God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 654

The style of the Manchurian Empire had been to revert to the ancient ways, where customs and slaves were normal. Many had to refer to themselves as slaves and humble servants in front of Xuan Zhen, otherwise, it was hard to gain his trust or favor.

It was normal under a dictatorship in this apocalyptic times, that the leader’s requests are met. Yue Zhong himself would enslave his enemies, and even in his faction, there is some sort of slavery present. Xuan Zhen liked the style of Ancient China, and his entire Manchurian Empire was more of a backward society.

Lian Da Zhong, this coward, thus headed out on Yue Zhong’s orders, carrying a little white flag as he approached the Mongolian camp fearfully.

The Mongol soldiers looked at him, bewildered. They knew that this man was the only crucial link to their survival.

One general stepped forth suddenly and grabbed Lian Da Zhong’s shirt, barking ferociously, “Halt! What are you up to?!”

Lian Da Zhong was scared out of his wits, and he began to stammer, “This lowly one is called Lian Da Zhong, I’m here on the orders of the Han Alliance’s leader Yue Zhong to advise Great Khan Hu-er Ran to surrender.”

The general frowned and waved his hands for his soldiers to stand down. He then brought Lian Da Zhong in and asked with a strange gleam in his eyes, “Did Alliance Chief Yue Zhong say anything in particular?”

Right now, Yue Zhong had brought 3,000 troops to surround the Huangjin Clan, which was still housing over a few tens of thousands of slaves. However, everyone knew that the slaves of the different ethnicities and races would not stand a chance against the well-equipped forces of Yue Zhong. The Mongolian Empire was truly at the edge.

Under such circumstances, even the most loyal of soldiers were starting to waver. Many had already begun to harbor thoughts of surrendering to Yue Zhong. After all, he was not a foreigner, and if they lost the Huangjin Clan stronghold, they would be forced to roam the Central Plains, which would spell death.

Even if they were to take many steps back, and assume that they could flee, where would they flee to? Everyone knew that Yue Zhong had almost gained control over the entire Central Plains. Even if they could flee now, by the time Yue Zhong fully established himself, they would have no place to escape to.

Lian Da Zhong swallowed his saliva, before continuing, “Our Alliance Chief had only given a broad direction. Which is for Hu-er Ran to surrender unconditionally. As long as you guys surrender unconditionally, Yue Zhong would naturally not make things difficult. You must have heard him before, humans won’t be segregated under him. As long as they’re willing to work hard, he will accept anybody. In our Tian Wei Troops, there are Hans, Mongols, even the Korean-Chinese, Khwari, and Uyghurs are accepted. They’re all living in harmony. If you guys surrender, you can definitely be part of us.”

“The world is now under threat from the zombies, our human population is dwindling. Leader Yue Zhong is broad-minded and has always been working towards unifying the country. He wants to accept everybody, and he treasures talents. It won’t be too late to surrender to him now. With his skills and wisdom, he’ll definitely unify the country, if you guys work for him now, in the future, as long as you contribute enough, you will be part of the team of founding fathers. By then, riches and fame would come to you naturally, and your future generations will only stand to gain from your wise decisions.”

Lian Da Zhong might be someone with no backbone, and liked to kiss ass, but he was truly capable with his words and knew how to adjust to the situation. At the same time, he was crafty, and these all combined together to make him a formidable envoy.

When the general heard his words, his heart couldn’t help but itch, and his face turned warm, as he chuckled, “Brother Lian, I’m called Cha Bi Lai, the vice-commander of the Huangjin Guards. Let’s be friends!”

Lian Da Zhong also went along with the flow as he smiled, “Great!! Great!! Great!! To be able to form a friendship with Brother Cha, a hero of his times, it’s an honor! Why don’t we become sworn brothers?”

“Fine!! From today on, we are sworn brothers!! I’m 36 this year.”

“I’m 31 this year! Big Brother!!”

“Little Brother!!”

Cha Bi Lai and Lian Da Zhong both had their own intentions in forging this relationship. Cha Bi Lai wanted to look for someone he could rely on within Yue Zhong’s circle of power, and Lian Da Zhong wanted to leave the Mongolian camp alive. Thus, they became friends.

After becoming sworn brothers, Cha Bi Lai became extremely warm towards Lian Da Zhong, bringing him further into the camp, “My good brother!! Should Alliance Chief Yue Zhong have any likings or tendencies, please remind your big brother I, so I can have some preparations.”

