God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 651

As he raged, one general came up and kneeled in front of him, “Great Khan!! Gu Tuo, Fei Nan De, A-duo Busi, Dong Dong Er-Mo have all gone to attack Yue Zhong and his strange army. They have all sacrificed themselves and their subordinates are being slaughtered by that demon Yue Zhong now! Please instruct us, Great Khan!”

Hu-er Ran’s face fell as his voice became a whisper, “What… Gu Tuo and the rest are all Evolvers, and each of them has a thousand subordinates, how could they have already died?! How is this possible?”

Gu Tuo and the rest were all Evolvers, together with their 4,000 subordinates, they could even kill a peak Evolver. Such a terrifying army was actually wiped out in such a short time, this caused Hu-er Ran to be in disbelief.

In fact, all Yue Zhong did was focus on defeating Duoqi Muge, Gu Tuo as well as the other generals. He didn’t exactly wipe them out yet.

Chasing after all 7,000 riders would take up too much time with the limited treants on hand. Of course, melee combat was the swiftest and most intense, that was how Yue Zhong could easily take them on. If he was up against a modern army, then it would be a case where he might even lose hundreds on his own side.

Another general came up to Hu-er Ran and said, “Great Khan! The chaos is catching up and spreading towards our main force, please give us instructions!!”

The rebelling slaves were not suppressed in time, and the chaos and violence were mounting. Over 10,000 of them had been freed, and they were all wreaking havoc and venting their fury, killing hundreds of Mongol soldiers.

Those experts who tried to rush in to quell the chaos were quickly taken out by a small odachi flashing out in the darkness.

Tenpyo Saka was already an assassin when she was working for Takama-ga-hara. When she came under Yue Zhong, she also took the Ou Ming Ver 1 Evolving Liquid, gaining the Agility Solidification to its Second Order stage. Now, chaos was the best environment for her, as she took to it like fish to water, and dispatched multiple soldiers that tried to provide reinforcements with ease.

Each time Tenpyo Saka made a move, even the strongest Evolver of the Takama-ga-hara had to be wary. Not to mention the Mongolian soldiers, who were far beneath her level of strength. She could easily take out an Enhancer or commander without noise and without a hint of her trace, causing even more pandemonium. The chaos from the rebelling slaves thus got worse and it became even harder to defend against Tenpyo Saka.

Hu-er Ran lived up to his name as a warlord of the Central Plains. He quickly made a decision, “This time, I messed up! Amu Xidai, go lead the Blood Eagle Riders to suppress the chaos, you’re free to disregard their lives. Bo-er Zi, you take the Grey Wolf Riders to handle the back, focus your troops on camping and escorting, don’t engage if you don’t have to. You will defend till day time and then scatter. Report back to the Huangjin Clan when you’re out.”

Both the Blood Eagle Riders and Grey Wolf Riders were veteran warriors with decent equipment, their numbers reaching 10,000. As long as they focused on defending, even Yue Zhong would find it hard to deal with them.

By leaving these 20,000 elite warriors being, Hu-er Ran could be considered to have prepared himself mentally to suffer a huge loss.

“Yes!! My Liege!!”

Bo-er Zi, Amu Xidai responded respectfully, and immediately left to carry out his orders.

“Kill! Kill them all!! Kill those rebels!!” Amu Xidai led his 10,000 Blood Eagle Riders towards the back and clashed with the rebelling slaves.

They were all slaves of different ethnicity and races and were all emaciated. They simply didn’t have enough energy. They were able to cause so much mayhem purely because they had the numbers.

And now, as the powerful Blood Eagle Riders rushed at them with their equipment, they quickly slaughtered these ill-prepared slaves.

Many of them began to wail and cry for their fathers and mothers as they were attacked by Amu Xidai’s forces, as they immediately crumbled and scattered in different directions.

A large number of them disappeared into the dark of the night, and soon, the chaos was quickly brought under control.

As for the 10,000 Grey Wolf Riders under Bo-er Zi, they carefully got into formation, and released a lot of flares, lighting up the entire area. They were all holding rifles and grenade launchers, as they begun to fire at the advancing treants, preventing them from rushing further through their troops.

Yue Zhong observed the formations of the Grey Eagle Riders and frowned, this was a well-prepared army with modern weapons, even if he used the treants to advance forcefully, he would suffer losses. Adding on to the 10,000 Blood Eagle Riders that were rounding up the rest, if he continued to attack the Grey Wolf Riders, the treant army would definitely be desecrated.

