God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 658

“Hu-er Ran, don’t tell me you have become Yue Zhong’s dog?!” Huyan Xiong’er sneered as his face fell, “The mighty Mongol King had actually been degraded to a Han’s dog, if your ancestor Genghis Khan were to know, he would crawl out from his grave to teach you a lesson!”

Facing the sarcasm of Huyan Xiong’er, Hu-er Ran’s icy killing intent turned stronger, and he immediately appeared beside the guards of Huyan Xiong’er with a boom, slashing down at the Level 50 Enhancer.

Shock was written all over the face of the Level 50 Enhancer as he brought his arms and a cleaver up to defend himself.

Hu-er Ran’s Blood Dou Qi intensified, and his body constitution was enhanced further. The silver curved blade came slashing down, and slashed through the cleaver, before continuing through his body, slicing him into two.

Huyan Xiong’er could not help but exclaim in shock, “Zhang He!!”

Zhang He was the strongest expert by Huyan Xiong’er’s side, and such an expert was actually killed in a single strike by Hu-er Ran, causing all of the soldiers present to fully understand the might of this Mongolian King.

Hu-er Ran had burst forth with a powerful strength, and he continued the onslaught, killing the rest of the Enhancers around Huyan Xiong’er.

Peng! Peng!!

An Enhancer with the Firearms Manipulation Specialization skill began to fire at Hu-er Ran. His accuracy was incredible, and a number of bullets actually struck Hu-er Ran, only to bounce off due to the defense of his Type 3 Mutant Beast hide.

Huyan Xiong’er’s face turned pale as he shouted, “Kill him!! All of you, charge!! He’s alone! As long as we kill him, I’ll allow you guys to enjoy yourselves with the women in the Leopard Garden. I will allow you guys to even choose 10 women each!!”

When they heard it, the Enhancers immediately became excited and charged towards Hu-er Ran. The women in the Leopard Garden were beautiful women that Huyan Xiong-er had collected from everywhere. It was not usually accessible, and only those who had contributed to Huyan Xiong’er’s cause were allowed in once or twice. Hearing that he would open it to them, they became incredibly motivated.

There were 40 Enhancers by Huyan Xiong’er’s side, and they were at least Level 30 and above. Each of them possessed different skills, and were the core fighting strength of Huyan Xiong’er’s force. There were 2 Evolvers among them as well. Being surrounded by so many experts, even a high level Evolver might die.

Facing the assault of these many experts, there were some even muttering their chants for their curses and magic spells, Hu-er Ran’s eyes turned red and he immediately unleashed his Lion’s Roar. He took a deep breath and roared out loud, as a powerful shockwave blasted out with him in the center.

In an instant, the numerous Agility and Strength-based Enhancers were forced to their knees. The Spirit-based Enhancers crumpled, their eardrums shattered, as blood flowed. Their brains had suffered a massive concussion, and many began to convulse.

Only some who had a body constitution 10 times stronger than ordinary people stood their ground, their complexions pale, with shock in their eyes.

With a single roar, Hu-er Ran had incapacitated so many of his enemies.

His own face also flushed, as his gaze turned savage and he charged towards Huyan Xiong’er.

Huyan Xiong’er watched in horror and regret as Hu-er Ran came closer, and tried to retreat as he shouted, “Hu-er Ran, don’t kill me. I’m willing to join hands with you and fight Yue Zhong together! That’s right! The Leopard Garden, all the women, they’re all yours, please spare my dog life!!”

Huyan Xiong’er was also a Strength-based Evolver whose level had reached 56. The moment he saw the numerous experts he had painstakingly gathered falling at Hu-er Ran’s hands, he had lost his fighting will instantly.

Those who had remained standing had long since fled. No matter how beautiful the women that were promised, one had to be alive to enjoy such pleasures. These men weren’t willing to sacrifice themselves.

“No need! Give me your head!!” Hu-er Ran’s eyes flashed with a ferocious glint as he brought his blade down towards Huyan Xiong’er.

