God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 649

Ao Dou was like god-like existence in Manchuria, and his position was only slightly behind the beloved emperor Aisin Gioro Xuan Zhen.

Hearing his call, all the soldiers regained their composure and quickly made their way towards him.

“No good! Like this, it will get more troublesome!” Yue Zhong looked at Ao Dou and furrowed his brows. He pointed to him and told Yin Shuang, “Yin Shuang! Help me kill that person!”

In this night raid, Yue Zhong had invested plenty, and he wanted to at least cause the breakdown of the Manchu troops. If he could not, then with the combined might of the allied forces would cause him problems in the battle tomorrow.

“Got it, Father! I’ll go kill that baddie, you must reward me later oh!” Yin Shuang smiled sweetly at Yue Zhong, and with a gust of wind, she disappeared from his embrace, charging for Ao Dou.

Yin Shuang charged at Ao Dou, her looks exquisite, however, every soldier of Yue Zhong knew of this terrifying loli. One by one, many of the Manchurian soldiers had their brains exploding. They were all killed by Yin Shuang, revealing her terrifying physical power.

If it was a comparison in close combat, Yue Zhong knew he wasn’t her match. This loli that came out of that Mutant Infected Womb was truly overpowered, and no one under Yue Zhong could even hope to stand against her.

“Right on time!!” Ao Dou roared in rage, activating his Battle Blood Dou Qi, as a blood qi covered his body, raising his constitution. He could now catch Yin Shuang’s movements, albeit forcefully, and sent a terrifying fist that whistled through the air at Yin Shuang.

Yin Shuang had no expression on her face, as she sent a fist to meet his.

Both fists clashed, as a powerful shockwave blasted outwards. Ao Dou’s entire right arm was shattered by Yin Shuang’s strength, exploding in a cloud of blood and meat. Although he had channeled his Blood Dou Qi, and enhanced his constitution, he could not withstand Yin Shuang’s might. He had already channeled his Blood Dou Qi together with his Second Order Berserker’s Strength, and yet, he still could not take on Yin Shuang’s fist.

After destroying Ao Dou’s fist, Yin Shuang’s left fist followed up with a whistling sound, landing on Ao Dou’s head like a shooting star.

With a loud blast, Ao Dou’s was blasted by that blow.

In the dark of the night, Yin Shuang’s silver hair as well as her expressionless face gave off a feeling of an underaged goddess.

“Sir Ao Dou is dead!!”

“Fucking beast!!!”

“Everybody, charge!! Kill her to avenge Sir Ao Dou!!”


The 100 personal guards of Ao Dou gathered closer, each of them his loyal subordinates. The moment they saw him killed by Yin Shuang, their expressions turned to one of anguish and grief, as they charged at her mindlessly. However, it was in vain.

“All of Father’s enemies must die!!” Yin Shuang eyed those incoming guards and her face flashed with a bright smile, before she rushed at them and unleashed a massacre.

Before they could react in time, their heads were blasted apart one by one by the specter-like Yin Shuang.

The rest of the soldiers began to shout, “Ao Dou is dead, everyone, flee!!”

“Sir Ao Dou is dead!!”

“Ao Dou is dead!! No!!!!”


The news of Ao Dou’s death quickly spread like wildfire amongst his troops, and the moment they heard it, they lost all their fighting spirit and quickly fled.

“Damn bastards!! They actually killed Ao Dou!!” Xuan Zhen was hidden in a corner, when he saw Ao Dou killed, he was full of rage and fear.

Right now, it was an atmosphere of heightened fear, if Xuan Zhen came forth and called for the troops to gather on him, they might still have a fighting chance. However, he was extremely clear, if he stood forth now, Yue Zhong would gather all his elites to turn him into minced paste.

Xuan Zhen had only about 30 Qie Xue troops as his guards right now, and although they were all elite Evolvers, he didn’t have much confidence they could stand up to Yue Zhong’s troops.

One of them turned to ask Xuan Zhen, “My Liege, what do we do now?”

Xuan Zhen gritted his teeth and responded sullenly, “Retreat! Towards Hu-er Ran, we might stand a chance to rise again.”

After making up his mind, he led the personal guards of his, as well as the hundreds of scattered soldiers towards the Mongolian campsite.