“Leader Yue Zhong is a hero of many skills and talents, his strength unparalleled, and is a natural leader.” Lian Da Zhong began to sing praises of Yue Zhong, as he was always careful not to talk bad about his bosses. However, he immediately turned the topic, “However, while he might be heroic and valiant, he is not immune to the charm of beautiful women. Furthermore, the type he likes is a huge range! From young girls, to cool beauties, as long as they’re top beauties and virgins, he likes them all.”

Lian Da Zhong had joined Yue Zhong after his forces had defeated the army at Tian Mu Town. He was quick-witted, and his mouth seemed to be made out of honey. Although he didn’t have much of a position amongst Yue Zhong’s people, he had already made many friends. He noticed Yue Zhong carrying Yin Shuang most of the time, with Tenpyo Saka, Zhuo Ya Tong, Ji Qing Wu, Bi Lǜ around him. He naturally came to the conclusion.

Cha Bi Lai had a strange glint in his eyes while smiling, “Since time immemorial, heroes loved beauty, this is surely the truth.”

Hu-er Ran himself had a huge harem as well, with over a 100 women in it.

“Hehe!” Lian Da Zhong also laughed somewhat knowingly, his gaze mischievous.

Under Cha Bi Lai’s lead, Lian Da Zhong was smoothly brought right to the heart of the Mongolian stronghold.

When he entered the Huangjin Clan hall, Lian Da Zhong immediately saw Hu-er Ran.

Hu-er Ran had just shot Lian Da Zhong a cold look, and it was enough to send him kneeling on the ground, preparing to kiss ass, “Lian Da Zhong, envoy of the Han Alliance, came to greet the great Khagan, wishing the Khagan many years of good health!!”

Hu-er Ran watched this man with a lack of backbone, contempt in his eyes, as he spoke coldly, “Did Yue Zhong send you to persuade me? What are his conditions?”

Lian Da Zhong was full of euphemism, “Our great leader Yue Zhong hopes that you can surrender unconditionally, and work together to unite the Central Plains. He is willing to ensure the protection of you and your family, such that you will not come to harm.”

Lian Da Zhong obviously did not dare to come down strong on Hu-er Ran like how Yue Zhong threatened, that death will come should he resist. He was afraid that Hu-er Ran would drag him out to be executed.

When two armies fought, the envoys were usually not mistreated. However, Yue Zhong had slaughtered the envoys from Manchuria, this was a wide-known fact.

Hu-er Ran laughed coldly, as he barked, “Just protecting my life? And if I don’t surrender? What are his original words, speak!!”

Lian Da Zhong trembled, and he forged through, “Leader Yue Zhong said, if the Khagan doesn’t surrender after they breach the Huangjin Clan, he will wipe out your entire family line and clans!! He’s only willing to give you an hour to consider, after an hour, he will charge in.”

“What a ruthless fellow!!” Hu-er Ran sighed bitterly.

Based on what they knew of Yue Zhong, he was definitely capable of doing what he said. Hu-er Ran could definitely flee on his own, being a top Evolver. However, his wife, kids, friends, and loyal subordinates would not be able to escape their fate. If they fought back, Yue Zhong would not let them off. If they were too strong in their resistance, all the Mongols of the Huangjin Clan stronghold might have to suffer from Yue Zhong’s wrath.

Yue Zhong’s troops did not adhere to the 3 rules and 8 notices, instead, they were a force that focused on victory. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sent Lie Ming Yi out to wreak havoc.

“I’ll go speak to Yue Zhong!” Hu-er Ran came down from his seat and spoke to his 2 generals, “If I’m not back within 5 hours, and there’s no news, you guys take your own subordinates and flee. Remember to burn all resources before you leave. Before I’m back, watch all the resources, don’t let anyone touch them!”

“Yes! Great Khan!” The 2 generals responded loudly.

Lian Da Zhong watched in wonder, “He truly is the Mongol King, so decisive and charismatic.”

To Yue Zhong, the people and resources of the Huangjin Clan stronghold were important. Should they be destroyed, and the soldiers escape, then it would be a huge blow to Yue Zhong on 2 fronts. He would have to spend a large amount of time and effort to protect the slaves and ensure the flow of resources. This was harder than taking his troops to defeat the Mongolian Army.

After making his preparations, Hu-er Ran followed Lian Da Zhong out of the stronghold, and into Yue Zhong’s camp.

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