God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Mutated Monkey

Yao Yao looked at Yue Zhong, who was looking at her, and she fiercely stared back at him.

Yue Zhong slightly smiled. He used the Imitation Tang Sword and cut the ropes binding her, restoring her freedom.

As soon as she gained freedom, Yao Yao immediately walked over to Yue Zhong without fear and extended a hand. Using pure and sweet lolita voice she said to Yue Zhong: “Give me back my dagger!”

Yue Zhong smiled and tossed the dagger back to Yao Yao: “As long as you agree, from today on you all are my people.”

Yao Yao took back the dagger. While playing with the dagger, she couldn’t help but look at the three children with chocolate in their hands. Although she is a lone wolf, she couldn’t help but be attracted by the food in her hungered state. It is human instinct.

Yao Yao couldn’t hide her state from Yue Zhong. Smiling, he grabbed another piece of chocolate from his pocket and gave it to Yao Yao.

Yao Yao grabbed the chocolate from Yue Zhong and tore open the wrapper, and she nibbled small bites out of it.

Yue Zhong saw Yao Yao finish the chocolate and finally asked her: “How is your speed so fast? Did you get a skill book?”

Yao Yao thought a moment, looking at Yue Zhong, she extended a little hand: “Skill book? I don’t know what that is? Eat!”

Yue Zhong once pulled out a compressed biscuit from a bag and gave it to Yao Yao. He continued to ask: “Then how is your speed so fast? Before Z-Age, your speed couldn’t be as fast as it is now.”

Yao Yao thought a moment: “After Z-Age, I drank some life water. After one day and one night, I changed like this.

Yue Zhong looked at Yao Yao and quietly thought in his mind: “Is it because she adapted to the virus, and she naturally produced an evolution? There has never been a person who underwent mutation from the God and Devil World system…”

Yue Zhong walked over to the camp of the eight men and entered their tent. He immediately smelled something that made him want to vomit. He resisted the urge and looked inside.

Everywhere in the camp were fumes that made one one to vomit, and there was a fishy smell. Yue Zhong only took a look and retreated back out. He would throw up if he stayed in there a second longer.

Yue Zhong immediately used devil flame and set the camp on fire. All of the sins were burned clean by the flames.

After burning down the camp, Yue Zhong walked over to Yao Yao and asked: “Do you know what the situation is inside Stone Horse Village?”

Yao Yao used her pure and sweet lolita voice and said without any hesitation: “I know!”

Yue Zhong lead the four children, Guo Yu, and Zhang Nan continuing on towards Stone Horse Village.

In the black of night, one couldn’t see their hand before their face. Apart from the daring little lolita Yao Yao, the others all followed closely behind Yue Zhong.

Under the screen of darkness, two mutated cats the size of lions rushed like a shot of electricity towards Yue Zhong’s group.

White Bones acted. He shot forward like an arrow. His axe flurried like thunder, chopping at the mutated cat’s body. A horizontal slash cut the mutated beast into two halves, splashing blood everywhere.

Yue Zhong used his Imitation Tang Sword and casually slashed. Carrying a burst of cold light he cut the airborne cat into two halves.

Seeing the two mutated cats so easily cut in two by Yue Zhong, Yao Yao’s eyes flashed a strange light. She finally realized just now, Yue Zhong hadn’t even used his full power yet when fighting.

As soon as the mutated cats died, an experience orb sunk into Yue Zhong’s body, and another experience orb rushed into White Bone’s body. They dropped one skill book and twenty life coins each.

“Level 2 Skill book: High Speed Movement: Using this skill requires five stamina. After using the skill, one will receive 15 agility for 30 seconds.”

Yue Zhong took the skill book and life coins, and he placed them into his backpack. Then he used the Imitation Tang Sword to open up their skulls and search around, but he didn’t find a blood-red bead like the one he found in the mutated river snake.

After getting up, Yue Zhong continued on his way.

Using Zhang Nan’s knowledge of the terrain, Yue Zhong arrived at a small hill that overlooked Stone Horse Village.

Just like Guo Yu Described, Stone Horse Village was surrounded by two rivers. One side rested against the mountain, and there was only one path in and out. It was indeed a place very suited to be a base.

Furthermore, in front of Stone Horse Village was Big Cliff Village. If they could capture Stone Horse Village, they could use it at a stagepoint to capture Big Cliff Village. Big Cliff Village had a steel yard and steel production factory. After capturing this place they could obtain various types of steel products. They could even make cold weapons.

“Let’s go!” Carefully observing a moment, Yue Zhong lead them back toward the path they came from.

After walking fifty meters, Yue Zhong suddenly felt danger. He stopped. He pointed at Guo Yu and commanded to White Bones: “White Bones! Your combat priority is to protect this woman.”

What Bones wasn’t very bright. If he said protect Guo Yu, White Bones wouldn’t know who that is.

Guo Yu became frightened, and she drew a little closer to Yue Zhong.

As soon as Yue Zhong gave White Bones the command, he immediately used his type 79 assault rifle and shot madly at a tree.

After emptying the clip, A 1.5m tall mutated monkey fell from the tree. It was filled with holes, and five of the bullets had passed through the head.

Yue Zhong tossed the type 79 assault rifle into the brush. His hand waved, and a new type 79 assault rifle appeared in his hand. He lifted the gun and continuously fired into the trees like a madman.

Among the suppressive fire of Yue Zhong, A black figure bravely jumped down from the tree, and it rushed towards Yue Zhong’s group.

“Level 17 monster: Mutated Monkey! These monkeys have an agility type body, sharp claws, and sharp teeth. The most troublesome part is they are grouped creatures.”

Yue Zhong could easily see using his passive ability Night Vision. In the dark of night there were over a dozen mutated creatures rushing out. He emptied a clip and dropped another mutated monkey. Those mutated beasts immediately rushed towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong launched shadow step in the blink of an eye. In a wink, he slashed three times, and three sword slashes shone. Three of the mutated monkeys were chopped in half while soaring through the air, spraying blood everywhere.

In the time that Yue Zhong slashed the three monkeys, the other monkeys already broke his defensive perimeter. They headed towards the four children, Zhang Nan, and Guo Yu.

Zhang Nan saw the mutated monkey rushing at him, and his face changed. Under the fear, he turned and ran.

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