Yue Zhong led his troops all around the campsite, executing any Manchurian soldier they saw. They suddenly saw about 40 westerners heading towards a corner. His eyes flashed coldly as they chased after them.

“Ah! Those are Thunder Fighters!! They actually obtained such treasures!”

Yue Zhong quickly caught up to them, and saw the 12 Thunder Fighters and 12 Eurocopters sitting quietly on a field, as well as the western elite soldiers rushing for those 24 metal behemoths.

“Great!! Great!! These are all mine!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with excitement and he quickly leaped down from his Black Scaled Stallion and activated his Shadow Steps, turning into a shadow that flitted towards the 24 assault helicopters.

While rushing there, he fired his .05 submachine gun at the western soldiers, and they fell one by one.

However, 8 of them managed to get into 4 Thunder Fighters, and they swiftly started up the Thunder Fighters. As long as they got it up into sky, they could shake Yue Zhong off.


With a flash of his body, Yue Zhong appeared beside the 4 Thunder Fighters and activated his Art of Fear, as a powerful Spirit attack enveloped the Thunder Fighters, sending the western soldiers into nightmares.

Under the terrifying hallucinations, they all suffered heart attacks from the terror of their own nightmares, and slumped dead on the controls.

After wiping out the team of 40 western soldiers, he quickly gave an order to his subordinates, “Men! Quickly move these 24 helicopters away!!”

A number of his subordinates arrived, and transported the 24 assault helicopters away, together with large amount of ammunition.

Having struck at the heart of the Manchu campsite, Yue Zhong quickly led the troops to survey the Mongolian campsite.

By now, the Mongolian campsite was already on full alert, and many of the soldiers had returned to their sentry points, eyeing Yue Zhong’s troops hungrily.

Yue Zhong eyed them for a moment, before giving the order, “Retreat!”

By now, the Mongolian campsite had already made their preparations, if Yue Zhong insisted on charging at them, there was only the option of storming the front. Even if Yue Zhong possessed the advantage of the night, to take down a 60,000-strong army, his forces would have to pay a hefty price.

Yue Zhong did not want his subordinates to die for nothing.

Under Yue Zhong’s order, the treant army as well as the elite soldiers began to retreat, leaving behind a huge patch of flames in place of the Manchu camp.

Xuan Zhen came up to Hu-er Ran and pleaded, “Great Khan, please help me with my revenge!”

Hu-er Ran watched the burning Manchu camp, his face turning ugly. He had never expected Yue Zhong to preemptively launch a night raid, crushing the Manchu forces. They were a force of over 10,000, with Ao Dou as their general, and yet, they had been defeated at Yue Zhong’s hands. He was now full of caution against Yue Zhong.

Hu-er Ran’s face suddenly fell as he thought of something, “What about the helicopters in your camp?!”

Xuan Zhen’s face turned ugly as well, “Not too sure. I think they must have landed in Yue Zhong’s hands.”

Hu-er Ran’s face fell as he cursed, “Fucking idiot!! You actually allowed them to get those precious helicopters?! Do you have a pig brain?!”

Yue Zhong already had possession of 8 Thunder Fighters, and he was terrifying enough. Now that he got his hands on another 12, in addition, another 12 Eurocopters, Hu-er Ran did not dare think how any faction could stand up to Yue Zhong.

When Xuan Zhen heard Hu-er Ran’s curse, his face turned ugly, but he could not not refute, and he did not dare anger Hu-er Ran any further.

If he decided to call off the cooperation and kill Xuan Zhen, there was nothing he could do.

Amu Xidai came in front of Hu-er Ran and asked seriously, “Great Khan! What do we do now?”

All the Mongolian generals turned to look at Hu-er Ran, they were all clear that it was a dire situation now.

With 32 assault helicopters, Yue Zhong had become an existence they could not deal with. Even if they charged forth with all their strength, at most, they could bring down a few, but the rest would destroy their tanks, artillery as well as devastate their infantry.

Hu-er Ran eyed Cloud Town in the distance, as well as Qi Mu Town behind it. Although he still had his 60,000-strong force, he knew that it was an impossible task to defeat Yue Zhong now.

Being a warlord, since he was clear on the impossibility, he decided to call off the attack resolutely, “Retreat!! All forces are to retreat immediately!! Duoqi Muge! Take 3,000 riders to cover us, make sure to cover our retreat!!”

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