen Ying was hiding in one tunnel and saw the Mongolian forces rushing towards them. They began to fire wildly again.

Air Barriers, Stone Shields, Bone Spears, these were all abilities of the high-level Enhancers. There were even some high-level Evolvers among them that could employ strange abilities to charge through the bullets without being injured. Their tactic was to have 5 of them take on 1 of Yue Zhong’s forces.

Yu Wen Ying and his troops realised their bullets were being defended against, it was hard to kill them off when their reaction was fast.

“An Enhancer Troop? Call for an artillery strike! Calling for artillery! Coordinates xx,xxx.” Yu Wen Ying watched as the Mongolian forces employed their abilities and roared into his walkie-talkie.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The dense artillery fire rained down on the hilltop again.

The barriers made up of air were shattered, and 5 Qie Xue soldiers taking cover beneath it were instantly blasted apart. Another round landed on a stone shield, disintegrating with a loud blast, taking out the soldier under it as well. There were multiple holes on the hill that were half the size of a football field. One round also landed on the bone-users, causing the Strength Evolver to be swallowed in the blast radius.

In the face of the heavy artillery fire, the Qie Xue soldiers could not even defend themselves. As long as they were struck, they would be blasted to pieces.

“Charge!! Only by charging up, we will survive!!” Amidst the artillery fire, Zheli Mu roared out as he swung his silver cleaver madly, making his way up the hill.

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