God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 650

Hu-er Ran was extremely certain that when dawn comes, Yue Zhong would lead his troops together with the 36 assault helicopters to attack his forces. At that time, his main force would definitely be defeated, and there would not be a single faction that could stand up to Yue Zhong’s expansion then.

“They actually retreated! Seems like this Mongolian King isn’t stupid.” In the night, Yue Zhong rode on a Black Scaled Stallion, while looking coldly at the retreating Mongolian Army and thought quietly.

With the help of the darkness, the allied forces’ combat abilities were largely limited. Yue Zhong’s troops were also not spared from it, and the only people not affected by the dark was Yue Zhong, Yin Shuang, Tenpyo Saka and Bi Lǜ, as well as a few other Evolvers and the treants.

“Attack!! Kill them all!!” Yue Zhong then gave the cold order, before rushing towards the 3,000 forces of Duoqi Muge.

“Yes!” Bi Lǜ waved her hands as her thoughts spread out, enveloping the treants, and their eyes flashed and became bloodshot, before charging towards the 3,000 riders of Duoqi Muge.

Yue Zhong himself carried Yin Shuang with him as he rode towards the 3,000 soldiers. He had the combat strength to wipe out an entire battalion by himself.

Duoqi Muge noticed the army of treants and bellowed in rage while pointing at them, shouting orders to the 3,000 riders behind him, “For the Mongolian Empire, for the Heavenly Khagan! For our brothers and sisters, everybody, CHARGE!!!”

The treants weren’t very large, and many were knocked in the air by the stampede of horses, before being pulverized into meat paste by the riders behind.

The 3,000 riders charged on with an acceptance of their death and managed to slice through a large number of treants, killing them.

At this time, the 6 monstrous treants of about 8m stood forwards and blocked the path of the riders. The riders slammed into the bodies of the high-level Treants and many died on impact. The treants slapped out with their huge hands, flattening dozens of riders into meat paste.

The riders in front who had no time to stop smashed into the treants, as though committing suicide by slamming into large boulders. The 10 Type 3 Treants were also ferocious beyond comparison, striking out at the galloping horses, blasting apart the Black Stallions, before grabbing the riders and tearing their hearts out to gobble.

Their charge was forcefully stopped by the high-level Treants, and the 3,000 riders were immediately immersed in a slaughter by the treants. In the dark night, their vision was limited, and their reactions were greatly inhibited. The treants were not only unaffected, some of them were even Level 30 existences, and were all extremely agile. They were like monkeys that weaved in and out, tearing out the hearts of the riders while cutting off their heads. It was truly a bloody scene.

“Go to hell!! Freaks!! Go and die!!” Duoqi Muge was a fierce Evolver in his own right, and he waved his huge blade that slashed out with multiple blade beams. His Agility was 15 times that of a normal person, and when he slashed out with his maximum strength, the speed of the blade beams exceeded the sound barrier. Under those tyrannical strikes, many treants were ripped to shreds.

Just as he was slaughtering the treants wildly, he suddenly felt an intense sense of danger, and just when he felt it, an odachi appeared in the dark, slicing his neck.

His head rolled from his neck to the ground, with his eyes still wide open in disbelief. He did not expect that he would die like that at the hands of an assassin.

The moment Duoqi Muge died, the remaining 2,000 riders began to disperse in fear, having lost their will to fight. They abandoned their weapons and horses and tried to flee in different directions.

“Leave 300 treants behind to finish up here! The rest, follow me!!” Yue Zhong saw that things were almost done here, and quickly gave an order to Bi Lǜ.

She nodded and waved, sending out her brainwaves, and 500 low-level Treants continued to chase after the scattered Mongolian riders, while the rest joined the 6 tank-like high-level Treants as they followed Yue Zhong towards Hu-er Ran’s main force.

The melee weapon-wielding Mongolian troops were at a disadvantage in modern warfare. Most of them were just local muscles that knew shepherding prior to the apocalypse. With a little training, they could become decent riders, but if they died, Hu-er Ran didn’t feel particularly bad. Yue Zhong wanted to destroy Hu-er Ran’s weapons and rations.

The remaining 57,000 troops were retreating, but due to the darkness of the night, their speed was impeded. This was because they had plenty of rations, artillery ammunition, weapons and other resources.

