God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 648

It was the safest there, since the Victorious Troops would not rain artillery on their own people.

As a peak Evolver, Zheli Mu’s speed was terrifying when he went all out. He was like a gust of wind that evaded the countless bullets as he reached one of the tunnels at the top of the hill. With a flash of his cleaver, 2 elite soldiers were slaughtered.

Having killed those 2 elites, Zheli Mu leaped into the tunnel, and began to hunt down the other elite soldiers inside. He was like a fierce killing god, slaughtering any soldier he came across. No one was a match for him.

Zheli Mu had been renowned as a fierce general within the Mongolian troops. Many camps and factions that he laid siege on could not withstand his might, and he had even personally taken out multiple Evolvers in those factions. As the Mongolian Empire grew and expanded, he had rarely stepped out to engage in slaughter at the front lines. However, with Hu-er Ran’s orders, he had no choice but to charge, in order to take down the hill in front of them.

Yu Wen Ying heard the screams and wails of the soldiers, his own eyes also flashing with bloodlust as he pressed a detonator in his hands, “Damn bastard! Go to hell!!”

Hong! Hong!

Following a loud explosion that seemed to shake the earth, the tunnel that Zheli Mu charged into began to blow up, in an instant, he was blasted to pieces and buried within the tunnel.

Yue Zhong knew the problems of dealing with those peak level Evolvers. One such expert could easily kill 2 elite soldiers. Only by using a large amount of explosives, would a peak Evolver be killed. Hence, on the front lines, there had been many explosives prepared beforehand, to deal with those Evolvers specifically.

“General Zheli Mu is dead!!”

“How did it become like this?! Zheli Mu is dead!!”


The elites of the Qie Xue troops as well as the Mongolian troops had reached near the top of the hill, and when they saw the explosion consuming Zheli Mu, their faces turned ashen. The fighting spirit crumbled instantly, as they retreated quickly.

As they fled, from time to time, some of their numbers would be picked off by the snipers hidden on top of the hill, causing them to flee faster.

Yu Wen Ying watched them retreat and heaved a sigh of relief. The elites of the allied forces were truly not easy to deal with. Without the support of the heavy artillery, their hill might have been taken by the enemy. However, because of the timely artillery strike, they had miraculously retained control over the hill. It was at a price of 21 of their brothers.

When Hu-er Ran heard news of Zheli Mu’s death, his face fell as he questioned, “What?! Zheli Mu is dead? Are you certain?!”

One soldier who had a bandage over one of his eyes, having been blinded in the battle earlier, kneeled on the ground as he teared up, “Great King, I saw it personally! Great King, you must seek vengeance for General Zheli Mu!!”

Hu-er Ran’s face was pale, as he waved his hands to dismiss the soldiers, “You may go!”

Zheli Mu was one of the 4 generals under Hu-er Ran that had followed him on all his conquests from the beginning, and he actually died at this place, giving him a bad feeling.

He roared out loud, “Yue Zhong! I’ll definitely not let you off! I will wipe you off the face of earth and use your head as offering to Zheli Mu’s soul!!”

The battle continued fervently, as the allied forces continued to send elites up.

The sides fought their hearts out for the location point.

The hills became a cruel meat grinder, claiming the lives of the allied forces. At the same time, many of the elites of the Victorious Troops were buried in the tunnels forever.

The intense battle continued for an entire day, with over a thousand more deaths from the allied forces, as for the Victorious Troops, they lost about 60 men, with 40 heavily injured.

The battle lasted till evening, before the allied forces finally retreated to their camps.

Inside the camp, Hu-er Ran frowned and asked anxiously, “Does anyone have any suggestions?”

The 2 hills had already cost them a thousand soldiers, and Hu-er Ran was starting to become more wary of Yue Zhong.

He had led over 60,000 soldiers together with 10,000 of the Manchurian troops, a total of 70,000 people. He had thought that he could crush Yue Zhong’s power as easily as taking a sweet from a baby. However, they were already impeded at Cloud Town, and he couldn’t help but feel a rising sense of trepidation.

