God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 656

Chapter 656: Elder Council!

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Since Hu-er Ran made the decision to join Yue Zhong, he did not throw any curveballs, instead, he handed everything within the Huangjin Clan Stronghold to Yue Zhong obediently.

Under his orders, most of the Mongolians put down their weapons. However, there were a few hot-blooded youths that could not accept surrendering without a fight. Some other elites took their own lives. However, many of them heaved a sigh of relief, and put down their weapons.

After all, what was most precious on Earth was still one’s own life. Yue Zhong might be vicious, but he never went against his word once he promised.

Hu-er Ran also abided by Yue Zhong’s wishes and helped to release the hundred thousands of slaves.

The sudden increase of slaves was a huge burden on Yue Zhong’s shoulders. He had to process and release them, and could not afford to use too much force. Otherwise, there might be potential dissatisfaction brewing amongst the survivors, therefore he had to put in more effort to get it down properly.

Inside a tent, Bo-er Zi looked at the intelligence officer kneeling in front of him in horror and disbelief, “What?! The great Khan surrendered!! Is what you said true?? It’s impossible!! Definitely impossible!! The great Khan is a person above persons! How could he surrender to Yue Zong that despicable and vicious Han dog!!!”

Hu-er Ran had established the Mongol Empire by himself, and his position amongst his followers was equivalent to Yue Zhong amongst his men. Within the empire, while there might be some who were not of the same mind as Hu-er Ran, they were still loyal.

Bo-er Zi was someone who had been saved countless times by Hu-er Ran, and was considered one of his trusted aides. He was loyal, and when he heard the respected Hu-er Ran of his heart submitting to Yue Zhong, it was like a huge blow to him.

At this time, the handsome man in question with a strict aura stepped into the tent, and spoke slowly, “Bo-er Zi, it’s true! I’ve truly submitted to Yue Zhong!”

Bo-er Zi’s eyes turned bloodshot, his teeth gritted as he kneeled, “Great Khan!! Why?!! We have so many good brothers! Under my lead, there’re still 3,000 riders. As long as you give the order, we’re willing to follow you throughout the Central Plains. Yue Zhong is a Han, and no matter how strong his is, the Central Plains don’t belong to him. The Central Plains belong to us Mongols! Even if we can’t take him on in a frontal battle, as long as we make use of our usual tactics, with the vast Central Plains, he can’t do anything to else!! Great Khan, why?! Why did you submit?! Why?!”

Hu-er Ran chuckled bitterly, and asked, “Bo-er Zi, how long will the rations in your hands last?”

Bo-Er Zi turned silent, before replying slowly, “We should be able to last another 2 days with the dry rations. If we scrimp a little, it should be enough to last 4 days. If we kill our horses, we can last even longer.”

Hu-er Ran replied, his tone full of bitterness, “If we lose the Huangjin Clan Stronghold, we lose our lifeline. Out here in the Central Plains, if we don’t provide food backup for our men, we will die from battles and starve to death. Our bullets will be lesser with each round we fire. Without a base, any storm could claim the lives of all our brothers. Our Mongolian brethren are all within the Huangjin Clan Stronghold. If we continue fighting, Yue Zhong would definitely not go easy on us, and all our people will become slaves, and he might even kill the families of the soldiers. Without Huangjin Clan, we won’t even have the necessary support to resist him. If we continue to fight, not only us, our families and loved ones will also follow us in death. For their future and sake, we can only choose to submit to him, and fight for him.”

In the apocalypse, without a base to return to, it was extremely dangerous.

This was because there were powerful tornadoes and sandstorms that raged on out here in the flat, wide plains, with some even lasting a few days and nights. There was no way for the people to go out and hunt. Other than the powerful storms, there were also all sorts of Mutant Beasts.

Some of them grouped together in numbers, and were incredibly savage, causing even someone like Hu-er Ran to retreat when up against them. If a huge group of humans were forced to be vagrants out here in the Central Plains, they would definitely die when chased by the Mutant Beasts.

When Bo-er Zi heard Hu-er Ran’s words, he then asked, “Great Khan, are you here to persuade me to surrender as well?”

Hu-er Ran’s eyes flashed with a glint as he looked at Bo-er Zi and said slowly, “That’s right! I’m here to advise you to surrender, so that our brothers may have a chance.”

