God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 653

“For the sake of the Mongolian Empire, charge!!”

“For the sake of the Mongolian Empire, charge!!”


Countless roars and howls of fury rang out, as the 2 rider units let out all their frustration, and charged for Yue Zhong’s armored division.

Most of the riders would usually wait for the moment when their enemies were breached by their own tanks, before rushing in for the kill. However, since the situation now was that their own armored division was being destroyed, they had no choice but to use their own flesh and blood to engage Yue Zhong’s armored troops.

The 100 gun-mounted vehicles among Yue Zhong’s armored division began to spew out bullets. The dense rain of metal struck the charging Mongolian riders, killing them.

“Go to hell!!” One Mongolian rider carried a rocket launcher as he charged towards one particular armored vehicle. He then flipped from the back of his horse and aimed at the vehicle before firing.

With a bright flash, the armored vehicle was blasted into pieces.

The Mongolian riders were truly ferocious, and they all knew that the battle today would determine the survival of 2 major ethnicity groups. If they lost, Yue Zhong would definitely not spare many of them, whose hands have been stained with the blood of the other races.

Many of these soldiers had killed numerous people of different ethnicities. They already knew there was no retreat nor way out for them, thus they became, even more, savage in this battle.

However, history had proven time and again that flesh and blood and bravery would not win over metal and steel. Although these riders were all valiant in their charge, against the rain of bullets, their bodies were ripped to shreds.

The 2 units had rushed forth to face the 100 gun-mounted vehicles. Unfortunately, the dense hail of bullets caused them to crumble. The only result they got was 16 vehicles destroyed due to the efforts of some brave suicide warriors.

After demolishing the 48 Mongolian tanks, the 30 assault helicopters turned to fire their machine guns at the rest of the armored vehicles, tearing apart the IFVs and gun-mounted vehicles.

The assault helicopters were the bane of many armored vehicles. Of the 30, 20 of them were Thunder Fighters, which was technologically advanced and a result of the apocalyptic world. They might number only 30, but their true battle prowess was almost equivalent to 70 assault helicopters.

With such a terrifying aerial attack, the vehicles on the ground were like toys being blasted apart, before the 30 assault helicopters turned and made for the rest of the soldiers.

Hu-er Ran watched them approach, his face pale. It was as though he had aged 10 years in an instant, as he gave the order, “Convey my orders! Everyone, retreat to the Huangjin Clan!!”

With that order given, the entire Mongolian Army instantly broke apart and formed many smaller groups that fled in all directions.

Since the Mongolian Army had a large number of horses, almost everyone had one. As they retreated on their mounts, it was truly a speedy escape.

The moment the army dissipated, the rest of the armored fleet also started to flee, without any means to defend against Yue Zhong’s troops. Yue Zhong’s forces then took the chance to annihilate the remaining armored vehicles that were too slow to get away, before wiping them out entirely.

A huge amount of rations, resources, and ammunition had been abandoned as the Mongols fled, which ended up in Yue Zhong’s hands. In the first place, due to the presence of these resources, the retreat of the Mongolian Army had been slow.

Otherwise, the Mongolian Army could have made off quickly in the night, and Yue Zhong would have been helpless.

One infantry battalion was left behind to supervise the movement of the resources, while the rest of Li Guang’s forces were then split into 5 parties that went after the scattered Mongolian troops. However, it wasn’t too effective, as they only managed to hunt only another 2,000 Mongolian soldiers.

Yue Zhong crippled the main forces of the Mongolian Army, then turned his attention back to the Grey Wolf Riders and Blood Eagle Riders.

These 2 units were made up of riders entirely, and when they saw that the situation was dire, they immediately split up in 20 thousand-strong groups that fled in different directions.

The Central Plains were vast, and they were a heaven for riders. Yue Zhong’s armored troop only managed to kill another 1,000 or so Grey Wolf Riders and Blood Eagle Riders before they had escaped far from sight.

Li Guang came up to Yue Zhong, his face grinning widely, “These damn bastards, they’re just like rats! Running away the moment we hit them. Leader! What do we do now?”

Having defeated the main force of the Mongolian Army, everyone knew that the ownership over the Central Plains had just swapped hands. From now on, they were the largest faction. Any enemy that did not lower their heads would be wiped out. Thus, all of Yue Zhong’s generals were in high spirits and gave, even more, effort in their endeavors.