70,000 soldiers required a large amount of food. The allied forces had already deployed a large number of slaves and citizens to transport food to the battlefield. However, they definitely could not drag this on for too long, otherwise, their rations would deplete quickly.

Ao Dou spoke up, “The enemy is able to maintain their position because of the artillery support from behind. I feel, we should scatter our forces, and attack them from 3 different angles, so that their artillery support cannot focus fire. This is the only way to obtain victory.”

Amu Xidai replied solemnly, “That’s right! I agree with Ao Dou, today we have been too focused on getting the hills, and had not managed to send any men up on the hills, that is why we can’t win them.”

Although they had 70,000 soldiers, there was only a limited number they could place up on the hill. If they sent too many, then the artillery from the Victorious Troops would go trigger happy, and blast the soldiers on top to death. It was because of this that Yu Wen Ying and the rest were confident in defending their positions.

Otherwise, if all 3,000 were to flush out the entire hill, their numbers were definitely enough to tear the forces of Yu Wen Ying into pieces.

Bo-Er Zi replied, “I feel that we should employ the advantage of numbers and attack multiple positions at once, that way, tomorrow, we’re sure to obtain Cloud Town.

The rest of the generals also gave their own suggestions. They all tried to bank on the fact of them having superior numbers. Furthermore, with the 24 assault helicopters waiting behind, they were naturally filled with confidence in dealing with Yue Zhong.

As the meeting went on for a while, by the time it ended, the generals all retreated back to their own quarters to rest for the night, in preparation for the battle the next day.

In the dark of the night, a 1,000-strong army of riders appeared in the distance.

Yue Zhong eyed the huge campsite containing the allied forces, his eyes flashing with a strange glint, “70,000-strong, you guys sure gave me face. You actually deployed so many to attack me. That’s fine by me, at least now I can deal with the whole lot of you, otherwise, it’ll be troublesome to go search for you all.”

Yue Zhong then pointed to the campsite coldly, “Bi Lǜ, eradicate them all. Wipe out anything that resists and anything that moves!”

“Yes! Master!!” Bi Lǜ replied warmly, waving her hands, and a powerful Spirit wave enveloped all the treants nearby.

There were a thousand treants, 10 Type 3 Treants, 6 high-level Treants, and they began to charge towards the campsite.

Borrowing the cover of the night, the army of treants got close to the campsite.

The 10 Type 3 Treants took the vanguard position, with a speed that reached the sound barrier, tearing apart all the defences, steel barbed wires, obstructions, and charged right into the camp.

“What’s that?” One soldier found his vision turning blur up on the watchtower, when suddenly, the Type 3 Treant appeared right in front of him, and with a flash, his brain was torn apart by the claws of the treant.

A Type 3 Mutant Beast was a terrifying existence, and while the combat ability of the 3 Type 3 Treants could not compare to Lightning, and had no innate abilities, their combat strength was something else. The moment they charged through the group of people, they easily ripped the heads of the soldiers apart.

The moment the 10 Type 3 Treants charged into the campsite, they began to slaughter the soldiers, the moment any soldier revealed their face, they were instantly decapitated.

The 6 high-level Treants were like tanks that steamrolled through the camp, their hands smashing through the defences easily, and every fist of theirs could pummel any resistance into a pulp.

A large number of the low-level Treants charged through the holes in the camp made by the high-level Treants, and poured into the camp like a flood.

“Kill!!’ Yue Zhong rode on one Black Scaled Stallion, hugging Yin Shuang close to him, leading a thousand elites right into the camp.

Faced with the sudden night raid, the entire camp was plunged into chaos, and the soldiers could not locate their commanders, nor the other way round, and whenever a soldier popped out from a tent, they would have their neck twisted.

There were over 10,000 soldiers in the Manchu cmap, but the true elites only numbered about 3,000. The rest were just reinforcements.

Most of these fresh soldiers had never been forged through the flames of battle, and their equipment was lacking. Many of them even used melee weapons. When faced with such a sudden attack, they were plunged into chaos, and they began to scream around like headless chickens, before being torn apart by the treants or slaughtered by the soldiers under Yue Zhong.

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