God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 657

The Apostles were the strongest experts of the Kingdom of God, and were the peak Evolvers of the Europe continent. Each of the 12 had terrifying abilities. They could suppress an entire region by themselves.

As the powerful trump cards of the Kingdom of God, they had been crushing the enemies of the Kingdom of God. Because of them, the Kingdom of God had been able to expand swiftly and smoothly.

Of course, the Kingdom of God would prioritize the most advanced weapons and all sorts of precious medicines or manufactured serums from the various Mutant Plants and gave them to the Apostles. At the same time, powerful skill books, Survivor Coins were all given to them as well. Both sides worked together to ensure a beneficial working relationship.

Erek spoke solemnly, “It’s necessary! Based on the reports, this Yue Zhong has the strength of an Apostle as well. In order to wipe him out completely, we will need at least 2 Apostles as well as 8 Divine Envoys.”

One of the Elders asked, “Our Apostles are all in America, Africa, Middle East, Britain and India engaged in battle! The remaining 4 are on guard duty. If we had to deal with Yue Zhong, we would have to relocate those who are on the battlefield. Where do you propose taking them from?”

The Kingdom of God was extending its reach everywhere, at the same time, engaging in battles on all fronts. As the strongest experts of the Kingdom of God, the Apostles were naturally deployed to strategic places to be at the forefront.

One particular wrinkly old man with a head full of white hair stammered out, “Let the 9th Apostle Harriman and 12th Apostle Lina go and deal with Yue Zhong! We cannot allow a strong contender appear in China. It will truly be bad for us.”

“Yes! Great Elder!”

The moment that old man spoke, the rest of the Elders followed his wishes.

This old man was one of the 3 greatest Elders, Jonas. This seemingly harmless old man had machinated many of the dealings and directions the Kingdom of God took, and his methods were cruel and vicious. Anybody who stood against him was basically dead, and the moment he made a decision, few dared to go against him.

With Jonas’ orders, a huge undercurrent was making its way for Yue Zhong.

On the Central Plains.

Bai Xiao Sheng came up to Yue Zhong with bloodshot eyes, reporting snappily, “Leader! The brothers we sent to Changming County have been killed.”

“What?! They dare to kill our men!!” Yue Zhong’s face turned ugly.

When 2 armies fought, they seldom killed envoys, after all, it was a huge insult to the other party. Yue Zhong seldom killed envoys, unless it was necessary, like the case of the Manchurian envoy, in order to shake the rest of the Hans and get them to rally against the Manchurian Empire. Now his own envoy had been killed, he was furious.

Bai Xiao Sheng’s eyes flashed with a wild ferocity, “Leader! Let me take men to go and wipe them out! I will tear their skin and rip their tendons!”

Yue Zhong turned to Hu-er Ran and said, “Hu-er Ran, you go grab 3,000 Grey Wolf Riders and come with me!”

Hu-er Ran saluted and responded, “Yes! Leader!”

Yue Zhong brought Bi Lǜ and the treant army, together with Hu-er Ran and his 3,000 Grey Wolf Riders as they made for Changming County.

Changming County was a small place that had build up a 6m wall all around it. There were multiple machine guns placed on top of the walls, ready to defend itself. All sorts of wires and traps had been set up around the wall, over a wide piece of barren land that had obviously been cleared, creating an open field.

When Yue Zhong arrived, he saw a corpse that had its ears, nose and hands sliced off, while its chest was stuck to the wall with multiple stakes.

He saw the corpse and his heart was instantly filled with fury, his face turning ugly. This was the envoy that he had sent to Changming County.

Hu-er Ran came to Yue Zhong and spoke lowly, “The leader of this place is called Huyan Xiong’er, and he is a peak-level Han expert. There’re a total of 10,000 survivors within, and 1,000 soldiers. They’re his Tiger Leopard Riders. Each of them are Enhancers of at least level 10 and above, their strength is not weak.”

The killing intent in Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed as he ordered, “I want the heads of Huyan Xiong’er and his men. Go get them for me!”

A strange glint appeared in Hu-er Ran’s eyes, “Yes! Leader!! Your subordinate obeys!”

Hu-er Ran knew it was a time for him to shine, if his performance was subpar, then Yue Zhong would definitely send him away to live his days out peacefully.

“Come with me!!” Hu-er Ran summoned 40 experts that had been part of the Qie Xue Army as they made their way closer towards Changming County.

The soldiers of Changming County quickly discovered Hu-er Ran and his men, and began to fire.

One of the experts beside Hu-er Ran then conjured up a psy barrier, blocking the bullets from landing.

Another summoned out a huge bear of 3m, which braved the bullets and charged for the entrance.

Hong! Hong!

Following some loud explosions, the huge bear was enveloped by the powerful landmines buried, blasting one of its leg off. It still continued its ferocious charge, setting off all the landmines before it disappeared fully.

Hu-er Ran came to the entrance and cast his abilities, his Blood Dou Qi covering his frame. With a loud roar, he kicked off the ground, immediately leaping up 6m, his silver curved blade slashing out and killing 3 soldiers on top.

Another 6 Agility-based Enhancers also leaped up beside Hu-er Ran, their own blades flashing out as they slaughtered the defending soldiers of Changming County.

At this time, Huyan Xiong’er, who was a huge man with a broad back and thick frame appeared together with some experts, his face full of disbelief as he asked, “Hu-er Ran!! How come it’s you?! Weren’t you fighting with Yue Zhong? I thought our aim was the same? How come you’re here attacking?”

Huyan Xiong’er had killed Yue Zhong’s envoy thinking that Hu-er Ran was still fighting with him.

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