Yue Zhong’s eyes gleamed as he replied, “The Huangjin Clan. As long as we take the fight there, they would be defeated, and won’t be a threat anymore.”

If the Mongolian soldiers continued to roam out in the Central Plains, it would be hard to purge them completely. If they hardened their hearts to fight it out with Yue Zhong, it was also going to be tough to take them on.

The only constant that these riders would return to was the Huangjin Clan. There, they kept their resources, food, slaves, and flock. In this world where resources were scarce, it was hard to obtain any, these riders definitely have to return to Huangjin Clan to stock up or pass the goods.

Should the Huangjin Clan stronghold be destroyed, then the riders would be left to fend for themselves outs in the Plains, either to be eaten by the Mutant Beasts or die of starvation.

Lie Ming Yi and his troops were able to roam about the Central Plains to hunt the various factions because Yue Zhong was behind to support him. He provided the resources, ammunition, steeds, and weapons. Otherwise, they would not have been able to continue on their rampage throughout.

Yue Zhong glanced at Li Guang and asked, “Li Guang, are your Victorious Troops still raring to go?”

Li Guang immediately beamed with excitement, “Yes!! Our Victorious Troops are ever ready!!”

At this moment, Situ Jin who had been quiet all these while also piped in, “Leader! Our Tian Wei Troops are still going strong as well! We’re willing to be the vanguard to wipe out the enemy!”

Hu-er Ran used to be the overlord of the Central Plains and was now an enemy that Yue Zhong had to take out. Li Guang had brought his Victorious Troops to block the allied forces at the battle of Cloud Town and had obtained huge merits. In the future, they were sure to become the top force under Yue Zhong. Situ Jin could sense that they were at an advantage, and hoped to gain some merit so that the Tian Wei Troops also stood a chance at becoming the top force.

A country would definitely have its main fighting force, its second line of defense, miscellaneous troops, garrison forces, and reserves as well as others. The main fighting force is definitely the one that was taken care of the most, with all sorts of advanced weapons and equipment going to them first.

The rest had less priority and were utilized less on the battlefield, thus lesser chances to gain more merits and earning more resources.

A unit without much morale would usually be a second-rate troop. Situ Jin hoped to bring his own forces and become the main force of Yue Zhong’s Central Plains army.

Yue Zhong glanced at Situ Jin, he knew that Situ Jin disliked in-fighting, and although he listened to orders, he had his own beliefs. He was planning for Situ Jin and his Tian Wei Troops to become the secondary troop, in charge of cleanups and clearing zombies. Like this, it wouldn’t go against his resolution and principles.

Yue Zhong thus eyed him and asked gravely, “Can the Tian Wei Troops do it? This battle is of utmost importance, and every soldier has to obey my command unconditionally. Situ Jin, there might be things you aren’t willing to see.”

This time, Yue Zhong was intending to destroy the Huangjin Clan and eradicate Hu-er Ran’s power, and for victory, he would stop at nothing.

Situ Jin immediately became silent.

Yue Zhong did not spare him a second look, instead, turning to Li Guang, “Victorious Troops, come with me! We shall eradicate the Huangjin Clan!”

Li Guang’s eyes blazed with passion as he responded, “Yes! Leader!! Our Victorious Troops are willing to be your sword and kill all those who oppose you!”

After which, Li Guang quickly followed behind Yue Zhong.

Situ Jin watched them leave and sighed heavily. He had guessed that from today on, their Tian Wei Troops were likely going to be the 2nd or 3rd force at best.

Yue Zhong did not rest, instead, immediately leading the treant army, a thousand elite soldiers, as well as Li Guang’s forces and charged right for the Huangjin Clan stronghold.

Along the way, the path was smooth, and they didn’t meet much resistance. Only a few scattered riders appeared and were quickly taken care of by the Victorious Troops.

Not much time had passed since Hu-er Ran brought a thousand of his subordinates back to the Huangjin Clan stronghold, when Yue Zhong had already caught up and was killing his way in.

Yue Zhong then summoned the envoy that had helped to serve the Manchurian Empire previously, Lian Da Zhong, as he gave an order coldly, “Lian Da Zhong! You shall go and notify Hu-er Ran on my behalf. Get him to surrender unconditionally. I will leave him alive. Otherwise, I will attack immediately, and destroy his clan, eliminating all from his family. I’m giving him an hour to consider. This is my order!”

Lian Da Zhong’s body trembled as he kneeled, “Your slave obeys!!”

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