Close combat in the dark was the most advantageous for the treants. However, against a defense post with preparations, it was basically wasting their lives.

These treants were a powerful night-raid unit, he did not want to waste them here.

Yue Zhong watched them and quickly gathered the treant army back into the night.

“He truly is someone difficult to deal with!!” Bo-er Zi waited together with his units and noticed that Yue Zhong did not continue his assault. He could not help but frown.

If Yue Zhong had pressed on, Bo-er Zi would still continue his all-out defense against them, even if he knew they weren’t his match. It was all just to provide more time for the rest of the army to retreat.

However, Yue Zhong had responded by bringing them all back into the dark, which caused Bo-er Zi to be on tenterhooks, and his army could not help but maintain vigilant.

Yue Zhong’s move this time had led Bo-er Zi’s subordinates to not dare underestimate Yue Zhong’s troops. They had been able to wipe out the Manchurian troops, and Bo-er Zi did not dare let down his guard and was wary.

Yue Zhong led the treants into the dark, and they quickly routed past Bo-er Zi’s troops as they made for the main Mongolian forces.

These treants possessed shocking Stamina, and Yue Zhong himself was full of Stamina and Spirit. They were like fish in water as they ran in the dark, chasing up to the Mongolian forces.

“Kill them all!!” Yue Zhong gave the command as his eyes flashed viciously the moment they caught up to the main forces of the Mongolian Army. He pulled out his 2m-long Black Tooth Blade, and 4 or 5 Mongolian soldiers were instantly sliced in two.

“Hehe!! Bad guys must all die!!” Yin Shuang also leaped from Yue Zhong’s arms, and charged right through the human crowd, going on a killing spree. Everywhere around her, the heads of some Mongolian soldiers could be seen exploding, fresh blood splattering everywhere. It was truly a gory scene. Although she was killing the enemies in a frenzy, she was wearing a smile on her face, and she looked like a vivacious little devil enjoying herself.

The 10 Type 3 Treants had speeds of 34 times that of normal people, and they charged together with Yue Zhong into the midst of the soldiers. They all possessed terrifying strength and speed, each time they lashed out, they could easily pulverize the face of an unfortunate soldier, killing him instantly. However, they preferred using their sharp claws to dig the hearts out of the soldiers’ chests, gobbling them up.

The 6 high-level Treants and 800 low-level treants (100 having been killed by the Mongolian riders) also charged right into the fray.

The Mongolian soldiers were currently retreating quickly and were caught unawares. Faced with such a sudden assault, they were instantly thrown into chaos. Some of them were valiant and immediately took up their arms to fight back. Unfortunately, they were the first ones to be killed by the treants. Even more so panicked and cried as they tried to flee in different directions, trying not to get killed by the treants.

With this sudden attack, a large number of Mongolian soldiers were wiped out, which caused a chain reaction, spreading towards the main unit in front.

At this moment, 2 units with over 3,000 riders each came charging out from the main unit, and these soldiers rushed past the broken troops, making their way towards Yue Zhong’s treants viciously.

Hu-er Ran had already guessed that Yue Zhong might route his units and chase after his main force, and thus, he made the preparations in deploying 10,000 riders, ready to provide assistance at a moment’s call.

After Hu-er Ran had established his kingdom in the Central Plains, he had been on the look out for countless rides and mounts. He found a large number of horses and cows, as well as Black Scaled Stallions, this was how he came to establish his huge army of riders.

Facing the charge of these 6,000 troops, White Bones shot forwards, its bone claws grabbing a hold of the ground, and the bone spikes on its back transformed into a huge 200m-long sharp blade that slashed out in the dark.

One of the units could not see properly in the dark, and they charged forth with a terrifying momentum, coming into contact with that large bone blade of White Bones. The sharp bone blade sliced off the heads of the mounts, as well as the waists of these riders. White Bones continued to plant its limbs firmly into the ground, resisting the force of the charging riders.

As the riders came charging, many of them were sliced across their waists, unable to stop in time, as their blood splattered everywhere and their organs spilled. The entire battleground was like a scene from hell.

Of the 3,000 riders that charged forth, over 1,400 of them had seemingly killed themselves by running into White Bones’ sharp bone blade.

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