God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 659

Yue Zhong then arranged for a number of officials that had already gone through training at Guang Xi and Hunan to come over and established a government. It marked the beginning of a proper development, and he did not rush the advance towards the city, instead choosing to re-establish stability and some semblance of society.

After all, there were already over 20 million zombies out here in the Central Plains, the capital was sure to exceed that number. Furthermore, population was denser in the cities, it was going to be incredibly tough to charge in.

The troops under Hu-er Ran, Lie Ming Yi and Li Guang did not exceed 30,000. If a force of such size were to engage 20 million zombies without guns and cannons, it was basically impossible.

After conquering a number of small counties, Yue Zhong then deployed over some military architects to begin development into military factories.

After obtaining the Evolving Temple, Yue Zhong had begun to understand the important and might of it. The strongest benefit was the ability of churning out various talents now. Of course, most of them were at most equivalent to ordinary engineers from before the apocalypse, and did not possess high talents nor capabilities in the field. However, it wasn’t a problem manufacturing ammunition and production lines.

The reason behind the quick rise of the Kingdom of God was due to their natural talents. Other than Europe possessing the most advanced technological research institutes, they were the first to obtain a Novice Village.

Many survivors joined the different factories and production lines, and Yue Zhong distributed amounts of food as wage, greatly boosting the survivability of the people in the Central Plains.

Everyday, the strength of Yue Zhong’s faction was slowly rising and expanding.

With the stabilizing of the survivors, Yue Zhong thus called back the 3 troops to begin a reorganization of his troops.

Slaughterer Lie Ming Yi had gained the role that he always wanted, a Brigadier General in charge of over 3,000 riders.

Li Guang became the Regiment Commander of the Central Plains 1st Regiment, with the Victorious Troops as the core troops.

Situ Jin was thus drafted as the Brigade Commander of the Logistics Brigade, sending support whenever required.

The 3rd Brigade was the Grey Wolf Riders under Hu-er Ran. They also only had 3,000 and were made up of the Grey Wolf Riders. The vice-commander was Lian Da Zhong, who was a coward and slightly despicable. However, his natural affinity with people made him an important person to talk to the various Mongolian leaders. In addition to his past merits, Yue Zhong had thus conferred upon him that role.

After the reorganization, the number of soldiers under Hu-er Ran was reduced to 3,000, and these men were all using cleavers and other melee weapons. Only 500 of them had some .81 rifles, type 56 as well as ancient firearms. The ammunition was also limited to about 5,000 of them. There were no other heavy firearms. Under such circumstances, if they were to revolt, there would only be death.

When Hu-er Ran took over the reorganized troops and weapons, he chuckled bitterly and was speechless. He knew clearly that Yue Zhong was using him, at the same time, guarding himself. He dared not say anything, because he knew that should he make any strange movements, Yue Zhong would immediately clamp down on him and his troops.

Once all that was down, the over 10,000 elite Mongolian riders were separated. Yue Zhong wasn’t willing to send them to the factories to work, and after consideration, he decided to set up a reinforcement troops handled by Bai Xiao Sheng.

Bai Xiao Sheng had followed Yue Zhong for a long time, and knew his style. He was just inherently lazy and unwilling to lead, however, he was more than equipped to train this troop. Under Yue Zhong’s instructions, he could only carry out his task bitterly as the Brigade Commander of the 2nd Support Troops, a position which many coveted.

Outside of Qi Mu Town, 8 soldiers wielding guns stood at a secretive location.

An armored vehicle drew close and came to a stop. The doors opened, and Yue Zhong and Yin Shuang stepped out.

“Leader!” The 8 soldiers immediately saluted, their gazes filled with respect. This man had led them to many victories in the Central Plain, and expanded their control. It was truly an undefeatable force. This caused them to feel respect for this man.

Yue Zhong nodded slightly, and stepped into the garden.

Inside the garden, there were many sentries located everywhere, with multiple heavy machine guns set up. At the same time, under the shade of some dense foliage, there were a few machine gun-mounted vehicles and anti-air defense vehicles.