“Great Khan! Let me call you that one last time!! I know you have your reasons for submitting to Yue Zhong, and I know you’re doing it for the future of our brothers. However, I can’t bring myself to do it! I will only serve the Great Mongolian Empire!!” Bo-er Zi kneeled and kowtowed 3 times, causing his forehead to bleed, before he pulled out his curved blade to slash his own neck, shouting, “Long live the Mongolian Empire!”

With a flash of the blade, a long slash appeared on Bo-er Zi’s neck, as fresh blood splattered out.

Hu-er Ran watched, his eyes widening, as his lips quivered, before he sighed, “Go well!!”

Bo-er Zi was a nationalistic person, and if there was no more hope for the Great Mongolian Empire, then he would rather choose to end his own life.

Hu-er Ran turned to leave the tent.

Bo-er Zi’s Grey Wolf Troops then landed in Hu-er Ran’s hands, and under his orders, they were transferred to Yue Zhong smoothly.

On the other side, the remaining Blood Eagle Troops that were under Amu Xidai were immediately led by him and fled to the outer parts of Mongolia the moment they heard that Hu-er Ran surrendered to Yue Zhong.

The Blood Eagle Riders were a sharp blade of the Mongolian Empire, and had crushed countless Han factions. Amu Xidai was also a cruel nationalist, who killed countless Hans, and he knew Yue Zhong would not let him go. He didn’t want to die, thus, he could only flee.

The Manchurian Emperor Xuan Zhen was pretty fast, as Yue Zhong swallowed up the Mongolian Empire, he quickly left together with his remaining troops and slaves, fleeing to the north.

Yue Zhong lacked manpower, swallowing the Mongolian Empire was like gobbling up a huge meal that was way beyond himself. It required a long time to digest this meal. Although he had already scouted the direction of the Manchurian Empire, he had no way of making any move currently.

Hu-er Ran had submitted to Yue Zhong, and was extremely cooperative, however, Yue Zhong could not help but be on guard against him. At the same time, there would be remnant soldiers from the Grey Wolves Troops and Blood Eagle Troops, causing the total number of soldiers to exceed 10,000.

Yue Zhong had only 3,000 soldiers within the Huangjin Clan, who were required to supervise the 10,000-strong Mongolian troops, as well as maintaining the peace and calm of the hundreds of thousands of survivors. They also had to be on guard against the other sneak attacks from other factions, and Mutant Beast Hordes, so it was extremely taxing on the soldiers. They had absolutely no resources to chase the Manchurian Troops.

Within a room in Europe, with plenty of advanced communications equipment, one particular male received a phone call, and his face turned pale as he left the room in huge strides.

Within a meeting room, a number of agitated voices were engaging in discussion.,

“The Mongolians’ Central PLains has been unified?”

“Our 1st Cavalry on the Central Plains had been wiped out by a person called Yue Zhong person as well.”

“Most of the Chinese have already been gathered in his hands, Guangxi, and Hunan as well as Central Plains. The number of people under him has already reached 2 million.”

“If this powerful entity were to rise in Asia, it will not benefit us. We should quickly wipe him out.”

“No! I feel that we shouldn’t waste too much energy on Asia. Africa and Middle East are the important territories. We can gain a whole lot more people from Africa, as well as resources from the Middle East. Asia is too far from us, and not only do we face problems deploying troops there, even if we could take down the faction there, it will be hard to move the resources back to our place.”

In the meeting hall, there were a few men in military clothing, the Elders of the Kingdom of God. Every word and action of theirs could set things in motion.

The Kingdom of God had already amassed enough influence all over the world even before the Apocalypse. Of course, there were still fights with other factions, however, with their strong technological advancement, they won more than lost.

The Thunder Fighters were an invention of the Kingdom of God. It was because of them, that Yue Zhong had managed to gain the upper hand in a few of his battles. He only had less than 50 of those mechanical beasts, and they were already so tyrannical. The Kingdom of God could actually manufacture about 20 a month. The gap in power was huge.

One particular hooked-nose man with good looks, Erek, spoke solemnly, “Apostle! I recommend sending the Apostles to deal with Yue Zhong. The number of Chinese in China is huge, if he successfully unites the country, then this backward country could possibly overtake us. It will not be beneficial to our plans. Even if Asia is not within our consideration, nor a place of interest, we cannot allow someone strong to appear there. At the very least, not while we’re still expanding our operations. Based on the reports, Yue Zhong is wildly ambitious and he has gone on a number of conquests. If he were to become the leader of China, it will be dangerous for us. I recommend that we send 2 Apostles to assist the Mongolian troops in eliminating Yue Zhong!”

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