Other than that, there were about 30,000 slaves other than the army, and they were utilized to move the resources as well as other tools and equipment for maintenance and menial tasks. If needed, they could also be deployed as cannon fodder, using their lives to set up traps and trenches.

The 80,000-over people formed a long line of a few miles as they traveled.

8 thousand-strong troops were supervising the traveling. Hu-er Ran had specially deployed them to prevent Yue Zhong from launching any sneak attacks.

“Kill!!” Yue Zhong led the treant army and quickly caught up with Hu-er Ran’s troops. He observed the long procession carefully and immediately called for an attack on the tail-end.

The end portion of the procession was made up of mostly slaves, with only a few hundred Mongolian soldiers were supervising them cruelly. The moment those slaves made any strange moves, the Mongolian soldiers would execute them without a second word.

The Type 3 Treants were the fastest as they quickly charged through the end part of the procession, grabbing the heads of the Mongolians soldiers and ripping them off.

“Enemy attack!! Enemy attack!!”

Soon, panicked screams and shouts erupted.

Seeing the soldiers being killed, the slaves of other races took the opportunity to explode out, either charging and killing the distracted Mongolian soldiers, or making use of the night to flee.

The Mongolians were rough with the slaves, and no one was willing to be their slaves. Although it was dangerous out in the plains, at least there was a chance of freedom.

Yue Zhong watched as the end-portion of the procession descended into chaos, and got the treants to withdraw. Only a small odachi could be seen flashing out from time to time, killing the Mongolian soldiers instantly. When those soldiers died, the weapons in their hands were immediately grabbed by the slaves, and they would use these weapons to wreak havoc and rain vengeance upon the other soldiers in their fury and madness.

The Mongolians soldiers were being slaughtered with every passing second, and there were more slaves joining in on the massacre. It was like a chain reaction, causing more of the procession to become chaotic.

4 of the supervising troops that were escorting on the sides quickly charged backward like the wind.

“Wipe them out!!” Yue Zhong pointed to one of the thousand-strong army, as he rode his Black Scaled Stallion right at them.

All the treants followed suit and charged for the escort riders.

Yin Shuang was still the fastest, the moment she leaped from Yue Zhong’s arms, she turned into a gust of wind that blew right into the midst of the riders. She swung out with her pale fists, and numerous riders had their heads exploded from the impact.

Following up was the 10 Type 3 Treants, that could tear apart the Black Scaled Stallions with a single claw strike, and they dug out the hearts from the riders in cruel fashion.

The 6 high-level Treants also charged through like tanks, every swipe of their hands flattening dozens of riders into meat paste.

In a single second, the leader of the thousand riders had his heart ripped out by one Type 3 Treant after it blasted the Black Scaled Stallion he was riding on.

After losing their leader, the rest of the riders soon fell into confusion and panic amidst the attacks from the Type 3 Treants and 6 high-level Treants.

Yue Zhong’s forces had decimated this escort unit when 3 entire units of riders charged right for Yue Zhong from different directions. They were bravely launching an attack at Yue Zhong’s units.

The 3 other units of riders charged through the group of treants, making use of their momentum to kill a number of them. However, faced with the aggressive assault of the 6 high-level Treants as well as the 10 Type 3 Treants, their core members were quickly mutilated and torn apart, and the rest were scattered.

The 6 high-level treants were basically invincible in close combat, and the bravest of warriors could charge all they wanted, but it was committing suicide.

Only cannons and heavy artillery could possibly deal damage to them. Other methods might include incendiary bombs, anti-tank missiles, tank cannons, and other guided missiles.

Other than those heavy weapons, normal weapons could not even hurt them the slightest bit. They were a terrifying force in Yue Zhong’s hands, and for the sake of crushing the Mongolian forces, Yue Zhong had deployed almost all of them. The moment they appeared on the battlefield, their might was apparent for all to see.

Having defeated the 4,000 riders, Yue Zhong led the treants on a massacre against the remaining fleeing members, not allowing them to regroup or reorganize.

One general rushed hastily beside Hu-er Ran and kneeled down, his voice urgent, “Great Khan!! Great Khan!! Yue Zhong that mad dog has chased up, and he’s commanding a troop of terrifying monsters as they slaughter our backend. The slaves behind have also revolted! How should I proceed, please advise, Great Khan!”

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