Yue Zhong had obtained plenty of military equipment after the Ulan Mountain expedition, and this was one of his trump cards. There were plenty of land-to-air missile launchers. Even if Thunder Fighters were to come, he would give the enemy some degree of pain.

At the deepest part of the garden, there was a tall, towering tree growing. All around the tree, man-eating Mutant Flowers and vines grew everywhere. This was the Mutant Mother Tree that he had brought out of Ulan Mountain Range. However, compared to the huge tree he saw that time, this was still far from it.

The Mutant flora ecosystem of the apocalypse was vastly different from the past, as long as there was enough nutrients, they could swell up quickly. Initially, the mother tree only had its core heart, but after the nourishment of countless corpses and zombies brought by Yue Zhong, it had swiftly grown.

On one of the branches, Bi Lǜ sat with her feet dangling, eyeing the tree with a huge smile.

Yue Zhong looked at her and called out, “Come on down, Bi Lǜ!”

Although Yue Zhong had given his word and moved the Mutant Tree out here, he had prepared plenty of safeguards, burying countless explosives all around. The moment the tree had any strange ideas, he could remotely detonate the explosives, blowing the tree up.

Bi Lǜ came down with a warm smile, “Yes! Master!”

Yue Zhong asked, “How long till the Mother Tree can start producing more Treants?”

Bi Lǜ replied, “It can start producing them already, however, to produce high-level ones, it will still require much more fertilizer. The Treants it may produce now won’t be too strong, at most about Level 20 or so, and a maximum of 1,000 of them.”

Yue Zhong frowned and asked, “Fertilizer? Will corpses work?”

Bi Lǜ replied, “Yes! The higher the level, the stronger the effect.”

Yue Zhong then continued, “If that’s the case, immediately get the Mother Tree to produce a thousand Treants first. I’m in need of them.”

“Yes!” Bi Lǜ then shut her eyes as a green radiance shone out of her, enveloping the mother tree.

The mother tree shuddered slightly, and countless fruits began to drop onto the ground, as low-level Treants climbed out of the shapes, their strength about Level 20.

Yue Zhong eyed these Treants and smiled. With these Treants as cannon fodder, his human soldiers would suffer less casualties.

Not long after, under Yue Zhong’s orders, Hu-er Ran, Lie Ming Yi and Li Guang led 3,000 riders and shot for a small city that had 70,000 zombies.

Lie Ming Yi roared out to drum up morale, “Attack!! Attack!! Our riders are the sharpest blades that our Leader has trained! We are invincible and we must conquer the city without fail!”

“Attack! Attack!!” The soldiers under Lie Ming Yi responded with equally passionate yells. This was the first battle they were taking part in after forming this brigade, and as long as they gained enough merit, they would be upgraded to a regiment.

On the other side, Li Guang also rose the morale of his troops, “Brothers! Our 1st Regiment is the strongest weapon of our Leader! We are the strongest!! This battle, we must let the rest witness our strength! We can’t lose to the 3rd Brigade!! Our 1st Regiment MUST WIN!!”

“WIN!! WIN!!”

The excited roars resounded throughout the area. This Victorious Troops were the most elite soldiers before the reorganization, and had defeated countless Manchurian and Mongolian soldiers. They had reached a peak, and were unafraid of death, nor was defeat on their mind.

Hu-er Ran turned to his soldiers and hollered, “This is the chance for us to gain merit! Our Mongolian men are all heroes! Let them see, even if we have a disadvantage in equipment, we’re still stronger!!”

Right at this time, Lian Da Zhong chipped in with a smile, “That’s right!! Our 3rd Regiment will definitely gain a stronger foothold with the leadership of our commander!! Commander, LONG LIVE!! Everyone, shout with me!! Glorious commander, long live!!!”

“Commander long live!!”

“Commander long live!!”


The soldiers exchanged looks, in the end, joining in the roars as Hu-er Ran looked on helplessly.

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