“NO!!!!” His eyes flashed with regret and unwillingness before his entire body was split in two.

Hu-er Ran then grabbed his head and ran to the top of the wall, roaring, “Huyan Xiong’er is dead!! His head is here!! Those who surrender will be spared!!”

“Huyan Xiong’er is dead!! Those who surrender will be spared!!”

“Those who surrender will be spared!!”


The sounds reverberated from the city wall, causing every militant to look up. The moment they saw the decapitated head of Huyan Xiong’er, many began to flee, with some instantly throwing their weapons down and surrendering.

Huyan Xiong’er’s governance wasn’t the best within these city walls, with his death, there weren’t many who were willing to continue fighting for him.

“Leader!! This is Huyan Xiong’er’s head!” Hu-er Ran brought the head and presented it to Yue Zhong respectfully.

Yue Zhong eyed the head and responded coolly, “En, throw it into the corpse vehicle!”

Since Bi Lǜ’s mother three required a large amount of corpses and bodies to regrow, Yue Zhong had collected the bodies of the enemies he killed, together with the zombies and threw them for the tree to absorb and grow.

Hu-er Ran looked at the hundreds of soldiers that were rounded up and his eyes flashed, “Leader, these are all Huyan Xiong’er’s men. They had surrendered, do we still kill them?”

The gazes of the soldiers all fell on Yue Zhong, awaiting his judgment fearfully.

Yue Zhong turned to them and ordered coldly, “Those who took part in the killing of my envoy will be executed. The rest will be sent to the Scum Battalion.”

Ordinarily, Yue Zhong was easy on those who surrendered. However, this particular group had dared kill his envoy, and it was a insult to him. If he didn’t punish them heavily, the rest of the factions out in the Central Plains would try the same thing.

“No! Leader, I was forced!! I’ve already surrendered! You can’t kill me!! Please!!” One Enhancer immediately stood up and screamed in fear.

Yue Zhong frowned, waving his hands as the Stinger appeared. There was a flash of the muzzle, and the Enhancer’s head was blasted apart, with red and white matter splattering all over the ground.

Seeing Yue Zhong taking out that Enhancer with no hesitation, the expressions of the rest of the militants fell.

7 of them immediately activated their transformation skills, but just as they did so, they were instantly riddled with bullets all around.

Yue Zhong eyed the rest of the militants coolly, his killing intent billowing out, “Resistance will be met with death!”

Despair was written all over the faces of the rest of the militants, as they watched their comrades slaughtered helplessly. No one dared to move.

Hu-er Ran saw Yue Zhong killing 8 of them in total and his brows furrowed slightly, but he did not do anything and stood obediently by one side.

As the men who took part in the killing of Yue Zhong’s envoy were dragged out, and executed one by one, the gory scene struck fear in the rest of their hearts.

There were over 10,000 survivors in this encampment, however, because of Huyan Xiong’er’s tyrannical rule, most of them were emaciated and could not march for long. Yue Zhong had no choice but to deploy a battalion of soldiers to set up camp and defend here.

The news of Huyan Xiong’er being slaughtered as well as Hu-er Ran selling himself to Yue Zhong soon spread throughout the Central Plains. The rest of the factions heard it and their hearts turned cold. They were living it up in their own bases, and weren’t willing to surrender to Yue Zhong to be ordered around, however, many more began to take the initiative in surrendering.

With a single order, most of the factions did not dare resist. Otherwise, he would instantly deploy troops to meet them head-on, killing any leader who resisted, and throwing the soldiers into the Scum Battalion as cannon fodder.

The Mongol King Hu-er Ran, Blood Slaughterer Lie Ming Yi, Victorious Troops Li Guang, the 3 of them led their own forces heading to the various factions that did not want to submit, wiping out the command, and taking over the survivors and resources.

Under this new regime, those who weren’t willing to submit had no choice but to flee further northeast. There were greater numbers there as it was closer to the cities, but at the same time, the danger of the zombies was greater. Yue Zhong’s forces had no way of contending with those parts.

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